Buckingham Palace Blues (An Inspector Carlyle Novel)

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Worse, he comes up with an alternative version of events that is almost impossible to investigate. Distracted by other cases, the Inspector just wants the Mills murder closed. But when a distraught Henry kills himself on the way to prison, doubts begin to surface. Slowly, Carlyle has to face up to the fact that the man may just have been telling the truth. John Carlyle will follow the trail wherever it leads. When Inspector John Carlyle discovers a disorientated girl in a park near Buckingham Palace, he takes it upon himself to find out who she is and where she's from. His hunt for the identity of this lost girl takes him from Ukrainian gangsters in North London to the lower reaches of the British aristocracy.

Soon, the inspector is on the trail of a child-trafficking ring that stretches from Kiev to London, and back to the palace itself When the body of journalist Duncan Brown is found in the back of a rubbish truck, Inspector John Carlyle is thrown into the middle of a scandal that threatens to expose the corrupt links between the police, the political establishment and the hugely powerful Zenger media group. Hunting down Brown's killer, Carlyle finds himself going head-to-head with his nemesis, Trevor Miller.

A former police officer turned security adviser to the Prime Minister. Miller has dirty money in his pockets and other people's blood on his hands. Untouchable until now, he is prepared to kill again to protect his position - having failed once already to dispose of Carlyle he is not prepared to slip up again But that's nothing compared to the storm that erupts when he stumbles across an execution of a wealthy businessman in a luxury London hotel room. The victim is the latest in a line of bodies being left across London by a ruthless Israeli hit squad. Going up against this deadly crew could prove to be fatal to Carlyle, but compared to his troubles at home, however, tracking them is something of a relief.

But the body count continues to rise and then it gets personal Can Carlyle sweep the killers from London's streets before more innocent people die? Hunting down a paeodophile priest, Carlyle finds himself up against his old adversary Christian Holyrod. The Mayor of London is responsible for hosting an upcoming visit by the Pope and does not want any more scandals involving the Catholic church.

Carlyle, however, is not prepared to let crimes side, putting him on a collision course with both the mayor and the church. Without his sympathetic boss, Carole Simpson, to protect him, could this be the end of the line for Carlyle? Never one to fight only one battle at a time, he also has to deal with an armed robbery at an upscale jewellers in Mayfair When French gangster Tuco Martinez threatens Carlyle and his family, the inspector has to call on the resources and skills of Dominic Silver to try and see him off. Cut off from his home turf, both literally and metaphorically, Carlyle struggles to cope with the situation.

Meanwhile, back in London, the charismatic major, Christian Holroyd, is finally spiralling completely out of control…. When Julian Schaeffer is shot in front of his son in a London park, suspicion falls on his estranged wife. Focused on the Schaeffer case, the inspector is not too interested when Daniel Sands is hauled in to Charing Cross, accused of kidnapping. The story takes the reader behind the scenes at Buckingham palace a fascinating glimpse , exposes corruption in the British police, and gives a heartbreaking introduction into the world of child sex trafficking in the Ukraine.

I will admit that when the bodies began to pile up toward the end, I did wonder how far this was going to go But in the end, I enjoyed the book very much. Aug 13, Nick Brett rated it liked it. In Buckingham Palace Blues he comes across child trafficking with links to corrupt cops and Buck House.

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The fact that the corrupt cops are from the Royal Protection team think Secret Service makes things a bit complicated, if slightly far-fetched. I bought this in paperback in the UK, but have to say I wished I had noticed the kindle prices in the UK and the US — at those prices it is an absolute bargain Aug 15, Cath rated it really liked it. This was a really compelling book, I loved the complex characters and they were nearly all likeable on some level which makes it easy to read. I devoured this book, but was slightly irritated by a couple of places where the plot seemed to leap forward in a far-fetched way with little explanation as if the readers wouldn't notice!

But all in all, a good read. Oct 21, John rated it liked it Shelves: crime-thriller. I am enjoying this series, I think mainly because it is set in Central London. The lead character has less problems than most of his contemporaries in other series, but still gets into difficulties with his superiors.

It is quite a good read, but I have felt in all three books so far that the plots are a bit improbable, which serves to lower my ratings. Aug 10, Jeff rated it liked it Shelves: crime-thrillers. Inspector Carlyle comes across a young girl in the park next to Buckingham Palace, and becomes embroiled in an investigation into human trafficking.

Buckingham Palace Blues by James Craig (ebook)

Good, but not as entertaining as the previous two Carlyle novels. I read most of this while camping in Dorset with everyone. View 1 comment. Sep 27, Mommab rated it really liked it. You cannot love Carlyle for his cynicism or some of his prejudice's but his passion and feeling for the victims in this book is very powerful. A well written romp of violence and the seamier sides of a city. I loved every page. Jun 30, Diane rated it liked it Shelves: books. Inspector John Carlyle gets involved in a child prostitution ring that has connections to a minor Royal and the security division that works out of Buckingham Palace.

Twists, connections, Ukranian mobsters, it makes for an interesting case for the Inspector. John Carlyle finds a young girl, alone in London. Thus begins a story of international crime touching the highest levels of British society. Well plotted and enjoyable despite his disdain for public services. Aug 06, Lynsey rated it really liked it. Excellent book, the characters were well drawn and the twists of plot were well written.

Several parts of this book had me on the edge of my seat and the violent reaction to Alexa was difficult to read due to its believability.

Buckingham Palace Blues by James Craig - Book Trailer

A must read. Mar 08, Debbie rated it liked it. Up to date plot. I found the main character Inspector Carlyle a bit boring. I haven't read the other novels in the series, not sure if I would read them. Jan 04, Jmcrossfl rated it really liked it. A new author for me, but a very enjoyable book set amid the Royal Family and Buckingham Place. I will definitely look for more books by this author.

Buckingham Palace Blues

Nov 30, Jeff Howells rated it liked it Shelves: books-to-charity-shop. A marked improvement on the second instalment of this series. A grim tale of sex trafficking and minor royalty, it is a gripping read Feb 17, David rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle. Another one of my favourite series and again it delivered. Jan 02, Kenny Paton rated it really liked it. Good read, not the most endearing of leads but enjoyed the story. Will try more. Aug 03, Rach rated it it was amazing. Jul 05, Martyn Winters rated it really liked it.

A book all British republicans should read. Aug 16, Jo rated it really liked it. Yes another good book about the cake-eating, coffee swilling charming John Carlyle.

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Oct 27, Caroline Ingvaldsen rated it really liked it. Third in the Inspector Carlyle police procedural series, a particularly gruesome, complicated and well-written tale of pedophilia, child smuggling and international crime. Mar 31, Sophia John rated it really liked it. Read it in a week. I was very much into it. Worth a read! Nov 24, Sarah rated it it was ok. A relaxed easy read although the conclusion of such a complex story felt a little rushed in itself.

Logan rated it it was ok Jun 05, Sandy Brennan rated it liked it Sep 12, Phoebe rated it really liked it May 11, Deborah A Whatford rated it it was amazing Jan 28, Allie rated it really liked it Apr 25,