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Some years later the Amiga arrived and I became a happy Commodore customer. This book is like a documentary of the troubled history of Commodore. I found the book very good, more balanced of iWoz , maybe just because the writer is not directly involved in the company and just interviews people trying to rebuild facts. The book reads nearly as a fiction book, with interesting characters, heroes, foes and plot twist, while the narration proceed toward the glooming end.

Two aspects stroke me during the reading — first is about success and failures, the latter is about overtime. Many of the engineers interviewed hold that the most successful products were achieved when they were free from the marketing and worked almost free but for the deadlines set directly by the CEO. The most unsuccessful products notably the Plus 4 and C 16 abominations were marketing driven. What really strikes me is how could the marketing and the middle management be so computer-unaware? They had a powerful brand, great hardware, yet they failed to steer the company helm to easily reachable success.

Overtime was a sort of way-of-life for Commodore engineers. Unrealistic deadlines were hit thanks to work around the clock for several days.

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One of the engineers recalls that his longest stay at office was 11 days. He just got some hour sleep in his office. You have to work less. My argumentation is that overtime tends to burn out people, making them behave in a sub-optimal way in the medium period. Also because of the long hours away from home they need to do something personal at work, just to keep up with life.

So I wonder if those jewels C64 and Amiga that Commodore gave us could have existed and could have been the same with more human working conditions?

Mio Marito/l'Altra Famiglia Level A by Dacia Maraini (Paperback)

I guess you agree. In fact it is hard to beat the conciseness and the clarity of something like:. When it comes to create formatted output C printf is usually one of the best tool available. Unfortunately things are not so simple. Or worst if the format string specifies a string pointer and an integer is passed?

This problem is mostly overcome in the GNU compiler via a custom extension that allows the compiler to check for consistency between format string and arguments. The mechanism is enough flexible to be applied to user defined functions. Suppose you have a logging function that behaves like printf, something like. If you use Gcc and declare the function like:. Then the compiler will kindly check all the invocation of function log in your code to ensure that specifiers and arguments match. So far so good, but enter C Lo stile della pittura era piuttosto piatto e non c'era prospettiva. Tuttavia, i motivi decorativi sono prevalentemente barocchi, come le foglie di acanto o le polene tipo di sirene alate , i cupidi o i cherubini.

I carretti hanno anche splendidi elementi scolpiti. In modi diversi, entrambi hanno svolto una funzione sociale fondamentale. Skip to main content. English Version Italian Version W hat really is remarkable about the upcoming exhibition, The Sicilian Cart: History in Movement , hosted at the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles IAMLA from June 30th to January 7th, is that its Executive Director, Marianna Gatto, since she was a child, has been nursing and nourishing an intimate fascination for those exceptional means of transportation turned folkloric art pieces in motion, that are the Sicilian carts, without having even ever seen a full-scale one with her own eyes.

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The evergreen Italian diaspora according to Prof. Pasquale Verdicchio. See More Articles. T o be honest with you, I think Italians and Americans have plenty of things in common: big hearts and lovely smiles, to begin with, but also an June 6, F ive biplanes dive down into their targets. The head of the group noses up and makes a full loop, while the others fringe off while turning upside June 2, May 30, All Around Italy. May 20, May 6, Comacchio and Voghiera: Ancient Po Delta.

Padua on segway: Galileo's Podium. Palladian Villas to visit: Villa Emo. L'Ultima Cena dopo Leonardo June 12, Adelinda Allegretti. Earlier Mona Lisa in mostra a Firenze.

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