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Seeking atonement and wanting to bring joy back to the galaxy, Binks agrees to teach Mapo how to be a clown. However, their plan to travel to Jakku is stopped by several Senate Guards , who order the two to return to their quarters. Meanwhile, Leia Organa experiences a dream of dark side forces trying to seize her unborn child. She awakes beside her husband Han who shows her a HoloNet News report. Chancellor Mothma's political opponent Senator Wartol has gone on HoloNet denouncing her for allegedly concealing reports of the Imperial forces massing at Jakku.

He attacks Mothma for being soft and claims to stand for a government belonging to all galactic citizens. Meanwhile, Mothma's advisers Admiral Ackbar and Auxi encourage the Chancellor by reassuring her that she only received this information for less than a standard day and that it would have been unethical to panic the galaxy by disclosing the information immediately.

Mothma sends Auxi to contact a HoloNet News to provide her press statement while Ackbar agrees to dispatch a scouting party to Jakku. Later, Sinjir confronts Leia and Han for breaking their promise to let them borrow the Falcon. Leia and Han respond that neither they nor Mothma sent those guards.

They suspect that Senator Wartol sent those guards because he already had intelligence about the Imperial presence there. Sensing they have stumbled into a political conspiracy, Sinjir decides to visit his slicer boyfriend Conder Kyl. Meanwhile, Mon Mothma issues a press statement to the HoloNet News journalist Tracene Kane and the Sullustan cam operator Birt clarifying that she only learned about the Imperial presence on Jakku yesterday and that the New Republic military has dispatched the scout ship Oculus under the command of Ensign Ardin Deltura to investigate the Imperial presence there.

At Conder's apartment, Sinjir solicits Conder's help in ferreting out a spy bug in Leia's domicile. Conder agrees to help Leia provided Sinjir tell him why he left their relationship. Meanwhile, a desperate Temmin seeks the help of Captain Wedge Antilles in finding a ship to travel to Jakku. Wedge is unable to help since Phantom Squadron has been shut down for intervening in Kashyyyk outside the New Republic chain of command. Wedge instead counsels Temmin to wait for the entire New Republic fleet to attack Jakku.

Back at Leia and Han's apartment, Conder uses a small hand-held probe droid to scan the living quarters for spy bugs. While the building is clean, Conder finds a listening device implanted inside the couple's nanny protocol droid T-2LC "Elsie". After giving a speech to the Senate urging them to vote to send military forces to Jakku, an exhausted Mon Mothma rests in her office in anticipation for the outcome of the vote.

An apologetic Admiral Ackbar enters the Chancellor's office to inform her that the vote did not pass; meaning that the New Republic fleet is grounded. On Jakku, Norra finds herself a captive of the Empire. After being awaken by a bucket full of waste water, she and other prisoners including a skull-eyed alien and a man named Gomm are forced to work at a kesium gas rig. At the end of an exhausting work day, Norra experiences mirages of Sinjir and Temmin, caused by the heat.

Norra also encounters Mister Bones, whom she initially mistakes for a mirage. When Norra tries to claim ownership of Bones, the Imperial guards blast him to shreds. Meanwhile, a smug Mercurial Swift gloats over the battered, captive Jas Emari, who is now a prisoner of Niima the Hutt. After leaving Taris, Swift has become a guest of Niima. However, Emari breaks free of her restraints by breaking off her three cranial horns and using them as improvised weapons against Niima's slaves. Jas then uses her horns as improvised keys to unlock the doors in Niima's temple.

After fighting through ore slaves and guards, Emari finds her way to a hangar bay where she encounters two old bounty hunting acquaintances Embo and Dengar , who have come to collect the bounty on her head. Jas manages to convince Embo not to turn her in by appealing to his loyalty to her late aunt Sugi.

Before Dengar can stop her, Jas escapes with the freighter and goes to find Norra. The Red Key raiders' leader Lorgan Movellan wants to exploit Tatooine as a source of dilarium oil , silicax oxalate , and slaves. With the tables turned, Cobb confronts the defeated Lorgan and tells him that he and Malakili have struck a deal with the Tuskens to keep slavers out.

As a parting "gift", Cobb carves a message into Lorgan's face with his blade. After dreaming of a skittermouse , the broken Mister Bones begins to reboot and his body parts automatically repair and reassemble themselves. After reassembling himself, Mister Bones attacks Norra's Imperial captors and kills them. As revenge for his disintegration, Bones personally tears the Imperial officer Effney apart from limb to limb.

Dawn in Eclipse Bay

Bones then frees Norra from her cage. The following morning, at the planet's main Imperial base, Counselor to the Empire Gallius Rax meets with his former master Anchorite Kolob tells him that he has been stealing children on Jakku. Kolob believes in the light side of the Force and is defiant towards Rax. In the presence of the dark side-adherent Yupe Tashu , Rax executes Kolob by stabbing him to death. Rax then confers with one of the late Emperor's Sentinel droids , which are programmed to display the Emperor's visage. The Sentinel droid informs him that the perimeter has been breached.

Meanwhile, Sloane and Brentin travel with Niima's procession to the Observatory. When Sloane complains about the slow progress of their journey and toys with idea of assassinating Niima, Brentin points out they have no weapons. Sloane suggests stealing two wheel-bikes but Brentin insists on sticking with their original plan to accompany Niima's procession. The Imperial and rebel also discuss their motives for wanting to take out Rax. Seeking to retake control of their situation, Sloane hijacks a wheel-bike and is attacked by Niima's slaves.

Brentin comes to her aid and the two find themselves fighting Niima, who puts up a surprisingly fierce fight. The fighting is interrupted when Rax's Imperial forces begin bombarding Niima's convoy with turbolasers. Far away on Christophsis , five pilgrims including an MA-B0 cargo lifter droid called Mabo , Addar the human , Jumon the Iakaru , Madrammagath the Elomin , and Uggorda the Duros return kyber crystals that had been stolen from the planet by the Empire. The pilgrims are members of the Church of the Force and have been sent on this mission by pastor and philanthropist Brin Izisca.

During their pilgrimage, they are hunted by a Force-sensitive creatures known as the Kyaddak , which kills Madrammagath, Uggorda and Jumon. After thirteen arduous days, the surviving pilgrims finally reach a broken crystal wall where they return the excavated crystals to their home site. Back at the Jakku kesium gas ring, Norra and Mister Bones free the prisoners including Gomm and the skull-eyed alien.

She and Bones find a speeder bike and travel through the deserts of Jakku for several hours. Norra eventually sights a shuttle in the distance and reunites with her friend Jas Emari. After reuniting, Jas tells Norra that she had spotted a disguised Sloane in the company of Niima's followers. The two then discuss their next plans.

Ruling out the easy option of returning home, the two women decide to continue the hunt for Sloane. Bones agrees to join them after giving Jas and Norra a hug. Barell had been discharged from the Special Forces for taking part in an unsanctioned mission to Kashyyyk and has lost his sense of purpose.

Sinjir has found a job with the Galactic Senate's security pool and needs Jom's help for a sensitive mission on Nakadia. Meanwhile, Chancellor Mothma travels with her political opponent Senator Tolwar Wartol on his Ganoidian tri-deck cruiser to the Republic's new capital on Nakadia. After some resistance, Wartol defiantly admits to manipulating these five senators and to planting a listening device on Organa and Solo's protocol droid. Knowing that a re-vote has been scheduled to take place on Nakadia, Wartol is confident that Mothma's vote to secure military intervention on Jakku will fail again.

However, Mothma pulls a card up her sleeve by revealing that she has smuggled some pta fruit aboard Wartol's yacht. Due to Nakadia's strict biosecurity laws, their ship is not allowed to land, thus delaying the vote. After Conder sliced into the electronic ledgers of these senators, he found unusual credit deposits in the accounts of Ashmin Ek and Dor Wieedo. Despite the economic downturn, these senators seem to be profiteering. The five spies agree to fan out across Nakadia's capital Quarrow and spy on these senators to discover illegal activities and connections.

Sinjir, Conder, Temmin, and Jom follow four of the Senators into a popular restaurant called Izzik's and watch their movements. After hours of watching their quarries, they receive word from Han Solo that two Nikto and a Klatooinian were seen heading toward Wieedo's ship. Outside, Sinjir spots Ek and Nim Tar talking down a backstreet alley. He walks to confront them but is knocked out by an unidentified person.

After a failed escape attempt, a despondent Amedda waits in his chambers. He is soon accosted by the Anklebiter Brigade , a group of street children who are part of the resistance movement against the Empire. The Anklebiters have come to assassinate the Grand Vizier.

However, Amedda convinces the children to help him escape to the New Republic in order to bring an end to the Galactic Civil War. At the Observatory, Counselor Rax monitors the movements of Niima and Sloane using his security screens. Niima and her surviving slaves are hiding in the shadow of the western plateau while Sloane and Brentin are hiding behind the eastern pillar. All his opponents are trapped and pinned down by turbolasers. Rax then summons the former Commandant Brendol Hux and inquires about the progress in the training of the children he had kidnapped on Jakku.

When Hux tells Rax they need more time, Rax warns him that the price of failure would be spending the rest of his days wandering the barren desert world. Meanwhile, Norra and Jas fly their shuttle over the charred remains of Niima's caravan. The two women decide to kidnap the fugitive Grand Admiral Sloane and investigate the Imperial presence on Jakku.

At the eastern pillar, Sloane and Brentin resolve to reach the Observatory and discover what Rax is up to. While Jas flies the shuttle over the eastern pillar, Norra spots her husband and Sloane together. Before they can intervene, Imperial forces led by Rax arrive in shuttles and take Sloane and Brentin prisoner. Rax also orders his stormtroopers to kill Niima and her entourage. We want answers, but the characters want something else.

The most we get is a semi-big revelation at the end of the film that should be shocking but actually undercuts everything that came before. Instead, the film leaves you scratching your head, maybe satisfied on an action movie level, but not as a fan. It looks great. The stunts are incredible. And again, the emotions drawn out of the actors eclipse the previous two films. But, as a fan of the franchise , I was disappointed. I am sure, however, the franchise deserved better—as did its fans. The A. Germain Lussier.

The only thing he does is very lightly blackmail them with the knowledge that he knows about the time 2 gay guys beat them up and can spread it around. And then this high standing lady in town spreads rumors that Octavia stole the painting and Nick makes 1 good comment and then after it he completely loses it. It was so lame. But instead he just spends the time dodging blows and the two hits he got in had no effect.

And the other punch was at some other guy and he punched him in the chest. You punch them in the face. Her elegantly curved breasts.. But I hated that he had a kid with someone else, and that he said she was a good mother and that that counted for a lot. You must have misunderstood. She tightened her grip on the card handle. Octavia did not shift her shopping cart out of their path. Rhymes with rich. Having concluded that she could not go forward, she swung her shopping cart into a tight U-turn. The baskets jammed together. The wheels snagged, making it impossible for either woman to maneuver out of the aisle.

Octavia surveyed her captive audience. Since the two of you are obviously going to spend the rest of the day spreading gossip, what do you say we take a few minutes to get one particular fact straight? Octavia ignored that. That is a flat-out lie. Neither said a word. Octavia smiled. Octavia leaned forward, bracing her arms on the handle of her cart, and assumed a confidential air.

Are you ready for this? Their gazes were riveted on a point just beyond her shoulder. Another little scene, the details of which would be all over town by sundown. The really interesting thing was that she did not give a damn. Not right now at any rate. Right now she was on a roll. This man is hot for another cup, if you get my drift. He sounded amused, but there was the barest hint of a warning in his voice. Reality came back with a jarring thud. She wondered just how big a fool she had made of herself. He was right. This was a very, very good time to check out.

That stuff about the second cup of coffee? It would be better if the writing was consistently funny instead of just in a few places. The whole thing with Gail hinting about what really started the fight in the bar was completely annoying the way she drew it out. It lasted 8 and a half pages. Having it last that long ruined the whole moment where she found out he fought for her. Another thing the author drug out was the Harte-Madison feud. She made many references to it, and on page she makes yet another hint about it. If something is that important you give us all the details in the beginning.

He gracefully rounded arms wrapped around her knees. The ending was good, I just wish we would have left off with Octavia and Nick and not Mitchell and Sullivan. It makes for very frustrating reading. Her writing is generally enjoyable. There were quite a number of humorous lines, situations and descriptions that were funny, as there usually are in her books. View all 3 comments. Dec 21, Bark rated it it was ok Shelves: romance , audiobook. I listened to this as an unabridged audiobook and if it weren't for the fact that I was trapped in a car with no other form of entertainment to be found I more than likely would've given up on this one mid-way through.

The characters were too blah to hold my attention and their attraction to each other just didn't come alive for me. It turns out this story is the third in a series but it easily stands alone since its plot isn't exactly complicated. Octavia Brightwell is relatively new to Eclipse I listened to this as an unabridged audiobook and if it weren't for the fact that I was trapped in a car with no other form of entertainment to be found I more than likely would've given up on this one mid-way through. Octavia Brightwell is relatively new to Eclipse Bay and runs a successful art gallery.

Once Octavia realizes the feud has been mended without her help she decides it's time to leave. She's also desperate to get away from gorgeous, heart-breaker Nick Harte who continually pesters her for a date. When she finally makes up her mind to high-tail it out of town she agrees to the date with Nick don't ask.

They soon become romantically entangled and banter back and forth denying their true feelings.


Before long the two find themselves partners in the search for a valuable missing painting and, well, I bet you can figure out the rest. These two are very much stock characters. We have Nick who lost the love of his life years earlier and has never allowed himself to fall in love again and has a reputation for loving 'em and leaving 'em before the night is over and then we have the "free spirit" Octavia who sort of floats through life and avoids romantic entanglements. Stock characters are all fine and good when they're written with depth and emotion but these two were just flat out bland and their relationship lacked any sort of spark.

Nick also has an annoying habit of referring to Octavia as a "fairy queen" that made me cringe every time he uttered the words. There are also pop-up appearances by characters who I only guess starred in previous books. They add a little to the story but their visits did not convince me that I need to search for the previous books in this series.

The few bits of fun banter and Nick's enjoyable little boy Carson are about all that I'll be remembering about "Summer In Eclipse Bay" once I finish writing this review. View 1 comment. Jun 26, Sandy rated it did not like it. This is like a movie; everything ends up happily ever after. It was too perfect. The story was bland.

It's not a page-turner and I was very disappointed with the ending. Not recommended. Jul 12, Anita rated it really liked it Shelves: authors-read-krentz-jayne-ann , reading-challenge , my-wishlist. Actual Rating: 3. Feb 17, Farah rated it liked it Shelves: books. Nick's way of putting people in their places and standing up for Octavia was swoon worthy.. I liked Jeremy and enjoyed the little bits and pieces of him with Gail and I liked how he and Nick repair Nick's way of putting people in their places and standing up for Octavia was swoon worthy..

I liked Jeremy and enjoyed the little bits and pieces of him with Gail and I liked how he and Nick repaired their friendship , what I didn't like about this book was Carson.. I love seeing heroes with their kids there's just something really sweet and tender about it but I never got that in this book.. Carson didn't seem to serve any purpose in the plot nor affect the characters in any way.. The mystery part was ok but it had a boring conclusion , overall I only enjoyed the romance but the rest was flawed.

This is the third book in the Eclipse Bay trilogy and I liked it the best. This book revolves around Nick Harte and Octavia Brightwell.

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Nick is Hannah and Lillian's brother. His wife Amelia had died in a plane crash nearly four years ago leaving Nick and his now five year old son, Carson. Nick has developed a reputation for not letting any woman get close to him in a relationship and has acquired the nickname 'Hardhearted Harte'. Octavia Brightwell is a successful art gallery owner and the niece of This is the third book in the Eclipse Bay trilogy and I liked it the best. Octavia Brightwell is a successful art gallery owner and the niece of the woman who was the cause of the infamous Harte-Madison feud all those years ago - Claudia Banner.

Nick and Claudia are attracted to each other but Claudia tries not to give into her feelings, because of Nick's reputation and because the Hartes and Madison don't know that she is Claudia's niece and she expects they won't be too pleased when they find out. However the attraction between Nick and Octavia proves too hard to ignore and when Octavia becomes the target of rumours accusing her of stealing a painting from Arizona Snow, Nick is determined to find the real thief and clear Octavia's name. There was great chemistry between Nick and Octavia with good dialogue and great supporting characters.

Nick's son Carson added another dimension to the story and the mystery of the art theft was nicely done. It was also good to revisit Rafe and Hannah in this book. This series started out quite averagely but it turned out to be pretty good in the end with each book getting better. Jan 15, Angela James rated it it was ok Shelves: , contemporary-romance , reread , comfort-reads. One of my least favorite books by her, I've remembered. I probably will not reread again. Mar 05, Joyce rated it it was ok Shelves: contemporary-romance.

Summer in Eclipse Bay is the third book in the trilogy about the small town of Eclipse Bay and its most prominent feuding families the Hartes and the Madisons. This book features author and widower Nick Harte and new-in-town gallery owner Octavia Brightwell. Since his wife died several years ago, Nick has avoided serious relationships. Now he has set his sights on Octavia, but Octavia has a secret reason for coming to Eclipse Bay, and she is avoiding Nick's overtures.

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But when a valuable paintin Summer in Eclipse Bay is the third book in the trilogy about the small town of Eclipse Bay and its most prominent feuding families the Hartes and the Madisons. But when a valuable painting is stolen, Nick and Octavia work together to find it. This book was published in , but it reads as an even more old-fashioned story. I kept thinking of Peyton Place. The book is narrated from Nick's point of view, and his descriptions of Octavia were cringeworthy. He repeatedly describes her as a "Fairy Queen" and talks about her flowing skirts and the types of sandals she is wearing, and wonders how she can run in them.

I have never met a man who could tell or notice what kind of shoes I am wearing. It just didn't sound believable. I also never warmed up to Octavia. I never understood why Mitchell Madison felt so compelled to look out for Octavia.

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I thought there would be some sort of revelation there, but it never happened. The plot of this book was rather thin and just fell a little flat. I would not recommend this book. While this book could be read as a stand alone, it is very helpful to have read the previous installments in the series to be able to keep the characters straight and understand the background of the Madison-Harte feud.

Jun 14, Shirlene added it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Octavia Brightwell debated whether or not to tell Mitchell Madison that her great-aunt was Claudia Banner, the cause of the feud between the Harte's and the Madison's.

They had become friends and she decided it was only right. She went to see him and told him and found out that both her and Sullivan Harte had already figured it out. She told Mitchell that Claudia had been dead for a year and a half. She then told him that she was going to sell her both her galleries, one in Portland and the othe Octavia Brightwell debated whether or not to tell Mitchell Madison that her great-aunt was Claudia Banner, the cause of the feud between the Harte's and the Madison's. She then told him that she was going to sell her both her galleries, one in Portland and the other in Eclipse Bay.

She was leaving at the end of the summer. He asked her if she was leaving because of Nick Harte's interest in her. She said it wasn't but Mitchell knew that she was avoiding Nick due to guilt over what her great-aunt had done. Nick's wife had been dead for four years and he had a six year old son named Carson. Carson wanted to enter the local children's art contest and he knew that Nick had been asking Octavia out. Octavia had turned him down six times so far.

Since Octavia was heading the art show, Carson asked if Nick would take him to town and let Octavia decide which picture he should put in the show, she did own an art studio after all. Carson told Nick that he would also tell Octavia it was okay to go on a date with Nick so Nick took him to see Octavia. Octavia surprisingly agreed to let Nick take her to Tom Thurgarten's place and then out to dinner. Tom had died and left his belongings to Virgil Nash, who ran an adult book store just outside the city limits, Arizona Snow, owner of Incandescent Body bakery, and the new age people who worked there.