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In November, there was a fourth printing of 30, and in January, a fifth printing of 25, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz remained a bestseller for two years. Along with illustrator W. Denslow and composer Paul Tietjens, Baum set out to turn his book into a musical. The Wizard of Oz opened in June in Chicago. Then it moved to Broadway, where it played for years. Denslow then illustrated The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The men believed in the images so much that when the publisher balked on paying for color print, Denslow and Baum paid for the plates themselves.

But as the two shared copyright for the book, they soon had a disagreement over who was responsible for its success. Tensions mounted during the musical, with Denslow insisting that as the costume designer, he should be paid the same as the writer and composer. The two men never worked together again. Baum soon grew tired of writing the series and intended to stop after the sixth book, The Emerald City of Oz. Terry Carr, Ron Ellik. Available online.

Note: fanfic parody about Dorothy, a lonely poor fan-girl who gets her wish as a cyclone takes her to the Land of Iz, "where everyone is a fan, even the animals and machines," and there meets new friends on her way to the Amber City to talk to the BNF Big Name Fan. Cheshire Crossing Andy Weir. Note: When three girls diagnosed with dissociative disorder, Alice, Wendy and Dorothy, find themselves locked up, they assume the worst. Da Yeller Brick Road.

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Jim Yoakum. CreateSpace Note: A recently discovered manuscript, brittle and yellowed, written by Uncle Remus in , suggests that he was the actual author of the story that's come to be known as "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Daria in Oz. The Dhroobs of Oz. Roger Price. Note: Not much is known of this purportedly parody of Ozma's open-door policy in Oz. The Emerald Engagement. John S.

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Web-comic in which cranky college students discover the skeleton of a winged monkey alongside Scraps' body leading them on a journey to places where Starbucks has no presence. The Evil Author of Oz. The Royal Publisher of Oz: Available exclusively here! Five Marriages in Oz. Tiktok of Oz. Note: Ten characters tie the knot in this funny look at unusual what-if pairings in Oz. A Generic Oz Story. Tyler Jones. Note: If you've read the Oz series, you may find this one of the funnier Oz parodies. Ghosts in Oz. Marie Richardson Illustrated by Benjamin Fang. Note: Crossover with Ghostbusters and Narnia.

Michael Dooney. Mirage Studios. Mary Reynolds. Jack Pumpkinhead's Pumpkins. Jenny Everywhere in Oz. Kass Stone. Jinnicky Saves Christmas. Nathan Mulac DeHoff. What happens when Tolkien's Elves decide they're tired of Santa tarnishing the reputation of Elves? Junk Mail. Dave Hardenbrook. Note: Not even the fairy countries are immune to it! The Love Bug of Oz. Ed McCray. The Magic Cloak; or, Something New. Note: A subtle satire of Baum's Queen Zixi of Ix, or The Magic Cloak , in that it involves a "bored Fairy Queen who amuses herself with creating a magic cloak to grant wishes" and who "needs a cure for her boredom more than the mortal boy Funny Comics.

Amazon Digital Services Note: Minecraft Steve finds himself in the magical land of IZ. The Mystery of the Missing Ozma. Jay Delkin Illustrated by Eric Shanower. Note: Sherlock Holmes named only as the Great Detective and Watson listed as his biographer attempt to solve a mystery regarding a vanished Ozma with little success. Bill Eubank.

Note: Single panel comic strips from various issues of Oziana magazine. Oz ad Nauseum. No , no. Liatannah Johanna Briggs. Ozma's Surprise Birthday Party. Note: A surprise party is thrown for Ozma's 82nd birthday party. Nitwits in Oz. Dave T. Note: Funny and appropriate comic-book page about visitors to Oz who don't believe they're in Oz because it doesn't match what the MGM film revealed.

The Pathetic Losers of Oz. Ed Brubaker. Note: Funny one page comic strip. Prince Caspian. Megan Kelso. Oz-story Magazine 5 , Hungry Tiger Press. Note: The debate continues in this funny comic over the two great fairylands, Oz and Narnia. The Princess Ozma Diaries. Charles Phipps.

Available on request. Note: Some adult content accompanies this very funny look into Ozma's startling private thoughts. Computer VirOzes. Note: The Professor's computer programs have been infected by VirOzes.

Self-published Note: A darker parody along the lines of Boris the Bear as the titular teddy bear destroys Munchkins, the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, Patchwork Girl and finally, after she scolds him, Dorothy. Red Dwarf in Oz. The Revenge of Mombi. The Royal Historian of Oz. Tommy Kovac. SLG Publishing. Santa Claus in Oz. Tim Hollis Illustrated by Tim Hollis.

Note: When Santa remodels his workshop in the North Pole, he's invited, along with Frosty the Snowman and the reindeer, to stay in the Emerald City to continue working. Say No to Camping. I Think Therefore I Am. Note: The Wizard confronts the Tin Woodman about his detailed pamphlets warning people not to go camping with the Wizard. The Scarecrow's Appreciation Day. Ben P. Note: Click the title above to read a synopsis and continuity notes.

Scooby Doo in Oz. Note: Highly amusing crossover in which Scooby and friends head to Oz to solve the mystery of Mombi the ghost witch! The Shortest Book of Oz. Baen Books. Note: All of the Enchanter series is meant as parody. Stitch and Scraps. Tommy Kovak. Oz-story Magazine 6, Hungry Tiger Press. Note: The Patchwork Girl has never been more irreverent nor Toto more dignified than in this funny one-page strip. Tales from the Scrapbook. Note: Pun-filled series of short adventures that leaves even the narrator unconscious. The Terrible Zombie of Oz.

Self-published, Jule Schneider. Note: Satirical poem about our modern day world. Destiny No.

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The Trouble with the Magic Belt. Steve Teller. Note: Concerned that the Magic Belt is impeding future Oz stories, Oz fan Sterl Nephel does everything he can to get to Oz so he can eliminate its powers. Marc Latham. Note: Rebel without a cause, werewolf without claws, Grey travels across all regions of Oz Australia in a comedy-fantasy parody of the Wizard of Oz. Dennis Anfuso. Note: Single panel comic from the author of Winged Monkeys of Oz that asks the title question. The Wizard of Ohz. John Forkner. Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Gangster Style.

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