Juste un peu avant la neige (French Edition)

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Kambwi, si t'as une quattro, des pneus Ete bien sculptes feront l'affaire. Faut juste faire gaffe dans les courbes, mais en roues droites tu passeras tout. J'affirme ca parce que tu te rends en route potentiellement enneigee que fois par an si j'ai bien compris.

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Mais bon, comme j'ai fait environ 15 km sur la neige, et que j'aime bien toutes les glisses, j'ai opte pour du bon pneu neige. Allez, et faites gaffe aux Ford banalisees, ils en raffolent en ce moment! Euh la, faut tester, mais les doutes sont entierements justifies. Piouuu, ca devient complique! Ou faire que des conneries du genre mettre la puissance sur les roues qui n'ont pas de trak? Il te faut aussi les Trak Photo : Christian Fig.

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Adolf Hawerman en Stockholm, Riksarkivet U Toutes deux sont interrompues par les colonnettes fig. Il dut construi- fruit du hasard. En , don. Atlas Bd. Organisation et tech- artistique que technique. Il est toute- bourg. Morel Paris. Historie och Antikvitets Akademien Stockholm. Related Papers. La nef. Credits can be found below the gallery.

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Hello all, I've had to have a little break from blogging, so since this is my first post of the year, I want to belatedly wish you all a Happy New Year. Unfortunately, the year had a very sad start with the loss of an artist I hold very dear, France Gall.

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I have some special France Gall-related things to post, coming up soon. For now, I just wanted to share a few words about what France Gall has meant to me — if I can even begin to capture such a thing.

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It was everything I loved in pop music, turned up to eleven. A lot of people describe something similar on discovering her for the first time. I'm excited to share my second mix for Christmas this year, which features seasonal tunes from international female pop singers of the s. This was harder to put together than I thought!

Branching out more broadly was quite a fun adventure, and I really adore some of the songs on this mix that are new to me, like the stunning tracks from Monna Bell and Maria Dolores Pradera. It was also interesting to get a sense of which places went for Christmas pop singles, and which didn't.

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Most of the Italian stuff I found was very traditional, even, surprisingly, from some rock bands. Perhaps in some more religious countries, too contemporary an approach to Christmas songs was deemed too irreverant. I lucked out with some countries altogether — some places did not produce enough girl pop for their singers to also dabble in Christmas singles, others I don't really know where to begin exploring.

Un trio solide et tricoté serré

If you know of any sixties holiday songs from female pop singers from countries I'm missing here, I'd love to hear your recommendatons. The gorgeous illustration of Sylvie Vartan accompanying the mix is by the very talented Olivier C. You can check out and support his amazing work here.

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