A.Q. Khans Nuclear Wal-Mart: Out of Business or Under New Management?

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AQ Khan’s nuclear Wal-Mart

I find it highly immoral that companies make profit off of the illnesses of Americans. The Dems go for a system like that Construction on the project was halted after the Soviet invasion in It resumed after the U. But it also has dark implications for the future of Egypt and its economy.

Despite the widespread nationalist rhetoric declaring Egypt's strength and self-sufficiency, the Egyptian economy is heavily based on foreign aid and tourism, and is actually reliant on the very foreigners whom the media are now demonizing.

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Earlier this month, business analysts at Bloomberg chimed in with their latest executive pay scorecard. In , Bloomberg reports , four U. That went, says Bloomberg, to an executive at Wal-Mart. That situation, of course, ought to be reversed.

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The tax burden should rest instead on companies like Walmart that pay near-poverty wages — and then expect taxpayers to foot the bill for the hurt that low wages leave in their wake. So how could we shift the tax burden onto the Walmarts of the world? The British Labour Party has just advanced a new common-sense approach that builds on landmark local action that the Portland city council took this past December.

Labour wants to levy a new tax on corporations that pay executives excessively more than workers. But Khan said he and the generals wanted longer-range missiles with a bigger warhead capacity. Though she recognized the danger that a new missile could heighten the arms race with India, Bhutto saw an opportunity to curry favor with Khan and his military backers. When she returned from her trip, Bhutto handed over the designs for the missile to Khan.

Two stories, two different responses by Bhutto. In the case of Iran, she attempted to stop the transfer of technology, though some former Pakistani officials have said that she actually approved of the arrangement behind the scenes. In the case of North Korea, Bhutto set aside her reservations and helped a man who has come to be known as the most dangerous proliferator in history.

Which Benazir Bhutto might come back to power now?

AQ Khan’s nuclear Wal-Mart – BASIC (British American Security Information Council)

One possible sign is her position on Khan himself, who was brought to a form of justice in early when Musharraf forced him to confess on national television that he had provided nuclear technology and expertise to Iran, Libya, and North Korea. Since then, the scientist has been held under a tight house arrest in Islamabad, outside the reach of investigators from the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA who are still trying to untangle his operation.

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Musharraf has refused to permit the IAEA to question Khan, who may well hold the secret of Irans nuclear intentions, among other pressing nuclear concerns. And the Bush administration has declined to press its ally to allow interrogation of the scientist, who remains a popular figure among Pakistans masses. Bhutto, on the other hand, knows how to talk to Americans. Yet when the comment sparked an uproar back home, the chief spokesman for Bhuttos political party, the Pakistan Peoples Party, said her words were being distorted and reassured the domestic audience that she would never turn over Khan to foreigners.

PPP has no intention of violating domestic or international law regarding personal rights of anyone, least of all of Dr.

Walmart’s ambitious plan to beat Amazon on free one-day shipping is here

Khan, he said. Bhuttos reaction to Musharrafs emergency rule has been similarly mixed, seeming to reflect a politician with her finger in the air, testing the winds of public opinion.

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  6. Her initial condemnation was mild. While her own supporters were being beaten and arrested in droves, she was attending semi-official social ceremonies and holding out the possibility of keeping the U.

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    But in recent days, as criticism of Musharrafs emergency measures has grown from almost every quarter, including the White House, Bhutto has broken with the dictator and begun working to solidify the opposition parties in an attempt to oust him. Even if Bhutto assumes power again, questions remain not only about her willingness to exert civilian control over Pakistans nuclear program, but her ability to do so.

    Pakistans generals and intelligence officials have never trusted Bhutto, and they still believe she is too beholden to the Americans. Since Washington is largely responsible for engineering Bhuttos return, there is little reason to believe they will change their attitude on the former prime minister anytime soon.

    And she may well prove too much of a politician to risk angering the militaryand jeopardizing her hold on powerby challenging them over control of the countrys nuclear arsenal. Some might regard her return as a victory for democracy, but, given her record, that is a stretch. It would be especially dangerous if Bhuttos soothing promises were to lull U. Trending Now Sponsored Links by Taboola.