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The heart and mind of man! Every one would like to know something about that. Ay, what is called knowing! Who dares call the child by its true name? Ich hatte gem nur immer fortgewacht, Um so gelehrt mit euch mich zu besprechen. Du rissest mich von der Verztweiflung los, ' Die mir die Sinne schon zerstoreh. Ach, die Erscheinung war so riesengrosz, Dasz ich mich recht als Zwerg empflnden sollte. I beg, friend — the night is far advancedfor the present we must breat ofi.

I could fain have kept waking to converse with you so learnedly. To-morrow, however, on Easter-day, permit me a question or two more. Zealously have I devoted myself to study. True, I know much; but I would fain know all. How strange that aU hope is not lost to this brain, which clings perseveringly to trash, — gropes with greedy hand for treasures, and exults at finding earth-worms!

Dare such a human voice sound here, where all around me teemed with spirits? Tet ah, this once I thank thee, thou poorest of all the sons of earth. Thou didst snatch me from despair, which threatened to destroy ' my sense. I, formed in G-od's own image, who already thought myself near to the mirror of eternal truth ; who revelled, in heaven's lustre and clearness, with the earthly part of. A thunder- word las swept me wide away.

I dare not presume to compare myself with thee. Was soil ich meiden p Soil ioh gehorchen jenem Drang? Dann heiszt das Bessre Trug und Wahn. Den Gcitteru gleich' ich nicht! Zu tief ist es gefiihlt Dem Wurme gleich' ich, der den Staub durchwiihlt, 3 Den, wie er sichim Staube nahrend lebt, Des Wandrers Trttt verniohtet und begrabt. In that blest moment, I felt so little, so great ; you cruelly thrust me back upon the uncertain lot of humanity. Who will teach me? What am I to shun? Must I obey that impulse? When we have attained to the good of this world, what is better is termed deception and illusion.

The glorious feelings which gave us life, grow torpid in the worldly bustle. She is ever putting on new masks ; she msiy appear as house and land, as wife and child, as fire, water, dagger and poison. Ton tremble before all that does not befall you, and must be always waiUng what you never lose.

I am not like the godheads ; I feel it but too deeply. I am like the worm, which drags itself through the dust, — which, as it seeks its living in the dust, is crushed and buried by the step of the passer-by. Is it not dust all that in a hundred shelves narrows this lofty wall? The lumber which, with a thousand- fold frippery oppresses me in this moth- world?

Here shall I find what I want? Soil ich vielleicht ia tausend Bucheru leseu, Dasz uberall die Menschen sich gequalt, Dasz hie und da ein GlUoklicher gewesen? Weit besser hatt' ich dooh meiu Weniges verpraszt, Als mit dem Wenigeu belastet hier zu schwitzen! Was du ererbt von deinen Vatern hast, Brwirb es, um es zu besitzen. Was man nicht niitzt, ist eine schwere Last ; Nur was der Augenblick erschafft, das kann er niitzen.

Doch warum heftet sich mein Blick auf jene Stelle? Ist jenes Plaschchen dort den Augen ein Magnet? Warum wird mir auf einmal lieblich belle, Als wenn im naoht'gen Wald uns Mondenglanz umwel Ich griisze dich, du einzige Fhiole! Die ich mit Andacht nun herunterhole, In dir verehr' ich Menschenwitz und -Kunst. Thou, hollow skull, what mean'st thou by that grin? Te instruments are surely mocking me, with your wheels and cogs, cylinders and bows.

I stood at the gate, ye were to be the key ; true, your wards are curiously twisted, but you raise not the bolt. Inscru- table at broad day, nature does not suffer herself to be robbed of her Teil ; and what she does not choose to reveal to thy mind, thou wilt not wrest from her by levers and screws. Thou, antiquated lumber, which I have never used, thou art here only because my father used you.

Thou, old scroll, hast been growing smoke-besmeared since the dim lamp first smouldered at this desk. Far better would it be for me to have squandered away the little I possess, than to be sweating here under the burthen of that little. What thou hast inherited from thy sires, enjoy it, in order to possess it. But why are my looks fastened on that spot : is that phial there a magnet to my eyes? Why, of a sudden is all so exquisitely bright, as when in the wood at night moonlight surrounds us? V Ein Feuerwagen sohwebt auf leichten Schwingea - An mioh heran!

Dies hohe Leben, diese Gotterwonne, Du, erst noch Wurm, und die verdienest du? In der sich Pbantasie zu eigner Qual verdammt, Nach jenem Durchgarfg ninzustreben, Um dessen engen Mund die ganze Holle flamtnt, Zu diesem Schritt sich heiter zu entschlieszen, Und war' es mit Gefahr, ins Nichts dahinznflieszen.

CI art of man. Thou essence of soothing soporific juices, thou concentratiin of all refined deadly powers, show thy favour to thy master! I see thee, and the pang is mitigated ; I grasp thee, and the struggle abates ; the spirit's fiood-tide ebbs by degrees. I am beckoned out into the wide iea. A chariot of fire floats, on light pinions, down to me. I feel prepared to permeate the realms of space, on a new track, to new spheres of pure activity. Ay, only resolutely turn thy back on the lovely sun of this earth! Dare to tear open the gates which each willingly slinks by! Now is the time to show by deeds that man's dignity yields not to divine sublimity, — to quail not in presence 'of that dark abyss, in which phantasy damns itself to its own torments — to struggle onwards to that pass, round whose narrow mouth all Hell is flaming ; calmly to resolve upon the step, even at the risk of dropping into nothingness.

Now come down, pure crystal goblet, on which I have not thought for many a year, — come forth from your old ease! Tou glittered at my ancestors' festivities ; you gladdened the grave guests, as one passed you to jthe other. Hier ist ein Saft, der eilig trunken maoht. Mifc brauner Muth erfullt er deine Hohle. Den ich bereitet, den ich wahle, Der letzte Trunk sei nun mit ganzer Seele Als festlich hoher Gmsz dem Morgan zugebracht! Christ ist erstanden! Verkiindiget ihr dumpfen Glocken schon Des Osterfestes erste Feierstunde? Here is a juice which soon intoxicates. It fills your cavity with its brown flood.

Be this last draught — which I have prepared, which I choose — quaffed, with my whole soul, as a solemn festal greeting to the morn. Christ is arisen! Joy to the mortal, Whom the corrupting. Creeping, hereditary Imperfections enveloped. What deep humming, what clear strain, draws irre- sistibly the goblet from my mouth? Are ye choruses already singing the com- forting hymn, which once, round the night of the sepulchre, pealed forth, from angel lips, assurance to a new covenant! With spices Had we embalmed him ; We, his faithful ones. Had laid him out.

Clothes and bands Cleanlily swathed we round ; Ah! Selig der Liebende, Der die betriibende, Heilsam und iibende Piixfung bestanden. Was suoht ihr, machtig und gelind, Thr Himmelstone, mioh am Staube? Klingt dort umher, wo weiche Menschen sind. Zu jenen Spharen wag' ich nioht zu streben, Woher die holde Nachricht tont, Und doch, an diesen Klang von Jugend auf gewohnt, Ruft er auch jetzt zuriick mich in das Leben.

O tonet fort,' ihr siiszen Himmelslieder! Die Thrane quillt, die Erde hat mich wieder! Clirist is arisen! Peal out, where tender men are to be found! I hear the message, but want faith. Miracle is the pet child of faith. I dare not aspire to those spheres from whence the glad tidings sound; and yet, accustomed to this sound from infancy, it even now calls me back to life. In other days, the kiss of heavenly love descended upon me in the solemn stillness of the Sabbath; then the full-toned bell sounded so fraught with mystic meaning, and a prayer was intense enjoyment.

A longing, inconceivably sweet, drove me forth to wander over wood and plain, and amidst a thousand burning tears, I felt a world arise for me. This anthem harbingered the gay sports of youth, the unchecked happiness of spring festivity. The tear is flowing, earth has me again. Whilst he is, in reviving bliss,'' Near to creative joy. Acb, an der Erde Brust Sind wir zum Leide da.

Cbi'ist ist erstanden Aus der Verwesung Schoosz! Beiszet Ton Banden Freudig euch los! He left us, his own, Languishing here below! Christ is arisen Out of corruption's lap. Joyfully tear yourselves Loose from your bonds! Ye, in deeds giving praise to him, Love manifesting, Breaking bread brethren-like, Travelling and preaching him Bliss promising — You is the master nigh, For you is he here! Spaziergdnger oiler Art xiehen Jtinam.

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Eimge HandwerlcshwscJie. Wir gehn hinaua aufs Jagerhaus. Die Ersteri. Wir aber wollen naoh der Muhle wandern. Ein Handwerlcsbwsch. Der Weg dahin ist gar nicht sohon. Die Zweiten. Was thust denn du? Ein Driiter. Nach Burgdorf kommfc herauf! Du iiberlustiger Gesell, Jnckt dich zum dritten Mai das Fell?

Promenaders of all hinds pass out. Some Mechanics. TT T'HYthatway? We are going up to the Jagerhaus. The Former. A Mechanic. I advise you to go to the Wasserhof. A Second. The road is not at all pleasant. The Others. And what will you do then? A Third. I am going with the others. A Fourth. Come up to Burghdorf ; you are there sure of finding the prettiest girls and the best beer, and rowfe of the first order.

A Fifth. You wild fellow, is your skin itching for the third time? I don't like going there ; I have a horror of the place. Nein, nein, ioh gehe naoh der Stadt zuriiok. Wir finden ihn gewisz bei jenen Pappeln stehen. Das ist fur mich kein groszes Gluok ; Er wird an deiner Seite gehen, Mit dir nur tanzt er auf dem Plan. Was gehn mich deine Freuden an! Heut ist er sicher nioht allein ; Der Krauskopf, sagt er, -wurde bei ihm sein. Blitz, wie die waokern Dirnen schreiten! Da sieh mir nur die sohonen Knaben!

Es ist wahrhaftig eine Schmach ; Gesellschaft konnten sie die allerbeste haben Und laufen diesen Magden nach! Nicht so gesohwind! Dort hiuten kommen zwei, Sie sind gar niedlich angezogen, 's ist meine Nachbarin dabei ; Ioh bin dem MSdchen sehr gewogen. Sie gehen ihren stillen Schritt Und nehmen uns doch auoh am Eade mit. Herr Bruder, neiu! Ich bin uicht gern genirt. CI Servant- Girl. No, no, I shall return to the town.

We shall find him to a certainty by those poplars. The First. That is no great gain for me. He will walk by your side. What have I to do with your pleasures? The Second. He is sure not to be alone to-day. The curly-head, he said, would be with him. Strong beer, stinging tobacco, and a servant-girl in full trim, — that now is my taste. Citizen's Daughter. Now do but look at those fine lads! It is really a shame. They might have the best of company, and are running after these servant-girls. Second Student to the First. Not so fast!

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  4. There are two coming up behind ; they are triialy dressed out. One of them is my neighbour ; I have a great liking for the girl. They are walking in their quiet way, and yet will suffer us to join them in the end. No, brother. I do not like to be under restraint. Geschwind, dasz wir das Wildpret nicht verlieren! Nein, er gefallt mir nicht, der neue Burgemeistor!

    Nun, da er's ist, wird er nur taglich di-eister. Und fiir die Stadt, was thut denn er? Gehorchen soil man mehr als immer Und zahlen mehr als je vorher. Bettler singf. Laszt hier mich nicht vergebens leiern! Nur der ist froh, der geben mag. Ein Tag, den alle Menschen feiern, Er sei fiir mich ein Erntetag. Andrer Burger. Dritier Burger.

    Herr Nachbar, ja, so lass' ich's auch geschehn: Siembgen sich die Kopfe spalten, Mag Alios duroh einander gehn, Doch nur zu Hause bleib's beim Alten. Wie geputzt! The hand that wields the broom on Saturdays, will fondle you best on Sundays. No, the new Burgomaster is not to my taste ; now that he has become so, he is daily getting bolder ; and what is he doing for the town?

    Is it not growing worse every day? One is obliged to submit to more restraints than ever, and pay more than in any time before. Beggar sings. Te good gentlemen, ye lovely ladies, so trimly dressed and rosy cheeked, be pleased to look upon me, to regard and relieve my wants. Do not suffer me to sing here in vain. The free-handed only is light-hearted. Be the day, which is a holiday to all, a harvest-day to me. Another Burgher. I know nothing better on Sundays and holidays than a chat of war and war's alarms, when people are fighting far away in Turkey.

    A man stands at the window, drinks a glass, and sees the painted vessels glide down the river ; then returns home glad at heart at eve, and blesses peace and times of peace. Third Burgher. Ay, neighbour, I have no objection to that; they may break one another's heads, and turn everything i topsy-turvy, for aught I care ; only let things at home remain as they are. An Old Woman to the Citizens' Daughters. How smart! Wer soil sich nioht in euch vergaffen?

    Es ist schon gut! Und was ihr wunscht, das wuszt' ioh wohl zu sohafiFen. Agathe, fort! Mir zeigte sie ihn im Krystall, Soldatenhaft mit mehreren Verwegnen ; Ich seh' mich um, ich such' ihn uberall, Allein mir will er nicht begegnen. Das ist ein Sturmen! Das ist ein Leben! Madchen und Burgen Mussen sich geben. Only not so proud! Gitizen's Daughter. Come along, Agatha. I take care not to be seen with such witches in public; true, on Saint Andrew's eve, she showed me my future sweetheart in flesh and blood. She showed me mine in the crystal, soldierlike, with other bold fellows; I look around, I seek him every- where, but I can never meet with him.

    Towns with lofty Walls and battlements, Maidens with proud Scornful thoughts, I fain woidd win. Bold the adventure. Noble the reward. And the trumpets Are our summoners As to joy So to death. That is a storming. That is a life for you! Maidens and towns Must surrender. Herrlioh der Lohn! Und die Soldaten Ziehen davon. Faust und Wagner. Kehre dich um, von diesen Eohen Naoh der Stadt zuriick zu sehen. Aus dem hohlen, flnstern Thor Dringt ein buntes Gewimmel hervor.

    Jeder sonnt Bich heute so gern. Faust and Wagnee. Eiver and rivulet are freed from ice" hy the gay quickening glance of spring ; the joys of hope are budding in the dale ; old winter, in his weakness, has retreated to the bleak mountains. From thence he sends, in his flight, nothing but impotent showers of hail, in belts, over the green-growing meadows. But the Sun endures no white. Production and growth are everywhere stirring; he wants to enliven everything with colours ; the landscape wants flowers, he takes gaily-dressed men and women instead.

    Turn and look back from this rising ground upon the town. Forth from the gloomy portal presses a motley crowd. Every one suns himself so willingly to-day. They celebrate the rising of the Lord, for they themselves have arisen ; — from the damp rooms of mean houses, from the bondage of trade and industry, from the confii ement of gables and roofs, from the stifling narrowness of streets, from the venerable gloom of churches, are they all raised up to the open light of day.

    But look, look! Blinken uqs farbige Kleider an. Mit euch, Herr Doktor, zu spazieren, Ist ehrenvoll und ist Gewinn ; ' Doch wiird' ich nioht allein mioh her verlieren, Weil ich ein Feind von allem Eohen bin. Schon uin die Linde war es voll, Und Alles tanzte schon wie toll.

    Juohhel Juchheisa! So ging der Eiedelbogen. Er driiokte hastig sich heran ; Da stiesz er an ein Madchen an 50, Mit seinem Ellenbogen. Die frische Dime kehrt sich um Und sagte : Nun, das find' ich dumm. Doch hurtig in dem Kreise ging's ; Sie tanzten rechts, sie tauzten links, Und alle Eocke flogen. I hear already the hustle of the village ; here is the true heaven of the multitude ; big and little are huzzaing joyously. Here, I am a man. To walk with you. Sir Doctor, is honour and profit ; but I would not lose myself here alone, because I am an enemy to coarseness of every sort.

    This fiddling, shouting, skittle-playing, are sounds thoroughly detest- able to me. People run riot as if the devil was driving them, and call it merriment, call it singing. The shepherd dressed himself out for the dance, With party-coloured jacket, ribbon and garland. Smartly was he dressed! The ring round the lime-tree was already full, And all were dancing like mad. MeiTily went the fiddle-stick. He pressed eagerly in. Don't be so ill-bred. Yet nimbly sped it in the ring ; They turned right, they turned left.

    And all the petticoats were flying. Sie wnrden roth, sie wurden warm 6] Und ruhtcn athmend Arm in Arm. Und Hiift' an Ellenbogen. Und thu mir doch nicht so vertraut! Geschrei und Eiedelbogen. Alter Bauer. Herr Doktor, das ist schon von each, Dasz ihi- una heute nicht versohmaht Und unter dieses Volksgedrang' 63 Als ein so hochgelahrter geht. So nehmet auch den schonsten Krug, Den wir mit frisohem Trunk gefiillt.

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    Gar Mancher steht lebendig hier, Den euer Vater noch zuletzt 6. Der heiszen Fieberwuth entrisz, Als er der Seuche Ziel gesetzt. And elbow on hip. Have done now! Don't be so familiar! How many a man has cajoled and Deceived his betrothed. But he coaxed her aside, And far and wide echoed from the lime-tree Huzza! Shouts and fiddle-sticks. Old Peasant. Doctor, this is really good, of you, not to scorn us to-day, and great scholar as you are, to mingle in this crowd.

    I pledge you in it, and pray aloud that it may not only quench your thirst — may the numher of drops which it holds be added to your days! I accept the refreshing draught, and wish you all health and happiness in return. Of a surety it is well done of you, to appear on this glad day ; you who have heen heretofore our friend in evil days.

    Many a one stands here alive whom your father tore from the hot fever's rage, when he stayed the pestilence. You too, at that time a young man. Gesundheit dem bewahrten Mann, Dasz er noch lange helfen kann! Vor Jenem droben steht gebiickt, Der helfen lehrt und Hiilfe schickt! Der Vater zeigt dich seinem Knaben, Ein Jeder fragt und draugt und eilt. Die Fiedel stookt, der Tanzer weilt. Famt Nur wenig Schritte noch hinauf zn jenem Stein! Hier wollen wir von unsrer Wandrung rasten.

    Der Menge Beifall tijnt mir nua wie Hohn. Health to the trusty man — may he long have the power to help! Bend before Him on high, who teaches how to help, and sends help. What a feeling, great man, must you experience at the honours paid you by this multitude. Oh, happy he who can turn his gifts to so good an account. The father points you out to his boy; all ask, and press, and hurry round ; the fiddle stops, the dancer pauses. As you go by, they range themselves in rows, caps fly into the air, and they all but bend the knee as if the Host were passing.

    Only a few steps further, up to that stone yonder! Here we will rest from our walk. Here many a time have I sat, thoughtful and soUtary, and mortified my- self with prayer and fasting. Rich in hope, firm in faith, I thought to extort the stoppage of that pestilence from the Lord of Heaven, with tears, and sighs, and wringing of hands. The applause of the multitude now sounds to me like derision. Ich habe selbst den Gift an Tausende gegeben ; 7 Sie welkten bin, ich musz erleben, Dasz man die frechen Morder lobt.

    Wie konnt ihr euch dariim betriiben! Thut nicht ein braver Mann genug, Die Kunst, die man ihm iibertrug, 7c Gewisaenhaft und piinktlich auszuuben? O gliicklich, wer noch hoffen kann, Aus diesem Meer des Irrthums aufzutanchen! There was a red lion, a bold lover, married to the lily in the tepid bath, and then both, with open flame, tortured from one bridal chamber to another. If the young queen, with varied hues, then appeared in the glass — this was the physic; the patients died, and no one inquired who recovered. I myself have given the poison to thousands ; they pined away, and I must now live to hear the reckless murderers praised!

    How can you make yourself uneasy on that ac- count? Is it not enough for a good man to practise conscientiously and scrupulously the art that has been handed over to him? If, in youth, you honour your father, you will willingly learn from him : if, in man- hood, you extend the bounds of knowledge, your son may mount still higher than you. Oh, happy he, who can still hope to emerge from this sea of error! That which we know not is just what we require, and what we know is of no use. Setrachte, wie in Abendsonneglnth Die griinumgebnen Hiitten schimmern.

    Sie riickt und weicht, der Tag ist iiberlebt, Dorfc eilt sie bin und fordert neues Leben. O, dasz kein Fliigel mich vom Boden hebt, Ihr nach und immer nach zu St. Bin schoner Traum, indessen sie entweicht! Ach, zu des Geistes FlUgeln wird. RO leicht Kein korperlicher Flugel sich gesellen. Ich hatte selbst oft grillenhafte Stunden, Doch solchen Trieb hab' ich noch nie empfunden. See, how the green-girt cottages shimmer in the setting Sun! He bends and sinks — the day is done. Yonder he hurries off, and quickens other life.

    I should see, in everlasting evening beams, the stilly world at my feet, — every height on fire, — every vale in repose, — the silver brook flowing into golden streams. Tet the god seems at last to sink away. But the new impulse wakes. I myself have often had my whimsical moments, but I never yet experienced an impulse of the kind.

    One soon looks one's fill of woods and fields. I shall never envy the wings of the bird. How differently the plea- sures of the mind bear us, from book to book, from page to page. Du bist dir nur des einen Triebs bewuszt ; O, lerne nie den andern kennen! Ja, ware nur ein Zaubermantel mein Und triig' er mifih in fremde Lander, Mir Bollt' er um die kbstliohsten Gewander, Mcht feil um einen Konigsmautel sein. Sie horen gem, zum Schaden froh gewandt, Gehorohen gem, well sie uns gem betriigen ; Sie stellen wie vom Himmel sich gesandt " Und lispeln englisch, wenn sie liigen.

    Doch gehen wir! Thou art conscious only of one impulse. Oh, never become acquainted with the other! Two souls, alas! The one with sensuous love clings to the world with tenacious organs: the other lifts itself energetically from the mist to the realms of an exalted ancestry. Ay, were but a magic mantle mine, and could it bear me into foreign lands, I would not part with it for the costliest garments — not for a king's mantle.

    The sharp-fanged spirits, with arrowy tongues, press upon you from the north; from the east, they come parching, and feed upon your lungs. If the south sends from the desert those which heap fire after fire upon thy brain, the west brings the swarm which oidy refreshes, to drown fields, meadows, and yourself.

    Die Luft gekuhlt, der Nebel fallt! Was kann dioh. Siehst du den sohwarzen Hund duroh Saat und Stoppel Btreifen? Ich sah ihn lange sohon ; nicht wichtig schien er mir. Betraoht ihn recht! Fur was haltst du das Thier? Bemerkst du, wie in weitem Schneokenkreise Br um uns her und immer naher jagt? Und irr' ich nicht, so zieht ein Feuerstrudel Auf seinen Pfaden hinterdrein. Ich sehe nichts als einen schwarzen Pudel ; Es mag bei euch wohl Augentauschung sein.

    Mir soheint es, dasz er magisch leise Sohlingeu Zu kunft'gem Band um unsre Fiisze zieht. Ich seh' ihn ungewisz und furchtsam uns umspringen, Weil er statt seines Herrn zwei Uubekanute sieht. Why do you stand still, and gaze with astonishment thus? What can thus fix your attention in the gloaming? Seest thou the hlack dog ranging through the com and stuhble?

    I saw him long ago; he did not strike me as any- thing particular. Mark him well! For what do you take the brute? For a poodle, who, in his way, is puzzling out the track of his master. Dost thou mark how, in wide spiral circles, he courses round and ever nearer us? And, if I err not, a line of fire follows upon his track.

    I see nothing hut a black poodle ; you may be de- ceived by some optical illusion. It appears to me, that he is drawing light magical nooses, to form a toil around our feet. I see him bounding hesitatingly and shyly around us, because, instead of his master, he sees two strangers. Der Kreis wird eng ; schon ist er nah! Wagner, Du siehst,. Alles Hundebrauch. FcMst Geselle dich za uus! Komm bier! Es ist ein pudelnarrisch Thier. Da stehest still, er wartet auf ; i Du spriobst ibn an, er strebt an dir hinauf ; Verliere was, er wird es bringen, Nach deinem Stock ins Wasser springen.

    Dem Hunde, wenn er gut gezogen, Wird selbst ein weiser Mann gewogen. The circle grows narrow ; lie is already close. Tou see, it is a dog, and no phantom. He growls and hesitates, crouches on his belly and wags with his tail — aU asdogs are wont to do. Come to us! It's a droll creature of a dog. Stand still, and he will sit on his hind legs ; speak to him, and he will jump upon you ; lose aught, and he will fetch it to you, and jump into the water for your stick.

    I believe you are right ; I find no trace of a spirit, and all is training. Even a wise man may become attached to a dog when he is well brought up. Ay, he richly deserves all your favour, — he, the apt pupil of the students. Fatjst mii dem Fudel heremtretend. Sei ruhig, Pudel!

    Eenne nioht bin und wieder! An der Schwelle was schnoperst du hier? Lege, dich hinter den Ofen nieder!

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    Zu den heiligen Tonen, Die jetzt meine ganze Seel' umfassen. Faust entering with the Poodle. Wild desires are now sunk in sleep, with every deed of violence : the love of man is stirring — the love of God is stirring now. Be quiet, poodle! Eun not hlfner and thither. As with- out, upon the mountain path, you amused us by running and gambolling, so now receive my kindness as a wel- come quiet guest.

    Reason begins to speak, and hope to bloom, again; we yearn for the streams, ay, for the fountain, of life. Growl not, poodle! Wir Bind gewohnt, dasz die Menschen verhohnen, Was sie nicht verstehn, dasz sie vor dem Guteii und Schonen, Das ihnen oft beschwerlioh ist, murren ; Will es der Huod wie sie beknurren? Aber warum musz der Strom so bald versiegen, Und wir wieder im Durste liegen? Davon hab' ich so viel Erfahrung.

    Wer hilft mir welter fort? Ich kann das Wort so hoch unmoglich sohatzen ; Ich musz es anders ubersetzen, Wenn ich vom Geiste recht erleuchtet bin.

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    Geschrieben steht : Im Anfang war der Sinn. Ist es der Sinn, der AUes wirkt und schafft? Es sollte stehn ; Im Anfang war die Kraft 1 Doch, auoh indem ich dieses niederschreibe, 8Sc Schon warnt mich was, dasz ich dabei nicht bleibe. Mir hilft der Geist! Solch einen storenden Gesellen Faust's studt. Is the dog disposed to snarl at it like them? But ah! I feel already that, much as I may wish for it, contentment wells no longer from my breast. Yet why must the stream be so soon dried up, and we again lie thirsting?

    I have had so much experience 'of that! This want, however, admits of being compensattied. Here I am already at a stand! Who will help me on? I cannot possibly value the Word so highly ; I must translate it differently, if I am truly inspired by the spirit. It is written: In the beginning was the Sense. Consider well the first line, that your pen be not over hasty. Is it the Sense that influences and produces everything?

    It should stand thus: In tke beginning was the Power. Mag ioh nioht in der Nahe leiden.

    LITERATURE - Goethe

    Biner von uns Beiden Musz die Zelle meiden. Die Thiir ist offen, hast freien Lauf. Aber was musz ich seben! Kann das natiirlich geschehen? Ist es Sohatten? Ist's Wirklichkeit? Er hebt sich mit Gewalt, Das ist nicht eines Hundes Gestalt! Welch ein Gespenst braoht' ich ins Hans! Schon sieht er wie ein Nilpferd ans, Mit fenrigen Augen, schreckliohem Gebisz.

    Doctor Faustus: With The English Faust Book

    O, dn bist mir gewisz! Fur solche halbe Hollenbrut Ist Salomonis Schlussel gut. Drinnen gefangen ist Einer! Eolg' ihm Keiner! Wie im Eisen der Fnohs, Zagt ein alter Hollenluchs. Aber gebt Acht! Sohwebet hin, sohwebet wieder, Auf und nieder, Und er hat sich losgemaoht. Konnt ihr ihm niitzen, Laszt ihn nicht sitzen! Denn er that uns Allen Schon Tiel zu Gefallen. A Fcmat. Erst zu begegnen dem Thiere, Branch' ich den Spruoh der Viere : Salamander soil glUhen, Undene sich winden, 89 troublesome a companion near to me.

    One of us two must quit the cell. It is witli reluctance that I with- draw the rights of hospitality ; the door is open — the way is clear for you. But what do I see! Can that come to pass by natural means? Is it shadow? Is it reality? How long and broad my poodle grows! He raises himself powerfully; that is not the form of a dog! What a phantom I have brought into the house! I am sure of thee!

    Solomon's key is good for such a half -hellish brood. Spirits in the passage. One is caught within! Stay without, follow none As in the gin the fox. Quakes an old lynx of hell. But take heed! Hover thither, hover back, Up and down, And he is loose! If ye can aid him, Leave him not in the lurch.

    For he has already done Us many a service. First to confront the beast,. Verschwind in Flammen, Salamander! Bring hausliche Hiilfe, Incubus! Tritt hervor und maohe den Schluaz! Keines der Viere Steckt in dem Thiere. Es liegt ganz ruhig und grinst mich an ; Ich hab' ihm noch nicht weh gethan. Schon schwillt es auf mit borstigen Haaren. Verworfnes Wesen! Den Nieentsprossnen, Unausgesprochnen, Faust's study. Who does not know The elements, Their power and properties, Were no master Over the spirits. Vanish in flamie, Salamander! Eushingly flow together. Shine in meteor beauty, Sylph!

    Bring homely help, Incubus! No one of the four Lurks in the beast. He lies undisturbed and grins at me. I have not yet hurt him. Thou shalt hear me conjure stronger. Art thou, fellow, A scapeling from hell! Then see this sign! Before which bow the dark hosts.

    He is already swelling up with bristling hair. Canst thou read him? Dnrch alle Himmel Gegossnen, Freventlioh Dnrohstoohnen? Steige nicht zur Deoke hinan! Da siehst, dasz ich nicht vergebens drohe, loh versenge dich mit heiliger Lohe! Erwarte nicht Das dreimal gluhende Licht! Wozu der Larm?

    Was steht dem Herrn zu Diensteu? Das also war des Pudels Kern! Ein fahrender Scolast? Der Kasus macht mich lachen, loh salutire den gelehrten Herrn! Ihr habt mich weidlioh schwitzen maohen. Wie nennst du dich? Faust, Bei euch, ihr Harm, kauu man das Wesen taust's study. Spellbound behind the stove, it is swelling like an elephant ; it fills the whole space, it is about to vanish into mist. Else not to the ceiling!

    Junior Competition

    Down at thy master's feet! Thou seest I do not threaten in vain. I will scorch thee with holy fire. Wait not for the thrice glowing light. Wait not for the strongest of my spells. Wherefore such a fuss? What may be your pleasure? Buxtehude's Organ Works. Franz Liszt. Handel's Organ Concertos.

    Handel: Aylesford Pieces. Haydn Piano sonatas. Haydn's String Quartets Opus Johann Kuhnau: Uns ist ein Kind geboren. Messiah, HWV Pachelbel's Organ Works. Romanian Folk Dances. Schubert's Piano Works. Schumann's Piano Works. Sor - Six divertissements pour la guitare Opus 1. Sor - Six divertissements pour la guitare Opus 2. Tchaikovsky's Orchestra Works - I. The Gimo Music Collection. The Lancer's Quadrilles. The Virtuoso Pianist. Similar items. Email not valid. Composer :. Gounod, Charles - Faust 23 sheet music.

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