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Show all. Rules of the Air Abeyratne, Ruwantissa Pages Aerodromes Abeyratne, Ruwantissa Pages Aeronautical Charts Abeyratne, Ruwantissa Pages Conclusion Abeyratne, Ruwantissa Pages Show next xx. Recommended for you. A preliminary conference between Great Britain and France was held at Paris in April ; the first of these Conferences was held in London from 13 to 16 Mai T heir end was contemplated in when the Convention entered into force for these three countries. But it was quickly realized that the ICAN could not resolve the multiple questions of details existing only in a few countries.

Biannual meetings were held since Mai ; i n addition, during the eleven C onferences held before the coming into force of ICAN in , many issues related to the Paris Convention , and the establishment and future organization of ICAN held a large place in the discussions, as Albert Roper, acting as of P rovisional Secretary General of the future ICAN foreseen by the Paris Convention , attended the meetings.

From , the Conferences were held annually and the 40 th and last Conference was held at Krakow from 15 to 20 Mai O ther countries joined later and the meetings were normally held annually.

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This conference aimed at exploring the problems posed by airlines operating in the western Mediterranean Sea. The first session was preceded by a meeting of Experts in radiotelegraphy and m eteorology held in Warsaw at the beginning of T he sessions were normally held annually; the fifth and last session was held at Warsaw from 10 to 14 September Dealing exclusively with aeronautical matters, this Committee would have a permanent secretariat headed by a Government Expert.

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The constitution of the new Committee was approved by this 3 rd World Conference, but in practice, due to the proximity of the Second World War and the Chicago Conference, the existence of this Committee did not leave many traces. In any event, the CIRA would be established only as soon as ten Governments would have notified the Secretariat of the Worldwide Conference of Radio Communications Experts for Aviation their approval on the protocol constituting the Committee.

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The problems posed by the organization of airmail were perceived in by the Aeronautical Commission of the P eace Conference that drafted the Paris C onvention of ; the proposal had been made at that time to prepare an international postal convention, which would have taken the form of an Annex to the Convention. However, the experience of the Commission in the matter was considered too limited to initiate any action in this matter.

The International Chamber of Commerce proposed in to the postal administrations to convene a special conference to draft a convention on international airmail. The proposal has been officially taken over by the postal administration of the USSR; this conference was convened at The Hague, Netherlands from 1 to 10 September More information is available by clicking on The Air Post Conferences. International Aeronautical Congresses brought together from time to time personalities of the aeronautical world of many countries, to enable them to present their ideas, tests or researches and to confront the results of them.

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These conferences we re not governmental , since they were wide open to any individual paying the set fee, and were official in the sense that they were called at the initiative of a government that beard the costs of the organization , making sure that its officials or a flying club or local committee assured the operation of the congress and the publication of minutes or reports. Moreover, an especially legal congress was organized at Verone in Letterhead paper of the first International Aeronautical Congress The three working groups of this Congress held their meetings at the Grand Palais, Paris, respectively under the chairmanship of Mr.

Second Congress: at London, from 25 to 30 June with 21 states represented and delegates , at the invitation of the British Government and organized by the Royal Aeronautical Society;. Fourth Congress: at Rome, from 24 to 30 October with 46 states represented and delegates , at the invitation of the Italian Government and organized by the Royal Aero-Club of Italy.

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Fifth Congress: at The Hague, from 1 to 6 September with 37 states represented and delegates , at the invitation of the Dutch Government and organized by the Royal Aero-Club of the Netherlands. All those five Air Navigation Congresses, except the first one, were held in the same city and at approximately the same dates as the ICAN sessions. At the end of the latter congress, the wish was however expressed to suppress the various aeronautical congresses that covered a special branch of the air technique and incorporate them into the unique International Congress on Air Navigation.

However, it is to be noted that no other conference of this type took place thereafter. Responding to this desire, the Aero Club of France invited the major aeronautical associations to meet in Paris on 12 October The FAI was founded immediately and its Committee constituted. Meetings between members initially formed the only link that bound them , but soon they could not do without a permanent connection; that is why a Central Office was created in The Hague in The founders of the IATA laid down the principle that their association wa s between the air navigation companies and respected the autonomy of its members.

In , the institution was renamed Bureau Veritas and saw its influence quickly spread far beyond the limits foreseen at the time of its creation. The need for a register classifying aircraft was felt from the beginning of commercial air navigation. The creation of this register was encouraged by the French Government by a Decree of 2 October which instructed the Bureau Veritas to exercise on French civil aircraft in construction or operation a technical control similar to that it did for commercial vessels.

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The first aircraft register was published in Subsequently in , the record was supplemented by tables showing the characteristics of the different types of aircraft and by a directory of civil aircraft of the states which had signed the Paris Convention of 13 October The Bureau Veritas had the mission to inform the world of the sea or air on the degree of confidence to be given to ships and aircraft.

Since the beginning of s, this register included details of certified aircrafts in the form of a big book of pages. Nevertheless, the number of countries furnishing data to IRCA increased; a database was created to automate production and use.

Even if the number of technical information was limited, the register needed several books at the end of 80's; 50 aircraft were listed. With this help, the database was redesigned in to be used with an internet navigator, reaching more than aircrafts. Finally, since , as a "Service Provider", IRCA sends to ICAO data of several civil aviation authorities, which are then compliant with article 21 of Chicago Convention, which reads as follows: Each contracting State undertakes to supply to any other contracting State or to the International Civil Aviation Organization, on demand, information concerning the registration and ownership of any particular aircraft registered in that State.

Delayen from France and assisted by Mr.