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Until Madrid was declared the capital , Toledo remained one of the main cities of the kingdom the capital as such was then not - where the king, there is the capital. The whole city inside the city walls and this is a large area has been preserved in the form it was several centuries ago - there is not a single new house there. This attracts tourists, especially since it takes less than an hour to get here from Madrid.

It is interesting that all this monumental splendor is visible only from the outside, from the inside it is an ordinary arch. Perhaps this is the remainder of those same Arab gates? It is interesting that the gate of the Sagra is not led to the city, but to a courtyard bounded by walls and the next gate, through which you can already get into the city. The solar gates were built in the XIV century, but before them there was also a gate in this place, from which the arch itself remained - clearly a Muslim configuration. In the XVI century on the frieze of the arch added a picture of the cathedral under the moon and the sun, which gave the name of the gate.

The Gates of Cambron are also built on the site of the old ones, moreover, those gates were the old ones themselves in the city - they were built even during Visigothic times. Now this structure in the characteristic monumental style of Philip II, neither from the Arab, nor, especially, the Visigoth gates, nothing remained.

Cambron, in honor of which the gate is called - a local shrub, which, probably, there was in abundance. Now on both sides of the gate is a continuous asphalt. It's clear, these passages in the wall were not limited, but the rest is not too interesting - just arches. So, let's go directly to the city. Church of St. Jacob Arrabal is considered the best example of Mudejar art in Toledo. First of all, the characteristic horseshoe-shaped outlines of doors and windows, as well as patterns on the facade, attract attention. Arrabal is a term meaning "suburb".

Since the church is located directly near the gate of the Sagra, probably its main visitors were those who lived outside the city wall. Speaking of Arab architecture in Toledo, one can not fail to mention a tourist attraction with a somewhat ambiguous name - Mesquite of the Most-Beloved Christ.

The ambiguity is that the "mesquite" in Spanish is a mosque. It was like a mosque that this building was built in , about which there is a Kufic inscription on the main facade. This is almost a square structure based on four Visigothic columns, with 12 arches in the shape of a horseshoe. In the 12th century, with the aim of adapting to Christian services, a semicircular apse was added, also in the Moorish style.

In general, such a clearly Moorish type of apse, very often found in the Toledo churches, many of them built several centuries after the expulsion of the Arabs. True, they could well have remained from previous buildings, as happened with the church of St. By the way, this church in the Middle Ages was surrounded by the houses of the Inquisition - here it was like the administrative center of this organization. Such a gloomy tourist attraction. Inquisition institutions were located, probably in the surrounding monasteries, which in this place is concentrated abnormally much even for the Castilian city.

About most of them, I can not say anything particularly interesting, so we will limit ourselves, mainly, to pictures. A couple of comments, for understanding the names. Royal called the monastery, for some reason, especially associated with the royal family - for example, one of them often stayed here, or buried in a church burial vault. This difference is emphasized when, within the same order, some monks gave a vow to walk always barefoot, and some did not give a vow and walked shod.

Accordingly, there were, for example, the monasteries of "barefoot" Augustinian and "shod" Augustinian ".

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Toledo, Spain - attractions, pictures

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Millions of dollars in free money is available to U. His career, which began in , has specialised in examining the underside of society, and his photographs have depicted the unemployed, downtrodden and the impoverished.

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He failed the written theory paper to become a photographer in the RAF and spent his service in the darkroom. In he took a photograph of a local London gang posing in a bombed out building. He was persuaded by his work colleagues to take his photograph of The Guvnors, as the gang was known, to The Observer, who published it, setting him on his path as a photographer. Between 19, he worked as an overseas correspondent for the Sunday Times Magazine, recording ecological and man-made catastrophes such as wars, amongst them Biafra in , and victims of the African AIDS epidemic.

His hard-hitting coverage of the Vietnam War and the Northern Ireland conflict is particularly highly regarded. He also took the photographs of Maryon Park in London which were used in Michelangelo Antonioni's film Blowup, Also in , on 28 July, he was invited to photograph the Beatles, then at the height of their fame and in the midst of recording The White Album. They contain many well known images of the band, including the gatefold sleeve picture from the Red and Blue compilations, where the Beatles mingled with the crowd seen through railings. The photographs from this day were published in the book A Day in the Life of the Beatles.

In the British Government refused to grant Mc Cullin a press pass to cover the Falklands War, claiming the boat was full. At the time he believed it was because the Thatcher government felt his images might be too disturbing politically. In later years, Mc Cullin has turned to landscape, still-life works and commissioned portraits. A special exhibition dedicated to his work is to be commissioned. Discussing his trip with the Radio Times he spoke of his approach to entering war zones: "I have risked my life endless times, and ended up in hospital with all kinds of burns and shell wounds.

I have those reptile eyes that see behind and in front of me. During no rain fell in Andalusia until November; the cattle had to be…. The surrender of Toledo in not only extended his frontiers to the Tagus River but also had great symbolic value. Like their Roman antecedents, these early medieval Muslim centres were surrounded by rich agricultural huertas ;…. Carranza entered the Dominican convent of Benalaque near Guadalajara, Spain, and had a brilliant scholastic career, holding responsible positions in his order. History at your fingertips. Sign up here to see what happened On This Day , every day in your inbox!

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