Planning for Learning through Games

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How to Identify and Support Children with Dyslexia. How to Survive and Suceed as a Headteacher. How to Develop Numeracy in Children with Dyslexia.

Education (Lesson Planning Resources): Using Games in Education

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Wordery Have a question? This seller does not ship to your selected delivery location. PBShop Have a question? What to do As a whole class discuss the homework activity about the games played by the family in their childhood Make comparisons to the games students play today.

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What life skills do you the think the children were learning as they played these games? What other cultures used games to develop life skills in children?

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Extension activities Invite parents and grandparents into the classroom to discuss the games they played as a child Split the class into groups and have rotations of games around the world, playing similar games with the variations from different countries Incorporate games from around the world into morning fitness, physical education or sport session. Equipment: sticks or rulers, a blindfold. The fire keeper can be in the centre of a circle or a given distance away from the class.

Planning for Learning through Games

One a time the students stealthily sneak up raid the firewood and steal one stick at a time. The raider becomes the fire keeper if caught.

One player arranges the stones in a pattern.