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But there is yet another way.

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More and more these days, guys are simply cutting off the excess length from their jeans and wearing the ends raw. It's a little bit Kurt Cobain and a little bit Billy the Kid.

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With the right shoes and jacket, it can look incredibly intentional and cutting-edge—no pun intended, sorta. So what are the rules to doing it? Establish the Right Length If you are doing this alone, the simplest way to find the right length is to lay your jeans down on the floor or a table and measure them against your favorite and best-fitting standbys.

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  5. Put the new jeans that you want to cut underneath the old ones, matching up the waist, crotch, and side seams. With a pencil, draw a line on the bottom pair, tracing the edge of the top pair's hem. Like a good knife for cooking, you need good sharp scissors for cutting.

    Honestly, how often do you wash your jeans?

    Cut slowly across each leg separately. Richard Kean will continue his cross-examination of Ms Hanratty today in the action by EBS against Gerald Kean alleging failures to comply with his signed undertakings to return the deeds.

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    He denies the claims. The case is only against Mr Kean, and no allegations are made against other solicitors in the firm, Mr Fitzpatrick said. I'm very worried about how hostile my sister-in-law is to her daughter Q. I am getting really We're Game - demand for latest GoT episodes has us ranked 6th in world Ireland had one of the

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