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To fulfil them is Dharma. In effect, in the Ramayana and Mahabharata, following Dharma leads to Moksha. Dharma is not separated from Moksha, fulfilling obligations is not independent of the liberation from the cycle of rebirth. We are reborn only to repay these debts. In modern society, on the other hand, everybody says that every human being is born with rights, not debts.


We are told — we come with a clean slate, and there are no debts to repay. We benefit from society, but blame its ills on others — our ancestors, corporations, government, authorities, but not us. We want government to be responsible for children and elders and sick people through the concept of welfare state.

We are told to be grateful to the universe, but we are not told to take responsibility for it. This is a very different approach where charity is an outcome of gratitude. So, only if life has been good to you, you feel grateful enough to give something back. If life has been unkind to you, you are under no obligations. This western model based on rights for the poor and responsibilities for the rich is in contradiction to the Indian idea where every human being has a responsibility, rich or poor to create a viable sustainable ecosystem around them.

In the west, you are expected to be charitable and sensible only when you are rich, you are expected to be socially responsible and conscientious only when you have a positive balance sheet. In India, the fact that you are alive makes you socially responsible, makes you responsible for the world and the society. Everybody has a responsibility. Nobody has rights. We are supposed to be responsible human beings, taking care of other humans, not out of compulsion, but because in it lies our humanity, that is how we repay debts to be liberated.

In modern society, the assumption is that poor have rights. In feudal society, the assumption was that rich have responsibilities.


In Hindu society, the assumption is everyone owes everyone else something, and that debt needs to be repaid. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are that of the writer. The facts and opinions expressed here do not reflect the views of www. Read more on liberation. Hindu culture.

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Sound Remedy - Liberation

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Day of liberation

Share this Comment: Post to Twitter. Edmond began the inventory of looted objects after the liberation and before Paul returned to France.

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But for many Muslim women, religion is seen as a source of liberation rather than a source of oppression. Another thing, I would stop the women's [ liberation ] movement. Finally your country, that was so successful in its liberation , will understand us completely, and sweep Spain over the sea. Since the wars of liberation Germany had been very reserved in her attitude towards the French.

The fact was that Leon was asking himself whether he could undertake the liberation of the maidens. I told you in my last how warmly he had taken up Mrs.