Delicious Sugar Cookies (Cookie Recipes Book 15)

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Made a batch for desert while cooking dinner, they are that easy, Made early Valentines! I am so anxious to try these. My mom has been making the same sugar cookie recipe for as long as I can recall. Your recipe sounds perfect! Can we make these without a mixer? These are the perfect sugar cookie! People at work loved them. So perfect for rolling and cutting. Katrina Bahl — February 21st, am. So glad you enjoyed the recipe- yes I agree that the cookie looks a tad underdone at 8 minutes, but truly they are soft and delicious if you pull them out.

I just let them cool on the baking sheet for minutes before removing them so they have time to set up a bit. Thanks again for writing, and for trying one of my favorite recipes! Looking forward to making thesthis week! Katrina Bahl — February 24th, am. I use the paddle attachment.

But sometimes it is helpful for the last bit of flour to turn it out of the bowl and mix with your hands until the dough is smooth. I was wondering how long can you freeze them.. Your thoughts? Katrina Bahl — March 22nd, am. I never have has an issue with freezing then defrosting cookies.

Trial run! I have made these cookies several times… And I always make a double batch! It is SO yummy! Thanks for the recipe! Katrina Bahl — March 25th, am. I tried this recipe and had quite a time with it. Yes the dough was very stiff so I wet my hands but it still was not easy to work with. When rolling out the dough I had to wet the dough again because it kept cracking on me.

I think I will go back to my old recipe where you chill the dough before rolling. Katrina Bahl — April 23rd, am. I see you have many comments, so hoping you will give me a reply. I pinned and made it last year, but never printed the recipe out. This recipe has been edited to make a smaller batch than originally published to accommodate the size of stand mixer that most people own.

The original recipe was this exact recipe just doubled proportions. Hi, going to try this recipe, sounds perfect for the easter party. Will adding melted chocolate be a good idea for a chocolate version of the cookies? Katrina Bahl — May 20th, am. You can omit the flavor if you want. I always spoon and level my flour. This is the same recipe as No Fail Sugar Cookies.

Be warned, they are very good the day they are made but get dry thereafter. I would cut back on the flour for sure, even if it means chilling the dough. The trade off for using so much flour and not having to chill it equals a drier cookie in my opinion…. Katrina Bahl — June 7th, am. Thanks for your opinion, Kristen. And thanks for trying my recipes. I always love hearing from readers. Have a great week! This recipe is great.

Katrina Bahl — September 17th, am. Katrina Bahl — October 15th, pm. Hi, can I make the dough in advance one week before the party then frozen? Then just take it out , roll and bake! If , yes how long I can keep the dough in freezer? Also, for how long baked cookies are good? Thanks for sharing your recipe. I guess what I wanted to know is…what makes it retain its shape? I have an order of batman decorated sugar cookies to do and want to make sure they come out as perfect as the picture!

I just threw this recipe together for the first time. The dough is in crumbs! How am I suppose to be able to roll out cookies with crumbs? I thought the dough was going to be to hard to mix and now its not? I followed the exact instructions. Katrina Bahl — October 22nd, pm. Hi Jen. If you wet your hands and knead the dough like a bread dough it will come together perfectly in just a few minutes.

I used this recipe to make iced ghost cookies for Halloween. The cookies were perfect—soft, dissolved in your mouth, and definitely held their shape. Katrina Bahl — November 22nd, am. Thank you! Thanks in advance! Hi Jenn. Have you used this recipe in high altitude? If not do you know any necessary adjustments that will need to be made?

I was going to do these as Christmas gifts, how long with they keep for? Thanks and Merry Christmas. Thank you SO much! I found a new sugar cookie recipe a few years ago that i thought could not be topped — but yours did! I used this recipe last christmas for my decorated cookies and it was fantastic. Just wondering if you have ever used this and decorated the cookies with fondant?

Would I do the creaming with a hand held electric mixer or could I do it all by hand with a wooden spoon? Could I use a food processor? Do you have any suggustions on doing so? Also if I cant split the egg in half can I freeze half of the dough and use later? My Compliments Katrina! This is by far the best sugar cookie recipe ever!! I have been looking for years for the perfect sugar cookie recipe, and I think I just found it. Katrina, Katrina, Katrina!! There was no kneading needed after mixing. It rolled out with no problem and cookies baked to perfection.

The ingredients were exact on. So incredibly easy to make, I made two batches, back to back!. Thank you so much for sharing the best sugar cookie recipe EVER!! I have to admit that I was very skeptical of what this recipe promised. BUT, I was pleasantly surprised! I have never made cut out sugar cookies so fast!

And they are delicious! This will now be my new go-to recipe for the holidays! I love it and it is perfect. I even put less baking powder — 1 tap to ensure no spreading. Gets rave reviews for taste every time! These were so easy to make and delicious. These taste a little bit like shortbread. I think I squeezed out about 2 doz. I added a couple of min each time and watched until I could see a slight browning on the edges. I followed the directions exactly except maybe the thicknes — but I like a thicker cookie.

Sugar Cookie Recipe

Thanks for sharing! I just tried this recipe yesterday and sadlly the dough wouldnt stick together and it was soo flaky!! I did wet my hands and so on. Even once baked the cookies would fall apart. What can i do to correct it? Add baking soda? Or extra eggs? Hi Katrina, I made these cookies only a few days ago as a test batch and they turned out perfectly. Is there something I can do to stop the spreading? I keep going through my mind — what I might have done wrong — did I over mix? Should I lower the baking powder?

Your response would be greatly appreciated as I need these today. I just made them for my daughters 3rd birthday. Also on a side note- They also tasted phenomenal! Hi Katrina! The dough was absolutely delicious and will definitely be my go-to sugar cookie dough from now on!

The cookies received rave reviews! Thank you so much! I tried with my boys last year for Christmas and they were perfect. Thank you so much for sharing. So easy, so good and perfectly cut! These are absolutely the best sugar cookies!! Your recipe is amazing, it works wonderfully. Anyway, thank you for sharing.

Learn How To Make The BEST Sugar Cookies With This Fun Recipe!

This is great!!! Just made two batches of these cookies in the past 2 days…absolutely perfect! The second batch I added a dash of cinnamon, and it livened them just a bit more. Thanks so much! Thank you for this excellent recipe! Easy to make, no wasted time and ready to roll!!!

Merry christmass from Canada. I tried this recipe today, and there are NO words good enough to explain what a wonderful recipe this is! This dough not only was ALL of these characteristics, but it also tastes delicious! My KitchenAid mixed the dough up to perfection in no time, and I was done with making the dough, dividing it into thirds, rolling each portion out and cutting the shapes, and baking them all in under 90 minutes — AMAZING!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing this perfect recipe. I may make cut out cookies once a week, now that I finally have a trusted recipe to use! These cookies needed to be refridgeateed and they did expanded a lot after cooking however the tast was so good I can look pass these flaws.

I tried this recipe and it was absolutely amazing. This will definitely be my go-too sugar cookie recipe from now on. Perfect cookies!! This recipe is a keeper! They baked exactly as stated. Not sure why people always have such different results! I made one batch of these today to put on goody trays. Hello all. Came upon this recipe on Pinterest. I mixed the dough up in my Ninja blender thing. Worked wonderfully. I did have to add more flour it was so wet and sticky.

Only made 22 cookies. We used good size cutters. Then the hard part decorating them with 2 kids. Sigh Merry Christmas every one. These are the best sugar cookies ever for so many reasons!! Thank you so much for this recipe! I just made these with my kids and they turned out perfect! So I made these cookies for the first time and was really excited. I would try to roll it out and it oils literally fall apart. I would knead the dough in my hand and then try to roll it and it would do the same thing.

After about 45 mins of not making any progress I decided to shelf about a little under half of the dough. I wrapped it in plastic wrap and placed it in the fridge. The next day I let it sit out for longer than 10 mins because at this point the dough was hard as rock for about 2 hours. It was soft enough to try. I was again having the hardest time with the dough crumbling. I would try to roll balls it would literally crumble in my hand. I put water on my hands and worked it into the dough and it seemed like it would stick with some added flour. But that only got me so far. I have been using a different recipe for years but always hated the fact you had to chill the dough.

Best Sugar Cookie Recipe

I will never make another sugar cookie recipe ever again. It was so great for my daughter and I to just be able to mix up the dough and get straight into rolling out the dough and cutting our Christmas cookies. I have made sugar cookies with her for years and these are the absolute BEST!! The edges were just perfect. Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful recipe!! Merry Christmas and happy holidays. I made these in Ireland today and brought them to my in-laws for Christmas dinner.

The dough seemed crumbly at first, but once I started kneading, it came together quickly and easily. This will be my go to sugar cookie recipe from now on. Thanks for sharing a great recipe! Thank you for this great recipe! I made a few dozen beautiful mini cookies for our family Christmas party and painted them with buttercream icing and they were GONE within a couple minutes. I am looking forward to trying these tonight , hope they are a keeper.

Looks like there might be varying results bases on quantity, ambient temp, etc. Might make it a bit more accurate on my part! I guess any extra butter might make them likely to lose their shape so will try to follow your quantities to the letter. Many thanks. Oh they are brilliant — quite rich! But very easy to make and perfectly easy to cook, do everything that you promised!

I just made so many cookies! They are great and the dough was very easy to make did all by hand. I was really disappointed by this recipe. Made them last night and as soon as they cool they are hard crunchy cookies. The flavor was really bland. Definitely not making them again…. I make these cookies for my dad, he loves them thin, hard and crunchy. Hello from France! Just made these with my almost 3yr old. Thank you for posting an excellent, quick and easy recipe. Lovely flavour. Thank you once again for helping us with a fun baking afternoon. I cut the recipe in half beat the egg in a mixing cup and used half.

I made royal icing but had no food coloring so I put some frozen blueberries in the microwave and substituted their juice for the water. It was only a light color purple but tasted great on the cookie! I tested one and these are definitely the best sugar cookies I have ever made and quite possibly the best I have ever eaten in my life. Thank you, Katrina for sharing this lovely recipe!

She will love these, for sure! I feel silly asking this because it appears many people have used the recipe with no problem. But if your butter salted or unsalted? I have a go to cutout cookie recipe that requires chilling, but tried yours because my friend wanted to learn how to make cutouts, and because we had a limited amount of time.

The one lonely little bite I got of a cookie that cracked on its way to the cooling rack was delicious! I made your buttercream recipe using half shortening and half butter and it was perfect, too! Thanks for sharing the recipe! This is an excellent dough to work with. I reworked the dough 4 times doing cutouts with my kids. It never once stuck to the table.

They do expand a bit in the oven. I added a pinch of salt which made them salty. This will be my new cutout recipe for sure! Wondering if those who had trouble omitted the almond extract altogether. We subbed it with vanilla. I love the texture and flavor! This will be my all time recipe for sugar cookies from now on.

Thank you so much for this site. So easy to work with, easy to decorate!! Katrina you are the BEST!! Thank you for sharing this with us!! I try this recipe…. Thanks for posting this recipe. For the first time in my 38 years, I finally had great success in making cut-out sugar cookies. Based on reading that the dough may be crumbly, I added a tablespoon of warm water with the egg. My dough was not crumbly at all. I did end up putting half the dough in the fridge due to a time constraint , but it was just fine when I took it out. I did wet my hands with that second batch and it was perfect.

I have tried probably 15 different recipes and they were always mediocre. I agree with cutting them thicker as well. I prefer a thicker, softer sugar cookie. Mine took about 10 minutes to bake. I made half of this recipe today as a test batch. I followed the directions exactly but instead of a crumbly dough I got a sticky one. I cut about 5 cookies and then kneaded some more flour into it which seemed to fix it. Still not crumbly but better to work with and did not spread.

Aside from that, this is a good recipe! Very flavorful and a good texture. I made a batch today and they came out perfect. Though humidity levels are very high these days where we live, I only added more flour on my bench and they cutters did a wonderful job! It is now one more favourite recipe in my book! One question, what ingredient can I replace the Almond Extract with?

The Best Sugar Cookie Recipe - Two Sisters

Thanks a million! Katrina Bahl — June 29th, am. I just wanted to say that these are the absolute best sugar cookies! No sticking and no mess! I can make an entire batch in 40 minutes…from mixing, to cutting, to baking! Thank you for such a fabulous recipe! These cookies are the bees knees!! Sooooo delicious! Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for the amazing recipe xx. These cookies are amazing!! Thank you so much for the recipe- absolutely adore these cookies, I roll them thick so that they come out soft.

When you updated the recipe to use smaller proportions, did you also change the recipe yield? Everything is altered. However your cookie count may be different depending on what size cutters you use. Just made these tonight. Love them, thank you so much for posting the recipe! I made these today, I used dairy and soya free spread instead of butter and they are delicious! I absolutely love this cookie recipe!! Every time I make it people demand more!!! So I had to get up early to make these for an event, and they are totally worth it.

I just tried one and they are now my favorite recipe for sugar cookies too. I love that they are easy enough to make even under the dangers of sleep deprivation. Thanks for sharing it. I made these cookies this week. I had to bake them slightly longer, but they were fantastic. They really held their shape. Hi, How far in advance can these cookies be made?

How should they be stored? I have a birthday party on the weekend and looking to get everything I can done prior to party day. Thank you for this recipe! The cookie holds it shape beautifully and it tastes fantastic!! I have made these sugar cookies twice, and they are the only recipe I have ever tried. They are so easy to work with and I love not having to chill the dough.

I use Princess cake and cookie emulsion and they taste awesome. It gets a gritty looking sheen after 12 hours or so, and little cracks where it pulls apart. What am I doing wrong? Can I freeze the dough and cook later? Also, can I freeze the cooked cookies and frost later say like two weeks? Yes and yes! Katrina Bahl — December 14th, am. I am from New Zealand and have just tried this recipe today. They are sooooooo yummy even without the icing! The recipe is going to be added to my recipe book. Completely outdated, but I just found this recipe and was hoping i could get advice for bake ahead, shelf life of these cookies.

I need 6 dozen for a cookie exchange, so I was hoping to cook them the day before. How will the hold? Katrina Bahl — December 16th, am. You can store these cookies wrapped in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks. You can also freeze them unfrosted up months in advance. Bring them to room temperature before decorating. These are great cookies!! My husband is not a cookie person, but even he enjoyed these! I tried the original recipe and then I tried a twist, replacing the almond extract with 2 tsp of lemon extract and icing them with lemon icing.

Thanks for the great recipe!! Hey Katrina! They are perfect. Thank you for making this recipe known to the world wide webs! They came out great, but the bottom was a little burned…i used Pam spray… What else should I use next time to avoid the crispy bottoms??? I would just put them on parchment paper. The cookies turned out perfect — no spreading, perfect consistency and great flavor — not too sweet before all of the icing and sugar sprinkles! For those with crumbly dough, for sure the trick is wet hand and kneading the rest of the flour into the dough like you would bread dough.

Oh, and no need to spray or grease pans — these came right off with a spatula and minimum effort after 5 minutes or so. I just finished baking these cookies and unfortunately I found them to be very disappointing. Maybe the intention is to have them paired with a sweet icing but not on their own.

Just baked your sugar cookie recipe with my daughter. The cookies actually kept their cut out shapes and they were delicious. We were very impressed. This is seriously the best sugar cookie recipe. So easy to work with, rolls out perfectly with no sticking and no breaking apart. However I had a very challenging time rolling them out. The dough kept cracking and splitting. Is this normal?

Should I have wet me hands? Step by step pictures would be helpful to see dough consistency. Just made these, turned out good! I am vegan so I substituted earth balance and a flax egg for the butter and egg and it came out fine. These were so easy to make. I love not having to chill them, huge time saver! These didnt even make it to the frosting stage…. Love the cookie recipe its super easy to make and wow very tasty … love that they take hardly anytime to bake, I ended up making 3 batches and dipped one end in chocolate then parceled them as gifts for christmas… Thanks so much.

This is floating around FB again. But I started using a fork to scoop them up and by George it worked like a charm. This will be my go to for last minute sugar cookies for the no chill part! Thanks for sharing. I forgot to say.. This was my first time making sugar cookies. And the title of the recipe is true. They turned out perfect. Saw your recipe on the news app on my iPhone. These are the best sugar cookies! I used my kitchenaid stand mixer and the dough came together perfectly.

The dough was easy to work with — even the cookies cut from rerolled scraps looked good. I plan on icing the Christmas tree cookies tomorrow — though nothing fancy — just green tinted icing dusted with crunched up candy canes. Thank you for sharing your recipe. This is the ONE…. I appreciate all your helpful comments about how to handle the dough. The girls did get it to play-doh condition and had a great time doing it. The dough tastes great, the cookies even better.

I am tossing all my chill for 2 hrs before rolling out cookie recipes. Love love love. We just used this recipe to make cookies for Santa — great recipe! I found the dough easy to transfer using an offset spatula. I made a test batch a couple weeks ago and dipped them in chocolate and they were so good it was scary. I used fairly large cookie cutters and left them kind of thick and still got 55 cookies out of a doubled recipe. They taste amazing with nothing on them, especially because I used vanilla bean paste.

I keep eating the ones that break. I made these yesterday and the dough was extremely sticky and even with added flour on the counter, rolling pin, and hands it stayed too sticky to roll out. I ended up chilling in the freezer for about 20 min which helped. The dough was still very soft which made it hard to transfer the cutout shapes to the baking sheet.

They then spread out terribly when baked. Would love to try again but want some pointers on what might have gone wrong. Thanks in advance. The dough was very very dry. I had to wet my hands several times in order for the dough to become workable so it could be rolled out. It would make sense to incorporate a teaspoon or tablespoon of wailk into the recipe at the end. I ended up putting too much water on my hands when kneading the last batch and had to throw it out.

Otherwise the cookies tasted great. Not too sweet so you can definitely add frosting and sprinkles without over-sweetening the cookies. These came out amazing! I made exactly as stated- they were our Santa cookies this year. I have never had much luck with sugar cookies. Rolling them always led to frustration. The dough did smell very almond-y, but once they were baked, the taste was mild and made the cookies taste better than normal. They kept their shape perfectly. These were amazing!

Thank you so much for the recipe. This will be our new recipe- i am truly happy to have a frustration free recipe! I double the vanilla and triple the almond. I was wondering if I could color the dough or would this change the consistency? These cookies came together easily and held their shape but this recipe is missing a key ingredient: SALT!! Where is the salt?? It must be a mistake not to include it. Salt must be used to bring out the flavor and sweetness of these cookies especially since the recipe calls for unsalted butter. I think they would be great with the addition of salt.

There is just something missing without it. Please consider adding salt to the recipe! Be Patient! Ask yourself these questions first… 1. Is my oven correctly calibrated? Buy an oven safe thermometer and make sure it reads the same temp as your oven. Fluff or sift your dry ingredients before measuring! Taste the dough before you bake it and have fun! Food is made from love after all. Im not sure what I did wrong.

Any advice. Only change I made was using half white whole wheat flour 1. Such a hit. We shared the recipe on our blog too and of course linked back to this site.

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  • Sugar Cookie Recipe.

They were such a hit! So good. Can I make these cookies and freeze them, then put royal icing or can I make them, royal ice them, cool them and freeze? Need to make way ahead wondering if there ok to freeze till day of consumption? I love this recipe thanks. I find I need to add a couple tbsp water to the batter as it seems too dry.

Just tried these tonight — you are right. They are the best cut out cookies ever!!! I have tried so many different recipes over the years and have never been happy with them. Lately I have been resorting to using mixes. I used your suggestion of taking them out a bit early and letting them finish baking on the hot baking sheet. Going to decorate tomorrow night with my grandson — fun, fun, fun! Thank you for sharing your recipe! What a lovely and easy recipe,i have your recipe by half and it tuned out amazing,but is it possible to substitute the butter with canola oil or coconut oil and not adding the egg??

Thanks so much Nancy.

Cut-Out Sugar Cookie Recipe

What would your suggestion be? Fabulous recipe, just perfect!! Made exactly according to the directions and they came out perfect. Rolled out beautiful and no need to chill like it says. Very soft and wonderful flavor! My search is over for a sugar cookie recipe. This is truly the best recipe for sugar cookies that I have ever tried, and I have tried many!

I have made these for several school events and they have always been a huge hit. I have been asked several times where I bought them. Thank you Katrina, for sharing this! Love this recipe. I had failed a few of sugar cookies recipes before I found yours. I always return to this recipe when I bake sugar cookies. The best is I do not have to chill the dough. The cookies are always light and crisp, hard to stop munching.

Thank you so much Katrina! This recipe was absolutely perfect. I wanted a cookie recipe that would allow my kids to write on them with food-grade edible color markers. The taste is fabulous, the texture is to die for. The thickness is so yummy. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, I just made cookies with this for a baby shower! I tested a few different recipes but the cookies either spread too much or had a chalky taste from huge amounts of cornstarch. I loved how much easier it was than traditional sugar cookies, and they look and taste amazing.

I just made these cookies using a chili pepper cookie cutter. I followed the directions to a T and cooked them for 7 min. My nieces continue to use this recipe and gets raves when they take them to any gathering. LOVE this! Just made them with my 3 year old we were up at this morning for no reason at all so why not make sugar cookies! Will link back to you! Thank you!! Great recipe. This is the best tasting and easiest Sugar Cookie recipe I have ever used! The addition of the almond extract with the vanilla is brilliant. Not having to refrigerate the dough is a time saver and for me it never really helped.

Rolling was always a nightmare. Thanks Katrina! I just made your sugar cookies and they are perfect! Have you ever baked these on a Silpat mat? Leaving a reply al the way from South Africa! Simple, fast, easy and kid friendly. I baked mine a little longer to give them a golden brown colour and they taste divine. The kids and I are going to decorate them tomorrow.

Thanks for the recipe!! I made these with my ESL students and they loved it. It was really easy. I made these at home for myself. I love this recipie. I have used it for the last couple of years. I have a question. Can I freeze the dough to use in about 2 weeks? How long does it usually stay good in the refrigerator?

Oh my god. This recipe is awesome. I made the Fox Run butterfly cutter set with this. I also used a veiner on some leaf cookies and it held perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!!!! My husband just declared these cookies the best sugar cookies he has ever eaten. And he has had many different versions. I am definitely keeping this recipe. Do you have to use almond extract?

Could I just use a little extra vanilla? Same question for the Christmas cookie frosting. I doubled this recipe and made it exactly at the recipe says and it was perfect. Trying your recipe tonight! Love your happy energy!! Thank you for sharing with us less talented in the kitchen. Wonderful recipe with great instructions. Thank you for your hard work in making this so easy for the rest of us out there! Happy holidays to you and your family! Very good recipe made with my kids yesterday, and made some Christmas cookies this still is very good for cut-out cookies.

Harley would recommend this recipe. This cookie is so good! Instead of frosting, I used melted white chocolate because it sets faster, and it was a hit! I just made these cookies, following your recipe and tips. They turned out perfect! I have tried other recipes before, all required freezing and most of the time they spread!

This is now my go to sugar cookies recipe! This is one of the best recipe i have ever tried. The dough was first a little wet so I add about 50gr all-purpose flour and the everything went smootly. After baking, the surface of cookies was flat. I baked 12 minutes for firmer structure so I could decorate easily. I have used this recipe for two years now. It is wonderful, easy and delicious.

I have never had success with rolled sugar cookies. Different companies use different amounts of salt when they add it to butter. Adding salt to your recipe will give you complete control over the amount of salt that is added, thus ensuring a good cookie with a good flavor. We are going to break down the room temperature question in an upcoming post. Cream the butter for a minute and slowly add the sugar.

Mix it until it is light and fluffy looking. Next, add the vanilla, baking powder and salt. Now for the flour. Flour is another very important ingredient in your sugar cookie recipe. Adding too much flour can make your cookies dry and crumbly. I always, always, always measure the flour. Get it? Once I started weighing my flour, my cookies have become more consistent in flavor and it helps get that perfect shape we are looking for. We all know what happens if you turn the mixer on high, you might get lost in a cloud of flour and end up with white hair before your time.

Add the flour a little at a time and mix until it is combined. Be careful! Over mixing can make your cookies tough. Time to roll. Watch the end of the video at the end of this tutorial. You might want to run to Wal-Mart and grab a few because they make life easier. Cover the dough balls with plastic wrap and roll it out evenly.

Next, stack the mats on top of each other and place in the freezer for minutes. Why roll out the dough before you chill it?

I am so glad you asked! If you place the disc of dough in the fridge before you roll it out, you have to wait for the dough to warm up before you can roll it. It is a real time saver.

Here is one thing I have noticed. If you have a cutter with a really small area, you might want to let the dough warm up a bit. Popping almost frozen dough out of a cookie cutter can cause the dough to break even if you flour the cutter. What good is a good sugar cookie recipe if you break the cookies before you bake them? If you let it warm up a bit, they will pop right out of the cutter and you will have beautiful cookies.

The reason I freeze the dough for minutes is that freezing it will allow me to be a little rougher with the dough when taking it out of the cutter. When I remove it from the cutter, it keeps its shape. Poor thing! I have said it once and I will say it again, I am a tomboy and I am a bit rough with things. I need something that will allow me to push the cookies out of the cutter and freezing it for a few minutes before cutting the shapes works for me.

It might not work for you. You have to play around and find something that makes you happy! This sugar cookie recipe and freezing the dough a bit makes me happy. I hope you find something that works this well for yourself. Stay tuned! Hang it on the fridge and it will save you some time looking up the recipe every time you need a cookie. Master Royal Icing Consistency. Don't wait Now check your email to confirm your subscription so we can 'bake' the world a better place! The dough did not turn out malleable at all is very crumbly.

Must need more butter or less floor. I do not recommend this recipe! Did you measure your flour? I measure my flour every time I make cookies and it turns out perfect. I hope you find the issue because decorating sugar cookies is a lot of fun! Made these exactly as the recipe suggested. Yes, the dough can be frozen for a few days.

If you are going to freeze your dough, be sure to wrap it correctly and place it in an airtight container. This is my second year using this recipe and sifting the flour makes a world of difference. The cookies are softer and kneading is easier. The flavor Is good and texture is melt in your mouth sugar cookie! Thanks for this recipe. Happy holidays! I normally despise sugar cookies. But on a whim, I decided to try a batch of these to decorate with my 2 year old.

The cookie is tender, flavorful, and really melts in your mouth. Thanks for a great recipe! You totally made my day Amber! I had a few really rough recipes before I decided to make my own. It took me several batches to get it right but this is it for me. Shoot me an email if you want to do something with me at Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.

Blogs always need warm families during the holidays! The cookies turned out beautifully. Thank you for sharing this Angela! I love this recipe and I had issues with recipes I used before.