Never Satisfied: An Athletes Battle

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Best Sports Quotes (Inspirational, Motivational, Awesome, and Funny)

How to Return Strong May 16, Choices, choices, choices Responsible Athletes recognize they have dozens of choices available to them each and every day. These choices range from how much discretionary effort they put into their workouts, practices, and studies to what they eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to what time they go to bed at night. Responsible Athletes recognize that the many choices they get to make and the actions they ultimately take either set them up for success - keep them mired in mediocrity - or doom them to failure.

They understand they have the amazing power to choose how much they want to invest themselves in their goals and dreams - and these daily choices have HUGE long-term consequences.

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Not only do they recognize their vast array of available choices, they OWN their choices and their consequences. Rather than being victims of their circumstance, Responsible Athletes take the bull by the horns and actively make choices and take actions that maximize their success.

It will succeed or fail due to my choices, my decisions, and my actions. No matter what the situation, Responsible Athletes recognize and own the power of their choices.

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Their mindset dictates the situation rather than letting the situation dictate their mindset. My father knew that, like so many others generations of scholarship athletes, without the boost from competing on the gridiron, none of that would have been possible. Just like back in the s when my father played football, intercollegiate sports today provide golden opportunities to tens of thousands of student-athletes every year. To be sure, he played before sellout crowds of up to 50, fans in legendary Stagg Field better known as the birthplace of the first sustained nuclear chain reaction , but there were no lucrative network and cable TV contracts and revenues from sports apparel and merchandise were a mere fraction of what they are today.

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Colleges and universities back then had their priorities straight in the balancing of academics versus athletics. Student-athletes took their scholarship opportunities seriously and very few set their sights on careers in professional football or basketball. College was viewed as a golden opportunity for a good education and a quality foundation for a successful career, not a way station to professional sports. By contrast, college football today is a huge business that generates billions in revenue annually the net revenue from basketball is even more dramatic due to minimal expenses and smaller rosters.

Universities rake in multiple millions from TV revenues, merchandise sales, and bowl game cash. Is Longhorn football really five times more important than academics? Do the math… I guess so, in their minds. With all that money in the system, some argue strenuously that student-athletes should get a piece of the pie much bigger than a full-ride scholarship. Just imagine a Teamsters Local 99 of Ohio State football players taking a strike vote right before the traditional rivalry game against the Michigan Wolverines.

Not a pretty picture, particularly for ABC.

100 Best Sports Quotes (Inspirational, Motivational, Awesome, and Funny)

The simple fact is that money corrupts… and huge money corrupts absolutely witness the disgraceful scandals in the beleaguered Ohio State and Miami football programs. But, there may be room for compromise. Perhaps those athletic scholarships could be expanded to include living costs and a modest stipend.

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This would be a significant challenge for many large Division I programs, but the challenges certainly should be manageable.