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Let us say that the name of the Timestamp Data Type field is "Timestamp". Hello, I want to highlight any record is older then 1 day in Red Color based on my timestamp field I hope you enjoyed reading it. Thank you. I just wanted to start out by simply thanking you for sharing your ideas and your thoughts. I found this paper to be very moving and thought provoking.

We have learned in our fluency course as a graduate student in Speech Pathology that each client we work with is first and foremost a human being and despite and differences we have we can all come together and decide to accept one another. I totally agree with you, this might be the next revolutionary idea which will unite all of us. I am glad you liked reading the paper.

I enjoyed reading your post about acceptance. I am a speech-language pathology graduate student. I recently participated in a fluency camp that incorporated acceptance and commitment therapy into treatment, and I loved helping individuals transition to accepting their stuttering. I think so often people try to make themselves seem like everyone else and hide their differences when we should be accepting and celebrating our differences.

Life would be so boring if everyone was the same. Stuttering is just a difference in the way an individual speaks. It is a part of who someone is that should be accepted. I loved your post! Hey Melissa, I could understand the amazing feeling, when you are witnessing the transition in individuals when they grow towards acceptance.

I also had similar feeling when I visit the self help group meetings on weekends and meet diversified PWS , somewhere it helps me grow from inside. I am happy that you loved the post. Vipul — Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to me in such a thoughtful manner.

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I can see now that it might have real value in helping a PWS regain some control. I am also beginning to recognize the importance of community, as several authors on this forum have mentioned the critical role it plays in their well-being. Thank you for your candor. I wish you well! Thank you Deanna, in fact that question you asked was itself very deep in nature. It made me spiral into a long thought process. I personally felt expanded after replying to that question. Hi Vipul, Your questions at the beginning of this article are so deep and thought-inspiring. I am an SLP grad student and you have given me much food for thought.

It seems as if your stuttering is an integral part of you now. How did you come to view it as an essential part of you? Or was it due to a different reason? Hey Rachel, there are lot of factors which helped me grow in acceptance.

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Then there were lot of personal failures as well like when I felt depressed about not able to express myself and the constant protection of my stuttering behaviour which I was not letting it come out freely and openly. It made think a lot and I started opening up with my friends. I remember I made a presentation on stuttering when I was in 2nd year of my degree. I gave an hour long presentation on stuttering in my class. I was very nervous and scared but thanks to audience.

They were all very patient in listening. That was like a huge explosion of freedom. After that I frequently took up speaking opportunities whenever they came. Regularly attending weekend meetings of TISA. Trying voluntary stuttering. The process of writing itself was very enlarging and relaxing. All these factors played a key role in helping me grow in acceptance and making it stand out as the essential determinant for improvement. Yes I see stuttering to be an integral part of me. The process of experimenting and learning helped in understanding a lot about the importance of acceptance.

It helped me understand and appreciate the differences in all of us.

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With it the pain lessened and I started improving a lot. I would like to thank all the people I met till now in my journey. They all helped set in motion a process with a purpose of acceptance towards every aspect of life. Awesome post vipul. I totally agree with you. And sometimes I question my acceptance. What I know is acceptance is basically not feeling bad about your stutter. If you stutter you just should accept it as you would accept your skin color and not feel bad about it. When I go into a long block and the person listening to me starts yawning or ignoring or starts making faces I do feel bad because it happens most of the times.

And again same thoughts start coming to my mind. And I start questioning my acceptance. Hi Shivang, I my opinion acceptance is not just saying in your head that you have accepted it. It is observing the suffering and the painful feelings which comes and not reacting to it. It happens slowly through lots of situations, with every new situation if you try observe and not to react, that is exactly where your acceptance builds. It happens with me still, I react to some situations, but I always make an effort to remain balanced. It is a difficult process but it can be fun also if you try with every situation in normal day to day routine.

In my opinion there are several phases along the path to acceptance. Sometimes I get lost in intellectual drama of acceptance. I have done it lot many times Instead of applying in real life situation, I imagined lot of things. For example we have heard about the mirage effect which occurs in desert.

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We want the pleasure of oasis right in the middle of heat and discomfort of desert. The parallax error of eyes make us see water pond at a distance. It feeds the imagination of thoughts of finding comfort.

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It feels real and we run towards it only to find out it was just an illusion. Similarly imagination creates lots of errors which feels very real in the first place but when we experience it personally we may feel cheated if it turns out to be unreal. And it creates more pain because we believed on our own imagination.

And that leads to questioning your own self. I always try to act the acceptance, for example, trying voluntary stuttering with people around me. Now this was real acceptance for me, it is not imagination, I was accepting my real stuttering in front of real people and not in imagination. Doing it over and over again you will see the difference. After it becomes a very normal thing for you to stutter in front of anyone. Whether that person yawns or ignores or starts dancing in front of you it will not affect you. All the best.

Patil, Sharing this kind of deep reflection requires vulnerability and courage and I applaud you for both. I find your article inspiring not just for PWS but for anyone struggling with their personal image. In my work with children, they have often asked me about visual differences between people: color, disability, body shape and so on. My response has been that there are many ways for people to be beautiful.

You have reminded me that there are also many ways for people to express themselves and they are beautiful as well. I am an SLP graduate student and I am fortunate to be in a program that emphasizes acceptance. I invite others to respond as well. Thank you Julie. In my opinion acceptance is an umbrella term which is in itself covers all the ways to freedom. Apart from stuttering I try to experiment like building acceptance, by personal sharing and listening. This part I find very difficult. I let the discussion take its own flow according to situations, so it removes any time bound goals of interaction.

I also observed with every interaction I personally grow so it motivates me to try new ways. It sometimes becomes risky because there is chance of losing objectivity, but I try to maintain it even if I fail. I learn in this way and the other person seeing all this feels the depth of interaction pointing towards something valuable and seeing this they try to align themselves to experimenting and finding new ways to free themselves.

Overtime they develop tendencies to value their own nature and shift towards independence. This makes both the experimenters hugely empowered. Somewhere in such interactions there occurs a point where I lose my identity as a stutterer and the other person feels the same and also there is no affinity towards identifying as a fluent person either.

It becomes pure flow of interaction which I feel is empowering.

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Thank you for your thoughtful reply. The kind of heart-felt listening that you describe is an amazing gift to your conversation partners. It sounds like a lovely way that we should all interact with one another. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the diversity of stuttering. Do you find a lot of difficulty when embracing this diversity rather than trying to become more fluent? Does it limit your communication abilities with others outside of the stuttering community? Thank you! Hi Avery, I still do face some difficulties like my avoidance of stuttering in some situations, I try to observe and work on it openly as soon as possible when I see this behaviour to rise in me.

Also the intensity of difficulties has reduced over the years gradually. It has made me calmer and peaceful. I am still continuously learning lot of things and improving my communication skills. Also now it does not limit my communication abilities outside the stuttering community. Hi Vipul, These are really important thoughts — and I have to say you have a very beautiful and poetic way of getting your thoughts out! I think maybe it comes down to quality of life? And everyone has a different standard by which to measure their quality of life.

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For you, how would you say stuttering has affected your quality of life — your ability to participate in society, communicate functionally, etc…? And once you really began to accept your stuttering and gain confidence did that also affect your quality of life? I hope those questions made sense, and thanks again for your perspective!

Hello Andrea, Thanks a lot you enjoyed reading the article. For me stuttering played a significant role in shaping me. When I was in my teen years, I used to remain withdrawn and closed, thinking a lot about how I will handle everything in future since I stutter. As years passed and I entered my undergrad course I decided to work on my stutter. Slowly with time the shame and guilt associated with it reduced and I became more open towards it.

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Yes my confidence improved a lot. In those 4 years of my undergrad course I learned a lot about presenting myself. By the end of the course I could speak with stutter openly with confidence. And I comfortably gave presentation with stutter. Interact with people normally. The things I learned out of the process helped me in other areas of my life, it made me appreciate the importance of difference and made my interactions more richer.

Now my stuttering is like very normal part of me. Sometimes it happens more, sometimes it happens less, it varies etc. I carry on with my normal functioning comfortably. Great thoughts.. I too at one time, wondered: who am I? And then, it dawned on me, that there is something beyond- and deeper- of which our speech is a distant intimation — and a poor reflection I guess…. Hmmm, that is serious stuff, hai naa?