Seasons of the Tree: Legacy of a Treasured Soul

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However, the stick could not pass through such mirrors, as Diana explained that the stick did not belong in the other place. The stick not only healed Eve's glass wound, but it made it so her soul wasn't as dark as it originally was from her past actions.

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Because of this, she was able to be affected by the death grip of a Black Claw agent. The grip causes a trade of a pure soul for freedom from hell. The grip put Eve into a deep trance where she was able to see three symbols on the face of the dead agent's face that were also on the cloth that was wrapped around the stick.

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Eve was the only one able to see said symbols on the cloth after her death grip experience, with the exception of Diana, who could see everything on the cloth that was hidden from others — much more than even Eve could see. Despite having been broken apart from the staff, along with many other pieces, there remained a residual bond between the stick and the staff. When the stick finally reconnected to the staff, it seemingly floated through the air to fit perfectly in the spot from which it had once been broken away, as if magnetically attracted. Its tracking ability was evident in the way a diamond-like stone that was embedded in the top end of the staff glowed white when the staff was being used to actively locate the stick.

The cloth was first discovered in " Into the Schwarzwald " wrapped around the stick and, with the help of infrared thermography, was found to have several things written on it, some of which was in an unknown language. The words were found to be both auspicious and foreboding and included "miracle," as well as "hazardous, perilous, threatening, or dangerous. In the group's initial research efforts, they could not find what the symbols meant, even when going as far back as 2, B. Everyone acknowledged they had never seen anything like the symbols before, though Rosalee stated that she didn't think the symbols were numerical.

As Monroe, Rosalee, and Eve continued trying to decipher the meaning of the symbols, they found that they were from many different cultures in very different eras, including the Sumerians and Mayans. Their first breakthrough came when Monroe recognized one symbol as being the constellation Pleiades , noted for its seven stars. Monroe noted the symbol was typically associated with times of mourning.

The group soon began to theorize that the symbols on the cloth were a map of the stars, which could serve as a way to tell time. Rosalee and Eve continued to try to find the meaning of the symbols, and Eve proposed that they may be able to tell what day the symbols were a map of by using them in correlation with the position of the planets in the solar system. Rosalee then used a program that could roughly calculate dates based on planet position, and, when using Diana's drawing of the cloth's symbols, found that it matched up with an alignment projecting to a date in the future: March 24, She told him that the symbols were an ancient prophecy that predicted that something would come from an unknown place and that, while it could be something good, it was probably bad or something worse.

Specifically, they were carved into one of the pillars of stone that resembled the ruins of a druid temple. This pillar happened to be where mirror portals opened up, portals that connected back to earth. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Of all the effort and time I put into investing in others, am I being heard? Is it sinking in? Am I just talking to a wall? Or just spitting into the wind?

You see, you can have a hard work ethic, but still be lost. You can be accomplished, but still need help. You can have vision, but still not see the trees from the forest, or even your hand in front of your face. It always happens.

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And when shown or told, I realize how foolish I can be. I seek out my mission in order to fulfill it. For me, God has me in a place where I can help others through training, mentoring, counseling, and by example. We all need to look around and make our mission of impact where we find ourselves. After all, your mission is both where God has you and where the Spirit leads you. All we can do is show love. The Holy Spirit will work on the rest. One impact has a huge multiplication effect. This is how eyes are opened and spirits are awakened. Trey Campbell, treycampbell gmail.

In this three-part blog series, we will look at living with intentionality. This legacy will be our leave-behind when our life concludes. So, besides being the go-to groceries of choice during snow storms — what do eggs, bread, and milk have in common? The commonality is they all have an expiration date. This goes beyond your money. It can include your time, gifts and talents, resources, and love.

This is a decision each of us needs to make that turns not into a preference, but rather, a practice. You must each decide in your heart how much to give. Brian is always giving away food or firewood. Another friend mowed the yards of widows for free. You see, being generous with what you have is done out of love and with pure intentions.

This is typically done with the expectancy of nothing in return. You give what you have for the sake of loving and serving others. This is living with intentionality. This is living by example for others to see. The example was the one set by Christ. Jesus watched many rich people put in large amounts of money in the Temple collection box. A poor widow dropped in only two coins. Jesus told the disciples the how the widow gave way more than the others because she gave all she had, while they only gave a tiny part of their amassed fortunes.

Jesus sat down near the collection box in the Temple and watched as the crowds dropped in their money. Many rich people put n large amounts. Then a poor widow came and dropped in two small coins. For they gave a tiny part of their surplus, but she, as poor as she is, has given everything she had to live on. The quality of what we give is determined by the the intentions of our heart. Remain vital and green Psalm 92 says the godly will flourish, and in old age will produce fruit and remain vital and green. Any one who passes their influence and wisdom past their last breath in life to others will no doubt have lived a life of vitality and growth.

They will not be a tree that bears no fruit, nor will they be a dried up branch that withers and is thrown into the fire pit. But the godly will flourish like palm trees and the cedars of Lebanon. They flourish in the courts of our God. Even in old age they will still produce fruit; they will remain vital and green. If you will be intentional about what you have to give, you will actually leave more than you ever thought you could. Fourth trip to Alaska ; 10 day solo-expedition by sled across Muir Glacier. Yosemite becomes a National Park. Muir's father-in-law John Strentzel dies; Muir family moves into ranch house to care for Mrs.

Samuel Merrill reported that "I had never seen Mr. Muir so animated and happy before Muir is completely free to return to the wilderness and his efforts to save it. In a letter to his wife Louie, he expanded on his assessment: "I So you see as usual I am [always? I most enjoyed the art galleries. For the best architects have done their best in building them while Frederck LawOlmstead laid out the grounds. Muir remarks in a letter home: "I had no idea I was so well known, considering how little I have written.

Cable, and Nicola Tesla. Campaigns for creation of Mount Rainier National Park. Muir urges the return of Yosemite Valley to federal management. Visits Portland, Oregon, again in , , and Meets with L. Hawkins, William Steel, and other members of the Mazamas mountaineering club. By that time the Mazamas and the Sierra Club were working together on numerous conservation activities. Fifth trip to Alaska, with Henry Fairfield Osborn Muir feels a strong premonition about the health of his mother; travels east to Wisconsin, whereupon on June 23 : Muir's mother, Ann Gilrye Muir, dies.

Receoves Honorary A. M degree from Harvard University, The next day Burroughs writes a journal entry about John Muir and their meeting. Muir makes third attempt to buy land at Fountain Lake for preservation August 5: John, along with his brother David, register to vote in Contra Costa County, stating his occupation as "geologist" and his basis of citizenship "by virtue of father's naturalization. Lawrence River, Maine, and Vermont mountains Muir visits Florida, visited his old friends the Hodgson family, who had tended him during his life-threatening bout with malaria in In , railroad magnate Edward H.

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Harriman organized a summer voyage to the wilds of Alaska: He converted a steamship, the George W. Elder, into a luxury "floating university," populated by some of America's best and brightest scientists and writers, including John Muir. Those aboard encountered a land of immeasurable beauty and impending environmental calamity. Muir made many friendships on the vessel, and would later write stories about this trip, about the people on board, and the Natives. See entries for and below for narratives of retracing of this famous expedition. Leads first annual Sierra Club trip to the mountains, guiding nearly Sierra Club members around Yosemite for a month.

Muir's good friend, the geologist Joseph Le Conte , dies on the Yosemite outing. Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom, dies. Intensifies campaign to return Yosemite Valley back to federal control April 21 : John Muir turns 67 years old With William Colby, Muir actively lobbies in Sacramento for state legislation to return Yosemite Valley back to federal control Daughter Helen is ill; she travels with Muir to Arizona for recovery The Mazamas and the Sierra Club hold a joint summer outing and climb of Mt.

Hood and Mt.

Steven Mather , later the first director of the National Park Service, is on this outing. Colby were also members of the Mazamas which established friendships that later provided support for Muir's efforts to protect Hetch Hetchy. The Muir home in Martinez is slightly damaged. The Sierra Club submits a resolution to the U. Secretary of the Interior opposing the damming of Hetch Hetchy Valley.

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Congressman Muir dictates his autobiography, as a guest of Edward H. Muir continues the battle for Hetch Hetchy. Funk Muir spends several months writing and visiting his daughter and friends in Los Angeles Muir takes the Osborn family on a trip to Yosemite, and J.

Hooker on a short trip to the Grand Canyon. Back home in Martinez, Muir wrote to a friend on December 17, that "I've been reading old musty dusty Yosemite Notes until I'm tired and blinky blind, trying to arrange them in something like lateral, medial, and terminal moraines on my den floor.

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I never imagined I had accumulated so vast a number I thought that in a quiet day or two I might select all that would be required for a [Yosemite] guidebook; but the stuff seems enough for a score of big jungle books, and it's very hard, I find, to steer through on anything like a steady course in reasonable time. June 21 : Muir is awarded an honorary Litt. October : Explores forests of Araucaria braziliensis in southern Brazil.

November : Travels to Chile; explores forests of the rare monkey-puzzle tree, Araucaria imbricata now A. January 20 : Studies Baobab trees near Victoria Falls. March 27 : Arrives in New York after his thirty-week, 40, mile-long voyage. April 21 : John Muir turns 74 years old Muir continues the fight against the destruction of wilderness by lumber, mining, and power barons, including the plan to inundate Hetch Hetchy Valley. Muir joins the Sierra Club's annual summer Outing to the Kern River Canyon country, where the group meets a family outing led by Stephen Mather , who later became the first director of the National Park Service.

Muir's book The Yosemite is published. On the way to Island Park, Muir visited the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City where he heard "memorable organ music," especially "Nearer, my God to Thee," which he described as "so devout, so sweet, so whispering low. Judge Claire Tappaan presided at dedication ceremonies. A Sequoia tree sapling was planted as part of the ceremony. This tree is still growing on the site, lthough the building was destroyed by a flood in For 25 years this "mountain home of the Sierra Club" was a center of the southern California chapter activities, ranging from hikes to parties of various sorts.

Azuma later becomes a noted Japanese conservationist and mountaineer, known as "The John Muir of Japan. Hall young publishes Alaska Days with John Muir in which he recounts two journeys of discovery taken in company with Muir in and Young describes Muir's ability to "slide" up glaciers, the broad Scotch he used when he was enjoying himself, and his natural affinity for Indian wisdom and theistic religion.

Here too, is the first mention of Muir's special insight with Young's dog, Stickeen. Congress establishes the U. National Park Service, fulfilling one of Muir's dreams. Sierra Club member Stephen Mather becomes its first Director. Mary H. Wade publishes Pilgrims of To-day a book of short biographies for young people of "Great Americans" who were emigrants from "foreign lands," which begins with a chapter about John Muir.

Mary R. Muir Knoll was officially dedicated with a ceremony on June 18,