Der erste Schultag (German Edition)

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I am canadian and my son and daughter-in-law who is from Leipzig moved to Leipzig in sept.

Erster Schultag (First Day of School)

It has been very difficult for me to find out about the customs and to communicate with people in Germany as German is their 1st language and it seems they do not want to speak English, perhaps because they are not comfortable. I would like to find out as much as I can about this starting school custom as my husband and I plan a visit to Leipzig around this event as it seems to be an important custom.

What is the role of the grandparent. What gifts are we expected to give. Oma and Opa have purchased the backpack.

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What do the canadian grandparents do? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hello, Nice writing on this great event. On my first year during September one day I found many small children in the streets with their family and a big sugarcone nn their hand. I was very much surprised to see and from a german friend got to know that it was their first day at school.

A little boy or girl who is just out of the kindergarten playing around whole day will be introduced to studies for the first time. In my country the day was not special other than getting new school dress and other school accessories.

Stock Photo - Erster schultag! (first day of school in German) written on blackboard

I wish this it would be really nice if this custom is adopted in other countries too. Thanks Germany, got to see a wonderful event with little kids. Marian Baranowski :.

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Debapriya Das: Hello, Nice writing on this great event. I also find that the student-teacher-relation-ship here in New Zealand is way friendlier than it is where I come from. The NZ educational system in general is very different from the German one where we don't have such a great variety of subjects. Schools in New Zealand also offer so many sports and activities to join — even sports like "Dragon Boating".

German School Nairobi | Michael-Grzimek-Schule | Starttext Schule

Everyday, I got excited for those fun subjects that really interested me and helped me to extend my knowledge. I was involved in the Drama class' production which was really exciting and it also helped me to become even more passionate about performing. I started bonding with the girls in my classes, gained more confidence in raising my voice and became part of the whole community.

In addition to that I participated in lots of AGGS' many exciting lunch time events that were happening in the motto weeks. There was 'Media week', 'Science week', 'International week', 'Maori week' and so on. Furthermore, I gained so much knowledge about all the different cultures that are present at AGGS which were cultures I had never even heard of.

I got to see Pacific Island and Maori performances and I also made friends with other international students. Throughout my stay here in New Zealand my English has improved a whole damn lot. Speaking another language everyday helped me becoming more self confident, too. This is why I'm so glad that I've chosen this school instead of the others that are around Auckland where there is a whole bunch of German-speaking exchange students. It was the most exciting and unique vacation of my life and I am so grateful that I got to see the fascinating beauty of the South Island.

Everything looked so much like in 'The Lord of The Rings' and I even got to ride through the same river as 'Arwin' one of the characters. Other students even went skydiving or bungy jumping! It all was so breath taking. In the NZ summer holidays I was really fortunate that my parents came all the way from Germany to visit me, meet my home stay and to get an idea of my Kiwi life. With them I travelled around the North Island and enjoyed its most beautiful sights and beaches.

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The most exciting event of my North Island vacation was taking a swim with real, wild dolphins — my favourite animals since I was little. I didn't know that you could even do that and be with them so closely. Now, that I'm going through all those great memories again I get kind of sad that I have to leave. I am so thankful and lucky for all the great support that I got here and I have no idea what my life would look like if I had missed out on the amazing opportunity to go on an exchange to New Zealand — and I cannot wait to visit this country, that couldn't be further away, again.

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It's my second home now. Ich bin Linda und komme aus Deutschland. Es war mein Ziel, meinen Horizont auf der anderen Seite der Erde zu erweitern und das habe ich auch geschafft. Sie sind viel offener und konzentrieren sich mehr auf die Schule als auf andere Dinge. Es ist sehr freundschaftlich und das werde ich sehr vermissen, wenn ich wieder in Deutschland zur Schule gehe.

Alles sah so sehr nach "Der Herr der Ringe" aus und ich bin sogar durch den gleichen Fluss wie "Arwin" eine der Charaktere geritten und andere haben noch Extremsportarten wie sky-diving oder Bungy gemacht. Alles war so atemberaubend! Das aufregendste Ereignis meines Nordinsel-Urlaubs war es mit wildlebenden Delfinen schwimmen zu gehen — mit meinen Lieblingstieren, seit ich klein war.

Des Elefanten erster Schultag German Edition

Das hautnahe Schwimmen ist einfach ein wahres Erlebnis". Ich kann es kaum abwarten Neuseeland noch einmal zu besuchen und werde auf jeden Fall wiederkommen — in dieses Land am anderen Ende der Welt. Es ist nun mein zweites Zuhause. Visit our channel for more videos. Hello this is Mayu. That's my speech about my NZ life. Sorry I made it too long. Hi I'm Mayu from Japan. I stayed here for whole year as an exchange student Hello everyone!

I really enjoyed my 2 years study in AGGS as China Hi everyone, my name is Nancy Shen.

When I first came Thailand First of all, Hi everyone!!