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Although we had a couple of long stretches of sea days, I was never bored. There were so many daily scheduled activities that I couldn't attend them all. I attended most of the quality computer classes by Craig who made learning fun and easy. There were plenty of history, military history and talks on the culture of the foreign countries that we visited. I attended all the culinary demonstrations with printed recipes and samples, of course and a couple of movies. A big thanks goes to HAL for providing various religious services throughout the cruise.

Few cruise lines do this anymore. By far one of the most unusual activities on board was the special Neptune Ceremony when we crossed the equator. What fun the crew, passengers and officers all had poolside.

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Complimentary specialty drinks, costumes and decorations added to the festive atmosphere. The exotic Ports of Call were the main reason we booked this cruise and each was exciting and memorable. My favorite, and it is difficult to pick just one, was perhaps Shanghai. We docked right in the center of the action facing a beautifully lit skyline complete with a laser show.

The city has a lot to offer visitors. My husband's favorite was Ile des Pins with its stunning beaches. We both thought that the most unusual port was Komodo Island to see the Komodo Dragons. How many other cruises stop here? One disappointment, though, was that the scheduled Tokyo stop was cancelled due to the eminent arrival of a typhoon.

The captain anticipated the problem, substituted two other exciting ports, Kanazawa and Fukuoka Hakata on the opposite side of Japan. We did not encounter rough seas or rain perhaps just a bit of wind. Those who had previously visited Tokyo said that these were even better ports. Special for the Grand Voyages, HAL arranged complementary shuttles in the ports whenever it was feasible.

This was a huge help especially for those touring independently. In only one port did I have a problem with the shuttles. That was in Dutch Harbor where there were only two buses in service and no HAL shore excursion offered. Many passengers resorted to roaming taxis. There were a few other port challenges mostly out of HAL's hands but with a trip this long no one expected perfection. HAL did their best to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for us all. HAL provided us all with a plethora of pre-cruise documentation and throughout the cruise.

We received plenty of port information sheets, maps, ship logs and multi-page Explorer Guides to the ports with things to See and Do, shopping info, dining, sightseeing suggestions etc. At each foreign port we receive an extremely handy card listing essential foreign words, phrases, and a currency conversion charts that I used in every port. It also listed emergency phone numbers of the ship in port. I made a few minor suggestions to HAL at the end of our cruise.

For the Lido Buffet, I suggested adding lemonade as a beverage. I enjoyed it in the mornings poolside. Ice tea is provided but the caffeine makes me feel wired. Tall glasses are needed as it was hard to fill water bottles using juice sized glasses. I missed having no fat milk available at breakfast. I suggested more variety of music poolside. Embarkation was very slow 45 minutes, which surprised me but we were offered cold water or lemonade.

It was just hard to drink the beverage while moving along the line with jackets and hand luggage while trying to complete the health sheet. A more serious problem was the fact that the very comfortable couches in the Queen's Theater are lower than the chairs. If you sit on a couch, it is difficult to see over the heads of people on chairs in front of you.

The main problem for us, though, was the absence of flex time dining. I have to say that Pondi was always accommodating to our late arrivals. Only once did we have dinner in the Lido Buffet. Many of the excursion buses in Beijing were delayed two hours returning to the ship due to evening traffic jams. We were all treated royally in the Lido restaurant which stayed open late to serve us. It was nice not to have to change clothes for dinner. What I enjoyed most about the ship was the dome over the pool area. We could sit poolside even in Alaska where the temperature was cool.

Although we experience very few rainy days, whenever it got a bit windy or cool, the dome was closed. The well-maintained ship was comfortable although there were several plumbing problems on the long journey. The ship was just the right size to get into the smaller ports and it was easy to find my way around the ship. Hopefully another HAL Grand Voyage is in my future - what a spectacular way to cruise and be pampered.

We reached three star level a week early due to this bonus and are now only 8 days shy of level 4 stars when you receive complementary laundry service. So, our vacation lasted an additional 14 days. Due to the high cost of our return flight from San Diego, it was only a little more money to cruise back to FL on the ship and simply drive home. But, that is another review. St Pete Cruiser 5 Reviews Written. African Explorer. One of the plans you tend to make upon finishing your working years is what will you do to celebrate retiring.

I had long ago decided to do a long and adventurous cruise to new places. I had my eye on the Grand Pacific cruise on Holland However, when I realized that HAL was doing a circumnavigation of Africa for the first time in 5 years with port calls at some places that were high on the bucket list, I decided to go with the Rotterdam instead. It was not listed as a "Grand Voyage" although the price was about the same as the Pacific cruise, but it was indeed grand!

Flying from Florida to London was not a pleasure, as opposed to leaving from Ft Lauderdale or even Seattle, but after having to change to a flight to Washington DC, then Amtrak to Philly, and then flight to London followed by "tube" to London Victoria Station, then coach to Southampton, I made it. The Rotterdam had left Rotterdam the day before with less than half the guests before embarking the rest of us.

I boarded around noon and the bags were in the room before I was, a first for me. Lunch in the dining room a few minutes later and then back to outside mid ship to unpack in my new quarters where I quickly felt at home. Five separate closets with plenty of storage as the Rotterdam was built for long cruises. The Rotterdam was redone about 5 years ago with new bathrooms, comfortable beds, all the usual HAL goodies. Room stewards couldn't do enough for me such as fresh fruit bowl and even some flowers. Cleaned every morning and turned down every night, and always asked me by my name if I was happy.

I prefer the dining room to the Lido when time permitted. The greeter, who also always used my name, made sure I had a table and server of choice. Most of the dining room staff were excellent. I was treated like royalty and often was served my usual choices without even asking! If I asked the server which entree was better tonight, he would tell me and ofcourse return to make sure. If you treat these folks nicely, you will be amazed how great service is.

I do mostly seafood or vegetarian and with rare exceptions it was delicious and well presented. Breakfast in a quiet dining room with a sea view table and a good server, Rosenthal china, and great cooked to order food The Rotterdam had about guests for the first 48 days, about under "full capacity", with a lot of singles and no children. Well, one little girl who belonged to an officer. Never crowded, few ques, easy to find a seat for most everything, except some of the high quality lecturers.

The lecturers were an important and quality part of this grand voyage. Entertainment also good to excellent. The cast shows were great; thought they should have performed more often. You could tell most of the staff were picked for this special voyage. Cruise director Michael and port lecturer KK were excellent. Many of the guests on this ship were frequent cruisers, some too frequent.

By that, I mean, they were never satisfied with anything. Keep smiling guys! The Rotterdam goes into drydock spring of and it does need some attention.

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It did have some plumbing issues, but I was lucky to have no problems in my room the entire trip. The dining room often had themed nights relating to the areas we were visiting. There were also special regional foods served around the pool area. Entertainers from the various areas were also brought on to add to the grand style voyage. We were the only ship in port with just a few exceptions.

We only tendered in one port Luderitz and overnighted in 5 ports. The Rotterdam was a great ship for this itinarary as it is one of the fastest cruise ships on the seas, better to out run pirates and storms. We did run without most exterior lighting in the pirate areas and often maintained 20 knots.

An officer told me with all 5 engines going and a freshly painted hull, the Rotterdam can do 26 knots. That burns too much fuel. Also, this ship rides deeper in the water which gives it more stable ride. We did have to avoid a cyclone in the Indian Ocean. I left on day 79 from Lisbon to fly home flights were full from London so close to Christmas only missing one port Vigo, Spain. After mostly great weather, it was getting cold and rainy as we returned to Europe and thus I didn't miss much. As Holland America builds new bigger ships, their older ships will be sold.

The smaller ships can't handle the rougher seas either. Relaxing cruise, elegant ship and delightful crew! Sail Date: August This is my 3 rd sailing to Alaska but first time with HAL on this route. My husband and I felt that the overall experience was pleasant. The crew were always smiling and obliging, even when dealing with some demanding passengers!

This was our first time visiting Sitka and we felt it was the highlight of the ports of call with very lovely scenery. In each port we did our own thing which was good since flying excursions were canceled due to low cloud cover. State room was balcony on floor 7. No complaints except for my husband who is 6'4" and had to stoop while showering! Our adult, disabled son was traveling with us and had the fold out couch which needed extra foam and was brought by the cabin steward on our request.

We had room service in the mornings twice and it was prompt. We chose to eat in the MDR for most meals because the Lido was a zoo making finding a table challenging and there are no trays which means going backwards and forwards for beverages etc. The Pinnacle was good as was the Cannelto.

Entertainment re the shows was well done. We especially enjoyed the Captain and his talk and the backstage tour with the performers. The group Recycle Percussion were exceptional.

teddys journal cruise to japan china and singapore Manual

The cruise director was energized and entertaining and ran the Dancing with the Stars competition for the passengers very well which resulted in the grand finale dance off with the qualifying passengers being paired with one of the professional dancers to perform on stage for their fellow passengers. The portions seemed smaller Both boarding and disembarking were smooth and we were certainly accommodated with our son who has autism so we did not have to stand in the long lines to board.

We greatly appreciated this. The general ambience of the ship is one of understated elegance with dark woods and brass accents which was very pleasing. The crows nest was a favorite spot giving great views along with comfortable seating as one sailed along. We used the gym daily and felt that it was adequately equipped. Unlike other cruise lines we did not feel as though there was any undue pressure to buy The afternoon teas have changed from the elegant service with the staff in their national costume to a self serve buffet which was disappointing.

Also gone was the traditional appearance at Formal night with the march in of the Baked Alaska replete with sparklers that used to be carried aloft by the head chef with staff marching behind. The Lido also closed down at times and it was difficult to find something to eat! A lovely final touch however, was at disembarking as one crossed the gang plank to return to the normal life Sail Date: April Maybe it was coming off of a rather wonderful cruise on the Allure in September, or just the time of the year, but it certainly wasn't up to Maybe it was coming off of a rather wonderful cruise on the Allure in September, or just the time of the year, but it certainly wasn't up to standards.

Time of year: week before Easter and Passover week so there was a plethora of youngins. Not much of a hassle on board but on the one snorkel excursion in Nassau, it was. Living in FL full time we are used to snowbirds but failed to note that this was a week where lots of parochial school kids would be out and travelling with families. Had heard some spring breaks were cancelled due to the number of snow days. It does NOT excuse the well below par food and service on the Enchantment.

Our cabin steward DID find us a refrigerator when we didn't even have a mini-bar refrigerator the first night so we could at least chill and freeze water for shore excursions. Both were excellent and always at the ready with refills. The food in the dining room is where RCL fell way below par whether it was the soups, salads, entrees or desserts. My last meal, the seafood "mash" was cold and overcooked. I remarked that the scallops were hockey pucks and the cod "fillets" were the hockey sticks.

The baked potato barely melted the butter. They left off the "brulee" part of the creme brulee. We did do one dinner at the Windjammer and it was unsuccessful as well AND without the service we expect from Royal Caribbean. The "lobster" bisque was so fishy tasting in an awful red "sauce" that I spit it out. Even the seafood "crisps" on the Indian buffet were stale and soft.

Lunch at Windjammer was OK. The Park Cafe was the saving grace for this cruise. Breakfast had all we needed The BEST by far, hands down meal was the beef on weck kimmelweck rolls soaked in au jus for lunch each day. Small bit of horseradish made it even better. TWO heads which were checked throughout the morning by the crew. All the water and punch spiked on the return you could drink.

Two cautions: 1. The water is COLD by FL standards about 73 degrees, so bring even a shortie wet suit if you want to be in more than 20 minutes me 2. They were not mandatory and when people children esp. Had to wait about 15 minutes to get back on board while these guys were getting off for the first time. Poor entertainment on board, would only recommend for retirees! Firstly, I'd like to say that myself and my partner both 26 were travelling on this day tour of the south pacific islands for our honeymoon.

As a bit of background we both enjoy music playing and listening , theatre shows, As a bit of background we both enjoy music playing and listening , theatre shows, dancing, and partying as well as relaxing with a good book. So we thought this cruise would provide the perfect honeymoon as a mixture of relaxation, beach fun, musical and theatre entertainment and some partying too. I'll elaborate more on the reasons why and what we did and didn't like about it later on.

Sea days 6 in total were boring Definitely a cruise for the lazy or those who literally want to do nothing when on ship As I said we were on honeymoon. Finished booking Ok maybe I'd have an opportunity later. Forgot about it until less than a week before the wedding and my mother-in-law asked if I had let them know that it was our honeymoon. I had not Right, well a little effort would have been appreciated but ok. So I decided to just let our room steward know on arrival to our room after embarkation.

We let him know that we were on honeymoon, he congratulated us with smiles and enthusiasm which was nice and put some balloons and a sign up on our door to show it was our honeymoon Now I never expect special attention for anything but this was our honeymoon! Pretty disappointing - they didn't even organise a catch-up for other honeymooners despite seeing at least 5 other 'honeymoon' signs on other doors during walks around the ship. Moving on - we were originally booked in for an outside cabin located midship on level 9 we picked it specifically and asked NOT to be upgraded.

Somehow about a week before the cruise we were informed of an 'upgrade' to deck 11, one cabin from the back of the ship Not happy but didn't complain as it was 1 week away and we didn't have time to think about it with our wedding coming up. We were in room and ended up wit 'restricted view' out the window. Luckily for us we didn't have the 'chair scraping' issue that other cabins on deck 11 seem to have as we did not have any area of useable deck above us so for that reason it was quite good. It was also very close to the plantation restaurant deck 12 directly above and the oasis bar below on deck Cabin was clean and the cabin steward was very nice.

On three occasions over 14 days we received towels in the shape of different animals. After only being on the ship a few hours it was clear that the average age of passengers on this cruise would be around 60! Also, putting it as delicately as possible and really trying not to offend anyone Whilst this is fine and has nothing to do with us it did, without exaggeration make navigating hallways and elevators very difficult.

It could be very uncomfortable at times as we were the ones expected to get out of their way. Now you may think I have been quite negative so far but as reviews are generally viewed to get a sense of the negatives associated with the topic I will mainly focus on those and mostly summarise the positives at the end.

The embarkation process was fast and easy, welcoming onto the ship was good, all the stewards, waiters, bartenders etc were very friendly and always helpful. The layout of the ship wasn't bad. The decor was simple, nothing opulent, and the common areas seemed a little cramped. Buffet was reasonable. Food was very similar each day with small changes in variety of food supplied.

Had heard they do seafood buffets during the cruise - not once was this provided, which was disappointing. Some of the hot food was ok and was happy to try most things for lunch. Breakfast food was better than what was supplied for lunch or dinner. After 2 days of buffet food we ate at the Waterfront every day for lunch and dinner.

Service at the waterfront restaurant was very good but was highly dependant on the waiter that you were allocated - we were very lucky. The food was quite good considering there was no charge and we always got 3 courses, and sometimes extras if we were particularly hungry and asked them. Food in the cafe or pizza place cost extra and were reasonable. We liked going out to the oasis bar on deck 10 and relaxing on the lounges with a pina colada! Entertainment - now this is a very important aspect of a cruise considering we spent 6 full days at sea, not to mention being at sea every night.

So as far as we were concerned there needed to be enough entertainment to keep us interested and of good quality. We were extremely disappointed with most aspects of entertainment. When looking at the 'Pacific Daily', which is the daily schedule of activities, it would seem that there is a lot to do The pacific entertainers the dancers and singers on board were absolutely terrible, we get better entertainment from our local scout groups annual performance - which is really saying something. The singing was average at best and the acting and dancing was uninspiring.

We usually enjoy all forms of musical and theatre entertainment, so it might sound like we're being picky, but these performances were terrible and each night less and less passengers came to them. We only continued to go out of sheer boredom - it was either go to that or go to bed at The on-deck parties I think there were 3 were an absolute joke.

The pacific entertainers were unenthusiastic and failed to really interact with the crowd, seeming bored with being there at all. Rather than trying to improve the feel of the party they seemed resigned to the fact it was losing momentum at 10pm. Bands on board were talented but failed to judge the crowd well and played the wrong songs at the wrong times - for party music they failed to get the crowd going.

Dance classes - 2x salsa and 1x jive. Hardly extensive. Lots of bingo, at least once per day. Karaoke heats every day. Casino open most of the time. These seemed like the extent of regular activities- none of which i was interested in During Sea days I did enjoy some of the on board 'adventure' activities extra costs including rock climbing up the rear funnel. Even young families may find the on-board activities lacking.

Most activities have additional charges and they are NOT cheap. Even the pensioners we talked to on the ship were disappointed and the entertainment seemed to be directed towards them. Although we are four star mariners on HAL it has been almost three years since we cruised with them. The following is a summary of the ship and my cruise The following is a summary of the ship and my cruise experience, beginning with the positive followed by concerns.

Generally speaking—I find no significant degeneration in HAL's service or facilities. This was a very good cruise and I highly recommend it. Excellent weather and relatively calm seas all the way except Moorea, the port we had to miss due high winds. I find that not to be accurate at all, conversely, this ship is well taken care. The Statendam entered service in and, with the possible exception of the Prinsendam, I find it better maintained than most of the HAL fleet we have previously sailed on, most of which were newer ships.

HAL has always enjoyed a reputation of taking good care of their ships; I find they still do so. The Lido buffet seemed to have a larger food variety this trip and HAL does a great job of making certain everything is sanitized. I love the fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning there. However, on the Ryndam things were so crowded, probably because no charge for the Canoletto, that the tables, even for two, were so packed together that it was like joining a "6 conversations going at once club".

All escorts were tour knowledgeable and easy to understand. We also sail a lot on Regent which equally has excellent excursions, but their price is included in the cruise package which I greatly prefer. No more traditional for us. We experienced excellent service in the main dining room by HAL personnel and always got a table for two, seldom we had to wait, maybe twice for a minute or two. It is my opinion that HAL critics of this procedure are flat wrong. So is the Ryndam which we have also sailed on.

It occurred to me that this class ship has more open deck public area per passenger than any ship we have been on. This proves to be a major plus for guests on cruises where a lot of scenic cruise days are involved, like along the coast of Alaska, glacier viewing, Antarctica, fiords of Norway and so on. All open decks on this ship are planked with Teak, and there is two degree complete walk around decks, the promenade and the uppermost outdoor deck which runs around the top perimeter.

Also there are many decks where public can gather to sightsee. On so many ships when approaching spectacular points of interest, like Hubbard Glacier at Yakutat, everybody is on deck trying to find nook for good viewing. Decks are so crammed that it is ludicrous.

Teddy's Journal: Cruise to Japan, China, and Singapore by Stan Abshier (Paperback, 2012)

One frequent criticism of the newer megaships is that they have little open deck space for observation, sunbathing or cozy quiet places to read, which used to be considered of value for traditional ocean travel of yesteryear. Instead, the ships are designed like shopping malls and amusement parks where guests are pretty much confined to interior areas. Even though these ships might have excellent space to passenger ratios, getting out and enjoying an open sea breeze is not a number one priority for ship designers anymore.

On this voyage they have something new, a Polynesian, Kanioa, who works full time describing ports and history of the Pacific, he even does some Alaska and South America. He has an artful sense of humor that really cracked folk up occasionally. Quite a change from the old travel agent style delivery by someone speaking about everything in general with a delivery similar to reading from a text book. Both HAL, Regent and Princess are excellent in providing experts for areas being traveled, such as naturalists, biologists, anthropologists and historians.

HAL is one of the few lines anymore that provides a protestant cleric for Sunday services and daily devotionals. Enjoyed it although would like a larger bathroom without the tub, but only a shower. Great balcony, larger than most. Even though this voyage has been very smooth, one time during the day when we couldn't get into Moorea I felt the ship take on a big one, I looked outside, through our patio windows, to see a wall of white water completely obscure the view for a few seconds. Being on deck 9, or 7 decks or stories above the water line, the spray must have reached 10 stories up.

Cruise to Japan from China (Nagasaki Port)

They had some great singers and performers and have pretty much done away with the bore comedians with their corny political jokes that leaves half the audience mad and the other cackling although they do have a comic now and then that is very good they are now wise enough to stay away from ignorant politics or religious issues. Also, best demonstration of Black Pearl farming found here. Later, when I checked it out on the ship it was closed out.

But later yet they expanded it. Sure glad they did, besides being an excellent tour it included lunch at a restaurant that was out of this world, du Musee Gauguin. If we ever get back to Tahiti again we are definitely going to try to get there for dinner. For instance, the laundry equipment was down more often than should be and all around staff effort isn't near as coordinated as it used to be so there is a lot of reacting and not enough anticipation of potential problem areas.

I do miss the old one where one could bring a modest amount of wine on board at any port without charge or restrictions, it was an unique feature of their sailing experience. Since they are determined to go the mediocre route in order to fit in with most of the other big cruise lines, the least they could do is provide a red wine selection that is more reasonably priced.

I would greatly appreciate that over some of the other Mariner perks provided. Journey to the Orient. We recently returned from our 3rd Azamara Cruise, our second time aboard the Journey. The Journey had been upgraded since The Journey had been upgraded since our last cruise with new carpets, upholstery, cabins etc. No matter which ship you are on you feel comfortable and at home. The Journey remained over night in Hong Kong so we were able to see the Hong Kong harbour light show.

This was our first trip to Asia so we booked Land Discoveries at each of the ports of call. Our guides on the tours were from the same company so we saw them at several of the islands. Their language skills and knowledge were very, very good and we would highly recommend the tours. We arrived in Tokyo on the 25th for a two day stay. Our first night there was our AzAmazing Evening. We were bused to the Japanese Matsuri Gardens, where we were greeted by Kimono clad ladies and music on traditional Japanese 15 string guitars.

Local artists created and shaped animal shaped lollipops. Calligraphers did our names in traditional Japanese writing. Sumo wrestlers performed for us. Refreshments were varied and abundant. Truly an AzAmazing Evening. Entering Tokyo harbour the ship hit an underwater obstacle which we later learned damaged the Port propeller. The Captain came on the PA system and told us that we would be proceeding to Osaka Japan with only one propeller so our arrival time would be somewhat later.

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The next morning Captain Jason gave a full presentation to the guests describing the damage, including underwater pictures of the propeller. While we were in no danger, it was decided that the cruise would end in Osaka as the ship had to proceed to dry dock for repairs. All the Osaka tours were rescheduled to accommodate our late arrival.

We were very impressed at how well the Captain and crew kept us informed. Our cruise was scheduled to end in Shanghai two days later. We were flown to Shanghai and put up at the 5 star Hyatt Hotel, on the Bund. This hotel overlooked the beautiful Shanghai harbour that, like Hong Kong, had a fabulous night-time light show. All expenses were covered and the GO Team was there and arranged our private transportation to the Shanghai airport the next day. We were also well compensated by the cruise line for shortening of the cruise and any inconvenience.

The ship and its crew continue to exceed our expectations. They go out of their way to make you feel at home, and this is one of the main reasons that we have chosen to cruise with Azamara. Unfortunately we had occasion to make use of the Medical facilities. Dr Dahl and his staff were highly professional and followed up to ensure all was well.

From the start of the cruise, Captain Jason and his officers of the ship were out and about every day, talking to guests, answering questions and ensuring that everyone was being taken care of. Cruise Director Tony kept us informed of all the daily activities and the evening shows were very entertaining.

While not as incident free as our previous cruises with Azamara, the way in which the Captain, the crew and Royal Caribbean handled the technical difficulties has reinforced our confidence in and loyalty to Azamara Club Cruises. Cruise 4 is in the works! It had a total of 15 fashion shows and more than 7, guests at the Tent Orchard from 28 Apr to 2 May His style is sophisticated, concentrating on sharp tailoring and fluid draping.

His boutique aQuaint in Conduit Street is the flagship for his collections. The silk dress was encrusted with 97 diamonds totalling The following year, it was the first local label at New York Fashion Week. Longest Duration Catwalk A catwalk lasting 4 hr 3 min took place at the Centrepoint atrium on 2 Sep with 47 volunteer models involved.

The event was organised by Frasers Centrepoint Mall. Longest Catwalk On 1 May , the Orchard sidewalk in front of Ngee Ann City and Wisma Atria was transformed into a glamorous site with a m catwalk for the fashion show. The event was held at Suntec City on 26 Feb First International Nails Competition The first international nail art competition was held at the BeautyAsia at Suntec City on 27 Feb and 43 contestants from six Asian countries participated. In , he became the resident choreographer of the Washington Ballet. When he passed away in , he has created 39 ballets which have been staged throughout the world.

Known for her innovative dance choreography in works such as the Temple Tone Poem and Goodbye Again which retold dramatic Asian narratives using ballet techniques, Goh was also a co-founder of the Singapore Dance Theatre, which has become internationally renowned for its unique Asian idiom. He is only the third director of the year-old school. Han taught at the North Carolina School of the Arts from For the decade before that he directed the Arizona Ballet School, training arm of the Arizona Ballet.

His training started at the Singapore Ballet Academy when he was in secondary school. The evening picnic-cum-performance at Fort Canning Green has since become a regular item in the annual Singapore Arts Festival. Low and his wife Jenny, parents of the famous Sunny Low dancers in the s, became professional ballroom champions in and from to The dance classes have since grown to an average enrolment of 4, students a year in a network of 19 centres in Singapore and Malaysia, offering Bebe ballet, classical ballet and modern jazz dance.

It has enabled young talents to work as dance instructors, performers and choreographers. The centre generated close to half a million dollars in less than two years. It organised The Big Groove, the first and largest hip-hop dance conference in Singapore. Kwok was one of the 12 finalists at the competition held at UCC in Sep Started learning ballet at four, Kwok joined the Singapore Ballet Academy at Longest Reigning Breakdancers Radikal Forze teammates have already been breakdancing together for 10 years.

They have won the national annual b-boying, as it is also called, competition in the last four years. The competition was opened to both men and women. Her later work, Savitri, was also the first Indian dance drama where Indian classical music and dance were integrated with lines spoken in English by actors.

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Dance girls were mostly local, as well as some from China, Thailand and the Philippines. Customers could engage in their services by purchasing dance coupons priced at one dollar for three dances. There was an entry charge to the cabaret and ordering drinks was also mandatory. Belly dancing is performed by men in other countries but not here. The restriction on bar top dancing was lifted in March that same year.

The shows featured 40 international ice skating stars including the Olympic Games champions Elvire Collins and Fernand Leemand. Under the directorship of Goh Soo Khim, it has developed into a premier professional dance company that has grown from seven to 24 dancers. Over the years, the company performs five to six seasons, including the widely popular Ballet Under The Stars at the Fort Canning Park.

The collection may be traced to its predecessor, the National Museum Art Gallery, which opened in to a bequest of 93 works collected by the late Dato Loke Wan Tho. The club had 50 members in its first year and was inaugurated with a talk by Dr Lim Boon Keng. The Singapore Art Society was organised in The society held its first art exhibition at the British Council in Apr This was followed by the National Museum Art Gallery in It measures by 77 cm.

He has created a large body of work in various media including painting, sculpting, printmaking, calligraphy and seal-carving. He has since published 39 books of poetry. He practised the technique of writing with his index finger from the s till his last solo exhibition in He has also produced freestanding sculptural works on paperdyesculpt.

In , Lee, together with Lim Wasim, compiled a five-volume edition of the Sukarno Collection, which featured many of his own works. He continued to paint until shortly before his demise at the age of 93 in Longest Batik Painting Sarkasi Said, a renowned local batik artist, holds the Guinness record for the longest batik painting measuring On 20 May , at 62 years, he completed the orchid-themed batik using dyes and wax. He slept an average of two hours for five consecutive days to complete the painting.

Eight cartoonists spent about four months at the Malay Heritage Centre, during weekends, to contribute towards the project in Building Covered With Most Graffiti Rozaimie and 20 other graffiti artists spent more than two weeks spray-painting the 12m by 42m facade of the 3-storey high National Youth Centre in Oct Tan is a full-time sand sculptor. They completed painting the last wall on 17 May Momentum represents the dynamism of Singapore and its people.

Five ladies from Kenya made the intricate rangoli measuring 14 ft by 18 ft at the Kallang Theatre foyer from Mar Since , Montblanc has offered exposure for artists in its worldwide boutiques. Warren was suffering from a severe renal disorder and amoebic dysentery, and could only paint for about 15 min followed by a long rest.

After the war, he returned to England but came back to the scene of his captivity three times — in , and to restore his paintings. His first foray into comic illustration was with The New Paper. The Astronautics was serialised in The Century Boys, a Taiwanese comic magazine with 40, copies in circulation. To date, Wee has created more than volumes of manga works. The culture prizes were set up in by the Japanese city of Fukuoka to honour the work of individuals or organisations in Asian cultures.

Longest Painting 1, students from 21 schools painted woodboards over a period of four months. The boards were combined on 23 Aug at the National Stadium to form a total length of m. Entitled Colours of Life, the project was coordinated by artist Ben Puah. He specialised in stone-like cladding and pre-cast concrete columns, and for the following 15 years was responsible for the faux stonework adorning many public buildings: Supreme Court, Fullerton, City Hall, Bank of China, College of Medicine, Elgin Bridge, Merdeka Bridge and the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. His studio was at 47 Scotts Road.

Largest Rangoli Individual On 3 Aug , Vijayalakshmi Mohan broke the Guinness record by single-handedly creating a rangoli of size 52 ft by 53 ft or 2, sq ft sq m in 7 hr without any breaks. Rangoli is a form of Indian decoration that uses finely ground white powder and colours. The feat was carried out at the Whampoa Community Club. Heading the list were pieces by well-known Indonesian contemporary artist Masriadi. Led by Vijayalakshmi Mohan, the rangoli measured It was published in and also had UK and US editions.

It was also translated into Dutch and Japanese. Ow estimated that he has created about original heart designs. Longest Practising Origami Artist Ronald Koh has been practising origami from his childhood till today at 62 years of age. Many of his origami pieces were published in books and other publications worldwide. Koh taught and exhibited at many international origami conventions. He has designed numerous animal pieces and has written a book, Origami Goldfish. His titles, awards and accolades are printed in both English and Mandarin on the card. Born in , the painter and a sculptor was the first Asian to receive the coveted decoration of Knight of the French Order of Arts and Letters in The event was sponsored by Marunda Utama Engineering.

The painting, a multi-coloured mandala, was erased shortly after its completion as a symbol of the impermanence of life. He is the first Singaporean to break into the notoriously difficult Hollywood movie industry. He is also the first Singaporean photographer to have a solo exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum in The shot was taken on location in the filming of House of Flying Daggers Between and , he was ranked among the top three positions and he eventually achieved the PSA five-star award in He received the Cultural Medallion in First Recorded Photographer Gaston Dutronquoy was the first known resident photographer in He became the first professional photographer here in First Full-time Female Clown In , while still in junior college, Vivien Goh started performing as a clown, mime artist and ventriloquist.

Soon, she started a talent management company — Zephyhdom. Although she usually performs as Sweetheart the Clown, she also builds gigantic balloon sculptures, emcees and organises events. Largest Chalk Floor Art On 12 Feb , Fajar Secondary School students completed a chalk floor art which was made up of 40 pictures of logos, symbols and mascots. The chalk art measured Each piece measured 16 cm by 16 cm.

Longest Bronze Mural The bronze mural, standing 2m tall and running 25m along one side of a wall, separates the Sun Yat Sen Museum from a Burmese temple. It shows large groups of Chinese men who were ordered to report to a Japanese registration centre in a month-long purge of anti-Japanese elements, code-named Sook Ching, which eventually took the lives of thousands. The 12m by 30m drawing was done in three hours.

It was designed by French artist Christophe Tissot and painted by students, taking about six weeks to complete. This m wall mural was presented to Singapore by Publicis Eureka in celebration of its 21 years in Singapore. He made two voyages to South-East Asia in the s. The work described the archipelago during pre-British colonial times. It was published in Frankfurt in Robert Carr Woods, law agent, advocate, notary public, editor and proprietor of The Straits Times compiled the directory.

It contained an alphabetical listing of the names and addresses of residents on the island as well as their professions. It also included brief information on Singapore such as a calendar, dates of festivals and events. It was published in It contained articles on ethnology, geography, geology, history and the literature of the archipelago. He brought with him a small press and in , established the Mission Press at the location of the present Raffles Hotel.

It was soon printing public documents for the Straits Settlements government. It was later bought by the Singapore Institution and many early books carried the imprint of the Mission Press as well as Institution Press. It was published by the Mission Press, the first printing office established by the British in Learn world geography Follow his location while he explores the World Learn how to find any place on the globe Learn of beautiful clothes and exotic customs of other people Learn history of cultures that existed long ago Follow Teddy by the beautiful pictures.

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