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Item Drops: chaos butterfly , plot hole. Being Taken Out by the Trash.

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Substat Gain: 2. Seeing black storm clouds in a dream often indicates strong emotions you are having about a certain situation or person.

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They may also bring awareness of trouble brewing in your life in the very near future. Proceed with caution, live as peacefully with others as possible and make amends if you feel you have recently wronged someone, before they seek to take revenge on you. These could either illustrate being lost in your ideas, emotions or life path without a clear direction, or a solid change or feelings.

Have you recently had a cloud dream?

Dark Cloud Castle of Dark Heaven (Extended)

What do clouds mean for you as a symbol? Please feel free to share it, and what you think it means for your life in the comments below. I saw a dream that i am cleaning a grave of one of my uncle who already passed away couple of years back then i saw black clouds moving very fast just want to know what does it mean.

I had a dream about clouds, it was a mixture of grey and white clouds. They was hovering over the sky.. In my dream I had gone to get my sister to show her the clouds. Almost like a vacuum.

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I was outside a store and my favorite clouds were everywhere. The bright white clouds. The clouds came to me surrounded me,covered me, in my dream I was excited and happy because i have always been drawn to the brightest clouds. But in the dream, the pure white clouds vanished and in its place was a beautiful and I mean a Beautiful naked man.

I was no longer wearing clothes either. And it was absolutely the best dream ever. I had a dream where I saw beautiful white billowing clouds over a landscape of fields of wheat waving in the breeze and then the clouds became a huge Angel that filled the sky and pointed at me?? I had a dream of a missle trail in the distance, then a low line of grey clouds came at night.

Clouds Dream Meaning

They rolled in with a fast speed engulfing the street below as I was in a high level of a building. I became frightened as the building bagan to shift and I awoke in terror. I dreamt of a pure black cloud that was moving incredibly fast and swirling rapidly unlike the other clouds behind it. They were grey and white. The Black cloud then stopped in from of me. It continued to swirl until it displayed an image. A skull. I took a nap today and I had a dream that I walked out my front door and the clouds in the sky where so dark like a sever storm was coming.

Case study: The Dark Sky, Leeds Castle

I called to my daughter to get her Ipad so i could take pictures because my husband had my phone. Then I turn to my right and look east and white clouds form a dragon against the dark clouds. I had a dream last night I was in some sort of room, but I was definitely up in the clouds.