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They will release the light of the Divine Mother and they will minister unto the children of God. And they will be acclaimed and they will be received, and the teachings of the ascended masters will become the teachings of the temples of a new age. Therefore I say, garner the light in the white-fire core of the Church Universal and Triumphant as the mystical body of God upon earth. Let it be a holy order, as the underground Church, as the underground movement. And let the fire of that movement cover the land, at subconscious levels, on the inner planes.

And let the movement grow and wax strong from within the white-fire core. Let it be built solidly upon the foundation of decrees and invocations. So let it be built from within, quietly. Let it be built with strength, with utter humility and dependence upon the hosts of the L ORD. And then in the hour of the calling of the Holy Spirit, as the cycles turn and opportunity comes, the members of the body of God upon earth will stand forth as disciples—disciplined, holding the sword of truth, ready for any eventuality, ready to proclaim the Word and to withstand all opposition to that word.

Understand, then, that this is the period of the within. This is the period for self-discipline and study and training and application and preparation.

This is like the thirty-year period which Jesus passed through in preparation for a three-year ministry which changed the face of the world and the consciousness of mankind. Understand, then, that the cycles may be shortened and they may be lengthened, according to the karmic cycles of Keepers of the Flame and of a planetary body and of the free will of the people.

And so much depends upon your application and your transfer of the Law and the teaching to [those responsible for] the decisions that are being made in the government of this nation and in the state governments and in the legislative bodies. Understand, then, that the crucible of opportunity will remain only as long as freedom is preserved upon Terra. Therefore, you play a dual role—keeping the flame of the true Church and keeping the flame of the true kingdom. It is the kingdom of God which must come into manifestation on earth as in heaven. And therefore, let the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ.

Let the governments of the nations be infiltrated with the lightbearers. Let them be sustained by the prayers of the Keepers of the Flame. Let Keepers of the Flame become public servants in defense of truth. Let them keep the vigil in the home quietly, and then let them go forth to serve where there is the greatest need for the keeping of the flame in the state, in the nation and at international levels. I am Hilarion. I serve with the masters who are on the governing board of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity. I release the word of truth.

I am very near to your hearts, for I am at the point of the precipitation of the God flame. Each time that you endeavor to bring forth, in the name of truth, a work for the sake of God and man, I am there offering counsel, practical counsel, in the knowledge of the laws of heaven and earth, and caution and an understanding of how to deal in the marts of commerce and in this world, and how to dodge those who have the mark of the beast, and how to get along with the mammon of the unrighteous generation.

Yes, I have been on earth in the very recent centuries, and I know the ways of the world, and I know the tactics of the fallen ones, and I know how they seek to bind the children of the light by illegal tactics, by financial cornering on the supply of the world. I know how they attempt to corner the disciples of light and how, through misunderstanding, through their holy innocence, the children of God have been momentarily captured by these fallen ones, have had their supply taken from them in dishonest dealings.

Yes, I know the way of the crucifixion. I know the way of overcoming. And I know that the day is coming when the children of the light will stand free of the machinations of the fallen ones, free of the cornering of the dark ones and their attempt to tear down the teaching by blackmail, by every form of contrivance and accusation. And even when our servants are wholly innocent of any malintent whatsoever, then they fabricate a lie out of the whole cloth of the error of the human consciousness. They manipulate the masses to move against those who carry the light, and they use the media and the control of the press for the degradation of our holy orders.

Let us not be confounded. Let us not be dismayed. Let us not at all shirk our responsibility in the hour of the trial. Let us see through all of this that is the brainwashing and the attempt to discredit the teachings of the ascended masters. Let us see above and beyond those cycles of darkness in the hour of the judgment of the Mother and her children.

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Let us see beyond the hour of the crucifixion to the hour of the resurrection. And let us look with hope, with faith and with charity to the seven archangels and their divine complements to deliver mankind and the children of God and the Mother in this age into the hands of living truth. I am the champion of the flame that you keep, and I am keeping that flame within your heart as the flame of living truth.

And this I say to you: Whenever you are in a position where you are being misunderstood, maligned, whenever your name or the light which you carry is being compromised, when evil is spoken about you and when darkness seems to surround you, remember, call to me!

For I am an apostle of the Lord Christ and the Lord Buddha, and I stand with all disciples of the Word to release that truth which will tear the veil from evil, which will expose the lie of the fallen ones, which will expose the truth of your mission. But, as Thomas Tracy insightfully observes, the princess Glorvina is much more than that. And he continues:. Let our English novels carry away the prize of morality from the romantic fictions of every other country; but you will find they rarely seize on the imagination through the medium of the heart; and as for their heroines, I confess that though they are the most perfect of beings, they are also the most stupid.

To these, we should add the multiple literary references she invokes in the mind of the English narrator. Heather Braun, in a recent reading of this novel that is different but compatible to mine, observes that. Responding to her appearance, Mortimer envisions Glorvina as a floating apparition, a playful nymph, a sexualised Egyptian Alma and a hideous monster. Her many aspects, English, Irish and French, Enlightenment and Romantic, cultural and literary, incomplete and inadequate in themselves, synthesise a non-organic whole.

As a consequence, the composite figure of the Irish Glorvina simultaneously reproduces and undermines Irish stereotypes, while her composite femininity disrupts and dislocates the boundaries of established categories of gender. The English Mortimer is educated systematically in Irish language and literature; Hilarion, the Portuguese missionary, studies with a Brahmin teacher even before he travels to India, so the ground is already prepared for him to receive further education on Hinduism by the woman he loves, the Hindu priestess Luxima, while, of course, introducing her to Christian values at the same time.

Julia Wright has shown that Hilarion and Luxima acquire a profound understanding of Hinduism and Christianity respectively but without actually and truly converting Luxima is christened in order to marry Hilarion, but only nominally. The lovers in the National tale educate one another in their respective cultures; in fact, the progression of their relationship, for the most part, coincides with the course of this mutual education, which enriches their characters, but, crucially, without corrupting them. But if their relationship worked in the course of the novel to some extent, it is because the cultural and religious limits that kept them apart simultaneously united them by establishing the conditions of mutual communication.

After all, this is the quintessence of her female national characters: they may act out an impersonation of their nations, and they certainly speak on behalf of their nations, so their involvement in the public sphere and discourse is foregrounded. In Woman , Ida faces a choice of lovers, who also represent and perform their own gendered nations: a presumptuous English traveller is enchanted and educated by her into an understanding of Greece, but he, nevertheless, proves incapable of combining desire with respect; the barbarous and lecherous Ahmet Aga is obsessed with her, but marriage to him amounts to slavery and imprisonment in a harem.

She marries the Greek Osmyn and they move to Russia, the incubator of revolutionary societies, where they are going to work together to prepare the Greek national revolution.

CHURCH FATHERS: Life of St. Hilarion (Jerome)

They will have a happy family, but this marriage does not confine Ida to the domestic sphere, because their common revolutionary cause makes possible a marriage of equals based on both politics and passion, and as such it also provides a means whereby the strict divide of private and public life is diminished. It is seventeenth-century Spanish Inquisition which in this text blatantly symbolises colonial power that murders Luxima. Kathryne Kirkpatrick. Oxford University Press, Julia Wright, Broadview Press, David Macey, Cambridge University Press, , p. The science of occultism is the first step upon the way of true religion, and the scientific investigation of human psychology will greatly help toward this end.

Today we find this ray energy expressing itself mainly through science—a science sadly debased and corrupted by materialism and human greed, but a science which when [] animated entirely by goodwill will lift humanity on to higher levels of consciousness, thus laying the foundation for that time when humanity on a large scale can pass through the Transfiguration Initiation.

Steps in this direction are already being laid and the existence of the press, the radio and the rapid means of transportation have done much to further the revelation of that unity and that Oneness which is the major characteristic of the Universal Mind. These developments can be regarded as the initial steps of the initiatory process for the third initiation—far ahead as that initiation may lie for the mass of men. It is unification and a growing sense of oneness which is required in order to take this initiation, and it is the integrated personality which takes it.

The major sin of Russia, and that which has prostituted and warped the initial divine impulse underlying the ideology of that country, is the determination she demonstrates at this time to be separative and to shut the Russian people away from world contact, using the implements of deception and the withholding of information. It is not the totalitarian nature of the Russian government which is the prime disaster; it is the refusal to develop the universal consciousness. Many governments today are totalitarian in nature, either openly or subtly, but—at the same time—their peoples have free access to press and radio and are not kept in ignorance of world events.

Russia is drifting into a pronounced expression of the great heresy of separateness. There lies her problem—a problem which is refused recognition by her rulers. The existence of a closed mind on a national scale is dangerous in the extreme, just as the individual is in a dangerous "state of mind" when he closes it to world contact, world news and world understanding, and when he refuses to admit new ideas and new modes of behaviour. Fortunately, the influence of this fifth ray energy—which is always present, whether the ray is in incarnation or not—is steadily leading humanity towards illumination.

This ray energy operates always in connection with the Law of Cleavages. Today, tremendous cleavages between the past and the present are in order. The importance of this statement is to be found in the fact that—for the first time in human history—humanity is aware of cleavage at the time it is being brought about. Hitherto cleavages have been noted during an historical retrospect.

Today, all men everywhere are conscious of the fact that the old order, the old cultures and civilisations are rapidly passing away, and they are universally clamouring for the new. Everywhere men are laying the foundation for the new order, the coming of which is threatened only by one country, Russia, owing to its separativeness and not because of its ideology , and by one world group in every country, those guilty of financial greed and consequent aggressiveness.

Before humanity can pass through the Transfiguration Initiation the new world order must be functioning and the coming civilisation must be at its height. It is useless for me to consider with you this third initiation in connection with humanity as a whole, or its preparatory or subsequent initiatory process. All this lies too far ahead for even advanced humanity to consider; there are, however, senior disciples who are preparing for this initiation, just as there are a few who are passing through the initiatory process, prior to taking the fourth initiation.

The outstanding expression of this fifth ray energy can be seen in the rapid formulating of the many ideologies which have taken place since the year Such words as Fascism, Communism, National Socialism, Socialism as the British accept it, and the names of many schools of psychology and philosophy, were unknown one hundred years ago; today they are the common talk and phrases of the man in the street. The inflow of this mental energy into the world of men, the attainment in consciousness of mental ability by many thousands, and the achievement of mental polarisation by aspirants all the world over, are all due to the activity of this fifth ray energy; this may be [] regarded as preparatory work for the first and the second initiations.

Some of this success is due also to a little-realised function of this fifth ray energy—that of telepathic interplay. Few people realise in the slightest degree how naturally telepathic every human being is or how impressionable are their minds; this again is an effect of fifth ray influence.

The creation and, I should add, the over-creation of the millions of material things which men everywhere regard as essential to their well-being is also the result of the creative activity of the fifth ray consciousness. This is, of course, as it demonstrates upon the physical plane. When it demonstrates upon the mental plane, we then talk of ideas, concepts, philosophies and ideologies. When it demonstrates upon the astral plane, we are aware of the religious impulse, of mysticism and of the emotional and conditioning desires.

All these aspects are present in the consciousness of men everywhere today. Everything is crystallising in human consciousness, and this takes place in order to make man aware of where he stands upon the ladder of evolution, and of what is wrong and what is right. All this again is due to the influence of fifth ray energy.

This will begin to transform human living and human desires and also human affairs and attitudes, and will lead eventually in the middle of the sixth root race to the great Transfiguration Initiation in which the reality that lies behind all human phenomena will stand revealed. Let us now consider the effect of this ray energy upon the life of the individual, as he faces the third initiation. This third initiation is, as earlier said, the first initiation, from the angle of the Hierarchy; it is the one in which the spiritual man demonstrates his complete control of the personality.

The physical body has been controlled through the medium of the physical disciplines; the emotional nature has been reorganised and made receptive to spiritual impression coming from the plane of pure reason the buddhic plane through the transforming processes of the mind or the fifth principle.

In this connection, the mind has acted as an organiser of astral reaction and as a dispeller [] of glamour. The disciple is now focussed in his everyday consciousness upon the mental plane, and the triangular relation of the three aspects of the mind upon this plane is now dominant. In the next initiation, the Renunciation, this relationship becomes a dual one instead of a triangular one, through the destruction of the soul vehicle which is no longer needed. Soul fusion with the personality is now completed. During the initiatory process preceding the third initiation, the mind works in a new manner.

Its transmuting work with the physical body has been accomplished; its transforming work with the emotional nature has been successful, and now its transfiguring work with the personality as a whole is carried forward, making the initiation of the Transfiguration possible. It is of value to the student to consider these three activities of the mind. The transmuting agent in the first case is the lower or concrete mind; the transforming agent is the soul, whilst the transfiguring agent is the Spiritual Triad, working through the higher or abstract mind.

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You will here note the wonderful synthesis of the spiritual work. When this work is concluded, you have the initiation of the third degree made possible. This produces impelling and new contacts. It should here be remembered that when I use the word "new" I mean that which is new in consciousness, for the basic synthesis and fundamental relationship always exists in factual recognition, but is only progressively realised by the evolving spiritual man.

It is well nigh impossible to differentiate the results of fifth ray energy in the various aspects of the personality, for the reason that the initiate is now functioning as a soul-infused personality, and therefore the three aspects of that personality are nothing more or less than agents of the soul, and thus are progressively responsive to the inflow of triadal energy. It might therefore be said that, as a result of the Transfiguration Initiation—the culminating point of strictly human unfoldment—the three types of energy which are expressed through the Spiritual Triad [] man begin—only begin—to flow through the reflection of itself in the three worlds.

Let me state this as follows:. The directing energy of the higher mind is—as a result of the Transfiguration Initiation and via the antahkarana—thrown into the brain; therefore the man upon the physical plane is guided, directed and controlled by group purpose and by the hierarchical plan. The illuminating energy of pure reason, emanating from the buddhic plane, pours down into the clarified and organised body of sensitive response which is all that remains of what has been called the astral body.

This produces complete freedom from glamour and the creation of "a limpid pool of such reasonable response to the love of divine relationship" that the initiate becomes a sensitive revealer of that love. The dynamic energy from the atmic plane the highest aspect of the Spiritual Triad pours into the mind and begins slowly to reveal the will-to-good, which is essentially the will of God. Behind these three differentiations which are all of them expressions or aspects of the divine or the universal mind, the initiate dimly senses or becomes consciously aware of what has been called the Monad or Spirit or Life.

This is subtly revealed in the Transfiguration Initiation of the Master Jesus Who re-enacted all the five human initiations for the benefit of humanity. In this dramatic picturing of the third initiation, the three disciples or the three vehicles of the personality prostrate themselves upon the ground and the Master Himself the glorified personality is transfigured before them.

At this climaxing point they hear that which is called "the voice of the Father" speaking to the transfigured Jesus. The personality is now possessed of knowledge, for fifth ray energy has done its needed work; the disciple is also aware that he is in possession of the wisdom which enables him to use knowledge in the furtherance of the Plan, and therefore to work as an illuminating factor in the world of men. He knows clearly what has been accomplished [] and senses something of what lies ahead. The great principle of cleavage which the fifth ray governs is the dominating factor in his time sense; he now differentiates sharply between past and present and that which has to be ascertained in the future.

Cleavage, in the sense of separateness, is finished for him and he now feels and knows something of the essential unity of all manifested life; therefore, from the angle of space , he has dominated and overcome cleavage and division; in the sense of time he has not. The great heresy of separateness no longer exists in his consciousness; the consciousness of the initiatory process is not yet over, however for that involves the recognition of time. During the initiatory process between the second and the third initiations, the initiate has to battle with illusion in exactly the same sense as he earlier had to battle with glamour.

Illusion is, in the last analysis, the control of the mental processes by great and massive thoughtforms; this conflict persists from the moment that the disciple has achieved mental polarisation at a midway point between the second and the third initiations until he stands before the Initiator at the sixth Initiation of Decision, when the last illusion disappears.

You will feel and comment that the Masters are therefore subject to illusion.

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This They definitely are, and there are great and basic illusions governing life within the Hierarchy. Nevertheless, they are illusions of such a high order that—for advanced humanity—they would signify achievement. I may not give you more than one instance of such illusion, but that should prove clear and sufficient.

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  • It is not until the sixth Initiation of Decision that the illusion of the planetary ring-pass-not finally disappears. The Master then knows that such a limitation is non-existent.

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    For Him, the choice between the seven Paths becomes possible. This basic illusion constitutes for mankind a great hierarchical mystery and is based upon the Principle of Privation, by means of which the planetary Logos chooses to circumscribe His freedom and to limit His activities. This curious freedom from successive limitations is experienced at the third, the sixth and the ninth initiations; these are, all three of them, related in a mysterious manner to each other.

    Transfiguration leads eventually to Decision, which culminates in due time with a final refusal to accept any planetary limitations whatsoever. It will be obvious to you that the higher the initiation, the less will any involved energy have a personality control or connection. Progressive and recognised fusions have taken place as one initiation after another is undergone; the effect of the energy involved will be noted in relation to humanity as a whole, to the work of the Ashram within the Hierarchy and to the planetary life.

    This must ever be borne in mind and must necessarily limit the scope of the teaching which I am able to give you. Let me now summarise the effects of this fifth ray energy in relation to humanity and to the individual initiate:. I gave, first of all, fifteen items of information anent this fifth ray energy, or fifteen definitions of its activity. These will warrant careful study. The effect of this fifth ray energy upon humanity in this fifth root race was considered; it was noted that this Aryan effect was dominant and dynamic in the extreme and that it has greatly hastened human evolution.

    I pointed out the close relation between love and mind, as follows:. In all of these relationships, the fifth in order is the prime agent and the revealer of the second type of spiritual energy. The fifth ray energy produces three major areas of thought, or three prime conditions wherein the thought-form-making energy expresses itself:. This fifth ray energy operates in connection with the Law of Cleavages.

    It is also responsible for the rapid formation of great conditioning ideologies. This fifth ray energy is the important factor in making possible the first major initiation, the Transfiguration Initiation. Fifth ray energy works in three ways in connection with the three aspects of the personality:.

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    As the transmuting agent As the transforming agent As the transfiguring agent This gives you much food for thought; it indicates the personality goal and the mode whereby it is attained.