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Richard Matheson's book I Am Legend , while it was about vampires and not zombies, is an important precursor to the genre. Matheson's novel was adapted into the films The Last Man on Earth , the most faithful adaptation, and later into The Omega Man , which apes the then-recent Night of the Living Dead to a degree and turns the vampires into Luddite photophobic albino mutants produced by biological warfare. The most adaptation, I Am Legend , has the infected more like an odd cross between zombies and vampires.

In Robert R. With each person bitten becoming a new vampire. He uses a magical device that creates a perpetual sandstorm around the city to keep people inside during the day, while at night the vampires raid homes. By the end of the book, there are hundreds of thousands of vampires. The most novel aspect of his approach is that for the majority of the first book, the zombies are benign, just wandering about at random, with the result that we can see that "Holy crap, dead people are getting up and walking around," is really freaking scary entirely independent of the possibility of being eaten by a zombie.

Of course, at the end, the zombies do become violent, and the whole thing just slips into the mold of the standard survivalist zombie apocalypse story. It is also somewhat novel in that the protagonists plan, for most of the story, to simply wait the zombies out , on the assumption that they will eventually decay past the point of mobility. A good half of Clark Ashton Smith's work features Zombies of the non-contagious variety, generally custom animated by necromancers. In at least one case they 'outlive' their creators and carry on with what they were doing before they died.

John Wyndham 's novel The Day of the Triffids , while concerned with genetically engineered Man Eating Plants , foreshadows many themes of the contemporary Zombie Apocalypse. Society collapses after an atmospheric event causes mass blindness. The sighted and unsighted alike struggle to scavenge a living while being hunted by this new predator. Eventually the sighted protagonists retreat to the countryside and barricade themselves in a farm house, fending off repeated Triffid attacks. The book is heavy with social commentary and contains memorably hellish imagery of shambling, groping masses of humanity.

The Triffids themselves have a rickety, limping gait and are slow moving, awkward creatures of little threat individually unless they catch you unawares. In large numbers, however, they are a serious menace; able to force their way in anywhere and seemingly capable of rudimentary communication and organization. The most effective way of stopping one is to 'decapitate' it using special blade firing weapons.

It has been adapted as a lightweight monster movie casts the Triffids as extraterrestrial plants and a more faithful albeit stagey television series, and then again as a TV series in The Radiant Dawn is the story of a zombie apocalypse brought on intentionally. The Big Bad of the story is a demon lord who instructs his acolytes to summon him to Earth. However, they are unable to, as human sentience interferes with the magical forces needed to bring him from his home plane to Earth. So what's a demon worshiping acolyte to do other than Kill All Humans?

The zombie apocalypse, then, is merely a means to an end for the acolytes. Star Trek: Destiny reveals that this is how the Borg came to be, as a result of two humans lost in the Delta Quadrant getting "possessed" by a starving energy being called a Caeliar, capable of manipulating matter as she saw fit. Then all they did was wait for the locals to come wondering what that huge racket was Another Warhammer 40, example: the second Soul Drinkers novel features the ridiculously powerful mutant-psyker Teturact, who would induce these, then bring it to a halt while forcing any survivors to worship him as a god.

His main starship has been set up so that it can self-destruct and provide a drop assault Zombie Apocalypse. David Wellington's Monster Island and its sequels provide Romero-style zombies with an exception: if your brain is provided with oxygen between death and before returning as a zombie, you return as an intelligent zombie which the sequels call a lich. The dead are reanimated as a result of a scientist having pierced the source of Life Energy , causing the world to overflow with life energy, reanimating the dead. The trilogy is available online. Friday the 13th: The Jason Strain has Jason, while a "special guest" on a Deadly Game , being abducted by scientists, who want to replicate his regenerative abilities and immortality ; Jason wakes up partway through the vivisection, rampages through the lab and is exposed to an experimental virus which reacts negatively with him, giving him the ability to reanimate his victims as zombies.

See a Problem?

Thousands of deaths later the virus is cured and Jason's rid of his new powers. Notably headshots don't stop the zombies — the head needs to be completely eradicated in order for them to be fully re- killed. Also, Jason fights a shark in reference to Zombi 2. It's a short story, but it manages to get the job done. This was one theory about what some of the bad guys in the Old Kingdom trilogy had in mind, since hordes of zombies are their favorite mooks and they were taking thousands and thousands of refugees into the country.

Unfortunately, they were actually thinking a bit bigger than what Sabriel and Touchstone were expecting. In this case the effect was not pandemic but might as well have been almost all the zombies were necromancers in life and simply animated every corpse they came across and rather than being mindless they were sentient but Ax-Crazy with hatred for the living except for Kleitus, the leader of said undead, who was still Ax-Crazy but also smart enough to have vision- he was gunning for ruling an entire zombified universe. Mercifully, they were contained on just one world of the series multiverse at the end of the novel, and in the climactic volume Kleitus was killed in battle and the rest of the undead were destroyed by what could best be described as "cosmic reshuffling".

And brain hunger. The Newsflesh series by Mira Grant pseudonym of Seanan McGuire , in which bloggers and geeks are the only reason that humanity survived the Rising. Subverts and lampshades lots of related tropes, while playing others straight notably zombie animals : any mammal over 40 pounds will reanimate upon death. Walter Greatshell's Xombies series deals with an odd combination of Romero and Russo rules; the titular 'xombies' are the result of a contaminant which can only infect dead people due to the fact that it has to bond to anaerobic hemoglobin, or a blood protein that isn't bound to oxygen.

The zombies in this series are especially dangerous because they literally can't be killed. Separated body parts are sometimes more dangerous than actual zombies. In the episodic ebook series Zombies! Night of the Living Trekkies is about what happens when the intial outbreak is at a Star Trek convention. Peter Clines's ExHeroes is a story about the end of the world at the hands of zombies, only to be opposed by superheroes. Deconstructed in Handling the Undead , which explores how society would react if dead people actually came back to life, and without the craving for brains that makes it so easy to just Kill 'Em All.

The zombie violence is rare and seems to stem more from their being unaware of their actions and consequences. The first thing that happens is that the government calls an emergency meeting and decides what terminology to use, deciding on "reliving" because it sounds so much more pleasant than "zombies". A memorable subplot follows the grieving mother of a recently deceased young boy, fighting to hide her mindless zombie child from the authorities.

Theories of International Politics and Zombies , a rare non-fiction case of this trope; it's an almost serious look at the subject, through the lenses of various theories of international relations. In the Biblical Gospel of Matthew , when Jesus is crucified, the dead rise from their graves around Judea.

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Another Biblical example, this one involving a sort of inversion: In the Book of Ezekiel, piles of bones are assembled and fleshed out. They then receive the breath of life from God , and form an army. They are probably more in the category of Technically Living Zombie or even Back from the Dead , though.

The web-novel Domina is about a number of super-powered zombies called "screamers" attacking an island city. Hasn't hit the actual apocalypse stage yet, but the Reasonable Authority Figure is rightly worried. Something of an unusual example in that while the main characters do kill Zombies, one of the main points of the book is that just because they're walking around doesn't mean they're not someone's dead relative who deserves respect Diario de un Zombi has this as the setting for a depopulated Barcelona.

Add in unstoppable biomechanical horrors and cultists. Subverted in That Is All ; the Zombie Apocalypse is one of the few things that doesn't occur during the Ragnarok of The only creatures that rise from the dead are taxidermied animals, and they are harmless because they are all mounted on wooden planks. In the children's book Zombiekins , an elementary school is infected by a magical teddy bear that carries a zombie plague that is ignored by the teachers because it causes the infectees to quietly move in orderly straight lines and take their seats at the sound of the bell.

They obey every school rule except the one about not biting other students. Since it's a children's book, the condition does turn out to be reversible. In Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick, some sort of electromagnetic pulse instantly kills all adults and turns most teenagers into zombies. Comes up in Galaxy of Fear : City of the Dead. Long ago the people of Necropolis killed a witch's son, and she cursed them, saying that if they did not respect the dead, the dead would rise and destroy them.

A mad scientist, looking to create an army of zombies, started raising corpses using a serum. The resulting undead follow orders and don't bite, but are tremendously strong and tireless. He ended up applying a lot of the serum to the massive graveyards, besieging the Necropolitans. The heroes were able to come up with a counterserum which they applied liberally to all the undead — it's a children's book, but this serum simply turned zombies back into corpses which then had to be reburied.

Dark Inside has similar themes to this, but they're not exactly zombies. Rather than being mindless monsters, something turns the majority of citizens into amoral, thrill-seeking, violent monsters who retain full brain capacity and personality traits. Their only pleasure is to hunt and kill, for the sake of it. In A Song of Ice and Fire , wights are undead zombies created by and under the command of the Others, which are essentially ice demons.

Wights have blue-glowing eyes and are particularly vulnerable to fire. Wildlings north of the Wall, where the Others are located, burn their dead to prevent them from returning as wights. As the series begins, the Others are becoming more aggressive and amassing large armies of wights, seemingly in preparation for an invasion of the kingdoms south of the Wall. The Wall is a massive and mysterious ice wall built thousands of years ago to keep the Others and wights out of the realms. And what's worse, very few people south of the Wall are preparing for it because as far as they're concerned, the Others are a Sealed Evil in a Can "defeated" eight thousand years ago.

Boy are they in for a surprise. In the Patternist series, a sci-fi version of this happens when the starship Clay's Ark returns to Earth contaminated with an alien virus that turns humans into predatory savages. While not literally undead , and still possessing some intelligence and cunning, the "Clayarks" as they are called are basically zombies in all but name, including the ability to spread their disease to others creating more of their kind.

Eventually, they overrun the world and destroy civilization, except for fiefdoms controlled by the psychic "Patternists". John Ringo 's Black Tide Rising series is about a virus that turns people into Technically Living Zombies and about one family's efforts to both survive themselves and to save as many others as possible.

Ringo decided to write it because of his oft stated dislike for most examples of the genre. Ringo specifically averts the Militaries Are Useless trope, as not all, but many members of the military are capable and competent, but they are stuck in isolation until someone can get them a vaccine so they won't turn into zombies. Ringo also averts the never attack other zombies trope. And if some of it is too foul to sustain them, their peers will be delighted to partake of an infected person who is suffering from food poison. Kill the Dead , a novel in the Sandman Slim series has the title anti-hero dealing with the dead rising en mass in Los Angeles.

In the end he winds up destroying every zombie in the greater LA area and possibly every one in the world. In Undead on Arrival , the apocalypse was five years ago and humans have pretty much lost. One of Penny's inventions is a zombie ragdoll that eats cloth to make new zombie ragdolls. The Enemy centers around London following a version of this which only affects those over age of fourteen. Permuted Press was specifically created to publish these kind of stories and they have an entire line of varying types of undead horrors. Pavlov's Dogs is a somewhat unique take on the genre with a zombie apocalypse in a world where people have seen zombie movies and played games where you fight zombies.

As a result, much of the usual stupidity in zombie stories is absent. Oh, and the good guys have werewolves. Time of Death subverts many of the tropes associated with zombie apocalypses including Humans Are Bastards and Evil Army , presenting humans as mostly good people dealing with a disaster. It also has a Cool Dog. In What Zombies Fear , the Zombie Apocalypse is brought about by hive-minded microscopic aliens inhabiting human corpses. In Dirge by Tim Marquitz , the world of Denhalm is on its last legs due to the Necrolords Necromancers unleashing one of these.

A bit inexorable. A tad strict, perhaps, but it's his job to keep the dead out of the world of the living. One good distraction and wham! Zombie apocalypse! Live Action TV. Mythbusters devoted an episode to surviving an attack by a zombie horde. Among their findings: an axe is a more effective weapon than a shotgun, and pushing your buddy into their numbers may give you a better chance of escaping yourself. It was odd how they kept saying, " Even though Zombies aren't real Jane eventually wins by demonstrating ruthlessness in pushing Max out in front of a group of hungry, hungry hipsters, even though Max had earlier claimed that ruthlessness was his strong suit.

One guest star even referred to them as cybernetic zombies. They are in fact cyborg pirate zombies. In space. The walking corpses in the earlier episode "The Unquiet Dead" are closer, but they are actually hosts for the ghost-like aliens called the Gelth. Towards the end, we find out that the doctors have been growing people in an enormous area under the hospital and exposing them to various diseases from the moment of their conception, which has turned them into your common-or-garden Romero zombie.

Walt Disney World Zombie Apocalypse: Tips and Tricks

Of course, the buggers get out and mischief ensues. In this case, the zombie effect is caused by consuming a new energy drink that turns out to be a symbiotic life form. The resulting zombies try to force others to drink the stuff. The UK horror series Dead Set involves a zombie apocalypse in Britain, with the plot revolving around the contestants of Big Brother as they are trapped in the house.

An episode of Star Trek: Enterprise has the crew coming across a drifting Vulcan spacecraft whose crew have been affected by the Trellium-D they were mining from nearby asteroids. The insanely aggressive Vulcans stagger after the crew through darkened corridors growling incoherently and, while their bite is not contagious, T'Pol is affected by the Trellium becoming a danger to the others.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer : A season three episode had people being turned into zombies due to a mask that contains the powers of a Nigerian zombie demon. Zombies aren't really her thing. The alternate timeline created in the Season 3 episode "The Wish" is a vampire variant. Degrassi: The Next Generation had a Halloween special called Degrassi of the Dead in which genetically-modified food turns people into zombies, leaving the few surviving students to fight for their lives to escape. Although they are not real, in an episode of Spaced , "Art", Tim takes some bad speed and plays Resident Evil 2 , essentially making him hallucinate a zombie attack throughout the whole episode.

The Twiglets he ate at the party didn't help either. Discovery's The Colony is a reality TV show that takes place after a simulated "viral catastrophe". It's basically a zombie apocalypse with the zombies cut out. An episode of Smallville called "Rabid" dealt with a zombie apocalypse. Though not a classic example, the dark future of the Dollhouse resembles a Zombie Apocalypse. A signal was sent to all telephones on the planet that would wipe the listeners' minds, and program them to kill anybody who didn't hear the signal.

As a result, rabid hordes of lunatics hunt down the few remaining normal people in the ruins of the civilization; a very strong similarity with this trope. That Mitchell and Webb Look features a recurring sketch about a game show taking place in a world where an unspecified, but clearly horrific and traumatising, "Event" has happened. Food is scarce, there are no more children, there are frequent exhortations to "Remain Indoors" and the survivors live in terror of a mysterious Them , who look like us because they used to be us. It is later revealed that They are sephulchral voiced, red-eyed zombies with a taste for human flesh.

And they've got in. It's hinted that this is not the worst part of the "Event". The Supernatural episode " The End " has exactly this. The Winchesters prevent it from coming true in " Two Minutes to Midnight ".

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  6. And its prequel Fear the Walking Dead. The Sliders had an alternate dimension Earth, where, get this, a new "fat burning" medicine causes a Zombie Apocalypse. The drug was meant to "eat away" fat and an antidote would be taken to end the effect However something went horribly wrong and millions of people started to hunger for fat, even if that fat was on another human. For some reason these zombies also became very sensitive to light, possibly having something to do with the zombies becoming excessively pale.

    Also, the zombies aren't of the risen dead variety, but will die without feeding as the medicine — possibly an engineered virus considering it transfers with getting bitten — will simply eat them alive if they don't get fat to their system. Obviously, going back and watching this episode over a decade later, it doesn't hold nearly the same punch as it did when it first aired in An episode of My Babysitter's a Vampire has everyone being turned into zombie by mutated coffee. The second season Halloween episode of Community deals with a zombie plague breaking out in the college.

    The group must try to escape, reach the thermostat to lower the temperature, and not be driven insane by the "Mamma Mia! Misfits has a zombie episode in the third season. Curtis brings a cat back from the dead, zombie apocalypse ensues, body count sky rockets. Derren Brown 's Apocalypse special sets up a fake apocalypse scenario in order to get an unsuspecting guy to man up and take responsibility for his life, as well as to start appreciating those around him.

    After a series of fake news reports about an impending meteor strike, the guy is on a bus traveling to a fake rock concert when pieces of the meteor start to fall all around him. He passes out put into a trance by Derren and wakes up in a deserted hospital seemingly two weeks later with a news report warning about a Rage Plague brought by the meteor fragments.

    Then crazy people start chasing him and his young companion naturally, all of them are actors. The special is inspired by the end-of-the-world fears. Syfy 's original series Z Nation takes place after a zombie apocalypse has destroyed civilization, and is about a group of survivors trying to get the one man with a zombie cure in his blood to a laboratory that can synthesize his blood to make a vaccine.

    Society at large is gone, but there are small communities riding it out with success since by now it's a World of Badass. Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn : In "Field of Brains" after watching a horror zombie movie, the quads think their parents are zombies. After escaping to their parents' store, they then think others are also zombies. In the Flesh is set three years after zombies rose from their graves to attack the living The main character is a Partially Deceased Syndrome Sufferer who's trying to re-integrate into a society which now hates him and come to terms with the guilt of the people he killed when rabid.

    The Survivors need to perform challenges while also avoiding the zombies, with the ones who are so much as touched being Killed Off for Real. It's only when said administration starts treating them like horror movie zombies that the violence begins Episode New Year's Eve of the anthology series Fear Itself is about a Zombie Apocalypse with a very interesting twist the protagonist was a zombie all the time.

    Of course, the Wesen known as Baron Samedi can also turn people into the more traditional zombie. Disappeared to the point of becoming a legendary Sealed Evil in a Can which existed thousands of years ago, stories of seeing them are scoffed at by most everyone south of the Wall except a very few who either believe they have come back Jeor Mormont or who have seen they've come back the wildlings, Jon Snow, Samwell Tarly, etc. But when they are seen, or heard as the Mass "Oh, Crap! The White Walkers seem intent on building an army of "wights", undead corpses resurrected to act as footsoldiers to march south and overrun Westeros, which they have been doing since the Long Night.

    Wights can only be killed by fire, dragonglass, or Valyrian steel. Vast swathes beyond the Wall have been overrun by wights. This is why so many wildlings such as Osha and her original group are fleeing south, and why many of the wildling factions are banding together to fight their way into the south. The Season 2 finale has an entire army of wights going to attack the Night's Watch, led by the White Walkers. Season 7 ends with their invasion of Westeros finally beginning, as the Night King uses an undead Viserion to bring down part of the Wall to let his army march through. Said army reaches Winterfell in Season 8, in the episode "The Long Night", which is appropriately apocalyptic, with the army consisting of pretty much every good guy left in the show and their allies attempting to stop them.

    This is the basis for the Creature Feature song, "Aim for the Head". Boom Headshot indeed.

    Flesh and Blood (Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Short Film)

    The narrator, Bob, is a zombie who seems to have been made merely sociopathic by zombification, rather than mindless, since he retains his sapience and incredibly middle-management personality while attempting to persuade his co-worker Tom to let him eat his brains. Other zombies are mentioned, but they seem to be the standard nonsapient kind " The music video for Metallica 's "All Nightmare Long".

    Soviet scientists find a new lifeform which spores can reanimate the dead even three weeks after death. They use it to conquer the United States by raising an army of their own dead in the 's and they lose control of it in the 's. The music video for Michael Jackson 's " Thriller ". Most of Cannibal Corpse 's album covers and quite a number of their songs feature zombies and the same goes for the bajillion gory death metal bands they inspired.

    The name itself, according to bassist Alex Webster, refers to a zombie who feeds on other zombies. Lemon Demon 's "Bad Idea". It eventually culminates with the narrator and his group of friends turning into zombies themselves. The cover for the single even depicts the band themselves fighting off zombies.

    After he's assassinated in Dungeon Master of Ceremonies by his Recording Agent in an attempt to invoke Dead Artists Are Better , chris returns in mc chris is dead as a sentient zombie leading an army of the undead to get revenge. The ragged, they come, and the ragged, they kill! You pray so hard on bloody knees. Down in the cool air I can see. Myths and Religion. Older Than Feudalism ; the Ragnarok of the Norse Mythology mentions the world destroyed by resurrected dead brought back from Hell by Loki, among other monsters.

    He, sensibly, agrees to her alternative. Had she gone through with it, it would probably have been the Ur-Example by a couple of millennia. She uses the Zombie Apocalypse threat against the gatekeeper of the underworld, and after deliberating with Irkalla's queen Inanna's sister Ereshkigal , he agrees to let her in, on the condition that she remove her clothing and jewelry at a series of checkpoints.

    Ereshkigal then threatens with it herself in Nergal And Ereshkigal. Print Media. For their April Fools issue, The University at Buffalo's Spectrum college newspaper reported, among other things, about the emergence of the Necro-Animatory Syndrome virus, and the rise of the ambulatory dead "zombie" being an "outdated and offensive term," though Bush is quoted as nearly using it out of Cape Canaveral, where the NAS virus had apparently come back with a space shuttle crew. Articles included general information, survival guide, how to recognize an NAS sufferer not very hard , and what to do if you're bitten die with dignity, and with a friend to take you out immediately.

    It was debunked on Snopes. The BBC put out another article , this time playing on the Swine Flu scare H1Z1, a mutation of the H1N1 virus that reanimated the victim after death, who then showed signs of the usual zombie behaviour. It is of course, fake, but the comments on the page are well worth reading. Tabletop Games.

    The tabletop role playing game All Flesh Must Be Eaten is all about surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, with a variety of different Apocalypses in different settings called "Deadworlds". The back story for Unhallowed Metropolis puts a subtle but significant spin on this trope by having the first Plague outbreak occur in This is also the kind where anyone who dies may come back — although it's only a sure thing if they died of a bite from a zombie, there's a chance of it for any corpse, with the odds depending on the surrounding environment.

    It's also hinted that zombies might be the least of the world's problems. Bizarre wastelands expanding throughout the world, reports of unnameable horrors and mind-rending blasphemies in the jungles of Africa and beneath the streets of London, hints that the people of the Crimean peninsula have undergone an unwholesome transformation that makes the degenerate ghouls and feral vampires look tame by comparison, Hong Kong somehow having become a true necropolis where zombies can survive long past when they should have desiccated into immobility Warhammer Fantasy : Zombies make up the bulk of the armies of the undead Vampire Counts alone with other classic horror creatures like wights, ghouls and giant bats.

    They also use undead dire wolves. These zombies are reanimated corpses animated by the will of the vampire or necromancer who raised them and are slow and weak, relying on numbers to make any impact. Since Vampire Counts magic-users can effectively grow them out of the ground, numbers are NOT something they have trouble with During The End Times, Nagash managed to successfully usurp the Wind of Death from Morr, the result being that all souls turned to him after dying.

    This is a major problem as Nagash is otherwise known as the great necromancer and effectively became the god of zombies. The result was that zombies started popping up everywhere and both undead armies no longer had a problem keeping their undead slaves alive before this, if the necromancer animating the army died, the army would slowly crumble to dust. Nagash's actions also caused a new lore of magic to be made, which allowed any army to summon undead of any kind to their service. Warhammer 40, brought on plague zombies during the 13th Black Crusade, courtesy of the god of pestilence and decay, and other zombie infestations have been known to be caused by Tyranids and a fair number of different plants.

    Plague zombies have been part of 40k background for almost as long as the Chaos powers, and are a playable gang in the spinoff skirmish game Necromunda. Magic: The Gathering has had zombies since the first set, but the plane of Grixis, one of the Shards of Alara, is in a successful Zombie Apocalypse, albeit with necromancers and demons at the forefront, caused by the crapping out of two types of magic good at fighting them off.

    In any case, humanity is boned on the plane. Note that in Magic , zombies are not The Virus ; they cannot create more of their own kind through infection, but are instead created from corpses by Evil Sorcerers. One Innistrad block takes this way over eleven , by introducing a good old fashioned zombie apocalypse, vampires and werewolves , mad scientists and their abominations , demons, and central to the block's story, all of these at once. The Horde format becomes this when you build the Horde out of zombie cards. Grave Titan has zombies crawling out of its chest.

    Every time it attacks it gives birth to more. The board game Zombies!!! Those are about twenty known parallel worlds where civilization was wiped out by the "Gotha Plague": a mutant disease that causes infectees to behave like the 28 Days Later variety. It specifies that the Plague has trouble establishing itself in small communities, so civilization on these worlds is in small enclaves. The Gotha Zombies have a few differences from other zombies, though; they're semi-intelligent, and function more like a highly aggressive chimpanzee tribe in terms of organization than anything else.

    They're quite willing to eat zombies from other "tribes", and will even eat their own if there isn't any other food available. They also retain just enough of their memory to fall back on some tribal customs from the group they belonged to—the reason worlds with them are called the Gotha Parallels is because the first contact with such a timeline resulted in the research team nearly being devoured by infected Gothic berserkers.

    Other worlds have zombie Thuggees, zombie Vikings, and so on. Dead Reign features a mish-mash of zombie tropes and abilities. The majority of the Zombies are tough, slow-moving ones, but there are also fast zombies, thinking zombies, zombies that don't believe they're zombies, and "half-dead".

    The Corpse Factories in the Feng Shui supplement Glimpse of the Abyss are Buro-created superzombies that are markedly more intelligent than the non-infectious zombies that they create. Only five of these things exist in , and if just one of them gets loose, it's Zombie Apocalypse time, particularly since the Necromantic Implanter, an arcanowave device that every corpse factory is equipped with, can be used to turn regular zombies into more corpse factories.

    In Exalted , this is one of the favored tactics of the more militarily inclined Deathlords. High level Necromancy can raise corpses en masse, and certain spells can even corrupt an area to the point that the dead will rise of their own accord. Eye and Seven Despairs, one of the Deathlords, has even pioneered a zombie plague that works on its own accord, but is too busy tormenting the reincarnations of people who screwed with him in the First Age to actually deploy it.

    Deadlands has zombies, but these things are intelligent and cunning. Makes them hard to put down. Particularly if they're intact enough to be shooting back. Specifically, Deadlands has a lot of different kinds of undead monsters.

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    The default are creatures called Walkin' Dead, which are basically Flesh Eating Zombies made through Demonic Possession ; this means they are smart, quick and capable of using weaponry, up to and including guns. They don't even really need to eat meat, but do so for enjoyment. Baron LaCroix creates "Voodoo Zombies", which are, as the name implies, the Voodoo-style slow, stolid, mindlessly obedient shamblers.

    The World of Darkness games actually subvert the zombie apocalypse. While Zombies do exist, they're not exactly common, and aren't normally infectious. There was an adventure done by Thomas "Wanderer" Wilde best known for his Resident Evil plot guide that took this trope head-on, called The Last Escape.

    While there isn't necessarily an infectious means of Zombie Apocalypse, certain ghosts and spirits in the New World of Darkness have a chain of Numina that allow them to jump into a corpse, then jump into any corpse that corpse kills, then possibly invite some friends along However, there are quite a few undead with the "create spawn" ability, and several of them are incorporeal. The "Infectious Zombie" template was provided in the 4th-edition supplement Open Grave.

    Unfortunately, actual rules for the zombie plague were not, despite being alluded to in the template. In the previous edition, wights are probably the closest thing to more traditional zombies, though they had to actually kill their victims in order to turn them. A modified version of the infamous " Locate City bomb" theoretically allows the PCs to One-Hit Kill every level 1 commoner in a mile-per-caster-level radius with Level Drain , which has the side effect of causing them to come back as wights and slaughter everyone who survived the initial attack.

    It is worth noting, however, that Viral Deathspawn have only a -2 to their Intelligence score, meaning you can potentially have "zombies" smart enough to understand logistics, chain of command, sneak around, potentially use weapons and traps. The World of Greyhawk campaign setting included a zombie variant known as a "Son of Kyuss," which was an aggressive zombie with green worms crawling about in its eye sockets. If the worms landed on someone, they burrowed under that person's skin and attempted to reach the brain, at which point the victim would become another Son of Kyuss.

    Given the nature of some of the beings in the game, these creatures were probably too weak to cause a full-scale apocalypse, but they could easily wipe out an entire village of zero-level humans. In the 3. As in some other Zombie Apocalypses, his coming may cause anyone who dies by any means not just killed by a zombie to rise as a zombie or skeleton if there's not enough flesh for a zombie. When Atropus gets close enough to the planet anyone who's dead will reanimated as a skeleton or zombie by tearing out of their graves even if they were killed years ago.

    One of the cards in the Epic Card Game is this. Either it results in destroying all Champions and giving all players Zombies! Or it just gives a player two cards. The board game Last Night on Earth has several different scenarios to play through during a Zombie Apocalypse. Strike Legion has a localized zombie outbreak as one of its story hooks. This being Strike Legion , the zombies in question are faster than Olympic sprinters and can throw tanks.

    Zombicide is made from this. Azathoth cultists are planning to perform a Human Sacrifice ritual at midnight on the fall equinox. If they succeed it will result in the dead rising from the grave all over the world and consuming the flesh of the living. It's also not unheard of for Keepers to adapt the system to play zombie apocalypse survival campaigns, far removed from the Cthulhu Mythos and with a s twist.

    Especially as the 7th Edition core book provides stats for many classical horror monsters including zombies. The game starts with three Walking Dead minions on the board, and a new one crops up at the beginning of each Mystery Phase. Rhinoceros is a play by French author Eugene Ionesco that revolves around people spontaneously becoming rhinocerotes.

    They're destructive, but not violent, and one must apparently choose to become one or at least not actively choose not to. Though mostly comedic, it still has the feel of a Zombie Apocalypse, not least because there's only one man left standing at the end.

    Video Games. In Dwarf Fortress , zombie apocalypses are now completely possible, and are one of the deadliest threats a fortress can face if the ball gets rolling. You see, every creature killed in evil biomes will, if not quickly cremated, reanimate and join the undead horde. This can include even the most minute body parts — even mussel shells. Once the zombies start racking up a few kills, they quickly becoming a massive ball of flesh and bones that reanimates itself faster than it can be killed.

    If you're really unlucky, you might instead have fog banks that turn normal creatures into horrific life-hating ghouls. Sometimes it's dust that rubs off onto things fighting with them, by which point there's nothing more to do Becoming one of those horrific life-hating ghouls by evil fog doesn't necessarily end an Adventuring career, and by acquiring the secrets of Necromancy, the player can become The Virus , commanding an ever-expanding horde of animated dead over the world.

    Resident Evil is generally an aversion of this trope. Though the games center on zombies, they're often times small localized outbreaks of The Virus , e. Only Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 deal with anything close to a zombie apocalypse, with the virus ravaging an entire city; in the end, the military manages to put an end to it, but only by nuking the entire city.

    There is a localized "outbreak" of sorts, but it's of living humans under the control of a Puppeteer Parasite , and said humans are organized and more or less retain their human intelligence. The outbreaks are also very controlled and deliberate on the part of the villains, and in fact, the parasite from 4 required the victim be injected with an egg.

    Resident Evil 6 kicks it up a notch with zombies ravaging two fictional cities. This is also the first game where the zombie apocalypse is actually the intentional end-game of the Big Bad , as opposed to it being accidental outbreaks or part of their bid to Take Over the World. The House of the Dead series. In the first game, it's isolated to a mansion and the associated research facility.

    In the second game, it's taken over Venice. In the third game, it's finally consumed the entire world. The fourth game takes place before the third and it's starting to spread. Apparently,there are zombies out in the countryside of middle and Midwestern America, but being slow and fragile, they are not that big a threat individually. The danger comes in densely populated areas; Willamette in the first game, Las Vegas in between games, and Fortune City in the second game. The rapid speed of the outbreak in Fortune City is explained by the fact that the city was hosting Terror is Reality , an American Gladiator -style reality TV show about killing zombies en masse, and someone simply destroyed the gate on the zombie pens, releasing the show's extensive stock into the city.

    Dead Rising 2 also reveals that there is now a standard procedure for an outbreak. Saints Row 2 has a zombie arcade game that strongly resembles Dead Rising. Dead Rising 3 reveals that the guy who kicked off the Zombie Apocalypse didn't want to endanger all humanity just the USA. So while he infected most of his orphans with the zombification virus to start outbreaks across America, he also inoculated one the protagonist with the cure to act as a failsafe.

    Alliance of Valiant Arms has the "Infection" game mode, where random players will become zombies and must then infect the remaining players who are attempting to kill them. Left 4 Dead is fairly nonchalant with its predicament. Zoey can utter the following line; "I can't get over how fast they all are. It's not even fair! I'm calling zombie bullshit on that, you know? They're not allowed to be so fast. Whilst it turns most people into common cannon fodder zombies, what little backstory exists suggests that it can target certain aspects of infectees to create the Special Infected.

    Infection is transferred via bite, and can take approximately an hour to set in depending on circumstances. Certain people seem to be 'blessed' with utter immunity or were just lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time; ie, offshore or in the air and nowhere near the spreading infection , making the four heroes not the sole survivors.

    Thanks to the events of Left 4 Dead 2 and the comic of events taking place after Left 4 Dead 1, it's been discovered anyone who can resist being changed into a zombie are actually carriers; people who carry the virus and can't mutate, but can still spread it to others, effectively making anyone who is an immune survivor spread the virus forever. The military sees these survivors as almost an enemy to humanity and are rounding them up for quarantine so they can try to find a cure, or kill them if they can't find any.

    A fan theory is that copious intake of certain substances can change your inner chemistry enough to react to the infection. The Boomers are severe alcoholics, the Smokers are multiple packs a day chain smokers, The Hunters are meth fiends, The Witches crack-addicts, and the Tanks juicers. Also note that in the intro movie, Bill notes that the zombies are mutating, so it could be different strains of the virus. There is also a subversion to the rule that the zombies don't fight each other , but it happens so rarely that you may not see it at all at first.

    Two things throw into doubt whether this is a true apocalypse — the military's still in reasonable shape, having the capacity to launch rescue missions and bombing runs, and it's not stated what's going on in the rest of the world. The Military Base portrayed in the Comic seems to show the severity quite heavily.

    The base appears severely understaffed, with only a handful of soldiers where there should be hundreds. The base is also extremely insecure, with one soldier getting Infected and nearly killing some guards, and a Witch somehow wandering right on in. To make matters worse, it's dangerously low on supplies, and one of the Officer's is leading a mutiny against the base's Commander.

    The base also appears completely isolated from the rest of the Military if it's still even around. The Military Base is ultimately destroyed by a massive zombie mob attack, and all known personnel are KIA. However, due to the Infection's inability to spread over water, the Navy in Left 4 Dead 2 seems to be operating at full capacity. Multiple maps show that almost all the evac centers in the US have been overrun or aren't evacuating anymore. The entire United States has been overrun in weeks.

    Of course, by the time you reach New Orleans in The Parish campaign, it seems to be largely overrun and abandoned, too. Bill says "As far as we know, zombies can't swim", so it's possible that islands are still safe, as long as air travel didn't bring The Infection to them. Space Pirates and Zombies , of course. You are Space Pirates! There are Zombies! What more is there to say? Well, actually, there is quite a lot to say, as the Space Pirates have got to wonder why there are no sentient alien species to speak of True, they are Space Pirates, the terrors of the Seven Sectors , but that's no reason for them to doom all of Humanity to a zombie fate, like all the other sentient species before them.

    Yes, the Zombies were waiting in the center of the Galaxy for the next species, and it it weren't for the Space Pirates' efforts, they probably would have assimilated all of Humanity. What a way to go.

    The Walking Dead (comic book) - Wikipedia

    Project Zomboid has Knox County being overrun by zombies with you in the middle of it. Developers state in later versions of the game, later provided you survived that long the zombies spread worldwide, with repercussions ingame such as no electricity for ovens or refrigerators.

    It uses straight-up Max Brooks rules: no fast infected, no special zombies, no zombified animals, and a single bite will always infect, no exceptions. Both Doom and Quake , in both cases supernatural and in neither case the main threat to humanity. In the former game, the zombies were undead foot soldiers a few pistol shots would do one in permanently , still using the firearms they had been carrying in life though Doom 3 introduced more regular walking corpses, which were originally intended to keep getting up as long as their corpse was intact, as revealed in a leaked beta; this was dropped from the final version because the Ragdoll Physics added to their deaths made it impractical.

    In the latter the zombies were shambling long-dead corpses in the Russo mould nothing short of dismembering them with explosives would keep them down , though much more easily killed "grunts" more like the Doom zombies were found in the early levels of each episode these may well have been still living, but possessed or otherwise mind-controlled. Quake IV features partially Stroggified humans whom for all intents and purposes behave like zombies, this is Lampshaded by another soldier.

    The Doom novelization had especially creepy scenes where zombies, still bearing an imprint of their former lives, would mindlessly shamble to the grocery store, pulling rotting food from the shelves, walking past the cash register, and so on. Quake's instruction manual explained that the Grunts had had cybernetics wired into their brain that stimulated their pleasure centers whenever they killed someone.

    In Halo , the Flood, who seem to have originated from a galaxy outside of the Milky Way, are very capable of causing an apocalypse. The infection forms and airborne spores first turn any sentient lifeforms they come across into zombies. Eventually, the infected beings begin to deteriorate and bloat, releasing more infection forms, which go to infect other people and so on and so forth, until they gain enough biomass to form a variety of "Pure" Flood forms, including the Gravemind, a hyper-intelligent hive-mind containing the memories and knowledge of every single being in history to have been assimilated by the Flood.

    This intelligence manifests itself in the ability of the Flood to utilize complex technology, strategize, and fully communicate with non-infected beings the last known Gravemind even had a tendency to speak in trochaic heptameter. They were so powerful that the only way the highly-advanced Forerunners managed to defeat them was activating the seven Halos in order to kill all sentient life in the galaxy and starve the Flood of their necessary nutrition. Even afterwards, they had a bad tendency of overrunning their holding facilities whenever outside interlopers stumbled upon them; they completely consumed the Halo in the first game , and end up doing the same to the Threshold research facilities, Delta Halo, and the Covenant capital city of High Charity in Halo 2.

    They got to Earth in Halo 3 , and were only stopped by the Elite fleet glassing a huge chunk of Africa. They also nearly completely overran the massive extra-galactic Forerunner instillation known as the Ark before the current Gravemind and presumably all other Flood from the Milky Way more advanced than an infection form were finally destroyed.

    The Forerunner Saga reveals that the Flood are in fact the malevolent remnants of a species known only as the Precursors, who were even more advanced than the Forerunners. There is also no true cure for it; the Flood can simply choose whether it wants to infect someone or not. The only organic sentient beings that seem truly immune to direct infection are those lacking a central nervous system, though they can still be killed and converted into Flood biomass.

    Halo 3 introduced a multiplayer mode where someone is "infected" and spreads it by killing people with the energy sword, and they come back to do the same. Eventually, you have a few regular people left heading for the high ground to snipe as much as they can before being overwhelmed. It is very unlikely though possible with a few skilled players working together for survivors to last until the end of the round. Infection variants on modified maps make up the Living Dead weekend event, which plays on random weekends as well as on Halloween.

    Well, the third game was when it was made official and programmed in as a gametype by Bungie. It was played unofficially in custom team slayer games as early as Halo 2 , by designating one team a zombie team, and the other a human team. This put everybody on the honor system though, since you had to manually change teams yourself. This, combined with the fact that some hosts went by Russo rules where you have to get killed by a zombie and only by a zombie to turn, while other hosts went by Romero rules where all deaths should make a convert, predictably lead to chaos and frustration when dealing with inexperienced, stubborn, or otherwise plain stupid players.

    Whoever is hit by a zombie is turned into one, and so on. The second popular mode, called Zombie Riot, is a typical zombie apocalypse and is players versus computer-controlled zombies, with no infection. According to creators, while playing with the AI for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero , they discovered that playing an outnumbered team of bots with knives only served as a makeshift zombie apocalypse scenario. This led to the creation of Left 4 Dead. The third game even had them quote a recurring line from Shaun of the Dead as a tribute, because Time Splitters 2 had a cameo in the film as the FPS game that Ed and Shaun play.

    Blood , a game created around horror movie tropes, had its fair share of zombies the tougher variety's appearance taken directly from George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead. In the sequel, living dead were replaced by people taken over by supernatural wormlike parasitic beings. The Half-Life series has its ubiquitous, iconic Headcrabs and the zombies they create when they attach themselves to a suitable host and commandeer its nervous system.

    Although incapable of infecting others directly, they otherwise behave identically to Romero zombies Zombie Gait , mindless, dangerous in numbers, prone to Infernal Retaliation et cetera. In the original game they were weak and somewhat annoying enemies, rarely present in more than small groups. In Half-Life 2 and its Episodes however they cause two instances of this trope: The Combine commonly use Headcrabs as a biological weapon, storing them in artillery shells which are fired on entrenched locations, the shell both causing structural damage and killing any nearby humans due to its impact or the Headcrabs it releases.

    When the Combine discovered Ravenholm, a small mining town used to shelter a large number of people who had fled from Combine control, it was subjected to massive bombardment by these weapons, and by the time Gordon arrives the only things he finds are corpses, hordes of Headcrab Zombies, and one shotgun-wielding Badass Preacher. In Episode One the entirety of City 17 experiences this, the liberal use of Headcrab Shells during The Battle of City 17 and the destruction of the Citadel's Dark Fusion Reactor crippling Combine control of the region resulting in the city's underground infested with Headcrabs and zombies and the city itself under almost constant attack.

    With the complete detonation of the Citadel they are the only living things remaining in City 17 and even they are fleeing by Episode Two , creating a constant stream of zombies into the surrounding regions that attack humans and Combine alike. That Gordon Freeman, what a great hero. Urban Dead. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Three scouts, on the eve of their last camp-out, discover the true meaning of friendship when they attempt to save their town from a zombie outbreak.

    Director: Christopher Landon. From metacritic. Trending Horror Movies on Amazon Video. Want to Watch. Horror Movie Nights. My top movies of Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Tye Sheridan Ben Goudy Logan Miller Carter Grant Joey Morgan Augie Foster Sarah Dumont Denise Russo David Koechner Scout Leader Rogers Halston Sage Kendall Grant Cloris Leachman Miss Fielder Niki Koss Chloe Hiram A.

    Corporal Reeves Lukas Gage Travis Drew Droege Drunk Man Patrick Schwarzenegger Jeff Blake Anderson Ron the Janitor Elle Evans Amber the Zombie Stripper Matty Cardarople Edit Storyline A reckless janitor accidentally releases a zombie from a laboratory of research. Country: USA.

    Language: English. Also Known As: Scouts vs. Runtime: 93 min. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Features adult film star Missy Martinez as the female police officer whose uniform gets caught in a fence and flashes the scouts. Goofs When the car hits the deer there is just a punctured tire and a crack in the windshield. In real life there would be extensive damage and the car would almost certainly be undriveable. Quotes [ last lines ] Kendall Grant : [ after Ben kissed her ] Who are you?

    Ben : I'm a Scout! Crazy Credits After the first set of end credits, a scene pans to Scout Master Rogers' severed head lying on the ground. A bird craps on his face and says "Come on! His head turns to the audience and says "The End". Connections Referenced in Dillon Francis Feat. Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography. Audible Download Audio Books.

    Carter Grant.