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Moody did it. And to his amazement, to his surprise, upon a day he received a letter in Chicago from that young fellow, with a postmark on the letter from New York City. And the young fellow said, "I have come to America, and I will be in Chicago next Wednesday evening, and I will preach for you. So he went around to some of his fine deacons, and he said to them, "Now there is a young man from Birmingham, England, who is going to preach for me this Wednesday night.

And I do not know anything of his ability. I do not think he can do it. So I want you deacons to be sure to be present, and then to have, you know, to be prepared to say some words so the meeting will be at least somewhat successful and profitable, because I have no idea about this young fellow.

And he preached. And he took this text from John , and he poured out his heart of the love of God for lost sinners. And when he gave the invitation, to the amazement of the people there were about twenty who came forward, giving their hearts and their lives to the Lord Jesus. And would you preach to our people? I am in the city with nothing else to do. So those laymen, those deacons, gathered round the young fellow and said, "Would you preach for us tomorrow night, Friday night? And when he gave the invitation, again more than a score came down the aisle trusting Jesus as their Savior.

Well, those men gathered around him on Friday night, and they said, "Would you come back tomorrow night, Saturday night? But will you come back on Saturday night and preach to us again? It would be a pleasure to do so. Now Dwight L. Moody returned to the city on that Saturday afternoon. And when he walked into the house, his wife said to him, she said, "Mr.

Moody said, "Why, why, why, why, well, what do you say?

The love of God in all its dimensions

Why," he said, "I never planned any revival, and I could not imagine my deacons planning a revival without consulting me. What do you mean? Moody, when you go tonight, I hope you too get converted. He said, "Why, converted, what do you mean I get converted? But when you come down to church tonight, you will understand what I mean. He came down there and he sat on the front seat in a very critical frame of mind.

And the young fellow stood up and he took that same text again, John , and he preached another sermon on the love of God for lost sinners. And Moody said, "Never in my life, since the day of my conversion, never was I so moved to go forward as I was that Saturday night, when that young fellow preached. Would you preach for us Sunday morning? So he preached Sunday morning, and took the same text, John , and again poured out his soul concerning the love of God for lost sinners. So Moody asked him to preach again that night.

And he took the same text, John , and preached on the love of God for lost sinners. And that young fellow preached every night there in that church for six solid weeks, and they had a revival that not only touched the city of Chicago, but spilled over all over this United States of America. And some little feeling of that still goes on today. And Moody said, "And it changed my ministry. But," he said, "something happened to me in that revival.

Oh, I wish a turn like that could happen in my heart! I wish I could get to the place where what anybody said about me would not matter at all. The length to which God went to express His compassion for our world, "that He gave His only begotten Son. Could I parenthesize here just for a moment, to give you another illustration why I greatly dislike the Revised Standard Version of this Bible? They leave out the word "begotten," and they translate it, "That He gave His only Son.

It makes sense without it. God put it there, and it has a tremendous meaning. He gave not something that He had made, not a creative work of His hands, but He Himself became a man, to suffer as a man, to taste death for every man [Philippians ], to die in our stead [1 John ], to receive our penalty, and our shame, and the judgment of God in His own heart and soul and body!

Infinite Dimensions

Now may I speak for a moment of that love of God and the length to which God went in the giving of His only begotten Son, of Himself incarnate in the flesh? Did you ever think in yourself, watching yourself, watching others, did you ever notice how you bestow preciousness, value, upon things all out of proportion to their actual worth and to their actual value, because somebody whom you love touched them, or possessed them, or gave them to you?

Did you ever notice that? A lock of hair from the baby that the Lord called away to heaven, a lock of hair. What is a lock of hair worth? And here is a possession, and how precious and how beautifully and wonderfully kept; somebody that you love gave it to you or did own it. Well, what is the value of the boy? God could have written His love across the sky in burning flaming stars, and He could have done it in a thousand other material, temporal ways; but God in His love, the length of it, God gave for us His Son [John ].

And could I say in passing, that that forever hallows — that is, it does to me — that forever hallows and sanctifies this planet on which we live?

An ordinary guy provides a daily dose of wisdom from an extraordinary book

I do not know the number of times, talking with others and reading in books, that I have come across this infidel scorn of this world, our little world. And then comes that quip, "Then you say that God came down into that little world, and God came down into that little speck, and God cares about what happens in this little far away hidden corner of His great created universe? It scared me to death. It drowned me in the infinitude of the greatness about me. And because we were so little and the world is so great, they almost had me convinced it was impossible for God to care anything about us, much less come down to save us.

Suppose you live in a beautiful, beautiful mansion on Fifth Avenue. And suppose on the inside of that beautiful, beautiful palatial mansion you had every kind of beautiful thing that money could buy. Here are gorgeous draperies and tapestries, and beautiful rugs, and art works that were worth millions, and all kinds of silver plates, and gold service sets, and furniture and everything on the inside of that beautiful palace, that enormous palace.

And then on the inside of the palace, suppose upon a day — like there came to Grace Kelly — suppose there came a little bitty bundle, weighing maybe eight pounds, just a little bitty bundle. All right, and suppose that you are away at the office, or away in the next town, and you get a telephone call. And they say, "Oh sir, that beautiful home of yours is on fire!

All right, I want to ask you, what would you say first? Would you say, "Oh! Are my draperies safe? Are my beautiful paintings safe? Are my gorgeous Oriental rugs safe? It all depends on whether you had a heart or not. My house is on fire! Tell me, tell me, is that little bundle safe? Is that little boy safe? Is that little girl? Is my family safe? Are they?

I still can answer, "It all depends upon whether God has a heart. And if He does, He loves you more than the stars that shine in the sky, and fifty million worlds around it. That He gave Himself — oh, I must stop! God has a place for you at the marriage table of the Lamb. God has a place for you among the uncounted throngs of glory. God has a place for you in the bride of Christ.

WHO IS GOD? Discover ONENESS With God. 3rd, 4th & 5th DIMENSION.

In the church, there is a place for you: "might have everlasting life. At that service this morning, to my surprise there were five people who came down that aisle and gave me their hands, and put their lives with us in this church. Either giving your heart in trust and in faith to Christ, or coming into the fellowship of His church, by baptism or by letter, a family of you, or one somebody you, while we prayerfully, earnestly sing this song, would you come? Would you make it now?

The Dimensions of God’s Love - Ephesians 3:18-19

In the balcony around, down this stairwell and here to the front; or in the great press of people on this lower floor, into the aisle and down here to the front and by my side, would you come? This is a good time to choose God. This is a gracious time to put your life in the church. Would you do it now? The word thus suggests the idea of sitting under a teacher and eagerly listening to his words with a view to implementing the instruction. That is the very attitude one must have toward God as he considers the message of the Bible.

It ought to be relatively easy to learn to love God in view of his marvelous benevolence. It is harder to learn to love our fellows. Enemies care nothing for us. Our neighbors occasionally treat us badly. Even family members can disappoint us. First, as mentioned earlier, one must recognize, based upon historical biblical revelation, that every human being is a product of divine creation, and therefore is a being of value. Romans The greatest lexicon on love in the history of human literature is found in 1 Corinthians ff.

The Dimensions of God’s Love

Read it and learn from it. It will never be surpassed. See The Challenge of Agape Love. We must observe, however, that love is not some anemic sentimentality that overlooks wickedness and error as though such do not exist. God loves us but he does not tolerate our rebellion. And it is magnanimous to those who are trying to do right.

The Christian is always eager to forgive his brother when that individual seeks such by means of the divinely-appointed method cf. Can we possibly imagine how many human problems would be solved if only love were generously exercised? Would there be wars? Not a one. Would divorce ravage the land? It would not. And what of our prisons? They would be empty, crumbling in decay, for love does not rob, rape, or slaughter cf.

It is appropriate to observe that our love for others must attempt to pattern itself after the love that God has exhibited for us. True love never discriminates. Is this more than we can bear?

It is not wrong to love oneself. But we seem to be living in an age when numerous people deprecate themselves.

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Many appear to entertain very little if any sense of personal worth. Some feel they have little value because they were conceived out of wedlock. Others imagine that they are worthless because a parent abandoned them as a child. Others have been made to feel less than whole due to their racial, economic, or social status. Then there are those individuals who languish under the burden of having been molested in their youth.

These sorts of things haunt the minds of troubled souls. What the Christian needs to convey to such folks is the fact that they do have intrinsic worth regardless of the unfortunate circumstances of the past. Jesus declared that every human soul has value. It is worth more than the whole world Mt. Christ died for the potential salvation of every person 1 Tim. Would he have given his life for that which is of no consequence? Additionally, there is that self-depreciation that engulfs us when we sin.

Our sensitive conscience is confronted with the awful reality that we have disappointed our holy Creator. Perhaps we disgraced our family and humiliated ourselves. Sin can immerse one in a terrible sea of personal disdain. Reflect upon the agony of David when he contemplated his transgression with Bathsheba Psa. Again, though, we must remind ourselves that it was for this very reason that the Son of God entered this contaminated earthly environment. We can rejoice that we are able to find dignity, in spite of our sins, in the redeeming blood of the Lamb of God Jn.

In light of Golgotha, any person can lift up his head with a smile on his face. Love yourself, because God does!

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In the final analysis, the serious student must acknowledge that the New Testament opens up vistas of love never dreamed of by the most brilliant of human intellects. Let us revel in the sublimeness of this exalted theme, and seek to meet its challenge. Jackson, Wayne. Access date: June 28, Topical Index. About Contact. Works Cited Barclay, William. The Gospel of Matthew. Philadelphia, PA: Westminster Press.