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Be strategic and plan out your stories and the mediums you will use to tell them. Key PR tactics The most well known PR tactic is a media release, but there are other equally effective ways of telling your stories to your target audiences. Case studies provide an ideal platform to leverage business success and tell your story to the media through your customers. Speaking engagements are an important aspect of building profile and credibility.

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They are a cost effective way of reaching large, influential audiences and positioning you or your spokesperson as an expert within your industry. Contributed articles what you are reading now! Write articles on your area of expertise and pitch them to both print and online publications. Social media channels While there are hundreds of social media channels, the key ones to consider are blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Foursquare.

7 Creative Ways to Use Social Media for PR

Think about how you can place your story in each of the channels — not all will suit every story or audience. Think carefully about your audiences, messages, stories and available time to keep them up to date. Interlinking is the trick The key to combining PR and social media is interlinking all your social media accounts and cross linking to your PR tactics. So if you have footage of your product, put it on YouTube and add the link in your media release. It will enhance your story and bring the product to life for the journalist.

You can also add the coverage check Copyright first to your blog. Every time you send a media release, add it as a blog post and then tweet about it with the link. So link your Twitter to your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. This means every time you tweet, it automatically updates the status in the other channels. When you add a blog post, tweet about it.

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This saves you time, drives traffic to your various channels, but also means your posts can be read by different audiences. Want more PR and social media tips?

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