Garys East Side (Images of America)

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Steel had completed its huge complex of steel factories, dug an industrial canal and created a harbor for Great Lakes shipping. They also had constructed a plant for their American Bridge Company subsidiary, a tin and sheet factory, and four other steel manufacturing plants. The total expenditure made by U. The Gary Land Company took charge of shaping the town and providing basic services. They constructed houses for management and skilled workers and built Jefferson School for the newly formed school district. The Gary town site was a conventional gridiron plan, with rectilinear streets and blocks.

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The company sold lots with covenants requiring construction of residences or commercial buildings within 18 months. The Gary school system, under Superintendent William A. Wirt, became a national model in revolutionizing public education. They were supplemented by African Americans from the American South in the s and immigrants from Mexico. The civic leadership, dominated by U. Steel executives, created a lakeside park, Marquette, in the s and a civic center with new domed City Hall and Superior Court buildings at the north end of downtown. The seeds for decline were contained in decades of rigid segregation and suppression of the African Americans in housing and in schools and in the dispersal of white residents to new suburbs after World War II.

Steel jobs also declined in the s and s. Today, the population, now largely African American, has shrunk to less than half of its high of , Much of the downtown, east side and south side have been cleared of hundreds of houses and commercial buildings. But the Horace Mann neighborhood on the west side and the Glen Park neighborhood on the far south side have retained their character and are home to middle class residents.

Gary Roosevelt High School, a symbol of pride for black citizens, continues to operate. Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson hopes that a new port and economic diversification will attract new businesses and residents. And my answer is that an opportunity like this comes around once in a decade, where a new platform arises, and you have unprecedented access to individuals you never had before.

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Gary's East Side (IN) (Images of America)

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