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The more points you have to get, the harder it will be. Either way, though, no reason not to try! My name is Gabrielle Nguyen, currently in 10 grade with a very comparative high school in Florida. My GPA maintained 4. Please advice. Thank you! Good luck! Hey my name is Moises Garcia originally born on the Dominican Republic I moved 8 years ago the united states currectly leaved in new york. I would like to know some way to improve my sat score by I correctly have and the college-am trying to apply needs an I took the sat today I know I really did poorly on it but I would like to know if there any tips that can be served to me so I can take it again in 3 months or 4 again.

My High school gpa is 3. Absolutely, check out my courses including the free ones for plenty of tips on how to improve on the SAT:. Is it possible, with proper sleep and studying, that I can score between a Sounds pretty reasonable, will just take some consistent effort. You might have to do a couple retakes to get your best score but the path forward is clear. I moved from kentucky as an A student to florida and continued to stay an A student, as a freshman, but the curriculum was super different. I take the SAT on March 9, Is my projected score possible? Im trying to take it two additional times.

I want to gradually improve maybe get a then reach a I was wondering what I can do to improve my score, I really want to achieve a I really hope you can give me some advice to help me reach my goal Thank you! You definitely have a viable goal! For more information on how to start prepping for the SAT, go here:. I scored on my PSAT. I got a on Reading and on Math. I want to score a or higher on the actual SAT, but I do not know where to start. Is it possible for me to get that score within half a year to a year?

If you could help me out on how to start studying, I would really appreciate it. Yes definitely possible. I would recommend starting to study a little bit per day now, rather than waiting for the summer. I want to get a or above on my SAT. Is that possible? My current Gpa is 3. Do you think within 3 months I can increase my score to a ? Im planning to study 1hr a day. I scored a on the psat as a sophomore. I take the sat in roughly a year, do you think a score is achievable with enough hard work and dedication?

My daughter is in 10th grade she recieved a She also took the test to start college classes this year. She placed in college level as well. All I did from when she was little is tell her how important school was. She always does her homework right away then hangs out with her friends. She told me the school wanted no lower than a I took two practice tests but barely did any productive thorough studying.

What do I need to do to increase my score enough to get into an Ivy League? I have two weeks until the exam so I plan on going all out these next two weeks taking practice tests and leveling up my weak skills. You think I got a shot? I will be giving the SAT in a month. I got a score of and in practise. Can I get a score of or above on the test day. I am extremely hardworking and can put in all the work that is required. I have opted for princeton review , but I really need your help. Please reply as soon as possible. Do you mean improve to overall?

If so, perhaps, it depends a lot on your starting point. Is it possible to get my score to or even ? I take my final one in December. Keep studying a little bit each day and you will be on your way. I study an average of hours a day 6 times a week. Feel free to followup with me by email by answering the following question: When you do a practice test, do you review each and every answer after you take the test, or do you move on to the next test after getting your score?

Hi, Im stuck around the range for the SAT and find it almost possible to break What should I do? I have been practicing over and over but I feel like I need alot of help in the math. My math score is in the range, but my reading and writing score tanks my score. Continue to strengthen your Math score, and focus on Writing especially since that score is easiest to improve in a short period of time. In freshman year, i made a on the PSAT.

Is it possible for me to bring up my SAT score from a to Yes but very difficult. Think in stages. You can get started with what I have to offer here:. What possibly could have factored into my score was a headache caused by allergy season in Spring, but just to confirm, is it possible to up an SAT score after studying and prep courses, of course by points?

I took 5 trials till today. I have a score of as maximum. I took March test, I only scored My questions is how to achieve my score to ? Do you think it is possible to improve that much? I really enjoy maths and majority of the mistakes are really stupid ones which I realise right after I check my answer or read the solution.

But people have improved that much before, so it can be done!

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I am wondering if I can improve to a perfect score. I know a point increase seems impossible, but I really, really want it. I want it so bad, that I will sacrifice anything for it. I am highly motivated to improve as much as I can, and extremely determined. I plan to take the October test, and from now till then, I hope to improve my score as close to as I possibly could muster.

Throughout summer, I plan to study 8 hours daily for this test, and if I do this much every day over summer, and practice for the rest of this school year, how much do you think I can raise my score? It might be hard to get to in fall of Junior year, but probably more likely either spring of Junior year or later. Hello, I am a junior in high school and I take my Sat in about mid April.

I was wondering if you had any adcie on how to achieve this goal or somehow know of a written way to study? I just made a goal to do 1 test on khan academy 4 times a week for an hour and there are after school practices led by teachers twice a week so hopefully that will help? I am a 12th Grade student, and I just had my very first SAT Progress test and unfortunately I only got an overall score of Reading, Mathematics is there a possible way that I can increase my score up to or possibly more?

Thank you. Master the skills and then start on skills. My best advice is to keep up that consistency — 1 to 1. Hello, I am a junior in high school and am planning on taking my first SAT this march approx. On my most recent practice test I got a score of Is it possible to get it up to by march? If so, what else can I do as I am studying everyday for 2 hours? So start studying ASAP! I want to re take it this March and I seriously want to score and above how best do I study for the test thanks I need help. I want to get a , which means increasing by Do you think this is possible?

Where should I start? Hi there! I need an urgent help from those of you who are doing well on the sat and happy with their scores! I saw that i started improving on the reading section which was the most challenging part for me as English is my third language! Long story short i got for the psat and i saw that my score on the psat is right now! I believe i can do it! I got a on my first try with no studying, and the second i got a with very little studying, just knowing to speed up since the time limit is a big factor for me.

Pay attention to the clock and skip something if it is taking too long. Also, never leave a question blank; if you have multiple blanks and dont have time to do them, choose one letter and answer that for all of your blanks. Youre more likely to score points this way than by randomly choosing. So, it is definitely possible, and this is with me literally not studying for more than 1 hour for all three tries combined.

Experience helps; the more times you do it, the more of a second nature itll become. Good luck to all! I recently took the SAT, and I received a score of Personally, I am very disappointed with the outcome my score and I hope to improve it. My math skills need to be improved and I have to strengthen my writing and reading skills a tad more. I also need to work on my time management and test taking strategies. I essentially have an unlimited amount of time to study and prepare for my next test. I was reaching for a score of at least I know it is going to take an immense amount of dedication and hard work.

But I am willing to put in the time and effort necessary. Do you have any tips for me? Is it even possible to improve my score by such a substantial amount? Please let me know. Thank you!! Do I still have a chance to reach that benchmark in 3 months? Start here:. I had been taking tutoring sessions to boost my score, and I was satisfied that my score increased; however, I did not reach my goal. My dream school is Florida State University and I need a My lowest areas were in science, and english; what strategies would you recommend for me.

Also, you should choose ONE test to focus on rather than trying to master both tests.

SAT Preparation: How To Score High On the SAT

I talk about how to pick the right test for you here:. I recommend starting to put together a study plan — I have a free course on that here:. I was really unhappy with my score and I am retaking it on the 2nd of December, which is in about 5 days. My math is really strong , but my reading is slacking.

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Do you think I can achieve a score of at least if I study everyday? And if so, how should I study for reading. Thank you in advance. How is your Writing score? Check out my Writing Course for that:. As for Reading, just do as many practice Reading tests timed between then and now. Also check out my SAT Reading vids:. Do you have any tips or strategies that will help me in my paper?

It happens to the best of us. I would recommend keeping yourself busy the day before in order to not overthink the test the next day. Be positive, you got this! Is there hope that I can accomplish this task? Btw, my grades in school are around a 4. Hi I took the sat and got a twice which is really bad I need help and want to take the dec 2 one. I have 13 days to get my act together is there any advice I am looking to grow a lot and want at least a I know this seems outrageous but I really need help.

Davena, it is not outrageous. Believe that you can and you will! First of all, you should try studying as soon as possible. Try taking at least 2 practice tests before the day of, those usually boost your score by at least points. For math, go on khan academy and study the concepts that you least understand.

You got this! I scored a on my sat ans would like to study and raise it to a !! Is it possible!! Sincerely, Jacob Junk. I was hoping to have the potential for Ivy League school and of will definitely be working and revising for my next tests. Is it even a possibility however for me to even be considered?

I thought I was going to get a score of but came to my surprise I did much better than before. Will colleges see that I have improved? Will they care? Nice improvement so far! Hello, I really want to get into a Ivy League, but my scores are no way near what they need to be. I just took the SAT and received a , so I need to get at least a On my practice exams I was getting in the and I was not nervous, tired, or worried when taking the exam. I have studied so much over the summer on Khan Academy and practice tests and reviewed my errrors and make notes on how to avoid those errors.

That said I am stuck on what to do next. So do you think that I can take min in my December 2nd test and what do I need to improve my score to ? Yes, I do think you can improve to Start with my SAT Quickstart course:. Great article, Mr. I am a senior in a high school in California. I am planning to get into UC Berkeley. One thing I notice about my mistakes is that initially, I answer well, with an approximate total of 4 mistakes in the first two passages. However, as I progressed into the rest of the passages, my mistakes increased drastically.

Is there any way that I could fix this? S: I already did a huge amount of test prep and my scores are stuck at Also, could you kindly answer me in words instead of a link. Thanks so much! Hard to say exactly without knowing more about your situation. The most likely issue is that you have some issues with stamina — i. Only way to improve that is to read, read, read, and to practice timed SAT Reading sections consistently. The other issue is that the harder passages history, dual , usually come later in the set, so you probably are cleaning up better on the easier passages.

Only solution for that is, you guessed it, more practice! Is it possible to raise my score to points in two months? If it is… how do I go about my preparation? If you could convey some useful tips and send some links, it would be great! Thanks Brother. Might be a difficult improvement to make in such short time, but not impossible. You can find some helpful resources here:. Im really nervous and im a bad test taker, do you know how i can achieve my score in my SAT and how to become a better test taker?

Start with the Quickstart course:. My desired score is around Alright, I took the Sat and got a , I dont why but I just didnt practice at all,I just want to improve both my math score and english score, I got in english and in math. My question is that, do you think it is possible to improve both of these sections to a range in a months time? I also wanted to acquire some helpful tips on how to study, what to study, and anything else that would help me. Thank you so much for creating this, it is very helpfull for understanding scores. Hi, Mr. Bob, to get a and above does it mean you need a35 on the math, a 31 on the writing and a 35 on the reading, or is it to get a and above?

I want to thank you so much for the YouTube videos I am grateful, sir please i score on the English section and on the math. I study all night but it seems that is the maximum on the English section i have tried my best but to no avail. My test date is in October 7 and I want to score minimum of on the English section. I am pleading if you can help me in any means to score higher. Please, I would be happy if you can assist me in any form, in both sections. That would be the place to start. Also, check out my SAT playlists on Youtube:. I just want to offer helpful tips 1. Download the 8 practise test, it can also be found on khan academy and make sure you take.

Dear Rob, I am Mooaaz from Pakistan. I have no background in mathematics even. Kindly if you can help me, suggest me a plan from very basic to following things:- 1- How to become best in SAT maths and for that where to start. I have written a like 5 practice full tests on the khan academy platform and my scores increased from a — — Any tips please? Hi mr. Hi mg bob, how many question do you need to get right on the math and eng sec of the sag to get a So i started SAT prep like three years ago and my highest score thus far is only a I do very well in school I am in honor roll with a 4.

Feel free to contact me directly here and we can discuss further:. Hi rob, did it mean you have to get a 45 in the reading, 47 in the writing, and and 47 in the math to get a AND a Firstly, Thank you for your amazing article. Secondly, I gpt on my last SAT. I really need go grt from to to enter my dream college!!

I really need help. My goal right now is a Ive been studying really hard. Hey rob ive taken the sat once without much preparation and got but goal was now ive 3 months and im dedicated to work hard and my most problem is critical reading i dont get time to finish all so what do u recommend plus or shall i try compensate by other sections.

I would focus on all three sections, rather than just focusing on your strongest — you can likely improve in all of them, even Reading, so you want to squeeze every point out of every question you can. I want to increase my score to , even if it might sound impossible. I have a high GPA with an abundance of extracurricular activities. Please let me know what kind of study schedule I should make to help me improve my score.

I have a free SAT Study Plan course here that will help you set up your study plan to reach your goal:. Hello, I am rising junior this summer. Ive been taking multiple SAT practice tests over summer. Im upset that I cannot break the barrier of entering range. My goal is to reach by next year summer on real SATs. Do you think this is possible and are there recommended plans from you? You also want to mix in reviewing topics, worksheets, extra practice problems, videos, etc.

I would really like any help to move me into the s… i want to apply to the top notch schools and i really want to make sure i get a base score of What do you recommend i do? My original goal was to score because I kept getting scores of or less on all the practice tests I took, but now I want to score around On my practice tests, I had the most trouble with the timing in the english section because english is not my first language, and because I am a slow reader that gets easily distracted.

I always run out of time in both english sections and math sections. What do you recommend I do to reach my new goal? Also, how can I prepare for the next essay? And of course I want to improve my math score, any suggestions? I took the SAT last year in class 11 and scored My maths score was and EBR score was only. Now it is time that I make a college list but I want to increase my scores as I want to target top notch schools.

So , what should I do? My goal is to get a and I have three months for preparation. What would you recommend to prepare myself for the next test? I have a number of free courses, videos, and guides that can help you with that. I also have a bundle of courses that cover all sections of the test in detail:. The second time albeit with very limited additional prep I scored a , with scores of in English and in Math. Any suggestions? Sounds like a reasonable goal! Info here:. I plan on taking it a 3rd time but this time with an essay. Any advice on how to improve my score and do well on the essay?

I have made up for my lack of trigonometry skills in some areas by practicing and prepping for the SAT but I could also use some more help with that, any advice? Hi, so by far, I took approximately 4 SAT exams, but the results were all similar, ranging from I really want to boost my scores up to to get in my dream college, and I feel so desperate. Do you have any personal suggestions for me? I would greatly appreciate any advice that you give me. Thank you so much. My goal is to get a and I have five months for preparation. What would you recommend as the most effective way of preparation?

Would studying on Khan Academy and text books be enough? How often and how long should I be practicing? What do you suggest? I tried Khan Academy but that did not work as well as I thought it would. Also I am from The Bahamas. Hi, I want to raise my score from an to I have about 3 months before my last attempt of achieving my goal score.

Is it possible for me to do that? Is it possible to even my scores out and get a ? My first question is this: Can I raise my score up 90 points?? Absolutely, 90 points in three weeks is very possible. You should be able to get a quick 90 points with these questions. Can you help with a crash course?

SAT Reading Tips for a Great Score

I am a junior and I hope to achieve a score of at least Should I focus on learning the content or doing the practice tests? Im unaware of how I will score on the sat. But I am planning to put aside time everyday until the summer to study, and then study full time throughout the summer, and then take the sat in the fall.

Yes, that sounds like a good chunk of time to prepare! Start ASAP and you should have a good path to a top score. I have 2 months to prep but. I went from all Fs for my first to years due to not showing up and getting into trouble to holding straight As and only 1 or 2 under A test scores.

Im scared about my SAT because I dont know any math rules but I can problem solve in real world situations and logically put things together. That doesnt much help with having to know key points and rules in the math section. Im willing to dedicate every second until that makeup date to get a high score. I just need to know the best way to cover a vast amount of topics in thus time and the best way and plan to go about it.

I hope you see this, take the time to read it and reply. I would very much appreciate it. My Math Course may be of assistance with this — I cover all the rules, concepts, formulas, etc. I got Reading and writing is specially killing me. How can I get that? Now I know that that was not the brightest move ever, however; I did get and My superscore is I am thinking of entering a foundation year in which I would spend all my time on SAT scores and college essays… Do you think its possible to reach ?

Or perhaps even higher? Is this a realistic goal? If so, please advice as to the best method to achieve this. Yes, depending on the time you have to invest, going from to seems reasonable to me. I am looking to boost my score to a minimum of before senior year most likely taking the test as many times as needed to achieve such a score , as my target school or at least the one I am most interested in is Johns Hopkins University. Do you have any tips for achieving such a jump? The first time I had taken the SAT, I was loaded on 5-hour energies and had not prepped at all before taking it.

I may have briefly looked over a question or two beforehand, but I had not taken a practice test, nor used my prep book much. How much do you think I could improve with about a three-month rigorous practice session before the test? The good news is that you have plenty of time to make that jump, so the biggest piece of advice I can give you is to prep consistently.

The Study Plan course might be helpful to you as well. Going to retake exam. Which test would you suggest I take to reach my goal. Thanks for you input. The feasibility of making either improvement depends on the time available to study. Both would be difficult to do in a few weeks.

My school practice test was also a Any advice?

Khan Academy Live: SAT Reading Class

Now he registers March 11 SAT, do you think he can get score around by practicing couples tests? I plan on taking it again next year and want to achieve a score of 1, Do you have any advice on improving my skills, specially in math? Yes, plenty! Hi Rob. My son is a freshman in high school and scored a on the new SAT this January At that point, he had just started Algebra II. He scored in Reading and Writing and in Math. Do you think it is feasible for him to aim for or even perfect by junior year? I appreciate your response. The Princeton Review is not affiliated with Princeton University.

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