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Recreation Pool Access Pool Access? Playground Playground? Casino Casino? Fishing Fishing yes Beach Beach? Biking Biking? Boating Boating no Golf Golf?

Horseshoes Horseshoes? Mini-Golf Mini-Golf? Outdoor Courts Outdoor Courts? Pickleball Pickleball? Water Access Water Access? Show all. No reviews, yet. Dolores River Campground. Campground Map. Wild Edibles? Register below to access FREE and enhanced features. Manage your reviews Review and respond to customer feedback, post review replies. Happy New Year to all of our listeners. We took a few moments to think about all of our favorite moments in By Cascadia Podcast.

When the first white settlers arrived in the Puget Sound Area, they found a diverse group of native tribes already living there. Unfortunately, coexistence did not work, and blood was shed. Governor Isaac Stevens took a heavy-handed approach to negotiate treaties, and many native groups were forced on to reservations. Others chose to fight back This week on Cascadia we celebrate our 30th episode with a game of Idaho trivia. Loser buys pizza! In the s, a hunting party set out from Kendrick, Idaho to look for bear, elk and deer along the Locsha River. It was supposed to be a leisure trip, but soon a heavy snow started to fall, and the camp cook, George Colgate, fell ill.

The rest of the men left him with some provisions, figuring he would soon die from his illness. A few days lat Ezra Meeker traveled across the Oregon trail west and east several times. He went by wagon, train, car, and plane, all to raise awareness that the trail was being lost to time and development.

In , the DeAutremont brothers decided to change careers from lumberjacks to outlaw. After missing an opportunity to rob a bank, they set their sights on a train robbery near Ashland, Oregon in the Siskiyou Mountains.

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The whole thing went bad, people died, and the brothers went to prison. Check out the whole story here. At the top of the epi In the 's, the remains of a human were found on the banks of the Columbia River in Washington State. This discovery set of a decade long legal battle over the rights of scientists to examine the remains.

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In this episode we discuss the history and evolution of the agency now known as the Alaska State Troopers. The men and women of this agency face some of the toughest working conditions of police officers in the country, and they do it with bravery. The sacrifices these people make, create a better, safer world for the rest of us. Check out Ben' They say good fences make good neighbors. But what if your neighbor was trying to steal thousands of dollars of precious metals from you? In on War Eagle Mountain near Silver City, Idaho two mine shafts ran into each other, sparking off a war between the miners that would end up killing 6 men, including one of the pioneers of the Boise Bas In some men were digging a well near Nampa, Idaho when they came across an object of archaeological interest.

It was a small clay figure of a woman, said to be two million years old. This is considered to be an out of place artifact. Could it be evidence humans were living in North America long before sceience says it was possible?

Or is t This week we will take a trip around Cascadia to look for ghosts. From there we will get on the highway toward Ontario where we can Malhuer Butte, home of witches and imps. Then we will will go East on headed toward Albi In the fall of , three men from Bend, Oregon went to an isolated cabin in the woods to trap furs to make a little extra cash. Each man had been lured out of the cabin, shot and beat to death. The only suspect was a man named Charles K Have you ever seen anything strange in the woods?

This episode is all about creatures that science has yet to explain.

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A man led police on a chase lasting weeks in the bitter cold and snow above the Arctic Circle. He killed one officer and wounded two more, but no one knows why he was running. He ran for more than a month, but never said a word to the officers chasing him. No one knows who he was, or what he was doing in Canada's Northwest Territories to begin Join us for this fascinating history. The Almo Massacre was one of the most terrible events on the Oregon Trail, with a wagon train of almost being completely wiped out by natives.

The story of which has been passed down through oral histories of the area since the s. But did it even happen? Rajneeshpuram, Oregon was a town in central Oregon that only existed for a few short years in the early 's. Built by the followers of an Indian guru, there was plenty of free love to go around. But there was also a deep paranoia that forced these cult members in to confrontations with their neighbors. Learn who these people were, how they b Who doesn't love a good ghost town?

This week we talk about six more Northwest Ghost towns. Our tribute to Thinking Sideways. On the way, it would crash into a mountain, killing everyone aboard.

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The cause of the crash is still shrouded in mystery. Not long afterwards, Idaho had a diamond rush and he later claimed to have discovered a diamond mine. He was known to have been a big talker, regularly embellishing his stories. In Davis was hired by James E. His reputation for carrying all those weapons was no doubt meant to intimidate and from time to time he included threats to kill someone. In fact, he did carry out one of those threats by wounding Bill Tolman in the shoulder.

Davis left the area for awhile until things cooled off, drifting into Nevada to avoid an warrant for his arrest for attempted murder. Together they seemed to have meandered along, not in any real hurry, looking for horses. On the evening of February 2 the two were riding after dark near a sheep camp.

Davis stopped and fired off a few rounds in the direction of the camp and then the two men continued on their way back to the Brown Ranch where they were staying. The following day Davis and Gleason hung around the ranch and shoed their horses. The following morning they decided to leave and head up the river to the Middle Stack Ranch.

They continued to meander their way through, again, in no particular hurry. On February 6 they met with James Bower at the H.

Diamondfield Jack

Ranch and Bower rode with them to Wells, Nevada. Witnesses later testified that Davis and Gleason remained there for several days — drinking and talking too much. Meanwhile, the bodies of sheep herders Daniel Cummings and John Wilson had been found, a grisly discovery made by a sheepherder named Ted Severe at Deep Creek. The crime scene was littered with. It was known that Davis had a reputation for using. Thus, he became the prime suspect in the murders.

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Another cowboy with the Sparks-Harrell operation later testified that Davis had decided to leave the country and head south — his friend Gleason was drunk all the time and threatening to kill sheep herders in Deep Creek. Until he was arrested in March of in Yuma, Arizona for his alleged crime, no one knew of his whereabouts. Because Davis and Gleason had been in the area of the killings and Davis had the reputation of bullying and intimidation, the locals just assumed Davis was guilty.

Adding to the assumption of his guilt, Davis was arrested while jailed in the Yuma Arizona Territorial Prison.