The Mystery of the Blood Covenant Unveiled

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When God made a covenant with Noah, Abraham, and others, there was always the shedding of blood, and this blood enacted the covenant and made it strong and secure. After Moses decreed the law as it was given to Him by God, he enacted the law as a covenant also known as the old covenant by the shedding and sprinkling of the blood of the sacrifices. Today we want to see what is the relationship between the redeeming blood, the blood of the covenant, and the presence of God.

The place where God met with His people was the expiation cover, the lid of the ark; this place is the propitiation place in Rom. Lord Jesus, thank You for Your precious blood. Lord, we come forward to You to fellowship with You and be infused with You by standing not on our merits or deeds but on the redeeming blood of Christ, the blood of the covenant.

Lord, speak to us. We want to fellowship with You.

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Thank You and praise You for Your redeeming blood, the blood of the covenant! The footnote in the Recovery Version really helps us to understand more what this is about,. The propitiation place is typified in Exo. The ark was the place where God met with people. In the ark was the law of the Ten Commandments, which by its holy and righteous requirement exposed and condemned the sins of the people who came to contact God.

Therefore, upon this sin-covering lid God could meet with the people who broke His righteous law, and He could do this without, governmentally, any contradiction to His righteousness, even under the observing of the cherubim that bore His glory and overshadowed the lid of the ark. Thus, the problem between man and God was appeased, enabling God to forgive and be merciful to man and thereby to give His grace to man.

And, in order to show forth His righteousness, He had to do this.

This is what this verse refers to. God is enthroned between the cherubim on the lid of the ark Psa. The law is completely covered by Christ as the place of propitiation, and the glory of God shines on the lid covered by the blood. Most people do not understand covenant, especially blood covenant.

It is the strongest relationship that exists and it carries the most responsibility! Also, most people do not relate the blood covenant to the Word of God. David blessed Mephibosheth out of covenant love.

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The word for covenant love is checed. Checed, a Hebrew word, means covenant love. In Greek the same covenant love is agape. The First Testament gives checed a very weak translation, usually calling it loving kindness or mercy. It can only be described in terms of a blood covenant. That was the cry of David, but it is also the cry of Jesus. Because of and in order to satisfy the great and wonderful and intense love with which He loved us.

David was an example of the heart of God showing that He has an ache to bless His covenant people. David was a callused warrior, but he cried out to bless his blood covenant family. It all started with the tremendous love between David and Jonathan. Saul was jealous of David who had been anointed king. Saul was trying to kill David. In spite of this tension, David and Jonathan had a strong respect and a deep love for one another.

Then Jonathan and David made a covenant, because he loved him as his own soul. Notice, as we have discussed in previous lessons, how the weapons were swapped in the blood covenant. His father Saul had even threatened to kill Jonathan, his own son. Do you recall when David was going to fight Goliath that Saul offered David his belt of armour?

That was a covenant act. However David did not need a covenant relationship with Saul in order to kill the giant, he referred to the fact that he already had a covenant with God the creator! The following is some historic background about fighting with Philistines, and war in the divided kingdom. There was intense war between Israel and the Philistines during this time. Also during this time, Saul was continually trying to kill David out of jealousy. In 2 Samuel , David learned about the death of Saul and Jonathan during the war. Saul had seen his defeat with the Philistines, so he asked an Amalekite to kill him.

The kingdom was divided, and Israel and Judah went to war.

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They had bitter battles in 2 Samuel chapters Joab ended up killing Abner, but only after Abner came to David to try to make peace. David not only felt bad about Saul and Jonathan dying, but also about Abner. How could David have such a love and respect for the people who were trying to kill him? It is with this bloody background that fear hit the house where Mephibosheth was living and the nurse dropped him and made him crippled for life. Fear of David caused the accident. But David was not after them to hurt them. David actually mourned for Abner, and Saul 2 Samuel This was the heart of checed , covenant love.

It was with this historic background that King David cried out to bless someone in Saul's household. Ammiel means a clan of the people of God. Put them together and we see that we can be people of God who are sold into the slavery. This is Lo Debar, the place of no supplies, no bread of God, a place where our own self sufficiency has made us slaves to Satan even though we are children of God.

I will restore to you all the land that belonged to your grandfather Saul, and you will always eat at my table. And Mephibosheth, grandson of your master, will always eat at my table. His name means a dispeller of confusion and shame; one that scatters and breaks into pieces. Apparently God was using this name to indicate that when one finally gets to Jerusalem and understands that he has a blood covenant with the King, all the shame of the past is dispelled and broken into small pieces and cast out forever. Shame is a killer because it lies against who God made you to be.

Shame attacks your very being and says that you will never be worthy or any good. You may have done some terrible things, which brings guilt, but God is not casting shame on you.

The Blood of the Covenant Brings us into God’s Presence to Receive His Speaking

He had been living beneath his rights. He had a covenant with the king and did not know it. He was living in Lo Debar, which means a place of no bread. He was actually living in fear of David, the king of Judah and Israel.

1. The cross is a Trinitarian event.

His maid dropped him when he was young as the family was fleeing. They thought that they were fleeing the wrath of David. However they were mistaken. The Bread of Life is the Word of God. One day, the covenant love hit David so hard he could not stand it. He just had to bless someone. So he called to find out who was a survivor of his covenant with Jonathan. He sent for Mephibosheth to tell him of his love.

Jesus is sending for us to tell us of His love, and He is sending us to tell others of His love for them. I can only imagine the entourage that the king must have sent for Mephibosheth. I can only imagine what fear Mephibosheth must have felt when he saw all of the army and weaponry of Israel at his front door.

David made sure that Mephibosheth was served the rest of his life by Ziba and his family. They ran the farm for Mephibosheth. David could have kept this wealth, but he chose to exercise his covenant love, his checed. David exercised all of his kingly authority for this covenant, and Mephibosheth ate at David's table the rest of his life.

Since the beginning of creation, man was the subject of blood covenants. Adam had a covenant with God that he broke. Many primitive cultures still believe that blood covenant brothers are closer relatives than those born of the same mother. A blood covenant intermingles the life of both partners and creates a new common life.

The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life. Jesus told the poor people in this chapter that they needed to get rid of their curse. They needed to eat His flesh and drink His blood. Then He made the transition to the spiritual. He said the flesh profits nothing, but His Words are spirit and they are life.

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  • Read the story in John 6. Jesus is aching to bless you and me with His covenant love. He does not just dispense blessings like in a cafeteria line; today I need funds, next week I need healing, etc. He dispenses Himself, His very life; that is the blessing! He does that through His Word anointed by the Holy Spirit. He reserves His blessings for the simple, the childlike, the desperate, and hides them from the proud and religious intellectual people. God delivers everything we need to make it in this life and everything we need to develop godly character by giving us His promises in the Word. Then we stand on that Word until its own power does the work.

    That is blood covenant! That is His power and not ours!