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Together with other panels that have been identified, it formed part of an altarpiece in the choir of the church of Saint John the Baptist in the Augustinian monastery of Inzigkoven near Sigmaringen. This information derives from a document of that records the names of the artists, the year of execution and amount paid. The monastery was secularised in , at which date it is likely that it was decided to sell the entire polyptych.

The Visitation: Embodiment of the Pro-Life Movement

In it was owned by some farmers near Wald in Hohenzollern, where it was discovered by a private individual. In the wings of the polyptych were separated and divided into separate panels. It is known that in the present panel belonged to a restorer in Munich.

Reflection on the Visitation of Mary

At that point the infants in the wombs of Mary and Elizabeth were covered over, as were the sexual organs of the Christ Child in the scene of The Circumcision. These later overpaintings, which in the case of the present work modified the original concept of the painting, were removed in Photographs taken prior to that date show the two women without these important elements.

The artist depicted the biblical episode with the essential elements, placing all the emphasis on the embrace of the two women and on the message that this gesture conveys through his emphasis on their pregnant state.

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  • Like St Paul, who recognizes the fulfillment of this prophetic text in the preaching of the Gospel Rom , St Luke also seems to invite us to see Mary as the first "evangelist", who spreads the "good news", initiating the missionary journeys of her divine Son. Lastly, the direction of the Blessed Virgin's journey is particularly significant: it will be from Galilee to Judea, like Jesus' missionary journey cf.

    Mary's visit to Elizabeth, in fact, is a prelude to Jesus' mission and, in cooperating from the beginning of her motherhood in the Son's redeeming work, she becomes the model for those in the Church who set out to bring Christ's light and joy to the people of every time and place.

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    The meeting with Elizabeth has the character of a joyous saving event that goes beyond the spontaneous feelings of family sentiment. Where the embarrassment of disbelief seems to be expressed in Zechariah's muteness, Mary bursts out with the joy of her quick and ready faith: "She entered the house of Zechariah and greeted Elizabeth" Lk St Luke relates that "when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb" Lk Mary's greeting caused Elizabeth's son to leap for joy: Jesus' entrance into Elizabeth's house, at Mary's doing, brought the unborn prophet that gladness which the Old Testament foretells as a sign of the Messiah's presence.

    At Mary's greeting, messianic joy comes over Elizabeth too and "filled with the Holy Spirit By a higher light, she understands Mary's greatness: more than Jael and Judith, who prefigured her in the Old Testament, she is blessed among women because of the fruit of her womb, Jesus the Messiah.

    10 Beautiful Things About the Visitation

    Elizabeth's exclamation, made "with a loud cry", shows a true religious enthusiasm, which continues to be echoed on the lips of believers in the prayer "Hail Mary", as the Church's song of praise for the great works accomplished by the Most High in the Mother of his Son. Jesus makes John leap with joy—the joy of messianic salvation. Elizabeth, in turn, is filled with the Holy Spirit and addresses words of praise to Mary—words that echo down through the ages. Then comes the Magnificat Luke Here, Mary herself—like the Church—traces all her greatness to God.