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This rock star god was no longer in my dreams or on my wall but he had become a reality and that reality was on top of me fucking me into oblivion. I am proud to announce that I have a brand new website! My awesome and sexy cover AND my kick-ass website was designed and created by my close friend and author.

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She is an amazing friend and brilliant author! Check out her site for more info on her books and personal appearances! Look for her to drop by and say hello in the coming weeks! Monthly Newsletter.

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Starting January 8th, with the release of my latest book, I will be sending out my monthly newsletter. For those of you who have requested to be on my mailing list, you can expect your first edition in your email on January 8th. As always, thank you so much for your continued love and support! Tagged as erotic romance , groupie , lick and a promise , lisa v. Lisa V. Proulx Create Your Badge. Skip to content. What happy people are saying about this book! The main character was drawn with stark realism. The reader roots for her ultimate victory even while loathing some of her actions.

The story is gritty and painful but well worth the read. I read and write rock star romance and thoroughly enjoyed this story. I looked up and realized that I had to be to work in 3 hours. Not much on rock and roll nor drugs but this book pulled me in. Love the details you paint an excellent picture of the times and life. Thanks for the terrific read you are a talented author.

Must ask will we be seeing more of Poppy? I finished in 3 days Poppys wild ride kept me up at night! A Lick and a Promise brought back memories of my teenage fantasies. You can easily get hooked on this book about drugs, sex, rock concerts, rock gods, and one girl who was turned onto the scene by her old friend Peggy who moved in across the street when she was in junior high. Does it have a happy ending? I enjoyed trying to guess which rock stars the author was describing…it helped bring all of the characters to life. This is a great book which delivers its promise!

I let my hair hang down around my shoulder in waves and applied minimal makeup. I rolled my eyes and we exited the bus. Nathan told me the guys were waiting for them at some restaurant that had an expensive sounding name I couldn't pronounce. When we got to the restaurant the hostess led us to our private table where the guys sat joking around. Ian was no doubt a hottie just like all the boys, but he was no Nathan. Ian released me and I moved to take my seat between Nathan and Daniel.

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  5. I busted up laughing, "Eskimo Hoe? I bit my lip, and looked away from Daniel's playful eyes.

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    Daniel was the only one that could actually compare to how gorgeous Nathan was. He had jet black hair, bright amber eyes, full lips, olive skin, and a sexy eyebrow piercing. To top it all off he was tall well built in the muscle department and covered in tattoos. His whole appearance screamed bad boy and it definitely turned me on thinking about being naughty with him. I cared for Nathan, but there was always this ugly thing hanging between us keeping me form fully being with him and that was the fact that he had forced me.

    He had raped me, and sure I'd eventually enjoyed and had continued on with a sexual relationship with him I just couldn't get over it. He had taken what he wanted by force, and I'd never seen that evil side to him again, but I knew it was there I'd seen it and felt it inside me. With Daniel it was a clean slate, I was attracted to him and by the 'accidental' lingering touches, teasing remarks, and stares he thought I wasn't aware of I knew he was attracted to me too.

    The only problem was I was Nathan's and Nathan was a force of his own when he wanted something and what he wanted was me. We all ate dinner joking and laughing the entire time. More than once I felt Daniel's hand brush against my thigh 'accidentally'. His fingers would skim along the hem of my dress and a grew wet wishing they would travel to a very forbidden place. By the end of dinner I was wet and completely turned on and in desperate need of a release. When we got back to the bus Nathan and I locked ourselves in the back and satisfied each other.

    After hours and hours and multiple orgasms from the both of us Nathan and I fell into a deep sleep. I awoke to a finger running along my collarbone and I moaned at the tingling sensation. I opened my eyes and gasped when I saw it was Daniel standing over me with a pained look on his face. The front of my shirt fell open as I wrapped my arms around his neck. His hands cupped and massaged my breasts making me moan and whimper.

    We heard voices outside the bus and broke apart panting. I buttoned up my shirt and slipped on some cotton sleep shorts and the two of us went to the main area. I was completely wet thinking about Daniel and me. I wanted him We sat across from each other both of us extremely turned on and wanting. Nathan looked high as a kite as he picked me up and sat me on his lap. I silently wondered what he was on, I knew he did drugs occasionally, but usually only at parties.

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    Micky was a friend of the guy's that was in another very successful band. His real name was Michael, but they always called him Micky to piss him off. I'd never done any drugs except for smoking pot and I wasn't sure if I wanted to try anything knew. I guess I'd just have to wait and see how I felt about it later. When we got to the concert venue Nathan and I excused ourselves to his dressing room.

    It'd become tradition ever since that first time three months ago. I was wearing a black satin bustier bodycon dress that hugged my hips and pushed up my tits. I hadn't worn any underwear so Nathan easily shimmied up my dress and bent me over the vanity. His cock plunged deep inside me and his hands pulled down the front of my dress. My breasts jiggled and bounced as he took me from behind. You'd think after our non-stop constant fucking we would get bored of each other, but as my pussy convulsed around his cock I knew I would never get tired of his large cock inside me.

    Nathan bit my shoulder and gripped my ass hard as he rammed inside me and I screamed loudly. The boys were just on the other side of the wall so we could hear their laughs and encouraging shouts. I managed to ignore them, but their yelling seemed to make Nathan fuck me harder.

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    The power of his thrusts had me slammed against the vanity which made it bang against the wall as he hit my cervix deep and hard. After I came Nathan turned me around and forced my mouth onto his cock. Behind the scenes Backstage Facial Retro Vintage.

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