A POISONED PRINCESS - A Time For change (Second book in the series 2)

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This series is a must-read for paranormal junkies like me. The narrators are perfect for the parts they play. The first two books are available now. Click on the cover to purchase from Amazon U. Facebook Twitter Website. What a fantastic review!! I, too, absolutely LOVE this series!! I am completely addicted. I thought that I loved Jack, but when Death and Evie came together and started talking, he is just fabulous! He is truly a one of a kind character. I thought that there were only going to be 3 books…so I was excited that we will get the finished one next.

I am very anxious for it and would love to read more than just 3, but am a little saddened that we have to wait so long for each one. They take like a year to publish. Granted, I would rather the book be phenomenal than mediocre, but it keeps me on pins and needles. Thank you for sharing! I loved the review, but I think you could have put more effort into proof-reading it. There were countless spelling mistakes, poor grammar, and nouns in place of pro-nouns or verbs.

Thank you for the review anyway. It was enough to send me onward in search for more reviews. Thanks for reading! Your email address will not be published. Vilma Iris Follow. Read an excerpt from Girls Like Us by cristinaalger! Who is watching BigLittleLies Season 2 on hbo??? You guys we are fucking nominated for teen choice awards!!!! Read an exclusive excerpt from Enchanted by authorlexiblake! I loved this book! I inhaled it one night and stayed up reading until just after 1 am. Do you have a favorite JLArmentrout book or series?!

It's a nearly impossible question for someone who loves so many of her books, but I think my long-time fave has always been the Covenant series Morning, you guys! Read an exclusive excerpt from Mrs. Everything by jenniferweiner! Designed and Built with by Priceless Design Studio. Search for:. Books Style Home Beauty Life. My Thoughts Exciting. Who can Evie trust? Those haunted eyes.

Enter Cajun bad boy, Jackson Deveaux. I will figure you out one day. En garde, cher. Consider yourself warned. Just give me a chance to get to you. Promise me. You doan leave me again. Whatever I had with Aric felt. How artfully she beckons, how perfectly she punishes…. Sign Me Up!

Share This Post. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. On Facebook. SuperWebTricks Loading All for the promises of a harvest of fresh, delicious, sweetcorn that he will never ever enjoy. That is how I felt as I trudged through this Plod, plod, plod, and how many times I'd found myself in the middle of this dreck; dirt behind me, dirt before me, dirt all around me -- but my feet were already wet and icky, and sweetcorn! You promised there'd be sweetcorn! Alas, no sweetcorn for me.

Not even one lousy cob. Maybe there will be in the future, but I'm not sinking my hooves in more shit and risking it a second time. You were promised a post- apocalyptic. You will not get a post-apocalyptic before you trudge through half a field of shit. The first chapter -- prologue? It was a right hooker. Totally sucked me in. Even though I had my consternations -- this vaguely rapey vibe didn't settle down too good in my stomach.

But it promised action! Everything on the blurb! So you read on, all jittery and drooling for sweetcorn First of all, these thirteen chapters was a recount. Our protagonist, Evie, wandered into a house and was asked to recount her journey. And she did exactly that. In excruciatingly painful detail we would be told of her last seven whole frigging days before the cataclysmic event that hit the entire planet.

So that is thirteen chapters reading about her rich-girl life in her rich-girl school, with all the rich-girl brand names being splattered like rainbow gifs constantly in your face. See, this is the first nonsensical part of this novel -- how the bloody hell do you remember seven entire days in such minute detail, especially months after it even happened?! No matter. Let's assume she has super-special memory.

The second issue I have with this is priority in story-telling , people! Why the fuck do I care about your surprise party? Promising your V-card to your boyfriend? Your grades drama? Why the hell would you spend thirteen whole chapters telling us about this honest-to-God perfect jock boyfriend and strangely devoted best friend, when none of that matters?! Read it. Go on, read it, and tell me why the hell knowing Brandon or Mel or even Evie's entire bloody life was important.

They had no relevancy to the story at all! I want to slap a bitch. And I don't care if in the sequels Brandon magically turns out to have survived. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if that indeed happened. Point is, you could've glossed over all of that high school drama bullshit and got on to the meat of the story without wasting all that damn paper! But do you know what did get glossed over? Two hundred and fourteen days of cataclysmic action.

I'm sorry, let me get this straight. You told us, in detail, seven days' worth of your text messages, your pathetic visions in school, your scribbling drawings that I don't give a rat's arse about, your worrying about having sex for the first time, your petty pseudo-racist drama against the new kids in school -- but then after the cataclysmic event, you jumped ahead four months and all of a sudden we have cannibals, pseudo-zombies, militia men, and none of that is explained?

The story-telling was imbalanced and the prioritizing sucked to be awfully straightforward with you. Third issue that frequently made me want to ragequit was the absolute laziness of the worldbuilding. How did these zombies come about?! Apparently, humans suddenly mutated because of The thirst? The sheer stupidity of this book?! Because prophecy! Apparently all plants and water and "everything organic" was obliterated off the face of the earth, but buildings and houses still stood perfectly well.

And of course, some water sources remained in tact. Because special! Apparently everyone who was outdoors died during the big flash and explosion, but everyone in doors were unharmed. Because sunburst can't penetrate walls, y'all!

The Princess and the Pea - Fixed Fairy Tales

I realize that Evie wouldn't have known any of the answers to these logic flaws, but -- the fact that these questions even existed wasn't even touched upon by the characters! No one questions why only plants and animals suddenly turned to dust. Or why buildings stayed in tact. Or why anything! They just took it for granted: Some say the very tilt of the earth's axis wobbled, disturbing the balance of our world, lowering its defenses. Others claim that the depleted ozone layer--already a peeling scab--ripped open, leaving us vulnerable to heat and radiation. Yes, of course, because the tilt of the earth could somehow shift and buildings remain perfectly well.

Best not to obsess over it. You might argue, this was a romance, after all, so I shouldn't expect much in the way of action or whatevs. And I'd say sure, it's a romance. But then puh- lease do not delude the market into thinking this is a post-apocalyptic YA adventure. The truth is the post-apocalyptic elements in Poison Princess could have been taken away and it wouldn't have mattered. I saw P-A here being used as an excuse to have our teens running rampant without parental control, journeying across states or whatever.

I saw it as a pathetic plot progression tool. The world could have still been in tact, no cataclysmic event, and these kids and Evie's whole task view spoiler [of killing every other Major Arcana tarot card or whatever hide spoiler ] could still exist. As it were, there was no real purpose of having a cataclysmic event hit the face of the earth, other than to prove that Evie and her grandmother weren't insane.

But while we're on the subject -- even as a romance , this book failed me. There was nothing to like about Jackson. He's a rude, crass, insensitive asshole, whose only attraction to Evie was literally based on her wriggling arse and pretty face. No joke.

The rest of the characters were so blah it's not even worth mentioning. All the boys only wanted sex, all the girls only too willing to lap up guys' attention. And of course after the apocalypse, virtually all men turned into pseudo-zombies, cannibals, or lawless men who, upon seeing a girl, can only think of sexing her up. Because we're animals like that and we have no self-control, you know. And also because Kresley Cole 's understanding of human psychology isn't really up to scratch. Basically, all the characters were unlikable and unrelatable. Let's start with Evie She was a popular girl, and everyone's lives revolve around her so much that the entire school knows when she's about to lose her virginity.

Every man who sees her leers at her "as if they'd never seen a girl before". She's one of the richest people in town -- the richest being her jock boyfriend, Brandon, who picks her up in a Porsche? No, seriously. Who am I to piss on your dreams? But know this: The school would freaking shut down without you Her best friend was just as unlikable. Out-slut Clotile--or go Springer on her ass. I'm down for the assist in both scenarios. Also: Mel waved away my concerns.

If you fail, I'll flunk with you. But let's get technical now, shall we? Because in this aspect, Poison Princess also sucked bad. The pacing was poor and off-beat. Again, this had a lot to do with priorities. Seriously, there is this one chapter, where basically Evie tells her love-interest, Jackson, also in detail, about her past. About her asylum days, about her grandma, about the voices she hears Another technical thing I really found disrupting was the dialogue.

Because Jackson is Cajun, he slips in french phrases and words in his dialogue. And every time, Evie would translate it to us. Yeah, I know, if she doesn't, most of us probably wouldn't understand it. But hell, none of those phrases were even important. I don't get why it needed to be there in the first place. Actually, it made it sound pretentious if anything. So there was nothing that redeemed this book for me.

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I used to think Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead was the crappiest book I ever wasted money on, but that title is now replaced. I saw this as a vague attempt of another Angelfall type of book, but it fell way short of that. View all comments. Mar 02, Lola rated it did not like it Shelves: post-apocalyptic , what-the-hell-was-that. Unpopular opinion review time! Oh boy. My state of mind shifted quickly enough and darkened considerably. I totally would have. Because this was awful for me. And the love interest, Jackson is a despicable pervert and jackass!

It physically hurts and I wished I could punch that word out of his vocabulary. Just saying. I mean come on , this was supposed to be a post-apocalyptic enticing story! Also very troubled and broken. I found the overall plot weird. Oh well, and I bought the whole series, silly me. View all 24 comments. And I woan be picky, no. This was my first book by author Kresley Cole and honestly she couldn't have done it any better. She had me compelled from the very first page with her amazing talent for storytelling and also for her intense and incredible scenes.

It's safe to say, Poison Princess is a gripping page turner! This story follows the life of teenager Evangeline 'Evie' Greene. She's a popular girl, with a loving boyfriend and awesome friends, but even though her life appears to be normal, it's anything but. Evie experiences hallucinations but mostly they are disturbing and horrifying. Not only that but Evie also gets visions of people that she's never met and they come with warnings.

But soon it's to late for Evie to figure these warnings out because her hometown - including the rest of the world has been hit by an apocalyptic event called 'The Flash' where most people are wiped out. Evie is among the survivors and soon enough she finds out that the one person she hates is alive - Jackson. Evie needs answers about her visions and decides she needs to travel to see her grandmother - who she thinks is still alive.

Jackson agrees to protect Evie on her mission but as her visions get worse, she soon comes across other people who have been having the same call, and she realises she is not the only who is meant to play out their destiny. Let me tell you right now, this book is so unique! Twenty two teens who all have special powers based on their characteristics of their Tarot card, so they can play their part in an ancient prophesy between good vs evil.

Come on, tell me how unique that is? Honestly, I've not read anything like this book before and I'm still in awe with how brilliant it really is. Evie is a strong protagonist - one I instantly loved. She has the weight of the world on her shoulders and still she tries to remain upbeat, happy and generally tries to stay sane. Even after the flash, she tries to remain the same even though as Jackson points out on a number of occasions, she can't hunt, start fires or protect herself - but you know there's something bubbling under the surface of Evie and it's just waiting to be unleashed.

At time's my heart broke for her because whatever is happening to her, she has no control over and at time's it's very scary. I'm glad she had a person like Jackson to lean on because without him, I think she would have struggled. Now Jackson, oh gosh, he's a complete bayou boy through and through and with him being Cajun French he has one hell of a sexy accent.

However, he can be so harsh and mean sometimes and yes, he does do stupid things but really, you can over look everything because he's a total sweetheart at heart. It was pretty clear from the start that he was attracted to Evie - despite how he acts and even in the end, he'll always go to her. Their relationship is pretty intense, I was just waiting for something to happen. Then, that ending comes in and no sooner than you started I could have cried. If this book wasn't unputdownable to start with, wait until you get to the last few chapters because it's even worse. I couldn't stop reading until I knew the outcome and my god, I was not expecting what I got.

It was absolutely breath-taking and heart-breaking all at the same time. I'm left with so many questions because of that ending - it really was a killer, and I'm dying for more of this wonderful story. Overall, Kresley Cole has leaped into the YA market by a storm and it's left me wanting more of her work. I urge you guys to go buy this book because it's not one you want to miss out on. A must read of ! View all 40 comments. Spoilers I couldn't be bothered writing a review, so you'll have to make do with this nonsensical rubbish: Evie : Woe is me.

I have harrowing visions about the apocalypse. Woe is me. I had to spend my summer in a mental hospital. I hope my friends don't know about what a ghastly time I've had lately. I am so rich, popular and beautiful. I am dating the most perfect guy. By jove, who on earth is that new fellow on the motorcycle?

Oh my, just one glance at Spoilers I couldn't be bothered writing a review, so you'll have to make do with this nonsensical rubbish: Evie : Woe is me. Oh my, just one glance at him and I seem to be feeling tingly things in my special place. Jack : I like your ass.. I look at it. Me mad me poor. Me hate all rich people. Me be likin the ass.

a poisoned princess a time for change second book in the series 2 Manual

I stalk you. Then I fuck you. Evie : Woe is me. How dare you, I am a lady! And I deserve to be fucked like a lady! I hate you! Stop stalking me! Oh noes! A vision of death. Jack : You rich bitch. I wanna fuck you. I big manslut and be liking fucking yea. Me wanna fuck rich girl but me hate that want to fuck rich girl. You whore make me feel like wanna fuck you. You whore, like all girl! Evie : I despise you and your treatment of me. I'm a lady and I need a gentlemen to make love to me.

Jack : I fuck you. Me take belt off, dick come out and then I fuck you. Evie : Kiss me. Jack : Hmm, baby. I be stealing your diary and reading it. I need know mind of rich bitch. You no right keep secret from me. You be hearin me whore?! Evie : How dare you read my most precious diary! I don't care about how tingly you make me feel.

Stay away from me. Oh my, he read my diary and saw all my drawings of death and doom, what ever shall I do?! Oh my, these plants seem to be calling to me, surely that must means I have the power to control plants. Who am I? I can control plants and I have visions. Hate you. Rich bitch. Why you mad I stole and read diary..

Evie : Goodbye. Oh lordy.. Oh how time flies after an apocalypse, it's already been over days since that vague unexplained thing killed everything. Oh who's that in the distance. Its Jack, he's alive! Jack : I come for you after days. I no bother before to see if you be dead or alive but it no matter everybody will still think it be romantic that I come check on you after days.

We fuck now. Evie : No. Jack : What be up with those drawings you did in diary? You be psychic? Bitch, why you no tell? Evie : I am not psychic, you disgusting dog. Jack : Okay then. Most women be dead now, you be rare. And all men left be rapists now. They rape you. Let be going from here.

Evie : Never… I won't run. Wait okay, I will. Jack : I help you but I still hate you bitch. You a bitch. Evie : You are such a brute and you are so mean. I have mysterious powers but I keep them secret. Jack : You tell me your secrets bitch. Women with secrets be evul whores! You tell me now bitch. Evie : Aw, I think I'm falling in love with you. I never knew you could be so sweet. Let's kiss now. Jack : You be bitch. My bitch. Evie : I shan't sleep with you, you cur! I want to be wooed before giving up my sweet virginity for I am a lady.

Jack : You whore tease bitch! It be because I be poor that why you no fuck me!! You tease me whore. You kiss me that mean I allowed fuck you. Bitch bitch bitch! Evie : Oh goodness me, more visions about mysterious and nonsensical things. Jack : You be whore. Oh look there another whore, now I be fucking her! You fuck off, I no help you, I got new whore now. Better whore. Evie : Oh no! Jack doesn't love me anymore. What if he stops treating me like dirt?

Oh, I don't think I could bear it. Jack : Me like new whore. But what do with old whore?! I keep old whore and help her with her whore things. She be bitch and whore but all girl are. Evie : Go back to your other lady friend. I need to save my mysterious friend. Jack : I help you whore. Evie : Well, since you've apologised, I guess that's okay. Jack : You be a bitch, a slut and a whore. I helped you.

Now I fuck you. But first you tell me all your secrets! Only whores keep secrets. I know you be a whore but if you no tell me, I go back to other whore. Evie : Oh my, I just can't tell you about my secret visions and powers. Then I fuck you.. What I say?! I no fuck you! Never fuck you! Get away whore! Evie : Oh my tragic life! I shall leave Jack forever. Oh my, who is that random guy? Oh my, the guy I met a few hours ago is evil. I know, I will kill him with my super secret plant powers! Oh no, Jack came after me and saw me use my secret powers. He'll hate me forever now.

Will the Lady Evie ever stop being a whore? Will Jack ever get to fuck Evie? Will love overcome all that sexy abuse? Only time will tell and I dear friends await in bated breath. Young Adult????

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Ugh, less smex scenes! Please continue writing Immortals After Dark, rather than start new series. Please, I beg you :'. View all 11 comments. This is a tough book to review because there is a lot to like here. The concept behind the book is great, and I loved watching the puzzle pieces unfold, guessing who was who, seeing their powers in action, taking note of the symbolism, etc. But there are definitely some big problems with the book, which make it hard for me to recommend it.

The first chapter is intriguing, but then we're subjected to many boring pages of life before the Flash. The apocalyptic event mentioned on the back of the boo This is a tough book to review because there is a lot to like here. The apocalyptic event mentioned on the back of the book and in the first chapter doesn't happen until page or so in the ARC. That's pages of Evie going to school, arguing with Jackson, having visions, thinking she's crazy, etc. Basically, the book could have started on page , because we really didn't need all that backstory before getting to the exciting stuff.

Once the event actually happens things really pick up and I couldn't put the book down. There's the usual surviving the apocalypse stuff, which is fun, but there's also a very unique element here, one that I'm a particular fan of. But since it isn't listed on the back cover I don't want to spoil it - which is ironic, since I would never have picked up this book if I hadn't known about this twist before-hand. Unfortunately, the book suffers from weak, or downright repulsive, characters. Evie is pretty bland and pathetic for most of the book, and I wish that she'd had some useful skill or something.

But then again, I'd probably be a lot like her terrified, useless if the apocalypse happened, so I could still relate to her. But the worst character was the love interest Jackson. I'm not sure I have ever disliked a love interest in a book so much. He drinks whiskey constantly.

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He beats people to pulps with his fists. He's horrible to the autistic kid. And with Evie he acts like a horny stalker, treats her like a possession, verbally abuses her, and pressures her to have sex with him throughout the entire book. Would it KILL you to put out? I could go on and on. I kept waiting for Jackson to redeem himself, but if anything he only gets worse. Is this the kind of guy we want teen girls to fall in love with? I was so happy that Evie didn't put up with his crap most of the time, but SO disappointed she fell in love with him anyway.

I wanted to put the book down because I was so disgusted by him, but I was so intrigued by the premise I kept reading anyway. I'm still on the fence about reading the next books. In a time when Goodreads reviews are being called "bullying" I'm very hesitant to post this review at all. But I seriously hope Jackson is made less of an ass before the book actually comes out, because otherwise it was very enjoyable. The author is definitely talented and has a lot of great stuff in this book, but Jackson completely ruins it.

I'd love to recommend the book to everyone, but right now I can't. View all 27 comments. I did not finish this book They speak in heavily-accented Cajun patois, they have bikes with stolen, mismatched parts! They wear motorcycle jackets, their hair falls in greasy locks over their eyes! They rumble up to their new school in a crowd of big, bad, wolfery and start chattin I did not finish this book They rumble up to their new school in a crowd of big, bad, wolfery and start chatting up and soliciting all the pretty girls.

I'm not going to waste my time. Here are a few quotes very early on in the story that made up my mind for me. The big boy helped her off the bike, easily swinging her up— 'Wheh-hell,' Catherine said, 'good to know her panties are hot pink. Classy with a capital K. Not a fan. Most likely my face. You little bitch. A violent, misogynistic asshole. I'm just not going to bother. View all 46 comments.

Heat: Sweet I was nervous and anxious and a tad apprehensive to read this book. Told both Before Flash and After Flash, there are two distinct tones and settings. Favorite Quote: I had to know what the look in his eyes promised. Find us on Twitter and Facebook too! View all 9 comments. It'd be wrong of me to adjust it I guess since this was just proof of what I was like as a teenager I suppose, so I'm gonna leave it untouched. However, I do vividly remember this book and how awful and disgusting the hero was in it.

It's kind of interesting to see how many people defended his actions in the comments. Says a lot about our culture at the time glorifying all these horrible men. I wonder if we're still like that today? Hopefully we've changed. Just lower than 3. For the first time ever, I might just only be talking about the love interest in this review. Because I have so much to say about him. So, Jackson Deveaux. Ladies and gentleman, the unthinkable has happened.

I've finally found a guy who is far far worse than Obsidian 's Daemon Black. I had thought no one would ever take away his title has the most horrible YA love interest of all time, but apparently I was wrong.

Poison Princess

I'll just give you a list of what this guy is: - Arrogant - Selfish - Abusive - Violent - Perverted - Rude - A bully - Has no regards for the main character's feelings - Will sleep with any living thing that has a vagina - Controlling - Has anger issues Any positive traits? More like possessive, really. Add that to the list, too. The author was smart, though. She added his Cajun accent and uses specific words when he's sweet-talking Evie.

So I'm guessing that's why most of these girls are swooning for him. This guy is a horrible human being. From the first half of the book, that was very clear, yet I didn't mind because I thought the main character dealt with him well. Not as well as I wish, but she was aware that he was nothing but a perverted bully, regardless of how hot he was.

But then by the second half, my god, this guy became even more disgusting. He constantly wants to get into Evie's pants, and he even admits it! Evie asked him if all he wanted was to get in her pants, and he said yes. In one scene he was about to do so but Evie refused, and I'd like to give you a direct quote he said from that scene, verbatim. Would it kill you to put out? Jackson turned to me with a devilish smile. In French, he said, "All of a sudden, Evie, you're not the last girl on earth for me.

He had sex with her. And he called Evie a "miserable tease". And near the end, after they got into another big fight, guess what Evie catches him doing afterwards. Making out with Selena. I think Jackson Deveaux is a horrible, disgusting human being and I've NEVER used the word 'disgusting' to describe a love interest before, but I think it suits him perfectly , and it boggles my mind that the author expects girls to actually swoon for him.

Even Daemon wasn't this bad. At least he cared about Katy's feelings. Jackson, however, doesn't give a shit about Evie's. Even when she's crying because of view spoiler [her mother dying hide spoiler ] he's yelling at her. More like a sex triangle. Because that's all he's after, is sex! He freely admitted it! And he's the main love interest, too. He's definitely costed this book a lot of stars in the rating, and I'm not sure I even want to continue this series because of him. Okay, I think I got that off my chest. Ugh, I would suggest you all avoid this book simply because of him, because really, he's the worst.

Some quick thoughts on other things of the book, I liked the paranormal aspect, and how it was mixed with post-apocalyptic. Evie wasn't that bad of a heroine either, though she's way too soft and dependent. If that were the case, then her and Jackson could have nice witty banter. But most of the time they just argue and yell at each other.

Popularizing Controversial Science: A Popular Treatise on Poisons by Mateu Orfila (1818)

I also liked the ending. Initially I liked this book, but Jackson really really turned me off. I guess I'd give the sequel a try. He's a scumbag and a perv, and whoever likes him needs mental help. Like, go to the Dr. Phil show or something, seriously. Or better yet get your brain checked. I'd be genuinely concerned about your mental health. I think I've said all I wanted to say.

I'm going to finish off this review with some GIF messages for the lovely Mr. Jackson Deveaux. That's all. View all 28 comments. Tarot cards always had something mystic and mysterious about them that I loved. I started this book with high anticipation, lots of expectations and a really good mood.

And first the book was awesome. It was a funny, entertaining book and Evie was an interesting character. But then the Flash happened and Evie became this whiny mess. And "Come touch And then a lot of things happened and she met a lot of people and with every page near the end it got more interesting.

You go girl! The only thing that got me going was Mary telling me there will be awesome characters, and real cool side characters appearing in the story. There are badass women, dangerous boys and cute boyish future looking boys. There were vampires, werewolves and witches. But you know what never appears a lot in this series? Tarot cards. Reincarnated tarot cards with magical powers that fight each other after the world ended in a flash.

Before the flash Evie had nightmares, delusions and hallucinations about people she never met that had magical powers and looked like tarot cards she saw at her grandmothers place. She saw plants growing near her and visions about a evil red witch. Jackson - aka the main love interest - is probably the most annoying sexist asshole I have ever read of. He is protective, mean and super discouraging. But, I mean, Jack could be sweet if he wanted to You don't do like Clotile, you doan take that way out. You and me can get through anything, just give me a chance.

Still it had a good pacing with a lot of action, magic and love. View 1 comment. Ugh, no. DNF around pages. This really is not my kind of heroine, romance, story, or crush. At all. Actual Rating: 2. No Did I hate it? No So what is it? No idea Or not But it's a great time to eat chocolate ;D. View all 10 comments. Litchick's internal monologue while reading this book The Prologue: "No fecking way! First person POV of a serial killer?

Neato, I can totally get down with that. Not with the serial killer. That'd be weird. And judging by his thoughts, painful. Poison Princess is about sixteen year old Evie Greene and her abilities in a post-apocalyptic world? I dunno, The plot is kinda hazy in my head. Instead, I was more focused on the characters and their douchebag qualities. Allow me to elaborate. Bye, Felicia. It should be fine, fine, 1 star!! View all 59 comments. Oh my gosh!!! That was the most incredible pararomance I've read in a long time. What a wild ride! And now I'm wishing I would have waited until close to the 2nd book's release to read it because I want to still be in this story world seeing what will happen next!

I love how we got to see Evie's world before the Apocalypse and after. I just really can't gush enough, and I can't find anything to complain about with this story. It was right down my alley and exactly what I needed. But I'll warn you Oh my gosh!!! But I'll warn you - if you don't like alpha male love interests, this might not be a story for you. View all 13 comments. Oct 15, Dana Kenedy Dana and the Books rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult , read-in , fantasy. This review can also be found on my blog, Dana and the Books.

Poison Princess surprised me. I was expecting a decent and entertaining apocalypse story to keep me busy for a few evenings. The story started out with an insanely creepy prologue setting a dark tone from the start. Evie is the stereotypica This review can also be found on my blog, Dana and the Books. Evie is the stereotypical all-American girl: rich, popular, blonde, cheerleader, hot boyfriend. After such a promising prologue I was a bit worried that I'd be let down. When the apocalypse the Flash did happen that's when everything got awesome!

Yes, there were some stupidly cliched eye-rolling moments and a completely unnecessary and ridiculous romantic plot, but I enjoyed the overall journey Evie went through and her struggles to survive after the Flash. The writing was consistently good throughout with a great cast of characters bringing the story to life. I'm kicking myself for not reading this sooner! I received a copy in exchange for a review thanks! Post-apocalyptic survival sound like your thing? I think I need to elevate her as my new favorite author.

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Her writing makes me happy and wiggly and I ponder it for days afterwards. I want to roll around in her words and fall in love with her main characters. Rich, pampered, popular and suffering from a mild case of mental instability. But it is becoming increasingly hard to do as the hallucinations increase in strength and she seems to be unwittingly drawn to a new addition to her school, Cajun bad-boy Jack Deveaux, a swoon-worthy character if ever there was one.

It is non-stop, hard-hitting and emotional from page to page. Cole brings her perfected writing style to the young adult genre and owns it. She let nothing slip through her fingers, even though the plot was very intricate. And speaking of plot, the idea behind the characters, represented by the Major Arcana of a Tarot deck was a very original idea. It was beyond interesting.

What also lured me in was the beginning of the book, how she foreshadowed later events that built up anxiety throughout the whole book. Then the characters. Oh those characters! I did enjoy Evie, she was just a fantastic heroine, but I was smittten with Jack. I could kill him at times and fall all gaga over him in others.

Again, typical Cole with her larger-than-life heroes. Even though this one was human, he still had the makings of a great Alpha. Am I gushing too much?