Unrighteous Dominion: A Thriller

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And maybe that makes the smoldering all right? Click the following for links:. Measure other characters. Kate Stradling A Girl and her Scribbles. Well, just one gift, actually. May you enjoy it, but never put it to practical use. Merry Christmas, everyone! Monarchy : [ mon — as in mono — Gr. This position is typically hereditary, though cultural tradition plays a heavy role too. This can be a council or a socially superior caste: the Powers That Be have closed ranks. Yeah, you can probably imagine how common this form of government is.

To explore new territory.

Unrighteous dominion

Duarchy or Dinarchy : [ du — Lat. Anarchy : [ an — Gr. Total chaos reigns supreme, and every man for himself! Hagiocracy or Hagiarchy : [ hagio — or hagi — Gr. This is a religion-governed state. Theocracy : [ theo — Gr. This is, again, a religion-governed state.

Plutocracy : [from ploutos Gr. So, like, every country in the world. Democracy : [ demo — Gr. Majority rules. Mobocracy : [ mob — Lat. The term dates back to the 18th century, oddly enough. Meritocracy : [ merit — Lat.

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Just kidding. Republic : [from Lat. In Stock. Cari Mora. The First Mistake.

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