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The Juniper All-Access Training Pass makes our entire catalog of training courses available to you, your team, or enterprise for an entire year at one low price.


With a single purchase, you are positioned to transform your skills and achieve your business objectives. In addition to technical training, each All-Access Pass includes additional training and certification opportunities at the team and enterprise levels. All rights reserved. Individual Team Enterprise Number of Users 1. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store.

By clicking sign up, I agree that I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft Store and other Microsoft products and services. Privacy Policy. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. Xbox All Access Xbox One and over games. No upfront cost and one low monthly price. Currently unavailable Thank you to our fans for the amazing response to the Xbox All Access limited-time offer. How it works. Step 1: Visit a Microsoft Store near you.

Step 2: Choose your favorite bundle with Xbox All Access. No upfront cost. Apply Now. Bundles with Xbox All Access include:. Xbox Live Gold for 24 months Play online with friends on the most advanced multiplayer network, get free games, and receive exclusive discounts. Powered by Dell Preferred Account Dell Preferred Account DPA helps manage your technology purchasing and financing with simple and easy services that put you in control. Note that this applies only to consoles and bundles available in-store physical only , and pre-orders are not eligible. Xbox All Access is subject to the Microsoft Store standard return policy, which means the console has a day return policy, but both memberships are not returnable and are non-refundable.

If you return the console, you are still responsible to pay for both memberships. The Microsoft Limited Warranty covers the Xbox console for one year 90 days for the controller and accessories. If it malfunctions after that, the console owner is responsible for any repair costs. Please note, monthly payments are required until the remaining balance on your Dell Preferred Account is paid in full.

You may also purchase with other payment methods and pay the total cost of the bundle upfront. DPA is a revolving line of credit which allows you to pay for your purchase all at once or gives you the flexibility to make monthly payments. With this account there is no prepayment penalty. WebBank determines qualifications for, and terms of, credit. I took a Recording and a commercial music composition course at university and we were to only use Logic Pro X.

I quickly began the "go to guy. Very nice. I just started to explore all videos and i am very satisfied. I am also teacher of music production and i really look forward to recommend your webpage to my students. Greetings Date published: Not too fast, jus the right speed.

I am a qualified sound engineer but I am also a musician and Producer. This site has quite a lot of knowledge about things I have been trying to find information on for a very long time! This site has really allowed me to get access to some really useful resources that have helped me grow and learn as I begin to forge my own path in the audio universe. The quality of the content is amazing. The teachers are nice and overall it's just gonna take your skills to the next level!

It would be nice though if we could download the videos for offline viewing through a Groove3 app for Android or iPhone. Will make the long commutes interesting. This made it easy to get to grips with my Maschine MkII, as well as learn some new and in-depth things and tricks about Studio One 4. The insight of certain aspects of Groove3 are second to none, especially when it comes to Mastering. Incredibly inviting and exceptionally educational at the same time.

While the update itself was far too expensive on it's own, the Groove 3 all access pas made it worth. Where are the advanced mixing course. Could not find it. I would highly recommend this pass! I have bought a lot of plugins and never used them, but now I am learning how to use them including Mixing, Mastering , Producing and etc.. I feel Date published: Finally I was able to be back with my subscription Groove3!!! All I've learn in the past years with you guys, simply can't be beat by no one else the tutorials market. Best regards Date published: Love the video and explanation Date published: However i still feel it lacks a few tutorials on few topics.

I have enjoyed groove3 so far hope to see more tutorials. After looking around the site I decided to get the all-access pass. Best investment in myself.

Thanks for contacting us!

The instruction is perfect for me. I am a visual learner and the so far the instruction is just right. However, I will admit that he big deciding factor for me was the price of the summer sale that I saw in the Facebook ad. Better than every manual or you tube tutorial. And cheaper than every private lesson or workshop. Perfect to get a fast overview about a lot of must knows. Better than every pdf, printed manual or you tube tutorial. Thank you, dear guys from Groove3 Date published: Really helped navigate Garageband Date published: Its addictive in a good way.

Highly recommended. Really great layout and presentation style. Very good instructor. I'm learning a ton! The Groove 3 training is a very convenient resource for learning more about it. The All Access pass also provides information on a number of other audio topics that are useful in audio post production work. All the content is amazing and very helpful for aspiring music producers.

I wish the 30 day pack lasted more than 30 days. Living in Venezuela makes it impossible for me to purchase more. Big hug and best wishes. I have purchased 66 subjects from Groove 3 so far and it has improved my capabilities exponentially. The greatest thing about an All-Access Pass is that I have access to the latest updates. This site makes me want to learn programs I won't even work with because the training is so well detailed and comprehensive. I can't imagine how you could improve on this. Just about everything I can think of.

Just getting started. Learning great tools for setting up my home studio! Covers allmost everything I need Date published: Love the monthly payment option. The site has many videos I want to view and the monthly pass is very reasonable. The videos I have watched have both been well done and very useful. When I bought the Izotope plugins and was researching how to use them, I discovered Groove3. That has made my use of the plugs much more successful, so I've now watched more videos, spiffing up my skills on my DAW, recording process, use of compressors - the list goes on.

No one knows it all. These programs are thorough and provide the basics to the advanced. A great purchase and time and money well spent. Ive only had it for a little over a week and I'm very surprised about the depth of coverage for each plugin or technique offered. I am not a novice, by any means, but these videos impart knowledge that you would only have from real world use, as well as keep my face out of a more confusing manual. I thought I knew a bit about Logic, having used it since the early 's when it was called Notator.

Apple certified Logic Pro master Eli Krantzberg has put me in my place in the nicest possible way. I can't wait to watch the rest of his tutorials - thanks you Groove3. I am trying to learn Cubase but decided to sign up for the all access pass so that I could take their other courses too. I am really impressed with their knowledge and the quality of their courses. I can't say for sure but I would guess that you can get an education here for peanuts compared to the thousands and thousands of dollars that a school like Full Sail would charge. I have loved music all my life and have been involved in helping run our local community radio station for 10 years and with this program I can finally learn some of the technical things I have been wanting to learn all this time.

Learning is fundamental. That's what makes this so easy to purchase. So many videos of all the things I need that extra help on. I have had it for 3 days and can't get enough of all the info I am receiving! I am forever grateful! Many thanks. Special thank you to all the groove3 guys.

You guys are awesome and awesome price. Do to health problems I had to shut down my studio for 2 years and now that I'm back one of my first steps was to get back Grove the new videos are great. You sure do keep up with whats happening. Videos are very clear, they keep your attention alive! Thanks so much Date published: Sometimes, for non mother language people, is not so easy understand the speakers The instructor breaks the information down into very digestible bits of information.

Keep up the great work us nobes are watching. I'm very pleased with my purchase. Jennings Date published: Now there are no more printed manuals and the groove 3 is so much more intuitive and efficient. If I need to learn some new software program, I take a course and suddenly, I am an expert. Thanks to Groove 3 and the instructors here who make this possible. I am looking forward to learning from his expertise related to the new PreSonus Series 3 mixers next.

Thank you very much Groove3 team. I learned a lot. Expecting some more exciting video. I have remained a member so I can have access to even more tips and techniques. Keep it up!! Groove3 has so many choices that it is hard to know where to start. There are hard to find titles and classes that I have wanted to purchase for years, but were no longer available except maybe on VHS.

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But here they are!! The only thing that prevents me Fromm giving 5 stars is that I wish there were more choices in specific areas. So now I just buy the videos I really need, but still have access to the whole library for reference when needed. Awesome instruction. Ed Date published: Its a stone Groove I couldn't believe how educational this site is. Its gets 5 stars No doubt Date published: I am not a operations manual reader and Groove3 is great with helping me circumvent that process! Educate yourself!

Thanks Groove 3! Highly recommended for anyone seeking to up their skills. I like the print titles as well as the videos. I'd like to see more guitar and vocal information, but it's early days to comment. This doesn't need a review. Access to everything they have and trust me, pro or hobby, you're going to use a lot of these excellent tutorials for a decent low price?

I find groove3 to be an invaluable learning tool. In addition to learning theory like understanding compression and EQ or constructing a home studio for example I can watch walk through videos on how to use my programs Cubase 9, Guitar Rig 5 and Groove Agent 4.

I do wish there were more videos for instruments, especially guitar. Thanks and Good Job. This is my second year with All-Access Pass. And with the huge catalog to choose from there is always more to learn. How can you beat that deal? I can always call up any subject to do with studio recording. Just fantastic.

Access the Entire Tutorial Library

Rated 2. This is a good one. Overall there is not a lot in the jazz category. I was surprised not to find any jazz guitar instruction video's, except one with just licks. I was also hoping to find a video about mixing traditional jazz not fusion. Thanks for helping me up and running!

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A valuable array of topics presented in a structured learning environment. The main reason was that I really liked the sample learning videos for softsynths. I am very happy with my purchase so far Great quality, great choice at a reasonable price, I am very motivated to keep on learning! This is a great service for a reasonable price! This is the future as customer support is going to be a pastime for software and hardware developers.

Well done Groove3 keep up the good work. How about a ProTools dock video please? The only addition I would consider if possible is to create searchable "how to" tags, for those who are searching information on a specific topic ex how to use EQ, how to select a mic, how to connect this or that, etc. It may seem unnecessary, but since this is an "all-access" pass it still makes sense that the viewer is enabled to search the vast data base for more specific subjects, which may be mentioned more than once, by different presenters, in different videos.

Just food for thought - and this would be quite an original approach too, since there's no other "online-tutorials" website that offers any such possibility non that I know of. Groove3, for me, has the potential of becoming the no. It's already great, and this is why I believe it can become "ground breaking" too. Last but not least, maybe you'd like to consider creating "interactive test-sheets" at the end of tutorials: this would make everything more effective, because it will rekindle the information the viewer just listened through, and compel him to "pin it down" Great job already, though.

Thank you, Groove3! Even I produced and engineered several hundred albums I was out of the industry for many years. Then I decided to go digital to have fun. Without Groove3, I would be dead in the water but have found your tutorials to be great. I am running Studio One Three Pro and you have a lot of help. I just added Console 1 and sure enough you have that too. Thanks and God Bless. Groove 3 delivers the baseline stuff and the latest and greatest Date published: As of this writing I do not know how often new content is added, but there is a wealth of usable information to explore. I also appreciate the range of topics.

I feel I get very good time value out of the videos. I also appreciate how the instructors jump into real world examples that incorporate topics out of the scope of the lessons. This way I feel they successfully avoid letting me zone out to theoretical doldrums - but rather keep my focus active and let me fantasize about how I can apply what I learn in creative ways to my own music. So far so good. Even if lately I haven't had time to enjoy it fully, what I've seen has been top notch material. It is organized, and the way the videos are presented is clear and to the point.

This pass is dope, it allows you to check out the full content before you purchase.

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You can check out everything, if there's something that intersting you can see if its keeper or not before the purchase. The lessons on Groove3 have helped to change and improve my work flow. What a great resource. Just a perfect place to learn more and enjoy great quality videos Date published: From the videos I have watched so far, this is really good.

I've found that all the videos have been very professional and well thought out. Maybe a single, generalised video for this would be better rather than including in in each of the plugin videos. I have so many plugins I cannot keep up. This his gives me the chance review what I am looking for in a particular application. Each course is broken out into sections for the applications I want to use. Like it thx! Being able to Zap in we I really need makes up for it.. The course was thorough and appreciated.

I use Groove3 almost everyday This site has paid for itself many many times This pass is perfect for everyone who wants to master any specific side within creating music! It gets you access to any video uploaded to this website for a very low price. Definitely recommend! Covers everything you need for music production in great quality. It is difficult to just see what is new or posted.

The content is great the app on ipad needs a lot of help. Doesn't remember what you searched. Have no way seeing what just got added. So many videos, so little time. Thankfully I have a year to watch them all. Bye bye Netflix binge watching Great for learning new ways to create music. They're well designed, thorough, and produced for pros.

When composing film music, there are very good useful tips. With the All-Access Pass, you get access to the entire Groove 3 range. I am a newcomer to Groove 3. Also great tutorials of my DAW's. Very recommendable. There is a lot of stuff on Groove 3 I'll never use or even watch, but there is certainly enough essential material to keep me busy all the time! The quality of the videos and presentation is usually superb. Balanced against buying individual downloads, if you have more than a handful of programmes you want to watch, the AAP is the best choice.

This gives me the ability to refresh and go back over something that I didn't grasp the first time. Good fit for me! Contact me, and I will tell you why. Packed with information that gets you up and going fast, Date published: Furthermore, if you are a beginner then getting the right information from a site like Groove3 is even much more important. If you are a beginner, I can only say: do not buy that plugin you want, but save your money for a subscription on Groove3.

In the end, this will be worth much more than plugin x or y. Long version: When I started producing I was first watching video's on free providers of such kind of tutorials. Three important points for me are: 1. On free providers of video tutorials there is maybe much, much more content, but it contains a lot of video's you better not watch to learn anything from. So it takes time and knowledge which a beginner does not have! Is it valid what you hear? As a beginner, you often cannot judge whether something is completely wrong, nonsense or maybe actually right.

If you completely build up your knowledge from the free content providers, you have to be very critical and it will cost you much more time, because you really need to search carefully for valid and useful video's. First, I bought a couple of single courses on Groove3, but if you are planning on buying more then soon you will discover that an all-access pass is more value for money.

Also, you can buy these passes during a sale which makes it even more value for money. Furthermore, I already extended my current all-acces pass in a sale before it ended. By doing this, I do not lose any "acces time" because the bought extra year is added to the end time of the current active pass and not to the actual time of buying. So even if money is a bit of a problem, you can get acces to Groove3 in a relatively cheap way buy buying an all-access pass always during the sale. At the moment, I already watched a lot of content but I see a lot of new interesting content added every week and I cannot keep up with watching it.

This is not a problem, it gives me something to look out for and also confirms me that this all-access pass is really worth it. To conclude: I can really recommend it, especially when buying a pass during the sale for at least a year. In the end, this will be worth much more, than plugin x or y. Very informative. I'm considering cancelling the subscription if there won'be any progress regarding these Take what you need in your own time.

I soaked up the whole Ableton course in under a week, huge saving! However I will continue my subscription due to the vast amount of content I can cherry pick from using this purchase method. You'll always get you money's worth. There's no chance of purchasing a course you find you don't like. You can concentrate on information that is relevant to you and your skill set. Very good product. Customer service, extremely good.

Highly recommended Date published: I think this is my third year re-upping with All Access. I suspect I simply can not do without it. All Access lets me look at whatever I want. Watching training videos can show detail not evident in vendor stuff. Well worth the coin. I can watch on my primary workstation, my tablet, my smart phone A great way to learn more about your gear, prospective purchases, musical styles and production techniques Date published: Streaming is smooth and it's easy to navigate a courses content.

Well explained material, great demos and examples. Professionally done. An easy and good way to learn. The information is presented in an interesting and non-boring way. Gets you off to a good start in a wide range of areas. Thanks a lot guys - so far, your website and videos have been a wonderful help to me and I am very glad I found this.

You learn things that you didn't even know to search for, this way. Great job Groove3. The only thing I would like to see change is the availability to save videos for offline viewing similar to youtube red. Now I can watch whatever whenever. Also I'm not sure why, but in some of the logic pro explained videos, some of the key commands don't work on my system. Other than that, very helpful tutorials!!! The information available here is invaluable. This is my favorite place for learning. Worth every penny! If they have what you need and want, do it. I expected top-drawer videos on everything music production, and frequently that is what you get.

Well-prepared, well explained with sufficient detail e. Logic Pro 3 update, Neutron , but there are some things that make you shake your head eg. It was far more useful going to YouTube and watching free videos for that. I'm happy I get value for the money paid. There is always some new tutorials coming out. Dj shortee is an excellent instructor. She moves at a perfect pace. There aren't enough videos though.

I'd love some videos on how to set up at a club. Also some videos on using the effects on cdjs and how to make them work in a club environment. It isn't really worth it for the amount of videos you get though. Also some videos using the exact mixing desk you are likely to encounter in a club rather than the one that is used in the video. Get on the fast track Was paying for downloads but decided to go all access and glad I did! The base of knowledge at my fingertips is indispensable!

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  4. I wish the iOS apps would be updated. They need to be optimized for bit and for the iPad Pro. They also needs more settings. The Apple TV app lacks options - for example, no continuous play through chapters. Lots of titles and broad spectrum of subjects Date published: Almost every video tutorial is wonderful I consider myself a novice, especially when it comes to working in Sonar Platinum.

    However, I've only gotten started. Here's the thing. I am working with midi files created in Finale, imported into Sonar. So a lot of what I've watched doesn't cover what I'm trying to do. In any case, I figured I need to do what All-Access is showing me, hoping to glean the right information to make the midi tracks I'm working on sound more polished and professional, and as close to a real orchestra as VST libraries can provide. I particularly like Eli Kranzberg's work.

    I thoroughly enjoyed what I caught on Youtube, but this offers so much more information. Great stuff is presented to help maximize the use of my Toontrack products. Not so many years ago you couldn't even buy this kind of information. Now with my one year "All Access Pass" I can review operation for the different kinds of equipment I own, or get ideas to help take advantage of new versions that are released, or I can preview gear that I might want to buy, or just educate myself with the operation of gear that the guy down the street might be using.

    That said, it helps to be interested in this stuff in the first place because let's face it, some of the gear and workflow can be kinda tedious. But, I don't know how it could be presented better. I started from scratch with a Cubase tutorial download 2 years ago and havent looked back since. I'm a long-time bass player, but new to recording, and the variety of courses have been a huge help.

    I recommend this site for the musician that wants to gain knowledge of his craft from professionals. Everything is excellent. An temporary download option to watch videos offline would be great. I am so happy with my All-Access Pass! I just finished Eli Krantzberg's 25 video series on Jazz Theory Explained, and it alone was easily worth the cost of my Pass. I originally bought to sharpen my skills on Ableton Live and my Native Instruments tools, but there is so much more! Hands down the 'best bang for bucks' in training.

    There is a wealth of music tutorials in here for DAWs, plugins, guiatr, even harmonica which I am also learning. There are courses on music theory and even on on MIDI. I'm very happy with my purchase. I've renewed every year and I never regret it. Whether you need to refresh your DAW skills or learn new mixing techniques, there is always something relevant to what you're hoping to learn.

    There are so many great audio products out there, but so often you are tempted to use them straight out of the box. With this sort of video instruction, you can really get to know what you have in detail and with great results Date published: I decided to invest in what I want to know and master and Groove3 hasn't let me down so far. I love this site. I have been a member for a couple of years now. They're always releasing new content, and I've grown to really like the instructors.

    The content on this site has jump-started my home recording hobby to a point where I can make some really great sounding tracks with the knowledge I've gained by watching these great videos. The instructors are good, and they're experts at the material. Want to learn how to mix a rock song from start to finish? Kenny Gioia will walk you through it from start to finish, in a way that works for any DAW. Want to learn Logic Pro X inside and out? Eli Krantzberg is a guru and a great teacher, with hours of video. I can't say enough good things about this site and I highly recommend it.

    I was on a monthly plan before, but I decided I'm just going to buy the all access pass every year! I watched for example all the Cubase-Tutorials there are really a lot and even the old ones of Cubase 6 are well worth listening. And all the NI-stuff. And every week new content is added. I just recently purchased the Orchestral Library Toolbox and wow just floored by the wealth of info in here. Keep up he good work and I look forward to more film scoring videos that may walk you through even in more depth through the process. For music software, Groove3 is the video "manual" that lets you get the most out of it in the least time.

    I recently changed DAWs, and even though I could figure out the basics of the new DAW quickly which, incidentally had an insufficient manual , the Groove3 videos showed me all those workflow tricks that normally take a long time to discover and incorporate. You might be able to pick up much of the info piecemeal through YouTube, but not as comprehensively and clearly laid out. The content quality is variable which is to be expected , but very little is less than good, and much is excellent. I'd certainly recommend the annual plan.

    Lots of top quality info and tips shown in a succinct way.