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Gut the Fruit, then cut in Pieces and String it. He and Prudence Carpenter were on the beach, watching the Farmers gather seaweed for winter mulch. Grover Gardener, Councilor for Physick, was there, too, hands red with sea slime. So was anyone whose kitchen garden needed mulching, which was almost everybody. Seaweed was Useful and that was that. Medford and Prudy were ignoring seaweed.

It was still Before, and they were being Useless. Run, run when young , the Book said. Later in the day, settle and stay. Time enough to be Useful after Transition. They were knee-deep in sea-foam, bare feet numb, clothes salt-spattered.

Yoga facial and neck exercises: Firm your neck using face yoga

Waves hissed in over the sand, then sighed back out again. The sun-drenched air was warm but sharp. The winter winds had come early this year, whipping up the waves.

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Two weeks from now the sea would be stone gray and the monthly Mainland Trade would be over until spring. Boats would hunker down on shore and people would eat salted Common Fish. Medford stood still and let the retreating water slip over and around his frozen feet. It ate away the sand at his heels until he teetered and almost fell over. Fifty feet out, a Nameless brown bird made a clumsy splash landing in the water while a Nameless gray bird swooped over its head, laughing.

Medford flailed his skinny arms to keep his balance, laughing himself, his scraggly brown hair wild in the breeze. Seabirds had no names, regardless of color. No Use, no Name , the Book said. And names were what mattered here, thirty-five chilly miles east of Mainland. But the people who lived on it called it Island.

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Island was ten miles long, north to south, and seven miles wide, west to east. Its principal town, on the western shore closest to Mainland, was called Town. The town hall was called Town Hall and said so on a plaque over the door. Town Hall was on the main street, which was called Main Street. Islanders liked names that said exactly what a thing—or a person—was or did, and nothing less. Islanders who fished were called Fisher. Others had names like Carpenter, Merchant, Tailor, and Miller.

So what would you expect of a thirteen-year-old foundling called Medford Runyuin? In fact, you might want to keep your eye on him. Beside him, Prudy plunged her hand into a retreating wave, one blond braid dipping into the water. When a new wave hit she swooshed the thing around to get the sand off. It turned out to be a Baitsnail shell three inches long, glistening white with pale pink stripes, its tail a perfect funnel, not a chip on it. The stripes spiraled into a point at the top.

The inside of the shell had its own design, fainter and more delicate. The Book never defined Unnameable. It just figured you knew. Medford did know, but he forgot sometimes. He shook the unwanted thoughts out of his head, breathing deep for calm as the Book suggested. Other voices snickered, although it could just have been the waves. Medford decided to ignore them.

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She was examining her new shell as if it had a Use. Yet again, Medford considered growing his hair into a pigtail. A pigtail probably would tickle. Here are 6 tips to to slide down the scale:. Remember, the greatest benefits of fitness has little to do with thinner thighs and tighter tummies. Those are just the bonuses. The true gifts that come from a healthy lifestyle are much more profound. The exercises below can improve mental and emotional health, mood, vitality, energy, happiness, and lifespan! Lacrosse balls are becoming the go-to tool for easing muscle tension after a workout, which is why so many fitness trainers love them.

Try this: Place the ball against a wall between your shoulder blades and roll your body back and forth and in circles over it. You control the pressure pushing against the ball. Whether you like a hurts-so-good sensation or more gentle pressure, your muscles will thank you. Ahh…instant calm.

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Oil massage is considered a preventive in ayurvedic medicine. It is designed to tone the skin, smooth the muscles, stimulate circulation of blood and the lymphatic system, leaving your body feeling wonderfully sleek and alive. Sesame seed oil, olive oil, almond oil, or coconut oil may be used. Start your self-massage standing up. For best results, leave the oil on your body for at least ninety minutes before showering off. I like to do this massage just after a shower in the evening. I towel off the excess oil, put on my comfortable nightclothes, and enjoy the lingering sensations and relaxing scents before going to bed.

The oil is completely absorbed by the time I climb into the sheets. Unlike in Swedish massage, the hands do not knead or dig deeply into the muscles in an oil massage. Instead, the palms remain flat and are brushed, or drawn, evenly over the skin with only moderate pressure, as though you were smoothing wrinkles from a bed sheet. In the ayurvedic tradition, oil massage is often done at a brisk tempo that can actually be aerobic if done for thirty minutes or more. But I like to do it at a slow, steady pace that allows time to enjoy the sensations.

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Feel free to linger over an area for greater stimulation. Try spending extra time on your ankles, wrists, backs of the knees, or any area that feels especially good. Every bit of exercise counts. But the truth is…. Take kettelbells for example. Kettlebells are not just glorified dumbbells. A University of Wisconsin study found that a kettlebell workout can burn up to 20 calories per minute or calories during a minute session.

With those numbers, all excuses for not enough time to exercise go right out the window!


On the other side of the gym, another woman is powering through a minute kettlebell routine, at high intensity, with little to no rest! Even though you probably burned more calories during your elliptical workout, the woman doing the all-out kettlebell exercise is more likely to torch more fat and calories overall…even though she is working out for HALF as long.

Both workouts are effective ways to get in shape for summer, but the high-intensity kettlebell workout requires a bigger oxygen deficit. This leads to something called EPOC, or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. This means that after your workout you need to take in more oxygen to recover properly.

Because this requires more energy, your body burns even MORE calories after the workout is complete. Plus the shape of a kettlebell is very similar to every day objects like a heavy suitcase, moving a piece of furniture or stack of books, or even a shopping bag. Not only that, but kettlebell workouts combine the toning benefits of resistance training with the fat-blasting benefits of aerobics.

And when you combine thigh toning with a killer butt workout, you start loving your lower body like never before.

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  7. Without changing the angle of your feet, try to slide your feet together simply by using the muscles in your inner thigh — and simultaneously try not to tighten your glute muscles. As you practice this, you can actually feel the action beginning all the way down in the soles of your feet and moving up through the entire inside of your leg.

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    This activates the inner thigh muscles and also helps you stand a little taller! Adding some resistance to those classic moves helps you take results to the next level. In fact, utilizing resistance tubes requires you to maintain constant tension throughout a movement. More muscle fibers light up, which results in quick toning results.

    Take your newfound inner thigh awareness into your everyday life. The same way you can work your abdominals from your desk, you can also engage your thigh muscles right now, as you read this. Balance exercises not only strengthen your core, improving your stability and overall health — but they also engage muscles in the lower legs, including stabilizing muscles like your inner thighs. Many yoga moves, such as tree pose or dancer pose, are perfect for a late afternoon balance challenge. What could be better?

    You can calm the mind while strengthening your inner thighs! And the fat-burning benefits of cardio are a key component to trimming down your thighs. To all our Customers, Please take a moment to review the following change in our return policy.

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    We currently accept any DVD, opened or unopened, to be returned within a day window after delivery. Effective July 1st, we will continue This recipe was found on the Food Network, courtesy of Amy Thielen. Or Spare Tire? These terms refer to fat above the waistline, a common weight distribution problem that torments both men and women. To make matters worse, All Rights Reserved. All prices USD. Log in or Sign up. Home Fit Forever with Kathy! Then, let me know…. Want to further tighten and tone those abs?