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Why not? I could get to the Big Apple easily from there.

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It's not often a person's life gets turned around, whether by fate or God—whatever you want to call stupid blind luck that alternately ruins or redeems lives. Sometimes you come across a book that blows your mind so thoroughly you feel compelled to clutch it to your chest like a long-lost relative.

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Other times, you read a novel so abhorrently bad, your time spent with it can only be justly avenged through the cleansing power of fire. Some books fall within the middle of these two extremes—neither great nor awful, but simply good.

Just after finishing Miracle Girls , I had decided it was this last type of novel. But now, several days later, I find Caschetta's debut has grown on me a little more, sliding slightly more toward the "great" end of the spectrum. This is a fourth type of book altogether, the kind that leaves one impression, and then another. Will I grow to love Miracle Girls even more as time goes by? Hard to say at this point, as novels that grow on you are still a mystery to me. What makes them tick? How do they get on your good side without ostensibly doing anything?

I can at least talk about the qualities that initially won me over. I'm not a huge reader of straight lit-fic in general—I like my fiction "abnormal" in the traditional sense of the word. Miracle Girls intrigued me because, from the description, it sounded like a mystery novel. This turned out not to be the case, and the novel is more of a "small-town-populated-with-quirky-characters" kind of narrative than anything else, offering up mini-stories loosely sewn together by the overarching unsolved disappearances mentioned above.

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There is enough weirdness abound in these tales to satisfy my specific tastes, so the reading experience was never a dull one. I cannot say I was ever disengaged from the novel overall. Caschetta's prose is another quality worth mentioning, as it mostly serves as a co-star, slightly less prominent than the characters and situations. Every now and again, the language tries to steal the spotlight, resulting in a few head-scratching metaphors "Now the trees scrape and twist like old women with their heads uncovered. But these instances are infrequent, enough so they don't bog down the narrative.

Miracle Girls by M.B. Caschetta

One more thing worth noting: though set in , Miracle Girls feels modern, making the book a kind of parable for today's problems: child abuse, kidnapping, rape culture specifically, victim-blaming , even homosexuality. Homosexuals are defended by Cee-Cee via a message from the Virgin Mary, who insists "God loves you most of all. One gets the sense Caschetta offers her readers an idealized version of the Catholic church as a safe-haven for all people, and where strict interpretation of the Bible goes both ways.

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I'm not sure this utopia is actually attainable, but within the world of Miracle Girls , you can almost believe it. Christopher Shultz writes weird, dark fiction.

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At times, he dabbles in digital art and photography. Patrick took away the pink bottles. In the thicket overhead, the branches are picked clean as bones, no longer swaying. Now she steps back until her heels butt up against the fat oak tree. It's in the Mohawk Valley, and children are disappearing. Cee-Cee Bianco is visited by the Virgin Mary, but her brothers see a much darker vision. When the youngest Bianco falls into a coma after witnessing a brutal crime in the woods and Cee-Cee performs a miracle, she is guarded by war-protesting Sisters whose order is not the benign sanctuary it seems.

Magazine called "a spectacular collection. She lives in Massachusetts.

Miracle Girls

Bookseller or Librarian? Format: Paperback. In the woods, everything is silent. Even the trees stand still.