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Could the Capitals or Islanders bump out the Bruins with their physicality? General manager Don Sweeney and team president Cam Neely said Sunday in a chat with season ticket-holders that they hope to add a piece to solve their most pressing need. The dropoff in point production is steep from the top four of Pastrnak 66 points , Marchand 65 , Bergeron 51 , and Krejci It is getting late to assume those forwards next on the list — DeBrusk 19 and Heinen 16 — or Cehlarik 4 points in a game audition and David Backes 13 will provide enough secondary scoring to lift Boston in a tight playoff series.

Marchand is averaging a night, ranking 32nd among NHL forwards. A well-rounded game and a scoring touch is a must for any addition. Of the bottom-half teams in five-on-five goal production, only St. Louis 16th , Minnesota 23rd , Boston 27th , and Dallas 28th were in playoff position as of Monday.

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We can still use a little boost in that area. Each of the top teams in average goals allowed were in playoff positions as of Monday. The Bruins were third 2. The Bruins are not looking to mess with that side of things, so any addition would be required to be passable defensively.

7 Ways to Boost Your Confidence on a Bad Day

Cassidy has relied on sophomores Heinen, Cehlarik, and DeBrusk for secondary scoring. Rookie Trent Frederic is the latest center to take the wheel of the third line. Asked Sunday before puck drop against the Avalanche if he felt the need for a deadline piece, Cassidy was measured in his comments. To have a consistent guy in there every night would probably make it easier on everybody. But other days we play very well with the group we have. You can always use depth.

There is an argument for standing pat, and letting this roster cook for another year. After the trade deadline — probably for months after — Sweeney will continue to try and find reasonable ground for contract extensions with RFAs-to-be Charlie McAvoy, Brandon Carlo, Donato, and Heinen. Whether you are happy or sad, be aware of your emotions. Search for the place where fear, anger, sadness, joy and peace live in the body.

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Think about how when you are sick or injured and how that can cause you to feel down and depressed. There are good reasons for all emotions. And when you name something then you can start to …. Why do you feel the way you do right now? Is it because of a fight you had this morning? Realize you are more than your thoughts.

Add a way for Nitro Classic subscribers to boost a server – Discord

And once you are aware, you can do something about them and…. They can actually produce positive results. Being angry too often will burn you out. Being sad all the time will dampen your empathy. Get disgusted too much and you become cynical and disaffected. Even being too calm can cut off your connection to the world. We tend to think of happiness as an outcome.

We feel happiness as a result of daily practice. Philosopher Terry Patten writes that life satisfaction is a byproduct of transitioning from being a seeker , or someone who wants a certain lifestyle, to a practitioner , or someone who lives that lifestyle day in and day out. Danish people are famously happy. Newman here. I have good days and bad days. But at the same time, I do feel tangibly different than when I started. Meditation is not about being perfect.

Or at least stop trying so hard that it makes you miserable. But then you quickly return to normalcy. Happiness, like any emotion, is a temporary state. Rather, it helps you stay in the moment and enjoy the wave, rather than trying desperately to catch the next wave of happiness. Stop trying to be and just be. Instead of sleepwalking through your routine, pay attention to the times of the day when you are stuck on autopilot. Is it while mindlessly scrolling through your inbox? Is it when you fall into the same roles while sitting in the same seats at a meeting?

Is it when you complete a task and it feels like de ja vu? As part of my meditation training, I created a 7-day series of mindfulness reflections to get yourself out of an autopilot routine. Sign up for my email list here and get the free week-long mindfulness program.

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Thanks Thomas Durkin. But when you force yourself to talk to strangers and get beyond your narrow comfort zone, it can be an enriching experience. Andrew Goldstein writes about being a journalism student at Marquette University while dealing with social anxiety. In short: It frees you from preconceived notions, and it builds intimacy. You can also read her Medium post Interrupt the Program. Therefore the Master acts without doing anything and teaches without saying anything. Things arise and she lets them come. When her work is done, she forgets it.

That is why it lasts forever. Thanks DHBogucki for the book suggestion. Three years ago, John Leland started following six New Yorkers over the age of He expected to learn about their ailments and other problems of aging. What he found was unexpectedly positive:.

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This is the paradox of old age: We actually feel better in the face of our declining minds and bodies. Older people recall positive images better than negative and their brains respond more mildly to stressful images than the brains of younger people. Older people report higher levels of contentment or well-being than teenagers and young adults. If they were not always gleeful, they were resilient. So the next time you want to feel better reminiscing about being young, instead picture yourself as very old and looking back at your life in contentment.

The Yawning is seriously underrated. He writes :.

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Thanks Andy Leiser. It should be no problem for me to do that. After that experience, he decided to learn how to hug. Studies show that hugging and other forms of touch releases cannabis-like molecules in your brain called oxytocin. Read more about hugging meditation here. Thanks Megan Socha. In his debut as a Big Ten football referee, Bill Carollo made a call that took away a go-ahead touchdown.

After a conference of all the officials, he was overruled. The other referees reversed the call.