Uncle Sam’s Boys as Lieutenants (Illustrated Edition)

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Frank Baum's story of a little girl named Dorothy, who with her dog Toto is carried by a tornado from Kansas to the strange and beautiful land of Oz. Here she decides to visit the Emerald City to ask its ruler, a wizard called Oz, to send her back home again.


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On the way she meets a Scarecrow, who is in search of brains; a Tin Woodman, who wishes to have a heart; and a Cowardly Lion, whose one desire is to possess courage. The little party encounter many dangers and marvelous adventures on the way, but reach the Emerald City in safety, their success being due to the thoughtfulness of the Scarecrow, the tender care of the Tin Woodman, and the fearlessness of the Cowardly Lion.

This is the book that inspired the famous film -- which differs from the original book in quite a few ways! There are 24 colour plates and text illustrations. The book has been typeset a fashion similar to that of the first edition, with some typographic improvements for the modern reader. There, travelling with her guide Puss in Boots, she meets Aladdin, Cinderella, and the Queen of Hearts in their castles, as well as the Three Bears in their woodland home, and the Old Woman who lived in a Shoe.

Folly encounters Scheherezade and the Popular Popinjays, and pays an interesting visit to Sleeping Beauty in the Wood, where she experiences the strange sensation of wandering through a palace where everybody was asleep. And what happened there-well, it was just what one might expect! Carolyn Wells was known for her poetry, humour, and children's books, and Folly in Fairyland, one of her earlier works, is a splendid example of her crisp and original story-telling, the tale enhanced by her rhythmical, jingly rhymes.

The Circle at the Hollow Tree on the Devreux estate in Cornwall is a collection of ancient standing stones—but one of the many urban myths that abound is that it is also a portal from this world to the Jesnick Kingdom, a secret inner world supervised by a gnome-like race whose sole existence is dependent on the balance and sanctity of nature. Lithom is the anonymous, infamous leader of the kingdom of giants, and their subservient goblins, whose power extends across all of Zilon, causing fear to be felt in the hearts of all its inhabitants.

Born into a wealthy Cornish family, ten-year-old Simon Halifax is cruel to animals, and has no regard whatsoever for anyone but himself. Accompanied by Zedda, one of the Jesnick people, Simon Halifax journeys across the dangerous terrain of Zilon, the land of two suns, en route to the Golden Temple, in the Mountains of Time, to collect the Crystal of Rohm from the Holy Brethren, who had borrowed it from the Jesnick people until their own depleted powers had fully recovered.

The many ordeals young Simon Halifax faces finally help him to discover exactly who he really is, and what he is truly capable of. The playful and fresh illustrations in this volume were prepared by Mathew Staunton, on the basis of very personal mental images of Alice and the different characters she meets which developed when he first read the book many years ago, and were inspired in part by his daughter Aoife, who acted as model for the book. The fonts used in this edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland have been designed with the intention of making reading easier for people with dyslexia.

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Research suggests that dyslexic-friendly fonts are not always effective for all readers; it hoped nevertheless that this edition may help at least some readers to enjoy Alice's adventures. These were quite skilfully and attractively coloured. What do we allow into our hearts and heads? Open your heart and open your head to the incredible world of haiku.

Our hero Iffleplum is no ordinary ifflepinn. He dreams of dashing deeds and derring-do and saving damsels in distress. But on finding himself entrapped in a faery mushroom ring and menaced by the shambling shadow-creatures known as Gropes, he thinks again—too late!

But alas! As a child, June Lornie spent much of her life in hospital. She had to lay on her back, so she used a mirror to see what was going on around her -- and as a result, she always saw the world back to front. Because she had a mirror, she was told a story, Through the Looking-Glass , about a little girl who went through a mirror -- that little girl was called Alice.

As the years went by June remained fascinated with Alice. Later in her career, June became director of the Liverpool Academy of Arts. This was soon joined by others, then, after she had had an exhibition of this first group and saw them all hanging on a wall together, she felt inspired to complete a full set of illustrations for the story, work which occupied her off and on for a further two years.

She has held many exhibitions displaying her illustrations for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland , and plans to start illustrating Through the Looking-Glass as well. I met a man from Artikelly With a double chin and a double belly: He offered me a taste of jelly— But served it in a smelly welly. Little Alice Wells is exploring her garden when she spies Bombus, a bumblebee, and follows him to overhear him conversing with Madam Zumm and a young bee named Buzz. They give her a special nectar which enables her to enter the Bee world, where she learns much about Bees and their life and society.

Alice in Beeland was published in Julia Greene illustrated a number of books beginning in , including a special edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland with Cut-Out Pictures.

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When their father is taken away under mysterious circumstances, Roberta, Peter, and Phyllis and their mother must leave their house in London to live in a small cottage in the country. They are befriended by the Station Master and Perks the Porter, and run each day down to the railway track to wave at the passing train for London, sending their love to their father. This classic tale by Edith Nesbit has the original illustrations by C. Lewis Carroll's stories of Alice have entranced children - and grown-ups - for nearly years. And more than one reader, turning the last page of "Through the Looking-Glass", must have been saddened by the thought that her adventures had well and truly come to an end.

Not so! Setting himself the daily task of believing "as many as six impossible things before breakfast" or at least before lunch , Gilbert Adair has written a delightful successor to Carroll's two immortal fantasies. Here, with the aid of Jenny Thorne's Tenniel-inspired illustrations, you will find characters as nonsensical as any ever encountered by Alice.

And perhaps you too will gradually discover, as Alice does, the mysterious pattern which shapes the destiny of her dream. This book contains the author says Much verse on many things Amusing quips concealing facts Of dark ages and kings.

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This collection of poems is loosely based on famous historical characters. This is comedy in verse. Brother Elvis. Leroy Clancy. Patrolman uncredited.

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Selections from Brown's last words. Songbook for the Republican presidential campaign. Daggett, New York. Proclaims itself, "The best collection of words and music ever published for a campaign. From the Presidential campaign. Original salmon colored wrappers, illustrated with woodcut portrait of Lincoln. Fourteen musicians with their instruments. One is seated with a drum in the center with the others forming lines on either side.

Inscription on verso: "Gardner. Barnard recounts an anecdote from his childhood about the first time he doubted God's ability to handle all of mankind's imperfections. He describes assisting his mother play the organ during church and the minister's sermon on sin. Title: to Mr. Hurst re: ex-slave writes to former master. I can never I do not think you would have done anymore Reports that there have been "no Indian troubles" around Fort Hall yet, and that the emigration is nearly over.

Estimates 3, people have passed over the road near him and "probably twice that number over the road through Salt Lake and Camp Floyd. Mentions fishing on the Snake River, and music and readings among the troops. Moore is studying medicine and expects to undergo his second examination when he returns. Written by Confederate Brigadier General Hardee. Fifth Edition copy of volume 1 first published in Printed in the "First Year of the Confederacy" by S. This book was the standard instructional manual for the U. Army when it was first written and became the most widely used manual during the Civil War by both sides.

Provides information on how to run a company, battalion and regiment as well as how to train individual solders. Signed 14 times by Captain William H. First time in pencil says "W. A new version of Dixie printed on the back of a sheet of checks from the Bank of Virginia.

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Contains 9 stanzas. Some very virulent anti-Lincoln lines, including "Old Abe is good at stealing niggers. Song to the tune of "Blow ye Windy Morning. Song about coming to the aid of the Union. Title: [Group of nine officers posed in entryway of brick building]. A print of nine Union officers. Photo was most likely taken in Washington.