The frigate Constitution; the central figure of the Navy under sail

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Original six frigates of the United States Navy - Wikipedia

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USS Constitution - 200th Anniversary

No other library marks. Publisher: U. As a result, Michael Ann Holly maintains, art historians today do not have access to the full range of methodological considerations and possibilities that Panofsky's thought offers, and they often remain unaware of the significant role art history played in the development of modern humanistic thought.

Panofsky and the Foundations of Art History

Placing Panofsky's theoretical work first in the context of the major historical paradigms generated by Hegel, Burckhardt, and Dilthey, Holly shows how these paradigms themselves became the grounds for creative controversy among Panofsky's predecessors-Riegl, Woelfflin, Warburg, and Dvorak, among others. She also discusses how Panofsky's struggle with the terms and concepts of neo-Kantianism produced in his work remarkable parallels with the philosophy of Ernst Cassirer.

Finally, she evaluates Panofsky's better known and later "iconological" studies by reading them against the earlier essays and by comparing his earlier ideas with the vision that has inspired recent work in the philosophy of history, semiotics, and the philosophy of science. The Navy Department now ordered her into service as a training ship for apprentice boys.

After a voyage to Philadelphia and return the command was turned over to Captain F. Baker, who kept her only a few weeks. Stanton took command in October, , and during the next two years cruised from the West Indies as far north as Halifax.

The Frigate Constitution: The Central Figure of the Navy Under Sail

She was taken south during the winter and north during the summer season for the purpose of working the ship under sail as much as possible. Shepard, and six months later the ship went out of commission at the New York Navy Yard. This closed her long career at sea. She lay at New York for two years, and was then towed to Ports mouth, N. When the hundredth anniversary of her launch approached, the Secretary of the Navy ordered her back to her birthplace, and she arrived at the Boston Navy Yard on September 21, , in tow of the tug Leyden, with Commander S.

Very and a crew of forty-five men on board. The sailors and marines were subsequently reviewed in the Navy Yard, and Old Ironsides formed the central figure of a great reception in her honor.

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The old craft now lies housed over and tenant-less, except for the crowd of memories which people her decks. She has reached another stage in her existence demanding the assistance of every lover of his country to secure for her a long lease of life. By an act of Congress approved February 14, , the Secretary of the Navy is authorized to restore her to the same condition as regards her hull and rigging as she was when in active service; provided that a sufficient sum of money to complete the work shall be raised through the agency of the Massachusetts State Society of the United States Daughters of