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Be happy with what you have, friendship is more important than money, dream of better things.

Fractured Fairy Tale

Sometimes these morals contradict each other, but nobody is surprised to see any of them in a story. But there are also morals that don't appear in fiction very often.

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Do this and you have a Family Unfriendly Aesop. If it appeared in a kids' television show, the network would get 32, angry e-mails from Moral Guardians in the first day after airing. And if it appeared in a show for adults, it would still seem jarring, even if it was actually very good advice.

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Due to Values Dissonance , a moral that is family unfriendly in one culture may be very family friendly in another, especially morals about social mores or civil rights. This list is for morals that were family unfriendly even for the culture that they were written in. A prime target for dropping anvils. Note: Just because something happens in a story, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a Family-Unfriendly Aesop. Before adding an example to this list, think about whether the example is actually preaching a moral, or if it is simply telling a story to entertain i.

If it's not the point of a story, it's not An Aesop.

FABLE: Defining a Genre (a Wattpad Author Feature) | Brooke Burgess

An unusual moral also doesn't count if it's played for laughs Spoof Aesop. If it started out as a good moral, but was broken, that falls under Broken Aesop. If most people would've considered it a good moral when the work was made but society's moved on since, it's Values Dissonance. If you are drawing absurd conclusions from a story which doesn't have a moral, take it to Warp That Aesop on Darth Wiki.

Interview: Chris Duffy on ‘Fable Comics’

All in all, try to keep presumptuousness to a minimum in interpreting what the story's message is. Compare Clueless Aesop and some cases of Unfortunate Implications. Note: Understand that not everything needs or has an Aesop. A depiction is not an endorsement.

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Ataru: The moral of the story is, "Even if you work like a dog Doesn't matter what the press says. A culture's creation myth, or cosmogony, describes the how order came from chaos. The creation myth descends from a culture's desire to define the creation and bring order to the universe. There is not much plot involved, but the rhythm structure of these tales is very appealing to children.

Events follow each other logically in a pattern of cadence and repetition, sequentially repeating actions, characters, or speeches until a climax is reached. Didactic in tone, the objective of a fable is to teach a lesson, or at the very least guide the reader's behavior. The characters are animals and other inanimate objects. The form is ascribed to Aesop, who developed it in the 6th century BC. Other famous fables include the Panchatantra, a collection of fables in Sanskrit. Fairy tales feature transformations, magical interventions, enchanted forces, and, of course, magic.

Fairy tales always have a "happily ever after" ending, where good is rewarded and evil is punished. The scholarly term for fairy tales is marchen. Characters are usually flat, representing human frailty. Folktales have tight plot structures, filled with conflict.

There is often a cycle of three in folktales. Elements of magic or magical characters may be incorporated, but logic rules so the supernatural must be plausible and within context. They have been absorbed into the folklore of many countries. Jataka takes have many similarities with the Panchatantra and Aesop's Fables.

The facts and adventures of the person are exaggerated, making the individual notorious or his or her deeds legendary. Finn MacCoul and Robin Hood are legendary figures. Legends are associated with a particular place or person and are told as if they were historical fact.

Fractured Fairy Tales -- Cinderella

Legends, like myths, are stories told as though they were true. Myths attempt to explain the beginning of the world, natural phenomena, the relationships between the gods and humans, and the origins of civilization. Myths, like legends, are stories told as though they were true.

While foolish and bumbling, the noodlehead is often wiser than the other characters, suggesting that the rest of the world is foolish and unable to recognize wisdom. Humor is an aspect of this type of tale, resulting from the absurdity of the situation and the stupidity and foolishness of the characters. Fractured tales are popular among fairy tales, especially Cinderella tales.