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It must have been terrible, unforgettable. He was standing rigid now; this much was obvious even in the darkness. Philip Sidney. Daniel could understand perfectly. In fact, he felt the same Emotion himself. It was an appalling thing to do, outrageous. He was embarrassed for his country, humiliated that such a thing should be told to him by his own brother-in-law, and he had no defense for it whatsoever.

Maybe if he could be charged with anything, and come to trial, all sorts of questions could be raised. Why did such a man have this post in Washington? Why, if he is innocent of the assault of Rebecca Thorwood, did he leave without any preparation, such as ending the rent of his apartment? He took only his clothes, eluding the police to leave the embassy at night and collect his things from his apartment.

Then he went to New York, and straight on to the next ship leaving for Southampton. Daniel thought about it. He would have felt it, too, if an American had committed such a disgusting act in London and then fled home, pleading diplomatic immunity. If he had done something there. This was far outside his experience, and yet he felt the same anger, pity, and outrage at the injustice that Patrick did. Patrick turned toward the light from the drawing-room windows, and Daniel could see his face was lit with a wide, warm smile.

He did not need to say anything. Used with the permission of the publisher, Ballantine Books. Advertisers: Contact Us. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Triple Jeopardy by Anne Perry. Young lawyer Daniel Pitt must defend a British diplomat who's accused of a theft that may hide a deadly crime in this compelling novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Twenty-one Days.

Daniel Pitt, along with his parents, Charlotte and Thomas, is delighted that his sister Jemima has returned to London from the States for a visit. But it's not on the h Young lawyer Daniel Pitt must defend a British diplomat who's accused of a theft that may hide a deadly crime in this compelling novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Twenty-one Days.

But it's not on the happiest of terms, since a violent theft just before her departure has left Jemima's good friend frightened and missing a treasured family heirloom. The thief appears to be a man named Sydney--a British diplomat stationed in America who, in a cowardly move, has fled to London, claiming diplomatic immunity. But when Daniel is forced to defend Sydney in court, he grows suspicious that he's not getting the whole story; so the lawyer puts on his detective hat to search out what information may be missing. With the help of plucky scientist Miriam Blackwood, Daniel parses through the evidence, and what begins as a stolen necklace turns out to have implications in crimes far greater--including a possible murder.

Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. Published April 9th by Ballantine Books first published September 20th More Details Daniel Pitt 2. Other Editions 7. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Triple Jeopardy , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. The story takes place in Great Britain and has quite a few twists and turns.

The ending was a surprise for me. I think almost any mystery love will love this novel. I would love to read the first book in this series! Apr 04, Sophia rated it really liked it Shelves: new-release-challenge , historical-mystery-suspense , reading-assignment-challenge , net-galley-reads. A simple, uncomplicated case of murder and courtroom drama this is not. But, then it never is with a writer who not only brings the past of, first Victorian, and now Edwardian London to life, but also brings the reader right inside the minds of the characters who people her stories.

Daniel is their son.

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He is a lawy A simple, uncomplicated case of murder and courtroom drama this is not. He is a lawyer unlike his dad who was a police detective and left the London force to rise through the rank in Special Branch to become its head. Because of the close tie of family and an assumed familiarity with all that came before, new readers should start with Thomas and Charlotte's stories before jumping into Daniel's. And, because they enter into this story, the novella, A New York Christmas, should be read first so the reader has the earlier part of Jemima and Patrick's story.

Triple Jeopardy left me in knots so many times. I was so vested in the characters that I felt what they felt and, particularly, feared what they did. By the time I was done with this investigation and courtroom drama, I was still left with a great deal to unpack. The author tells a cunning murder mystery in a well drawn setting with complex characters and motives, but she's not afraid to ponder social mores and ideologies, too.

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Justice vs. Revenge, Truth vs. Expediency, A Woman's Reputation exposed to puerile gossip vs. So, the skinny on Triple Jeopardy is that young, junior lawyer, Daniel Pitt, gets sideswiped when during her first visit home from America, his sister, Jemima and her husband, Patrick, approach him with a nearly impossible request.

A dear friend was assaulted in her own home back in DC and the man who did it is now back in London after claiming diplomatic immunity. They want to get him on a different charge because surely a man that would attack a woman has done other crimes and, if possible, get the other brought into it.

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Daniel isn't emotionally involved like his sister and brother in law who he doesn't want to disappoint, but he is uneasy. They are trusting the word of others and he is trusting their word. The actual facts are few, but hearsay is rife. And, things that stack up against Phillip Sydney very neatly. And, yet, a young woman is not faking the assault which really happened and her father swears he saw the man's face clearly before he got away.

Daniel wants to help his sister and her husband get justice for their friend, but he believes that there is something else behind it all. Daniel is up against powerful people and maybe his own family, but it sure was great seeing him work through all that with the help of Kitteridge, his wry senior partner, the colorful and not always lawful Rowan Blackwood, and the redoubtable criminal pathologist Miriam fford Croft. Though I felt Jemima and Patrick put Daniel on the spot, I did love that I got to follow up with them after all this time. I always wondered how Jemima and her Irish-American copper were faring.

Miriam and Daniel's interactions are my favorite as there is the low level buzz of attraction with the slight taboo that he is over ten years maybe even fifteen her junior. This was one where I knew exactly who the bad guys were as soon as most of the players were introduced and I even got the general idea of why things were set up the way they were. But, that said, there were a lot of coloring in that I needed to get a better picture so it made more sense for the why behind this villain.

In the end, I still had some questions that I didn't think got fully answered like the German angle and how the villain was connected there. Maybe I missed it and will need to go back and look closely. But, beyond that I wanted to know the ramifications for what came now that the truth was out.

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It ended abruptly with not much of a denouement. All in all, it was a gently-paced character driven plot with spikes of intrigue and excitement. It was a nice blend of historical setting and courtroom drama. I can't wait for more of Daniel and the others solving mysteries and bringing the answers to the courtroom.

This is definitely a series for the historical mystery fan. I rec'd this book through Net Galley to be read in exchange for an honest review. Apr 09, Helen Howerton rated it really liked it. The man has grabbed a necklace, claimed diplomatic immunity, and fled home to England. Daniel commits himself immediately, which he will probably live to regret, no doubt. Will the young woman be willing to go public, to face the possible humiliation, if it should get to that point?

What must happen, then, is justice obtained obliquely. Luckily, Sidney has been arrested for embezzlement, and the evidence seems overwhelming. Daniel, through his law firm, fford Croft and Gibson, will serve as counsel for the defense. But perhaps, he will not try too hard? Will his moral compass be jeopardized? Readers will see. At first, Daniel and we readers are outraged. A bounder, Sidney has to be. And embezzling from the embassy, to add to it. And yet And slowly, slowly, with the help of Miriam fford Croft, friend and frustrated scientist, Daniel begins to believe his client.

There are answers to be found in the death of family far away — the catalyst for everything. Because of a house. Anne Perry is a master plotter -- Triple Jeopardy is a tour de force in that regard. The book finishes up in an exciting fashion, and we are reminded that Daniel is rather a praiseworthy lawyer. For all that is good about this book, however, the ending is much, much too abrupt.

The story line presages things to come, in British history. Thanks to the publisher and to Net Galley for a copy of this book, in exchange for this review. It's not his parents who have him on tenterhooks but rather the return to England of his older sister who had married an American and now makes her home in Washington, D.

Daniel and his sister, Jemima, were once very close in his youth and now, after all this time, he's not sure what to expect. It's been four years since last they saw each other. And on top of that, she has brought her husband The year is and young barrister Daniel Pitt is anxious as he steps into Sir Thomas Pitt's home. And on top of that, she has brought her husband Patrick and two daughters Sophie and Cassie with her - all people unknown to Daniel. After the ice is broken they all settle into congenial conversation.

As it turns out, Jemima's and Patrick's visit is not solely a social one. Patrick takes Daniel aside and shares with him a story of great injustice and implores Daniel to help balance the scales. A month or so ago, Jemima's dear and rather well off friend, Rebecca Thorwood, had been assaulted in the middle of the night while in bed and a beloved pendant, and gift from her godmother, was ripped from her neck causing cuts to her throat.

Rebecca's father swears that he recognized the assailant as British diplomat Philip Sidney, who presumably fled to the embassy and claimed diplomatic immunity. Sidney soon is dispatched back to London by a superior for Sidney's own safety. Then it comes to light that Sidney was skimming a bit off the books at the embassy and now finds himself arrested and subjected to the British court system. Patrick implores Daniel to find a way to shed light on the additional wrongs suffered at the hands of Mr. Sidney as a way of getting justice for Rebecca. Sure enough, Daniel ends up defending the scoundrel.

As more and more evidence comes to light, nothing is as it originally seemed. So who really is telling tales and who's telling the truth. With the assistance of Miss Miriam fford Croft, Daniel's boss' daughter and a highly learned and skilled physician, Daniel seeks the evidence needed to bring the truth to light. Although this is the second installment in the Daniel Pitt mystery series, the book stands well enough on its own. The characters are well developed and the reader quickly gets a strong sense of each character's nature, knowledge and passion.

The story is a bit non-orthodox police procedural and courtroom drama with sweet family relations thrown in for the personal touch. There's definitely a bit of chemistry between Daniel and Miss Miriam fford Croft. Daniel admires her tremendously and may be a bit intimidated by her. But one thing he knows for certain about her, she is confident, capable and exceedingly bright.

She's definitely someone you want in your court. I have enjoyed both books in this series spun off from the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt mystery series and no doubt, I will continue with it. If historical fiction with a touch of mystery and courtroom drama appeals then this could well be a book for you too. I am grateful to Ballantine Books for providing a free uncorrected proof of this book through Netgalley.

Their generosity, however, has not influenced this review - the words of which are mine alone. View 2 comments. Apr 27, Kelsie rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley-read. I have not read the first book in this series but was able to easily follow the story, though a little more backstory would have enhanced the storyline.

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Daniel Pitt, a newly practicing lawyer, finds himself drawn into a complicated situation when his sister, Jemima Flannery, and her family visit London from their home in Washington. Jemima and her husband, Patrick, ask Daniel for help bringing a British diplomat to justice. Daniel investigates the alleged crime that occurred in America, because the diplomat fled to London under diplomatic immunity.

The mystery only deepens when a suspected conspirator is found dead in America. Triple Jeopardy starts a little slow but picks up about a quarter of the way through and flows beautifully from there. Perry was able to seamlessly blend multiple moral elements. There is an emphasis on family unity and loyalty to family and friends. Honoring oneself, having a personal code of ethics and national pride are also featured prominently. The scenery is well depicted with very descriptive details, especially of the ocean separating Daniel and his parents from his sister and her family.

The relationship between Daniel and Miriam adds a sense of budding romance. Fans of the mystery genre will thoroughly enjoy this story. Overall I really enjoyed this novel and rate it 4 out of 5 stars. Apr 30, Kathy rated it it was ok. I thought I had the first Daniel Pitt on hold at my library, but it turned out to be the second. Just as well, not a problem. This book was enough introduction for me. I did enjoy Perry's books for many years and wouldn't miss one as they came rolling out.

I find my reading tastes have changed and won't pursue other tales of Daniel practicing law. Perry did weave a good plot with courtroom surprises and highly dramatic ending. View 1 comment. I found the mystery in this second installment of the Daniel Pitt series to be interesting and puzzling. I had an idea of what the solution might involve, but I was wrong. It did wrap up with a bang and minimal explanation, which made me felt that all that had gone before could have been abbreviated to match the compactness of the finale. Overall, I like the main character.

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  6. He is pleasant and not overconfident as he learns the ropes of his legal profession. I also enjoyed the reappearance of Miri I found the mystery in this second installment of the Daniel Pitt series to be interesting and puzzling. I also enjoyed the reappearance of Miriam fford Croft, year-old doctor and pathologist who is not allowed to practice because she is a woman.

    Her explanation of forged vs. She is a well-written blend of mostly capable and slightly vulnerable, and it raises intriguing questions for the reader about where her relationship with the much younger Daniel Pitt is heading. The thing that prevents me from rating it higher is the unnaturalness of the characters' speech and interaction. They are all extremely eloquent and long-windedly introspective, and they seem to read each other's minds with exceptional accuracy. Indeed, one wonders why speech is necessary at all for them, because it would seem they could carry on entire dialogues by merely interpreting each other's posture and raised eyebrows.

    Apr 08, eyes. Stunning revelation! A slow beginning opening with a Pitt family reunion. Daniel's sister Jemima, her husband Patrick and their two lovely children having come from Washington D. A visit that coincides with the charge of embezzlement for a young English diplomat, Philip Sidney, who had fled Washington claiming diplomatic immunity against a more serious charge, the attack and theft from a young woman Miss Rebecca Thorwood whilst she was sleeping.

    Rebecca is a friend of Je Stunning revelation! Rebecca is a friend of Jemima's. Her father is a powerful man and has been a friend to Patrick. Patrick wants to see the opportunistic coward Sidney brought to justice. Coincidentally the Thorwoods have arrived in London to settle an inheritance for Rebecca from her aunt. Rebecca's parents desire for punishment of Sidney seems to override the harm the publicity might do to their shy, retiring daughter. Patrick requests that Daniel take on the case of defending Sidney and in doing so reveal his attack on Rebeccca, "a smaller case to carry a bigger one.

    However as he becomes more familiar with the case he realizes that things just don't fit together. He also questions his own actions if he doesn't give his client a determined defense. The whole setup is puzzling in the extreme. It's only after he approaches his friend and forensic pathologist, Dr. Miriam fforde Croft, for her help that things become even more disjointed. The patterns are just not there. Daniel senses that there is a "dark center of the whole elaborate web of accusations and lies, [an] unseen shape.

    Not to me! The climax is just that! Surprisingly brief and fittingly concluded. I did not see it coming although with hindsight there were clues along the way. I must admit from the measured start I wondered where things were going. By the end I was deeply immersed in not only Daniel's stunning court case resolution, but his relationship with his family and various friends. I was charmed by the whisper of his feelings for Miriam, the slight moments of awareness between the two, quickly dispatched.

    Which is ridiculous as Miriam is much older than Daniel and "she must look at him as if he were a boy". Apr 05, Susan Johnson rated it liked it Shelves: net-galley. I really like this character and find him quite refreshing. He's a new lawyer just getting his bearings and is likable. This one features his sister, Jemima, returning home from America for a visit with her new husband and two young daughters. Her new husband is a policeman who seeks Daniel's help in a case.

    The case is so convoluted and silly that I almost stopped reading it. I am glad I continued because the ending was decent and tied things up nicely. I like the new characters introduced in this series including Miriam Blackwood, the female forensic scientist. There's a lot to like about this new series but the terrible plot almost did it in. It worked itself out before the ending but still a good copy editor could have made it better from the beginning.

    I will continue to read the series but I have my fingers crossed the next one has a better plot and a copy editor. Thanks to Net Galley for a copy of this book in exchange for a fair review. Daniel Pitt is a young lawyer called onto defend a British diplomat who has been accused of murder.

    Meanwhile, Daniel, as well as his parents, Charlotte and Thomas, are quite pleased that his sister Jemima is visiting from the States.

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    She doesn't come home happy, however, because, shortly before her trip, Jemima's good friend was assaulted and is now missing a family heirloom. Daniel must not defend the man accused of taking the heirloom, someone named Phillip Sidney, who made a rapid departure t Daniel Pitt is a young lawyer called onto defend a British diplomat who has been accused of murder.

    Daniel must not defend the man accused of taking the heirloom, someone named Phillip Sidney, who made a rapid departure to London, and who has claimed diplomatic immunity. From the outset, Daniel is torn. Daniel feels that he may not be getting whole truth from Sidney and goes further than his role as attorney. He now becomes a detective of sorts, trying to discover any missing pieces. As facts are revealed, Daniel soon realizes that more than theft has occurred, there may indeed be a murder involved.

    While Daniel pursues facts, he calls on his friend, Miriam Croft, who is a pathologist, to assist him.

    Triple Jeopardy and the Struggle

    Meanwhile, Daniel would rather be enjoying time spent with his family, including his little nieces. But, he is dedicated to his task of either representing Sidney, and, at the very least, uncovering the truth. This is a terrific story, set back in history a bit, and is full of intrigue, as well as a strong connection to family. I enjoyed the slow burn involved when it came to Daniel and Miriam, as they became closer as friends.

    This thrilling read had a powerful conclusion. Triple Jeopardy is the second book in the Daniel Pitt series. I look forward to continuing to read this series by Anne Perry. Apr 18, Lynn Horton rated it liked it. First Sentence: Daniel rang the doorbell, then stepped back. Jemima Pitt has returned to England with her American policeman husband Patrick and their infant child.

    Under protection of diplomatic immunity, he returned to England. Jemima and Patrick want Daniel's help in brin First Sentence: Daniel rang the doorbell, then stepped back. Jemima and Patrick want Daniel's help in bringing Sidney to justice. Brought up on charges of embezzlement, Sidney asks Daniel to represent him. After a murder back in Washington, and the possibility of the case becoming a major international incident, Daniel, along with forensic scientist Mariam fford Croft, travel to the Channel Island to learn the truth.

    One often worries as to what an author will do when the protagonist of a long-running series ages. Perry solved the problem by having the protagonist's children age as well and now, for the second time, we have Daniel Pitt stepping into the foreground. So as not to lose readers, new or old, Perry summarizes the backgrounds of the members of the Pitt family.