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And what actually became of Joseph Mifsud , the mysterious Maltese professor whose meetings with Papadopoulos, in which Mifsud claimed to have high-level contacts in Russia, set in motion events leading to the F.

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The counter-conspiracists suspect Mifsud of being connected to Western intelligence rather than the Kremlin, but nobody can ask him because he has simply disappeared. Maybe more information on these points would just put the counter-conspiracy to bed. Yes, the dossier did not itself touch off the F. But it played a role in the wiretapping of Carter Page, it presumably influenced the F.

September 2017

If, as seems possible, some of those pungent parts were actually invented in Moscow, then the F. You can think the worst of Trump and still find that a troubling conclusion, and one that echoes the lessons of The fear of abnormality reliably produces abnormality in response. The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor. Here are some tips.

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Ross Douthat has been an Opinion columnist for The Times since While some in the intelligence community raised red flags, the White House had brushed off warnings of an impending attack and the CIA was failing to share information with the FBI about the terrorists' travels. In daily updates, we track the hijackers as they go to flight school.

We shadow them as they buy blue blazers -- and airline tickets and knives. With fresh entries each day from Aug. Click on the link at August 11, below and to the right to start following the trail. You've covered your ass now. On August 11, Hamza al-Ghamdi, who will be one of the hijackers in the second plane to hit the World Trade Center, buys a blue blazer at a Florida men's store. On the Radio None of them involve any of the 19 men who will commandeer passenger planes on September He raises suspicions when he tells instructors that while he wants to learn how to fly a jet, he does not intend to earn a pilot's license.

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He cites personal reasons. He and most of the other hijackers-in-training carry out physical fitness routines. On September 11, he will act as hijack pilot of United Airlines flight 93, which the hijackers will attempt to redirect to Washington. It will crash in a Pennsylvania field after passengers revolt against the hijackers. Two weeks later, reporters proved that Almonte was actually 14 years old, two years older than the legal limit for Little League play.

Billboard Hot The account is later used to buy tickets for Banihammad and another hijacker for United Airlines flight on September Bush, on vacation in Texas, receives a 57 percent job approval rating in a Gallup poll. Flores had already allowed two other hijackers to claim they lived at his address. Bush's nearly month-long vacation in Crawford, Texas. He also attends kickboxing and street-fighting classes at a gym in Hollywood, Florida -- skills he will later use to storm the flight's cockpit.

On September 11, Atta and the other hijackers will slit the throats of passengers and cabin crew members on American Airlines flight It is his first intelligence investigation.

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  5. The hijackers will spend their remaining nights in hotels and motels. The hijackers will all be dressed in Western clothing on September His landlord returns the full deposit in cash without inspecting for damage, because, as he later tells the New York Times, Hanjour "was a gentleman. The hijackings are eight days away, and the hijackers remain undetected.

    Staff secretary Rob Porter resigned after his two ex-wives accused him of domestic violence.

    He apparently uses the money to evacuate Germany, but is later arrested in Pakistan. President Hosni Mubarak says the warning involved an airplane or an Embassy. Conference on Racism after, as Congressman Tom Lantos says, it is "hijacked" by those hostile to Israel. The FAA does not issue any additional security alerts. That same day, Clarke issues a memo urging officials to imagine hundreds dying because of the government's reluctance to pursue al Qaeda.

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    His search turns up no records. Bush's now-infamous trip to a Sarasota, Florida elementary school is publicly announced on this day.

    Open women's tennis finals to earn her second consecutive U. Open championship. The two spend the night at the Milner Hotel in downtown Boston. Now the big one is coming. They are captured on a surveillance camera with an inaccurate time and date stamp at a South Portland, Maine gas station right , and are also seen at a Pizza Hut. He thanks her for sticking with him through five "difficult" years, says he is her prince, and ends with "Aufwiedersehen. One reads, "The match begins tomorrow"; the other, "Tomorrow is zero day.