Backyard Sugarin: A Complete How-To Guide (Third Edition) (Gardening & Country Living)

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Fall is for Tree Planting—And the More We Plant, the Better!

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Growing Sugar Cane in the Backyard in Sacramento California

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I live in SW Victoria.

Gardening guest post

Thank you. You could plant any of the veggies that have a red circle in the February column or, even better given the current weather, wait a month or so and then choose from those that have a red circle in the March column. Remember that, no matter how hard you have tried, you are bound to get some potatoes re-growing so I would avoid flimsy plants, such as carrots, which might inadvertently get destroyed as you pull out the potato re-growths. I failed my vegie patch last year. I watered the patch with bore water that is brown and full of iron.

Could this be poisoning the plants? Try planting your capsicums and tomato plants later. We planted capsicums early which never grew and just stayed the same size. We then planted a 2nd lot in early October and they thrived. They need warmth. We are leaving planting until early October this year. A waxing or waning moon has no effect its gravitational pull. I think my potatoes would highly disagree with the chart on here. Which 1 is it? I live in the Yarra valley. Which is north east of Melbourne. Thanks for your comment.

Potatoes grow best over summer, and therefore the best time to plant them is in Spring.

However, they can be sensibly planted in any month apart from Winter June and July. Given that it is actually quite difficult to store potatoes successfully in Melbourne for long periods of time without them sprouting, succession planting throughout the year is a good approach. After thinking about all this, I have amended the guide to extend the planting period for potatoes.

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Do I need to buy the spores? Or can I just pinch them from the existing mushroom population? Will I need to heat the growing area? Any advice or experience would be much appreciated. You can buy innoculated grain spawn, or syringes or ready made kits from various companies. Aussie mushroom supplies are quite reputable and have a wide range of types available. Different mushrooms like to grow in different ways, but all need substrate for them to live off such as straw or woodchips or even new kitty litter. They need a humid, well-ventilated environment to produce the mushrooms, but when the mycellium is first colonising the substrate, it can be in a cupboard or under the couch etc.

You can use pieces of the mushroom mixed with cardboard or such however and continue to feed it more food such as breaking up the colonised substrate, adding soaked sterilised bran and putting it in a new container until it is large and strong enough to fruit. I can recommend Urban Kultures workshops on mushroom cultivation, they travel around the country and have a facebook community where people share ideas and seek help.. I am a part of a few online mushroom groups and the community is very supportive and open to sharing! My cats keep going to the bathroom in my veggie garden.

I keep cleaning it up but will this affect my vegetables? Or if you are not keen on killing kitty, sprinkle some coffee grounds and bury some tea bags in your soil. Should keep the cats off your patch. It depend what you like to eat, but first you have to prepare the garden with fertiliser or manure and get a garden calendar. Can I grow tomatoes in the same place year on year? Also is their anything that I can grow with tomatoes to assist with bug minimisation. Re location: you should change where you grow your tomatoes each year, preferably as part of an organised crop rotation.

Paperback , 3rd , pages. Published July 1st by Quarry Books first published May 1st More Details Other Editions 3. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Backyard Beekeeper , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about The Backyard Beekeeper. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Oct 02, Caleb Anderson rated it it was amazing. Very informative and interesting.

A great guide to starting beekeeping. Will definitely have to refer back to this book when I start myself. View 1 comment.

Why you should always leave a spoonful of sugar in your garden in the hot weather - Mirror Online

Jan 06, Sparquette rated it it was ok. The information was great but the writing was poor. You should not start using jargon until you have defined it. I didn't really understand what a super was until half way through the book. The organization was poor too and hard to follow. A more logical progression would have made the good information flow better and made it easier to follow. Lastly, the corny phrases and attempts at wit fell short and even some of the grammar was poor. Isn't there an editor for that kind of stuff? I'll look fo The information was great but the writing was poor.

I'll look for another book before I get started with bees and keep this one as a reference for later. Mar 10, Amy Pfleegor rated it really liked it. I think there is still much to be learned, but this book is very informative about much that has been learned.

Gardening guest post

Sep 15, Michael Lawrie rated it really liked it. This books is hugely informative for the newbie beekeeper or beekeeper hopeful, like myself. I first red Beekeeping for Dummies by Blackiston then this. It's a good sequence. This book had more detail and more information but would have been unbalanced without Blackiston's input from the Dummies book. The two authors take slightly different approaches with Flottum perhaps the more negative perhaps realistic? A truly excellent book and though I find myself a bit more confused or unsure after reading both authors it is clear that hands-on is the next step - something on which both authors would agree.

I took off one star because the book I purchased was printed on glossy paper which made it difficult to read at night because the light from my bedside lamp reflected off the paper so brightly. The type of paper makes it an attractive coffee-table book with lovely pictures, but rather difficult to really sink your teeth into if you are an anxious newbie trying to learning the ropes. How bad was the finish? Bad enough to deduct a star. Otherwise it was an awesome reference and chock-full of information.

Overall a great book and I think a must read for a noob. I'm sure I'll reference this and Blackiston's book during the coming years. May 30, Jen Underwood rated it liked it. I read "Beekeeping for Dummies" first and i felt super inspired and ready to take on the challenge of becoming a beekeeper. This book i felt like had an unsuspecting negative undertone. It focused more on all the things that can and will go wrong instead of the joys of beekeeping. Of course there will be challenges along the way but page after page of issues and hurdles didn't have me as excited any more.