Saturday Kitchen: at home: Over 140 recipes from 50 of your favourite chefs

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You described a benefit of using bacon-infused spirits; can you elaborate on that? We had so much rendered bacon at the restaurant. We go through pounds of bacon each week! All that bacon fat has tons of flavor we can use.

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I wanted to infuse cocktails, and alcohol pulls flavor from fat better than anything; I heat it up to just below boiling, whisk into a spirit, set overnight in the fridge and then strain it out. Works great in rum, bourbon and vodka. But it took me a while to realize you could use that in reverse.

We used it cornbread, pastry shells and a lot of other dishes. This is your first cookbook. You mentioned off-hand earlier that you should only really buy the first cookbook from a chef. So I know that the first cookbook that puts a chef on the map, those are the most important ones. The heart and passion is in the first. Having said that, I have thousands of recipes, and I thought starting with was enough. I want to make bacon its own bucket.

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It makes the purchase worth it. There are vinaigrettes, rubs, sauces and things in here that would go great with fish or veggie dishes. I think you could be happy with this if you just used those. If you had to make one perfect meal — starter, main course, dessert, cocktail — only using recipes in your book, what would you choose? The watermelon pork belly as an app. And then any of the bacon sausages. Bacon gives sausage a smoky, salty component. Couple that with pickled veggies, maybe like a pickled tomato.

We do sausage and pIckle board in one of our locations. In honor of negroniweek, Bob Dylan and Aretha Franklin make for compelling subjects, but how do other directors pull off making interesting concert-based films? When it comes to spoiling you dog, nothing beats great cuisine. Phillips have been cooking for their dogs for more than twenty years. Together they share their favorite pup recip ….

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BBQ Bistro will take your barbecue from yum to ooh-la-la, bringing the charm and flavor of the French bistro to your own backyard. Authors Karen Adler and Judith Fertig share their favorite quick and casual bistro recipe …. Irresistible Malaysian recipes for the American home cook, including curries, noodle bowls, stir-fries, street foods, and more A delicious and informal mashup of Southeast Asian and European influences, Malaysian cooking …. Most people think a wok is just for stir-frying Chinese food.

Not so! A wok is a versatile and inexpensive piece of kitchen equipment that can be used everyday, for all your meals. You can braise, steam, deep-fry, and st ….

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David Cybulski takes you through his journey from neophyte to accomplished home chef. Growing up near his grandparents, who were logging camp cooks, allowed him to experience great food using common ingredients. His pass …. Want to cook amazing meals with ease? We've all been there. It's nearly dinnertime, you're out of ideas, the kids are crazy, and all your cookbooks are full of complic ….

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With 70 easy-to-follow recipes for healthy, homemade dog treats, this beautiful book makes the ideal gift for any dog lover. Eating Clean in Costa Rica is a celebration of food and the tradition of providing nutritious and delicious farm-to-table meals daily. Eating is essential. We do it every day. Additionally, eating clean is easy, simple, ….

Simple Thai Food — Learn how to cook simple Thai dishes that cook in a short time, plus discover regional authentic Thai recipes that taste better than a restaurant. Simple Thai Food is the 1 spot for top Thai Recipes, ….

Simon Rimmer's mushroom and red wine ragu recipe

Delicious gluten- and wheat-free recipes for meals that the whole family canenjoy together. Choose from simple home-bakedc …. Home cooks know that the Dutch oven is the original slow cooker and the most versatile pot in the kitchen! From savory meals to sweet desserts, soups to stews, or the perfect pot roast, the Dutch oven is your go-to kitch …. Come along with Oreo, a fluffy black and white cat from Quebec, on a culinary journey that takes you step-by-step through our favorite family recipes!