Save Your Bedroom Marriage

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If you are getting bored, you can play some game together.

How To Save A Bedroom - 5 Married Sex Life Tips

This will bring some fun and enjoyment to your life. Challenge your partner and celebrate whosoever wins. This will also help to function your brain and will make you lively.

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Involve your partner. Do it together. Trust us, it will be fine when you both will do things together instead of staying apart.

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  6. If it is urgent devote some time to the internet or social media and then turn it off to spend some intimate time with your partner. Also read: What are the disadvantages of lying in a relationship.

    Married Couples and Sleeping Together

    If you suspect any medical condition, kindly consult your doctor or professional healthcare provider. We do not even realise when this internet and social media accounts become an integral part of our life that they start impacting our relationships and marriage.

    Also read: How does your toxic boyfriend harming and destroying you Go for a walk: Late night walks are always best. In the bedroom, make sure that the Man and Woman roles are the top priority. There are several things that a couple can do to ensure this.

    How to talk to your partner:

    First, decorate the bedroom in a way that both people approve and enjoy. The couple should mutually agree upon what they both find to be a pleasant, comfortable decor.

    2) It’s okay to talk about sex with your spouse

    Second, the bedroom must feel safe for the couple - meaning, it must be sound-proofed and lockable. Nothing can turn the mood off faster than worrying about your kids walking in or hearing you.

    11 Things Happy Couples Do Before They Go to Sleep

    Third, a messy bedroom is just not sexy. It immediately puts one or both of you back in your other roles. Fourth, no TV. No interactive electronics, laptops, or Facebook anywhere around the event before or after.

    I saved my marriage by bringing strangers into the bedroom

    Discuss the new arrangements before taking the step towards sleeping apart:. When couples do this, the defenses go way down, Green said. I only bring this up because I deeply care about you and our relationship and the quality of our sleep. Take opportunities to touch each other throughout the day. Hug in the kitchen or snuggle while watching TV, for example, Green said. Take quick moments to feel excited with your partner.