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It was a high mark in Wray's favor, that he could so easily overlook Lydia's ignoble ancestry Since Lydia's come-out at the age of eighteen two years earlier, she had been ardently pursued by a legion of fortune hunters. However, as a peerwho had come into his own sizeable inheritance, Wray had no need of Lydia's money - another mark on his side.

Everyone approved of the match, even Lydia's overprotective father. The only mild objection had come from her mother, Sara, who had seemed vaguely perturbed by her determination to marry Wray. Sara had stared thoughtfully at the rich planting of golden kingcups and yellow irises that lined the neat, brick-paved walkway. It had been a warm spring day, the pale blue sky embossed with fleecy clouds.

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Although Sara was an intelligent woman in her own right, she had freely admitted that her daughter's advanced mathematical reasoning was far beyond her own understanding. You are such a serious girl, my dearest Lydia. Sara had smiled. Eagerly awaited, and not disappointed. The series builds from strength to strength. Don't get me wrong - we're not talking about a literary epic here, but a VERY enjoyable and entertaining series of books none the less. Jun 06, Cameron rated it it was amazing. Space Fun! Space Knight is a fun Series that gets better with each book!

This book spends focus on the knight exam, meaning But maybe not.

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Who knows? Read and find out. Jun 27, Jordan Pedigo rated it it was amazing. Best of the series, and quickly becoming the best by this author The story continues, and Nick is undergoing his knighthood examination. There are new enemies, and we get a pretty good guess as to what Nick's specialization will be. Jun 17, Scott Gardner rated it it was amazing.

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A page turner. I read the first 4 books on my week of vacation. Action and adventure with a little romance. Well done. To all sci-fi fantasy types. Buy it and hold on it is a ride you won't forget. The characters are great and I can see this going on for several more books. Jul 12, David Beck rated it really liked it. Nicholas and the kick ass crew of the Stalwart are back at RTF central while the squires take their knighthood examination.

Of course there are all kins of plots and machinations by various factions that cause the Stalwart crew and Nicholas to have to kick butt and take names. Jun 30, Travon Pratcher rated it it was amazing.

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Fun adventure I love the world's that Michael-Scott Earle creates space knights is quickly becoming one of my favorite series and I can't wait to see how the story unfolds in the future. Jun 09, Jan Russ rated it it was amazing. This series keeps getting better I find it takes me a few days to start each book in this series, but once it gets going I can't put it down.

The gamelit aspects are interesting and I find myself growing more interested in the storyline and setting with each volume. Jun 10, barry adams rated it it was amazing. Machine man I have no idea how Michael writes at the pace he does, especially with all the varying characters and worlds that he must seperate within the chaotic maelstrom that is his mind.

He has once again enthralled me in yet another of his worlds. Action Galore!!! I am really really loving this series, and I am always looking forward to more. Really love the action, and all the diverse characters. It is a smooth read, a page turner, and you will not want to put it down I definitely recommend Space Knights Jun 19, Tom Riggio rated it it was amazing. Another exciting and fun read and again a page burner that will keep you reading until your eye balls can't focus any more.

Jun 12, Vincent rated it it was amazing. Incredible book in the Space Knight series, awesome characters, incredible action scenes, great plot, those who like MSE books will love this one!

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Aug 27, Phan Nguyen rated it liked it. Good and enjoyable read but the main character and his harem are overly distracting from what is a decent plot line and a colorful cast of side characters. Jun 20, Matthew rated it it was amazing. Excellent Fast moving, coming of age, and in the Nick of time as well. Well written. Easy flow and able to be consumed in a matter of hours. You won't put it down. Awesome Simly great. The only bar thing is, that Amazon banned the author and therefore I can't read how the plot continues. Jun 15, Riley Nelson rated it it was amazing.

Very good Like these books a lot, wish he'd turn down the harem garbage though. Pretty good plot and lots of action. Jul 19, Damian Ryan rated it it was amazing. Best of the series You will not be disappointed with this book. Loved reading all about the battles and learning more about the queen. Jun 08, Skyler Schnell rated it it was amazing. Again Im not taking the time to write all this. I especially liked how the relationships between the characters didn't magically resolve into perfect friendships.

The kids all have to work through their own prejudices, assumptions, and personal barriers to be succ This follow-up to The Mighty Odds is a fantastic continuation of both the mystery adventure and the characters relationships with each other.

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The kids all have to work through their own prejudices, assumptions, and personal barriers to be successful. And just like their superpowers, nothing is easy or perfect. Much like in real life. I think kids will appreciate that aspect of the book a lot. Apr 16, Alex rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I think it was a good book and good idea, except they do not describe what the characters look like.

Also, on the cover it shows 4 people, when really there are 6 main characters. The end of the book makes you guess. It does not tell you the conclusion. You have to figure it out. Also, they never save Ed and Mr.

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They never even find Ed. The book does not really feel complete, but it makes you want to read the rest of the series. I'm not sure that I got the whole story here. But I read what it got and am basing my review off of that. Overall, a good story and an interesting premise. I'm glad that read it but I didn't like that it was the second story in a series and seemed to end on a Cliffhanger would most likely recommend, but Net Galley either didn't give me a full story or I didn't like how it ended on such a huge cliffhanger.

Oct 03, John rated it it was amazing. This is a great book about a bunch of middle school students who get in a bus accident and get silly superpowers. They have to put aside their differences to fight the compant Auxano, who is secretly experimenting on their citizens. This book is a quick read and is pretty funny. Set time aside for this book because once you start it, you cannot put it down.

The scenes were easy to visualize, and the story is irresistible. This book, although full of adventure, is relaxing to read. Based on a five-star rating, I give it five stars!

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Yes 2 Did it keep me intrigued? Yes 3 Story line adventurous, mysterious, and believable? Yes 5 Did my idea of the book Set time aside for this book because once you start it, you cannot put it down. Yes 5 Did my idea of the book based on the cover remain the same after I read the book? No, the cover art is good, but the story went deeper than the art led me to believe.

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