Love and Anger

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There were so many times I thought it would never get on the album. But I'm really pleased it did now. I couldn't get the lyrics. They were one of the last things to do.

I just couldn't find out what the song was about, though the tune was there. The first verse was always there, and that was the problem, because I'd already set some form of direction, but I couldn't follow through. I didn't know what I wanted to say at all. I guess I was just tying to make a song that was comforting, up tempo, and about how when things get really bad, it's alright really - "Don't worry old bean.

Is male love like an old, worn sock?

Someone will come and help you out. Then we got the drummer, and it stayed like that for at least a year and a half. Then I thought maybe it could be okay, so we got Dave Gilmour in. This is actually one of the more difficult songs - everyone I asked to try and play something on this track had problems.

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It was one of those awful tracks where either everything would sound ordinary, really MOR, or people just couldn't come to terms with it. They'd ask me what it was about, but I didn't know because I hadn't written the lyrics. Dave was great - I think he gave me a bit of a foothold there, really.

At least there was a guitar that made some sense. And John [Giblin] putting the bass on - that was very important. He was one of the few people brave enough to say that he actually liked the song. International Musician, December We could be like two strings beating, speaking in sympathy What would we do without you?

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Love and Anger. Love and Anger' - UK 12" single sleeve. Still from the music video of 'Love and Anger'. Formats 'Love and Anger' was released as a 7" single a limited edition run included a gatefold sleeve with a booklet of photos from the music video , a 12" single, a cassette single and a CD-single. Music video The music video was directed by Kate Bush. The Apostle puts it in the strongest of terms when he said, "I know that in me that is, in my flesh nothing good dwells Rom. The Apostle marveled at what God had done in Christ crucified and he said, "God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us" Rom.

Paul's identity was bound up in the love of God in Christ. He wrote, "The Son of God loved me and gave himself for me Gal. As John Murray put it, "The death of Christ does not constrain or elicit the love of God but the love of God constrained to the death of Christ as the only adequate provision of this love. The love of God is the impulsive force and its distinctive character is demonstrated in that which emanates from it. When we take these two things together we have to say that the cross shows me that I am, by nature, the object of God's just anger and displeasure and that I am the object of His eternal and unmerited love, by grace.

This is essential to understanding that the Father never stopped loving the Son on the cross and that He made the Son the object of His just displeasure and anger as the representative who stood in our place to atone for our sin and to propitiate God's wrath. In his " Conciliatory, or Irenical Animadversions on the Controversies agitated in Britain, under the Unhappy Names of Antinomians and Neonomians " They were quite luxurious with the printing press back then , Witsius explained the longstanding difference of opinion among orthodox theologians over how to speak about the Son in light of the fact that He was bearing the wrath of God for His people on the cross.

Betty Grumble: Love and Anger

He first asked whether or not it was proper to say that "Christ on account of the pollution of our sins was also polluted and odious, and placed in such a state that God abhorred him? For this is what Paul expressly asserts, Gal. If this seem hard to any, let him also be ashamed of the cross of Christ, in the confession of which we glory! Witsius then suggested that even if we agree that "God abhorred the Son" when he legally represented us on the cross, we should be willing--for the sake of peace--to limit ourselves to the language of Scripture e.

But I would wish also to know what there is in these words of human invention, except that they are of human invention, for the sake of which others are so much offended. If we love the thing itself, is there more of emphasis or of weight, in the names filthy, odious, abominable, than in the name cursed, or execrable? Why do we strive about words, which may be safely omitted, if found to give offense; but being also innocently said, ought not to be wrested to another sense.

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  5. Next, Witsius set out an important section of the " Formula of Concord " as, what he deemed to be, "a convenient method of agreement" in this debate,. For it pleased the Father to bruise him, having laid the iniquities of us all upon him. Witsius concluded, "If these things are granted on both sides, as is just, what controversy can remain? That would be a denial of the doctrine of Divine simplicity.

    It would be equally unorthodox to insist that--insomuch as Jesus was the representative of a people who are, by nature, under the wrath and curse of God and rightly the objects of his just anger and displeasure--the Son was not the object of the Father's just wrath. Thomas Bell Glasgow: W. Lang, , It is supported only by its readers and gracious Christians like you.

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