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Contact Email Justin Stenstrom. Products Books Supplements Store. As an undergraduate and then a law student at Georgetown University, Mr. Manafort gravitated toward Republican politics. Tall, good-looking, with an authoritative air, Mr.

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Manafort thrived in political boiler rooms. But he distinguished himself even more as a lobbyist. He and two colleagues from his days with the Young Republicans and the Reagan campaign created two linked consulting firms that broke the mold in Washington, achieving legendary success. Shrewd and aggressive, Mr. Manafort, Charlie Black and Roger J.

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Stone helped elect politicians, then scored contracts to lobby those same politicians on behalf of businesses and foreign interests. Black said. He also began to indulge his expensive tastes. Stone said. In , Mr. Manafort struck out on his own, focusing in part on clients in the former Soviet states where a clutch of oligarchs exercised control over entire industries. Washington seemed less hospitable. In a memo seeking a position on Mr. By , Mr. Manafort had forged bonds with two oligarchs in the former Soviet bloc. One was Oleg V. Deripaska, a Russian aluminum magnate who is close to President Vladimir V.

One witness in Mr. Deripaska lent Mr. Later, Mr. Deripaska sued him. At Mr.

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Manafort agreed to try to engineer a political comeback for Mr. Yanukovych, a former coal trucking director, twice convicted of assault, who had lost a bid for the presidency in In the words of federal prosecutors, Mr. Akhmetov and several other oligarchs backing Mr.

Yanukovych became Mr. Manafort wrote to Mr. Prosecutors allege that between and , Mr. Manafort used his tax-free dollars, prosecutors have said, to support a lifestyle of staggering extravagance. In alone, he bought three homes. Gates has testified that he helped Mr. Manafort conceal his true income, hiding the foreign bank accounts from his accountants and disguising several million dollars in income as nontaxable loans from companies that Mr.

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Manafort secretly controlled. At the same time, he admitted, he embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from Mr. A father of four, he suggested to others later that it seemed unfair that Mr. For his part, Mr. Manafort seemed to trust Mr. Gates implicitly to handle both his business and personal finances. When he joined the Trump campaign in , Mr. Manafort introduced Mr. Even though the oligarchs regrouped to fund a new political party for which Mr.

Manafort worked, the payments to him dwindled fast, and he complained about unpaid bills. When Mr. Manafort demanded in an email. Kilimnik, the Russian aide in Ukraine, wrote to Mr. Ukrainian prosecutors had begun investigating the payments to Mr.

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  • Manafort and others, turning to the F. Agents interviewed both Mr. Manafort and Mr. Gates in , but considered them only witnesses to the theft of Ukrainian government funds. At about the same time, Mr. He entered an Arizona clinic to try to put his life back together, texting his younger daughter that he had emerged with newfound self-awareness. But prosecutors claim that his schemes continued.

    They say he and Mr. Gates kept accountants at two firms and officials at three banks busy with a round robin of made-up explanations and doctored financial records. For example, Mr. Like nearly everyone else hired by the campaign, Mr. Manafort was not vetted. The recommendation of Thomas J. Barrack Jr. Trump for years, was enough.

    Also in his favor was Mr. Trump is a notorious skinflint and because Mr.

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    Manafort apparently thought Mr. Trump would be more likely to hire a man of seeming great wealth like himself. Paul Manafort is hired to manage Donald J. Rick Gates joins as his deputy. Gates and his accountant. An expanded campaign role for Mr. Manafort is announced. Gates helps Mr. Manafort attempt to secure a fraudulent construction loan. Gates attend the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Stephen M. Calk, the founder and chief executive of the Federal Savings Bank of Chicago, helps expedite a loan approval for Mr. Days later, Mr.

    The Times reports on a ledger listing undisclosed cash payments earmarked for Mr. Manafort from a pro-Russian political party. Trump hires Stephen K. Bannon as campaign chief, and Mr. Manafort resigns two days later. Gates becomes a liaison between the Republican National Committee and the campaign.