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Bidders will make payment directly to the shipper. Large items may need to be shipped through a freight or moving company, it is the bidder's responsibility to make these arrangements. Toledo, OH A. Movers directly for any special arrangements or requests If items are not picked up during the removal times listed, then the item will be donated to a local charity! Movers A. Some Wear. Jackets, Inc. Brother Sewing Machine, Mademoiselle No. Green Rover Rovermatic - No.

Aveling-Barford Tractor Shovel - No. Lomas Ambulance - No. Marked "Capt. Strong acrylic, tamper-proof adhesive. Will not peel off. UV, water, oil and chemical resistant. Quality, stunning digital print reproduces exact designs. Easy to wipe clean. London: Camden Society, Binding worn, front hinge weak, several places of cloth worn through on front cover.

Stitching weak and some signatures a little loose with one split in inner hinge. Paper age toned but not quite brittle. A Show more! How do social class and the use of bad language interact? Do young speakers use bad language more frequently than older speakers? Using the spoken section of the British National Corpus, Swearing in English explores questions such as these and considers at length the historical origins of modern attitudes Drawing on a variety of methodologies including historical research and corpus linguistics, and a range of data such as corpora, dramatic texts, early modern newsbooks and tele Show more!

S Show more! Slightly fitted dress has shaped, low-waisted bodice with very short kimono sleeves. Skirt has front apron panel. Shaped belt, with button and buttonhole trim, snaps to close on left front. Envelope is in very good condition; complete flap. Envelope note on Jo Mattli Mattly : Swiss charm and Parisian taste combine in the designs of this member of London's couture group.

Mattli has designed the clothes for many English films. This pattern was featured in the August Vogue Catalog. Size 16; Bust 36; Waist 28; Hip IM Add traditional flair with this landscape tree oil painting in brown, cream and white accented with a floating gold frame. Made in Taiwan, original Skipper body. What a Cool Outfit! Green vinyl coat, blue knit dress. Straight Leg Skipper sold with Young Ideas outfits.

Made in Japan, original Skipper body, sold only at Sears. Blonde or brunette hair in two long curly ponytails, bend legs, orange vinyl panties, sheer orange swim jacket with yellow vinyl trim. Made in Taiwan, Living Skipper body. Same doll as above, different box. Orange velvet coat, orange velvet dress with yellow drop waist skirt. Tan skin, blonde hair with bangs, rubbery arms, bend legs, orange two-piece swimsuit.

Same swimsuit as above, comes with orange swingset. Made in Korea, original Skipper body. Blonde hair, hair with wires in flip hairstyle, dress with blue bodice and blue gingham skirt. Long straight blonde or brunette hair, swimsuit with blue daisy print bodice and white pleated skirt.


Made in Taiwan, sold only in Europe, original Skipper body. Twist Skipper made in Korea, sold only in Australia, original Skipper body. Long straight blonde hair, navy two-piece Malibu-style swimsuit. Made in Korea, sold only in Europe, original Skipper body. Long blonde hair, rubbery arms, yellow two-piece Malibu-style swimsuit. Honey or pale blonde hair, blue eyes, arm mechanism that allows her chest to develop breasts, red tank top, two red checked skirts. Malibu Skipper in American red, white and blue swimsuit, with gold medal. Bunk beds convert to canopy bed, desk, two walls and floor.

Malibu Skipper with yellow, orange and blue swimsuit swimsuit style is same as Olympic Skipper swimsuit, just the colors are different. Made in Korea, sold only in Italy, original Skipper body. Called Simpatia Pleasant in Blonde hair and freckles, long pink dress, white crocheted shawl. Called Coiffure in Europe. Yellow, orange and blue Olympica-style swimsuit. Made in Korea, sold only in Canada, original Skipper body. Same as the doll, except the arms are hard shiny plastic. Made in Korea, sold only in Germany, original Skipper body. Made in Korea, sold only in Germany in and only in France in , original Skipper body.

Smaller head, shiny face, blonde hair with bangs, bend legs, orange two-piece swimsuit. Made in the Philippines, original Skipper body. Called Portofino in Italy. Malibu Skipper in swimsuit in orange, yellow and bright pink. Made in the Philippines, sold only in Germany, original Skipper body. Long dark blonde hair with bangs, hot pink bodysuit and matching maxi skirt. Blonde hair with bangs, tan lines and BEND legs, turquoise two-piece swimsuit, turquoise bag and aviator sunglasses.

Made in the Philippines, sold only in Japan, original Skipper body. Malibu Skipper in yellow, orange and blue diamond print swimsuit. Made in the Philippines, sold only in Europe, original Skipper body. Malibu Skipper in red knit top and white pleated tennis skirt. Malibu Skipper in glittery gold top and white pants with gold belt. Long straight blonde hair in two ponytails, red blouse with white fringe, white jeans. Blonde hair with bangs, fuchsia swimsuit, matching aviator sunglasses.

Malibu Skipper in dark red T-shirt, blue jeans. Malibu Skipper in white tank top with on it, blue nylon jogging shorts. Same nude doll as Western Skipper, red checked blouse, white fur vest, red jeans. Malibu Skipper in olive and white safari print blouse, olive shorts. Malibu Skipper in lavender body suit and pink knit leggings. Blonde hair with NO bangs, swimsuit with gold bodice and blue bottoms, green aviator sunglasses.

Made in the Philippines, sold only in England, original Skipper body. Blonde hair with bangs, pink bodysuit, pink and blue striped tights. Called Ritmic Skipper in Spain. All three dolls wear emerald green knit workout jumpsuits. Blue headband, hot pink knit bodysuit, white tights, aqua stretch pants. Sun Gold Malibu Skipper in red skirted swimsuit. Made in Hong Kong, sold only in Europe, original Skipper body. Great Shape Skipper in red, white and blue striped sailor suit with white collar. Very long blonde hair in thick twists, dark orchid print one shoulder swimsuit, yellow lei.

Made in China, original Skipper body. Called Tropiques in Europe. Blonde with ponytails, square face, blue jumper, white blouse, comes with white T-shirt similar to So Active Made in India, sold only in India, original Skipper body. Blonde with ponytails, square face, blue jumper, white blouse, comes with So Active pink checked dress.

Blonde with ponytails, square face, blue jumper, white blouse, comes with So Active pale aqua pajamas. Blonde with ponytails, square face, red jumper, white blouse, comes with white T-shirt. Blonde with ponytails, square face, blue jumper, white blouse, comes with red shorts and white blouse with red print. Sun Gold Malibu Skipper in yellow jumpsuit and yellow knitted sweater, wearing a gray Walkman.

Made in China, sold only in Europe, original Skipper body. Sun Gold Malibu Skipper with a topknot, wearing a purple and white tennis dress, white socks with purple trim, and purple tennis shoes. Blonde hair in tight ringlets, white jacket, red shirt, skirt and tights. Prettiest of the SuperTeen Skippers.

Same nude doll as Tropical, orange swimsuit, blue flower print wrap skirt, pink and orange lei. Called Tropical in Europe. Blonde with two long ponytails, jumpsuit with an LP print top half and yellow and white striped legs, blue tank top. Made in China, Teen Fun Skipper body. Called Quinceanera in Mexico and Sweetheart in Europe. Light and dark blonde streaked hair in two ponytails, BROWN eyes, white and silver bodysuit and tights, pink skirt, pompoms.

Prettiest of the Teen Fun Skippers. Blonde curlable hair, denim minidress. Blonde hair, long white gown with ruffled V collar and pink rose trim. Pink striped blouse, denim look top, pink polka dot skirt. Same gown as white Homecoming Queen. First black Skipper doll. Called Sun Magic in Europe. White sweatshirt with Pepsi-Cola logo, chambray miniskirt, blue knit shorts, red, white and blue bikini.

Skipper dolls from India. Dolls are blonde with various hairstyles and have the rounder Teen Fun style face introduced in The Gift Giving Barbie is pictured on the box. Wears So Active teal and rose sweatsuit. Two versions of the outfit, with colors reversed on the sweatsuits. Wears So Active blue version of checked dress. Wears green silk blouse, yellow print silk slacks. Wears white print T-shirt, red pleated skirt. Wears white T-shirt, green cotton slacks. Wears white T-shirt, red shorts. Wears pastel plaid dress with dropped waist and full skirt.

Wears pink cotton party dress with white heart print and large collar. Called Oh! Blonde bags, long red hair, blonde hairpiece, light blue gown with sleeveless bodice and two layers of tulle for skirt. Long platinum blonde hair in two ponytails, blue T-shirt, blue tank top, white print full skirt, pink leggings. Estrela stock number in Brazil is Same outfit as white Cool Tops.


Striped tank top and bike shirts, orange skirt. Red top and white full skirt with red stripes. Pale blue drop waist dress with polka dot skirt. Shimmery pale pink halter top with pale pink lace overskirt. Same outfit as white Babysitter Skipper, black baby with Little Sweets body in same outfit as white baby. Made in Malaysia, Teen Fun Skipper body. Long blonde hair, yellow swimsuit with orange print inset.

Called Hawaii in Europe. Blonde hair, pink bodysuit with silver inset, pink layers of ruffles for skirt, hard plastic pink fedora and cane. Called Beauty Teen or Glamour in Europe. White knit shirt with orange polka dot print and pink ruffled collar, matching ruffled skirt, baby made with Little Sweets body in pink ribbon and blue dress.

Monokini with blue tank top and yellow bottoms. Light blue dotted Swiss gown with puffy sleeves and full tea length skirt. Bright and dark pink, blue and yellow Pucci knit mini dress, huge pink scrunchy in hair, Dep styling gel. Blonde hair, dress with white bodice with black print and pink wavy striped skirt, white terrier named Coco. Same outfit and dog as white Pet Pals Skipper. Fluorescent green, blue and pink print denim outfits.

Maillot knit swimsuit with blue, yellow and pink waves print, blue plastic foam skirt, can of Bathtime Fun soap. Minidress with seashell print and yellow straps and belt. Similar to American Sun Sensation Skipper, slightly different hairstyle and bikini. Ankle-length shiny gold hair, turquoise midriff top with gold stars, turquoise capri pants, lacy gold overskirt. Called Majorette in Europe. Blonde hair with bangs swept to side, glittery blue bikini. Same outfit as white Baton Twirling Skipper. Blue, pink and white lace-trimmed mix and match outfits.

Called Sirene in France. Burgundy and blue midriff top and matching full miniskirt with yellow trim and glitter. Long blonde hair, yellow bikini, huge clear beaded earrings. Named Joias do Sol Sun Jewelry with stock number Platinum blonde hair with bangs, white knit shirt, orange heavy shorts, purple blouse. Called Adventure or Vakantie in Europe. Straight platinum blonde hair, blue blouse, blue striped overalls.

Blonde straight leg Skipper. Although the doll commemorates her introduction in , she is wearing Happy Birthday from Made in Malaysia, original Skipper body. Same outfit as white Cool Crimp Skipper. Triplets are Little Sweets body with molded hair and ponytails on top of the head. Same outfit as white Babysitter, Teen Fun Skipper body. Three black babies with Little Sweets bodies. Alisa is in yellow polka dots; Becky is in pink polka dots; Maria is in aqua polka dots.

Made in China. Red shirt with striped sleeves, red shorts with white polka dots and matching cap. Slight tan, long platinum blonde hair with bangs on right side, GREEN eyes, black orchid print bikini, bottle of fragrance. Made in Indonesia, Teen Fun Skipper body. Sold by Kay-Bee in without the fragrance. New thinner face, long platinum blonde hair and bangs, white midriff T-shirt with Pizza Hut logo, red denim look miniskirt. Some collectors consider her the prettiest of the Teen Fun Skippers, but I disagree! Same outfit as white Pizza Party Skipper.

All four dolls wear various combinations of denim, white with black polka-dots and a red Scottie print. American version has Barbie with SuperStar face. Japanese version has Barbie with Mackie face. Blonde wavy hair with bangs, white blouse, pink vest with print of photos, denim mini skirt, lacy white hose, toy phone for little girl. Called Telephone Skipper in Europe. Same outfit and accessories as Caucasian. Sparkly pink bikini, three sections of hair pulled into thin ponytails. Brunette hair in two braids, wears traditional gold and blue outfit. Made in India, sold only in India, Stacie face and body.

All dolls wearing pastel outfits with fur trim, Barbie in skating costume, Skipper in Scandinavian sweater, Stacie in vinyl jacket and Kelly in snowsuit. Purple bikini with gold glitter inset at front top and along waistline, purple and pink braided hairpiece. Called Miami Skipper in Europe. Long straight blonde hair, blue and pink stretch midriff top, jeans, two extra braided hairpieces. Made in China, Teen Skipper body. Long straight platinum hair, light green swimsuit of halter top with beaded neck strap and boy-cut shorts with beaded waistline.

Prettiest of both the Teen Skippers and the post-Malibu swimsuit dolls. Straight platinum hair, oversized lime green corduroy overalls, oversized lime green knit cap, purple, green and orange striped turtleneck. No wonder I hated this outfit! Even its stock number is evil! Called Cool Colours in Europe. Lime green striped turtleneck, lime green plaid pants, two blonde babies, two brunette babies all Little Sweets bodies. Also available with just two babies.


Lime green striped turtleneck, lime green plaid pants, four black babies all little Sweets bodies. Long straight platinum hair, modest two-piece orange swimsuit with yellow print and yellow ties. Long straight blonde hair with bangs, long light blue knit nightshirt with orange and white stripes on the sides. Lever on back operates yo-yo in her hand. Called Yo Yo Skipper in Europe.

Black hair, traditional red and gold Indian dress and scarf. Sold in India, Teen Fun Skipper body. Friends, acquaintances, celebrities, fantasy friends, Disney friends Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland. Blonde hair, blue satin dress, white apron and stockings. Called Alicia in France. Based on the Disney film. Ariel Wedding Party Ariel and Eric gift set. Ariel in wedding gown, Eric in white jacket and blue slacks. Red hair, blue eyes, separate pink ball gown. Made in xxxx, Teen Skipper body. Red hair, blue eyes, blue-green fish tail costume.

Ariel with green fish tail.

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Sandy with with blonde hair and pink fish tail. Based on the Little Mermaid animated series. Ariel in gown with blue bodice and dark blue skirt, purple waist. Eric in blue shirt and purple vest. Red hair, blue eyes, permanent plastic fish tail, lei. Made in China although country is not written on her backside , upper Teen Skipper body.

Dark pink strapless halter and matching fish tail. Arista Tropical Splash Arista. Blonde, permanent plastic fish tail, lei. Attina Tropical Splash Attina. Redhead, permanent plastic fish tail, lei. Tori Burns Generation Girl Tori. Long light blonde hair, slightly crimped, in two huge ponytails, yellow midriff top, blue blouse, jeans, skateboard. Made in Indonesia, Teen Skipper body. Chocho-chan Butterfly Chocho. Round face with large slightly almond shaped brown eyes, two curly ponytails. Blonde wears pale pink gown.

Brunette wears red gown. Redhead wears hot pink gown. Made in Taiwan, sold only in Japan, original Skipper body.

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Courtney Courtney is brunette unless otherwise noted. Red and white striped knit top, denim look vest, white dress with red polka dots. Four small ponytails, yellow T-shirt, red tank top, white print skirt. Came in brunette or redheat. Prettiest of the Courtneys. Knit dress with white bodice, pink print puffy sleeves and matching skirt.

Baby in pink. Blue, green and fuchsia Pucci print knit dress, green scrunchy in hair, Dep styling gel. White cotton dress with black animal print and orange print skirt, knit purple shorts, Maine Coon cat named Sasha. Purple midriff top, purple print full skirt, purple and blue pompoms. Aqua midriff top, long baggy cotton shorts in white and aqua. New thinner face, white tank top with Pizza Hut log, flower print blouse, denim look mini skirt. Dark pink fuzzy short-sleeved sweater, green tweed pleated skirt, lacy white hose.

Long brown hair, purple midriff top, white jeans. Long straight RED hair, lime green sweatshirt, long pink knit skirt. Long auburn hair, yellow terry cloth bathrobe, green nightshirt, inflatable pillow. Daisy Vanilla Daisy. Red hair, brown eyes, bodysuit and skirt with heart and daisy design. Based on an American Greetings character. Teen Fun Skipper head mold, blue eyes, brown hair, light blue gown. Pizza Party Skipper head mold, blue eyes, darker brown hair, light blue gown. Fluff Living Fluff. Two long golden blonde ponytails, bend arms and legs, yellow knit swimsuit with orange and green stripes and orange vinyl skirt.

White blouse, red velvet slacks, red print cotton skirt, gold vest. Ginger Ginger. Brown hair, blue tricot swimsuit, two blue polka dot skirts.

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Kayla Tropical Splash Kayla. Black doll, permanent plastic fish tail, lei. Kevin Cool Tops Kevin. Long-sleeved white T-shirt, blue and silver vest, gray slacks. Brown hair. Made in China, smaller Ken body, 11 inches tall. Turquoise T-shirt, yellow shorts, black slacks. White shirt and shorts with black animal print, yellow tank top, Dalmatian named Duke. Letterman jacket in orange with silver sleeves, white T-shirt, jeans. Blond hair. Best outfit of the Kevins.

Orange sweatshirt, baggy denim shorts. Best face and hair of the Kevins. Red T-shirt with Pizza Hut logo, denim shorts, inches tall. Lily Lemon Kiss Lily. Strawberry blonde hair, violet eyes, dress with pink bodice and white skirt with lily print, huge lilac hat. Red T-shirt with white sleeves, red print ruffled skirt, jeans. African-American doll, lime green crop top, blue jeans.

African-American doll, two huge ponytails, lime sequined halter mini dress and lime knit jacket. African-American doll, purple bath robe, shiny blue nightshirt, inflatable pillow. Jimmy Osmond Jimmy Osmond. Silver jumpsuit with purple sleeves. Made in Taiwan, smaller Ken body, 10 inches tall.

Head with both molded hair and cap with feather, green tunic and tights, belt with knife. Chelsie Peterson Generation Girl Chelsie. Long wavy brunette hair, purple print minidress with puffy sleeves, acoustic guitar. Pretty Teen Kmart Pretty Teen. Blonde, blue eyes, white T-shirt with brown print, short light blue jumper. Rose Richards Peppermint Rose. Blonde, blue eyes, dress with pink bodice and pink and white striped skirt, huge pink plastic hat.

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Ricky Straight leg Ricky. PINK skin, blue cotton swim trunks, blue cotton striped jacket. Scott SuperTeen Scott. Black curly hair, yellow and navy tank top, blue jeans, blue windbreaker with yellow sleeves. Made in the Philippines, smaller Ken body, 10 inches tall. Red dress with blue trim, blue checked sundress, pink nightgown. Made in Japan, hair colors probably varied, original Skipper body. PINK skin, blonde, brunette or redhead, two-piece knit swimsuit with red and white striped top and red bottoms.

PINK skin, blonde, brunette or redhead, two-piece cotton swimsuit red polka dot top and blue bottoms. Prettiest of the Skooters. Auburn hair with flip ends, aqua two-piece Malibu-style swimsuit. Made in Japan, Living Skipper body.

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Platinum blonde, neon green outfit, yellow wings, wand, hair clip. Golden blonde, bangs brushed to side, slightly different face paint, neon green outfit, yellow wings, wand, hair clip. Violet Merry Mint Violet, black doll, violet eyes, violet bodysuit, white satin overskirt with violet print. Introduction This is the list I have created of all the different Barbie dolls sold around the world between and I stopped at because that was the year I quit buying new dolls. I am not distinguishing between playline and collector dolls. New dolls introduced each year. If a doll were available for more than one year, I listed her only for the first year, unless significant changes in hair or clothing were made for her, such as the different original outfits over the years for the Twist N Turn Barbies.

Foreign dolls. If a doll were sold in a country outside the U. If a completely different doll were sold in a different country, she is listed separately. If more than one version of a Barbie were sold in the United States, such as significantly different hair colors blonde vs. Slight variations in skin color, hairstyle, clothing and packaging will be mentioned in one line. For instance, the American Girl pageboys and sideparts are listed together. Dressed dolls and gift sets, even if a basic version of the same doll, are also available separately.

Stock numbers. You can find them elsewhere. I own maybe 2 percent of all of the dolls listed, and to attempt to find photos of all percent of them would not only take years, if I scanned copies of them from books I would violate numerous copyright laws. The dolls from the s, especially the bubble cuts, had umpteem variations in hair, eye shadow, lip and nail colors. I am listing them only by the major hair colors--blonde, brunette and redhead. I realize a blonde could be anything from platinum white to dishwater, and her lips and nails could be anywhere from sheer baby pink to blood red.

Not to mention the fact that if I attempted to upload all this information, I would probably shut down the entire Internet and cause the world to return to the Stone Age! Unless otherwise noted, dolls are blonde. Unless otherwise noted, dolls were sold in the United States. Reference books 1. Augustyniak, Michael J. Augustyniak, J. Barbie Catalog, copyright Mattel Inc. DeWein, Sybil St. John, Collectible Barbie Dolls , copyright Jostens.

II, , copyright Collector Books. III, , copyright Collector Books. Westenhouser, Kitturah B. And, of course, my own collection! Barbie 1. Mix N Match gift set 6. Party gift set 7. Trousseau gift set. Bubble cut blonde, red swimsuit and teal green eyeliner 2. Bubble cut brunette, red swimsuit and teal green eyeliner 3. Mix N Match gift set 9. Fashion Queen Bubble cut or swirl ponytail hair colors probably varied dressed in Fashion Queen swimsuit sold only in Europe 2.

Fashion Queen Barbie and Her Friends Fashion Queen Barbie and Ken Trousseau Furniture gift set Little Theatre gift set Miss Barbie On Parade gift set Pep Rally gift set Round the Clock gift set Sparkling Pink gift set Swirl ponytail blonde