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The Kafka Project | Unpublished Works | «Der Nachbar»: a paper about a translation

I do not complain, I do not complain. As of the new year, a young man has rented the small, vacant neighboring apartment, which, blunderingly, I had for too long hesitated to rent myself. It is also a room with a front room, and furthermore a kitchen.

Room and hall I could have used — my two young ladies have felt already overloaded, at times — , but what would the kitchen have served for? These petty thoughts to be blamed, I let the apartment go.

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Now there sits this young man. Harras is his name.

What he actually does there, I do not know. The usual information which one gives when nothing is actually known. Sometimes I meet Harras on the stairs, he must always be in an extraordinary hurry, as he scurries carefully past me.

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As a matter of fact, I have never exactly seen him; he always has the office keys ready in his hand. In the blink of an eye he has opened the door. The miserable thin walls, which betray the honest, active man, cover the dishonest.

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My telephone is attached on wall of the room, which separates me from my neighbor. But I do emphasize that merely as an especially ironic fact.

Even if it sat on the opposite wall, you would hear everything in the neighboring apartment. Herbert Nachbar was a member of the Deutscher Schriftstellerverband and the P. Herbert Nachbar was the writer of novels, narratives and television screenplays.

Herbert Nachbar

In his novels, he depicts the life of a fishing village on the Baltic Sea coast. Later he expanded his themes and assimilated his own experiences in his books. Some of his later works had been shaped by sagas of the Baltic area and Scandinavia and bear fantasy and romance features. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Namespaces Article Talk.

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