Yu-Gi-Oh!: Millennium World, Vol. 5: Tomb of Shadows: v. 5

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Buy securely. Book of the Month. Authors Tim Winton Sarah J. Top Pick. Millennium World. Millennium World Kazuki Takahashi. PaperBack February 3, Volume 5 in the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! Check your local Dymocks store for stock. Enter your postcode: Please enter a valid postcode. Please note that prices may vary between www.

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Millennium World, Vol. 5

Sorry, an error occurred while checking availability. Shadi's Challenge - Conclusion : Desiring to discover the Millennium Puzzle's true power, with the Millennium Scales and the Millennium Key, Shadi summons deadly Shadow Game trials that, if Dark Yugi can't successfully pass them, will kill his best friends.

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Project Start!! September 4, [20] ISBN March 17, [21] ISBN Battle "Cubes of Fear!!! Begrudged over the loss and humiliation, he decided to build a deranged theme park called Death-T, designed to enact revenge on Yugi by killing him with deadly games. Luring Yugi's grandfather, Sugoroku Mutou, into a virtual version of the game, he defeats the old game master with three Blue-Eyes White Dragons and tears up his precious card. When Kaiba tortures Sugoroku with an artificial Penalty Game and threatens his life, Yugi and his friends are forced to partake in Kaiba's deadly games in order to save him.

The games are a laser gunfght, a coaster which can electrocute those who make any noise, a timed game in which Yugi's friends' hands will get chopped up if he doesn't figure out a riddle, a chainsaw deathmatch and a room with falling cubes. Yugi's friends, except for Honda, who had "disappeared" during the falling cube game, successfully beat these challenges.

The Terror of Blue Eyes!! November 4, [23] ISBN June 16, [24] ISBN Battle "The Second Arena!!! Battle "End of the Deathmatch!! After a few turns, Kaiba used his three blue-eyes combo he used against Yugi's grandpa. He uses a "mind crush" on Kaiba, in which Kaiba will slowly rebuild his heart. Monster Fight!! January 9, [26] ISBN September 7, [27] ISBN Battle "Monster Fight!!

Zenpen Battle "Monster Fight!! Soul Battle!! Zenpen Battle "Jonouchi!! Ryo Bakura , a fan of tabletop role-playing games , is a new transfer student at Domino City High, and quickly befriends Yugi Mutou and the rest of his friends. However, Bakura has a dark secret, he is also the owner of a Millennium Item, the Millennium Ring, and like Yugi, has another personality dwelling within him called Dark Bakura , who has been turning every game he plays into Shadow Games and putting Ryo's friends in a coma by putting their souls within miniature figures using Penalty Games; causing Ryo to constantly transfer schools and lose friends.

Fearing for the safety of his new friends, he insists that they shouldn't play games together. Despite his plea, Yugi and his other pals come to Bakura's house to play his favorite Monster World game in order to cheer him up. However, Dark Yugi takes over Yugi's body at the last second and the battle to free their new friend and their souls commence as they adventure into the Monster World campaign. March 4, [29] ISBN December 7, [7] ISBN Battle "Millenium Enemy 8: Battle! After school, Yugi and co. The gang play the tape, and it comes with a surprise. The creator, Pegasus J.

Crawford changed to Maximillion J. The other Yugi takes over from there. Duel Start!! May 1, [31] ISBN February 1, [9] ISBN Battle "Don't Draw That Card!! Battle "Countdown!! Battle "I Won't Lose!! Battle "Fate of the Ocean!! The other Yugi continues his match with Pegasus, but s defeated by a time limit. Pegasus takes Sugoroku's soul, and the only way to get him back is if Yugi beats Pegasus on his private island - Duelist Kingdom.

Jonouchi tells the gang about his blind sister, Shizuka Kawai , and the reason he too is entering the tournament - to get the money to pay for her eye surgery. Unfortunately, a moment with Yugi and Haga alone causes Yugi to lose cards vital for using Exodia. The other Yugi then takes over from that point on. Pegasus explains the rules for the tournament known as the Duelist Kingdom tournament. Yugi duels Haga, betting his single star chip and his life, while Haga bets two of his star chips.

After a few turns, Mai joins the gang to watch. After even more time passes, Yugi wins the duel and takes the star chips. The Legendary Dragon!! August 4, [32] ISBN March 1, [33] ISBN A Storm Strikes in the Kingdom!! October 2, [34] ISBN Battle "Time Ticking!!

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Battle "Pursuit of Light!! January 8, [36] ISBN May 3, [37] ISBN The Labyrinth's Unknown Trap!! March 4, [38] ISBN May 31, [39] ISBN Battle "The Final Card!! Duel Disk!! Fear of the Champion!! April 30, [40] ISBN July 5, [41] ISBN Battle "The Beginning of Fear!! Betting to Win!! July 2, [42] ISBN August 2, [43] ISBN Battle "The Beautiful Trap!! Mind Battle!! Pegasus Kokoro no Tatakai!!


September 6, [45] ISBN Battle "At That Time!! December 22, [46] ISBN October 10, [47] ISBN Battle "Rare VS Rare!! A new game shop called the Black Clown opens across the street from Yugi's house, the Kame Game shop. Advertising a new game abbreviated "DDD" changed to "DDM" in the English version of the manga , Yugi and his friends decide to try out the new game on their free time. March 3, [49] ISBN November 8, [48] ISBN Battle "Battle with 0 Attack Power!! Millenium Battle!! April 28, [50] ISBN December 6, [51] ISBN Battle "BC Begins!! One day, Seto Kaiba meets Ishizu Ishtar , holder of the Millennium Tauk, at the Domino City Museum and learns that the game of Duel Monsters was based on a Shadow Game played long ago by an Egyptian Dynasty ruled over by a nameless Pharaoh who resembled his rival Yugi Mutou, and that an organization of thieves and bootleggers "the Ghouls of the gaming underworld" [52] robbed Ishizu of two of three God Cards that were made to be the strongest monsters in the game by Pegasus, based on the gods depicted on the stone tablet.

In order to lure them out, Ishizu gives Kaiba the "God of Obelisk" and manipulates him into opening the Battle City tournament to lure them out. At the same time, Dark Yugi finally learns of his true origins, that he is the spirit of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh trapped in the Millennium Puzzle for thousands of years, and that the key to regaining his lost memory is to fight in the Battle City tournament. However, the owner of the last Millennium Item , the Millennium Rod, is the leader of the Ghouls, and has a vendetta against the nameless king and plans to kill him.

Magic Battle!! Magician Majutsu Sen!! January 6, [54] ISBN Battle "Ultimate Duel!! The Approaching God!! September 4, [55] ISBN February 7, [56] ISBN Battle "Nearer to God!! Battle "God Combo!! True Teamwork!! November 2, [57] ISBN April 4, [58] ISBN Battle "Go All-out!! December 22, [59] ISBN June 6, [60] ISBN Battle "Power Combined!! Burning Friendship!! April 4, [61] ISBN August 1, [62] ISBN Battle "One Card of Life and Death! Battle "Burning Friendship!!

Battle "Hidden Person!! June 4, [63] ISBN October 3, [64] ISBN Battle "Unbreakable Spirit!! Battle "For the Sake of Bonds!! Battle "The Shrine's Traps!! Battle "Deadly Trap World!! September 4, [65] ISBN December 5, [66] ISBN Battle "Witness of the Clan!! Battle "God's Judgement!! Battle "Awakening Darkness!! Battle "Awakening of God!! Battle "The Depths of Darkness!! November 2, [67] ISBN February 6, [68] ISBN Battle "The Beginning of the "Future! Battle "Blue Memory!! Battle of the Sun!! Evil Kessen no Hihanoboru!!

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March 4, [69] ISBN April 3, [70] ISBN Battle "Darkness Conflict!! Battle "Darkness VS Darkness!! Battle "The Crumbling Darkness!! Battle "Birth of the Dark God!! Battle "Night Before the Deathmatch!! Battle "Battle of the Sun!! Battle "Cross Souls!! Battle "Beckoning Attack!! Pursuing Attack!! Battle "Choose Your Opponent!! A Light to the Future!! Mirai e no Hikari!! June 5, [72] ISBN Battle "Burning Prison!! Battle "God's 3rd Ability!!

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Millennium World, Vol. 5: Tomb of Shadows by Kazuki Takahashi

Battle "Dance of the Phoenix!! Battle "A Light to the Future!! God VS God!! Kami Tai Kami!!