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Added thousands of words and examples to the dictionary. Fixed Restore Purchases for premium subscription users. Eliminated encoding problems with special characters. Implemented gender abbreviations m, f, n for nouns in the dictionary lookup list.

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Added gender masculine, feminine, neuter to dictionary headword screens. Implemented 3 easter eggs in the dictionary. Hints below. Find all 3 and send an email to outreach vidalingua. Improvements to Apple Watch version. Enhancements to screen layouts and help text. If you have issues with this version, please email support vidalingua.

I only just started using the app and am finding it helpful enough already to sign up for the free trial which obviously comes with the agreement that you will forget to cancel it, and so therefore are willing to pay the subscription fee. I love how it can pronounce the words for you, you can tap a heart to make a list of favorite words, and it sometimes provides example sentences of the word in use. It might be nice to have a little more disambiguation there, perhaps with some pictures. The app is nothing fancy, but it does just what I need it to do.

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I will update my review as needed, but so far the app seems great! Hi Kizzy J, Thank you for taking your time in writing this long and wonderful review.

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While learning to speak Deutsch, I cannot understate the value of having a tool like this. Yes, I can always go to an online translator, but the flexibility of being able to quickly do a dictionary lookup of specific words while still capable of doing phase translation by switching tabs is amazing.

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I rate this app at the highest level and use it multiple times every day in my language study. I have been using this translator for around a year now in German class and recreationally and after trying many other sources for my translating needs have decided this is the ultimate app! From the phrase book to the efficient dictionary providing not only words but examples of use, articles, and synonyms this app has it all. Thank you so much! We are pleased that you enjoyed the app.

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If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know at support vidalingua. Have a wonderful day! I'm sorry it has taken so long for me to reply, but now once again you're finally getting some indication that we're still alive. As you already know, Jim was traveling in Asia on business for three weeks, so I had to do almost everything here at home, and never could find the time to write you.

But in the meantime, almost everything here is running "normally" again, and I have a little time to set pen to paper. On Wednesday we had dinner at Barbara and Dan's. They say hello and are hoping to visit you again in Berlin this summer. Dan is still working at Going to the post office in Germany today is a far cry from the old days. No more special windows for each service and very limited opening hours.

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Today you go to the next clerk at any window for everything from banking to express mail. Some larger post offices and those at train stations are open late and on holidays! Share Flipboard Email.

LIEBE ZU BESUCH Trailer German Deutsch (2017)

Updated October 03, German uses Frau for both Mrs and Ms any woman 18 or older. Herrn Karl Braun Note the n! Other types of streets: Allee avenue, boulevard , Gasse lane , Weg way, drive.

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